Love Withstands All (Episode 8)


Hi guys! Thanks for all of your support.. I wouldn’t gotten to this point without all of your guys’ love! I want to thank all my bros and sissies’: Prince, Ankita, Neelam, Julina, Tanvee, Sumaiya Sumi, Shalini, Sana, Arham, Fatarajo, Dhruva, and Meera. You guys are family to me and I love you all!

Mehra House
Ishani and Tanu reach home. The elders are there and greet them.
Ishani runs up to Harshad and hugs him.
Raj: Ishani is super happy today!
Kanchan: True! What happened?
Ishani gets excited and whispers into Harshad’s ear.
Ishani: Ranveer also loves me Papa!
Harshad gets surprised!
Harshad: Really!?
He looks over to Tanu, who nods and walks over.
Harshad hugs Ishani.
Harshad: I am super happy beta! I hope you both are super happy!
Ishani: Thank you papa!
Raj: Will someone please tell us what is going on?
Ishani blushes.
Tanu: UNCLE! Ishani is in LOVE!
Raj and Kanchan are surprised and walk over to the others.
Kanchan: Really! That is good!!
Raj: Not good, but amazing!
Everyone smiles.
Raj and Kanchan hug Ishani.
Kanchan: Does he also love you?
Ishani nods.

Raj: Who is the lucky guy?
Tanu: Ranveer Vaghela!
Harshad and Raj are shocked.
Raj: Ranveer Vaghela!?
Harshad: Son of Kailash Vaghela?
Ishani and Tanu are confused and nod.
Raj: That really is amazing! Ranveer’s dad was one of our friends in college!
Ishani and Tanu are surprised.
Ishani: Really!? Is he nice?
Harshad: He is super nice!
Ishani looks at Tanu.
Ishani: Maybe our challenge is not that hard!
Kanchan: What challenge?
Ishani and Tanu explain everything about the jealousy, injury, surprise, and the challenges.
*The elders got a little tense hearing that Ishani got injured. But Ishani explained the Ranveer wrapped it and now it didn’t hurt.
Harshad: Beta! If you act like yourself, I know that they will love you and you will win your challenge!
Ishani smiles.
Tanu: What about me uncle!? I am also in this challenge!
Everyone laughs.
Harshad: Tanu beta! Everyone loves you once they meet you!
Ishani: It’s true! Everyone loves my bestie!
Tanu: Also mine!
They both hug and the elders smile at them.

Vaghela House
Ranveer and Rishi explain everything about Ishveer to Kailash and Amba.
Kailash and Amba are thrilled.
Kailash: So our son has fallen in love..
Ranveer nods and they hug.
Amba: And the girl seems so sweet! What is her name?
Rishi blurts out: Ishani!
Amba: She seems perfect for you! I can’t wait to meet her!
Kailash: Does she love you too beta?
Ranveer nods and and his parents bless him.
Rishi: Maa! You heard about your bahu and forgot about your other son!
Amba: Could I ever forget you.. But if you have someone in mind for yourself, tell me and I will talk to your parents..
Ranveer: Arey maa! You said the perfect thing! Rishi already has someone he likes!
Rishi is shocked while Amba and Kailash get happy.
Amba pulls Rishi’s ear.

Amba: Why didn’t you tell me!? I am like your mother… How could you not tell me!?
Rishi escapes and holds his ears.
Rishi: Sorry maa!
Amba laughs and hugs him.
Amba: What is her name?
Rishi: Tanu..
Ranveer: And Maa! They are best friends like me and Rishi!
Amba: That is wonderful! You two will be very happy with them..
Ranveer: But Maa.. We will only be happy with them once you help us..
Amba is confused.
Amba: What help?
Ranveer and Rishi explain the challenges to Amba. She gets delighted until she finds out she has to be mean to Ishani and Tanu.
Amba: Why do I have to be mean!? They will get a bad impression from me and not like me. I can’t be that cruel and trick them!
Amba goes and sits.
Ranveer and Rishi look at each other worried and run to Amba.
Ranveer and Rishi: MAA!
Rishi: We NEED your help to win the challenge!
Amba: I don’t know..
Ranveer: Please maa! For your son..
Ranveer puts his head into Amba’s lap, knowing that she won’t say no to that. Rishi also rests his head on Amba’s shoulder Amba, hoping for her to say yes.
Amba: Okay.. Okay.. I will help you.. But I will only be a little mean, not a lot.
Ranveer and Rishi: Done!
Ranveer and Rishi get super happy and hug Amba.
Amba: Now go and get ready for your challenge.. You boys still have to work hard to convince Ishani’s family..
Ranveer: Okay Maa. Love you Maa!
Amba hugs both of them.

