Love Withstands All (Episode 9)


Hi Guys!! I hope you guys like the small twist I add.. I am sorry if there aren’t that many romantic scenes yet because the four are on a mission.. But hopefully soon there will be some romance..
Shikar’s College
Ranveer and Rishi are waiting for Shikar. The bell rings and the classes get dismissed for the day. Shikar comes out of the lecture hall, sees Ranveer & Rishi, and walks up to them.
Shikar: Hi guys! It’s been a while.
Ranveer: Yeah..
The three chat for a little bit..
Ranveer: Shikar.. I have to tell you something important .. Can I?
Shikar: Sure Rv.. Is something wrong?
Rishi: It isn’t like that.
Shikar: Then what?
Ranveer waits a little bit.. But then blurts out:
Ranveer: I love Ishani! And she loves me too!
Shikar is surprised..
Shikar: REALLY!!!
Ranveer and Rishi nod, not sure what to expect..
Shikar: That is amazing!
Shikar and Ranveer hug..
Shikar: I am very happy for you too!
Rishi: But Shikar, we need your help.
Shikar: Why? Is something wrong?
Wait… Wait… Did Ishani challenge you?
Ranveer: Yes! How do you know?
Shikar: She is my best friend.. And I know her very well.. She probably wanted you to do something big for her right?
Rishi: Exactly..
Rishi and Ranveer explain to Shikar the challenges Ishani kept for them..
Shikar: Of course.. You are in love with a drama queen, so you would have had to do something..
Ranveer: Can you help us?
Shikar thinks for a little bit, but then laughs.
Shikar: Of course I will.. You will need help to fulfill Ishani’s wishes.
They all laugh.
Rishi: Can you take us to Ishani’s house?
Shikar: Of course! Let’s go now..
They all go to Shikar’s car and leave for the house.
An alley close to the Mehra House
Shikar leads the guys toward a small house, which is not the Mehra House.
Rishi: This is your house!? Both yours and Ishani’s family stays here!?
Shikar says nothing and opens the house and tells the guys to go in.
Ranveer and Rishi enter the house and get shocked by what they see.
They see………………………………………………………
ISHANI AND TANU sitting there and waiting for them..
Ishani: Hi!
Ishani goes and hugs Ranveer, who was shocked.
Tanu also comes up to Rishi.
Tanu: What’s wrong? Did you not expect us?
Ranveer and Rishi: Nnnooo..
Tanu and Ishani laugh.


Ishani and Tanu come out of the Mehra house.
Ishani: Arey yaar! We forgot to tell Shikar!
Tanu: Oh no! What if the guys go to him for help?
Ishani: Not just that.. He will hate me if I don’t tell him that I love Ranveer..
Tanu: Hurry! We should go to him!
Ishani and Tanu quickly drive over to Shikar’s college and text him to come out of his lecture.
Shikar: Is something wrong? You guys pulled me out of an important lecture..
Ishani hugs Shikar and tells him about everything that had happened.
Shikar: That is amazing and I am very happy for you two..
Ishani and Tanu blush (Ishani also tells Shikar about how Tanu loves Rishi).
Tanu: But we need your help Shikar!
Shikar: What do you need?
Ishani and Tanu explained how Ranveer and Rishi were probably going to try and recruit him for help.
Shikar: So.. What do you want me to do?
Ishani and Tanu explained how Shikar was on their team and was supposed to make the challenge hard for them..
*They also explained the house plan that just occurred*

Flashback ends
Tanu: Did you guys actually think that we wouldn’t tell Shikar and get him on our side..
Ishani: Nice try…But now you two have to work ON YOUR OWN to find my house…
Ishani kisses Ranveer on the cheek.
Ishani: Good luck!
The girls says bye to Rishi and Ranveer and they high-five Shikar.
Ishani whispers to Shikar: Please watch out for them… I don’t want them to get lost and hurt..
Shikar hugs Ishani and says, “Of course”.
Once the girls leave, the guys start playfully beating up Shikar.
Shikar: Sorry.. Sorry.. But what can I do? I would rather get beat up by you two than have those two be mad at me and beat me up..
Rishi to ranveer: Really man… Your girl is too smart.. I wonder what your life will be after getting married with her..
Shikar: He is telling the truth.. You are in love with a childish mad girl… but you will never regret it because she is amazing..
Ranveer smiles at Shikar..
Rishi: Isn’t there anything you can do to help us Shikar?
Shikar: I can only give you a hint… She is Ishani PAREKH… And she and her father live with my family.. The MEHRAS..
Shikar winks..
Shikar: Do you get what I mean?
Ranveer understands.
Ranveer: Thanks for your help Shikar.. We will see you soon.. At your house!
Ranveer and Rishi say bye to Shikar.
Shikar: These four are mad.. I am lucky that I go to a different college.. Otherwise I would be crazy like them..
Ishani and Tanu contact Ahana and ask to meet her.
They meet at a shopping center.
Ishani and Tanu explain everything to Ahana and they become friends.
Ishani: So will you help us?
Ahana: Of course! I will do anything to help my Bhaiya lose and Bhabhi win!
Ishani is surprised and blushes..
Tanu: Look at that blush..
Ishani: Where?! I don’t see Rishi near so why would you be blushing???
Tanu is surprised.
Tanu: Okay.. Okay.. No jokes..
Ishani: Anyway, I am not your Bhabhi…yet.. For right now, we are friends..
Ahana: Okay! So what is the plan?
Tanu and Ishani explain the accident plan and the three start to head out of the mall. On the other hand, Amba and Laxmi (Ahana’s mom) were also shopping at the mall and leaving. Amba and Laxmi were walking towards their car, when all of a sudden, some goons try to steal their purses. Ishani sees this and goes to help Amba and Laxmi. Ishani grabs a stick and beats the goons, causing them to say sorry and run away.
Ishani: Aunty! Did the goons do anything to you? Are you okay?
Laxmi: We are fine..
Amba: Thank you so much beta! If it wasn’t for you, we could have gotten hurt and had our purses stolen..
Tanu and Ahana walk up to Amba, Laxmi, and Ishani.
Ahana: Maa! Massi! Are you okay?
Ishani and Tanu are surprised to know that it is Ranveer’s and Ahana’s moms.
Laxmi: Yes we are okay, thanks to your friend. We owe it to you..
Ishani: No..No.. Aunty.. Anyone would have done this, I did nothing special.
Ahana: Maa & Massi, this are my friends Shona and Tanvi.. They have just come to the city and have nowhere to go..
Ishani and Tanu are confused, but Ahana winks at them and then they understand that this is the way they can get into Ranveer’s house.
Amba: If you have nowhere to go, then you must stay with us!
Laxmi: Yes!
Tanui: Aunty! How could we?
Ishani: Yes! We couldn’t impose..
Laxmi: What imposing!? You saved us, and it is the least we can do..
Amba: Yes beta.. Please don’t say no.
Ishani and Tanu look over to Ahana, who gives a thumbs-up..
Ishani: Okay!
Amba and Laxmi get super happy and they all leave to the Vaghela home.
Precap: Ranveer and Rishi get pelted with whipped cream and look like jokers..

Credit to: Reena

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  1. Hey guys I also wanted to say that I might make the challenges end a little quickly.. Comment what you guys think I should do..

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    1. Thanks so much Neelam sissy.. And I think I will do a BIG episode showing a little bit of challenges so I can change the track.. Thanks for the help

  3. Nice episode reena dr as ur wish if u want to continue their challenge for more episodes its OK dr.

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