Rishi: We will miss you..
Amba: Same here beta.. But please send me photos of the girls..
Ranveer: Okay Done! But you will have to wait until we get to their houses to get the best pictures of your bahus.
Rishi: We should leave now and get started on the challenge.. Bye Maa!
Ranveer: Bye Maa!
Amba: Okay.. Bye!
The boys quickly hug Amba once more and run out the door.

Mehra House
Tanu to everyone: We all need your help though!
Kanchan: With what?
Raj: Yeah, how can we help?
Ishani: We need you all, (Ishani does a little drama and hug them all) my amazing maa, awesome uncle, and sweet papa…
Harshad: Don’t butter us up.. Please tell us what you need help with!
Ishani: Well… We need you guys to act mean to Ranveer and Rishi, Ranveer’s best friend and… the guy Tanu likes!
The elders get surprised and so does Tanu.
Harshad: So our other princess likes someone too!
Tanu blushes and Kanchan hugs her.
Kanchan: I hope you get your love too, beta!
Raj: It is amazing that our daughters are in love, but why do we have to act mean to the poor guys?
Tanu: Arey uncle! We have to make their challenge hard! And this is the only way! Will you help us?
The elders get excited and agree.
Ishani and Tanu hug all of them.
Harshad: We will help you guys win this part of the challenge.. But what about your challenge?
Ishani: All I know is that Ranveer has a cousin who could help us.. I think her name is Ahana.
Ishani and Tanu get tensed and think of ideas.
Raj: Why don’t you guys go and live with them?
Everyone gets shocked!

Ishani and Tanu: WHAT!?
Raj: Let me finish.. You two can stage an accident and get into the house with… Ahana?
Ishani nods.
Raj: Yes, with Ahana’s help and you could stay with them and convince them to accept your relationship.
Ishani: Uncle!! That is an AMAZING idea!
Tanu: Yeah!
Tanu and Ishani hug Raj.
Tanu: Okay Shona.. We should go and start the challenge..
Everyone is confused..
Kanchan: Beta.. Who are you talking to?
Tanu: Ishani!
Ishani: What!? You are calling me that VERY old nickname!?
Tanu: Arey! I can’t call you Sunny anymore because Ranveer found a better use for that nickname… So that is your new nickname!
Ishani: Well thank God! Now there is only one annoying person who calls me that stupid nickname!
Tanu: What do you mean by “annoying” huh?!
Tanu chases Ishani around. They both run upstairs and help pack the clothes they need for the 2 weeks.
The girls come downstairs.

Harshad kisses Ishani’s forehead.
Harshad: Good luck beta.. I hope you win the challenge..
Kanchan: Bhaiyya.. Tell the truth.. Our Ishani WILL win the challenge..
Everyone laughs while Ishani hugs Kanchan.
Raj: Ishani, we will all try our best.. But still.. I don’t like the idea of being mean to the boys.
Tanu: Uncle, you don’t have to be worried. Our 2 idiots are mischievous devils and they will not feel bad about anything you say, right Shona?!
Ishani: Of course! Our 2 weirdos are such that they will actually get determined once they hear bad things Tanvi…
Tanu gets surprised.
Tanu: Now you are calling me by my childhood nickname too!?
Ishani: Of course! If I am Shona, then my bestie is Tanvi..
Everyone laughs and the girls bid bye to the elders.
Precap: Ranveer and Rishi walking into a house and getting shocked..

Credit to: Reena

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