Love Withstands All (Episode 5)

Hi guys!! Sorry for the early update.. Thanks for all the comments and birthday wishes! I was so happy reading them!
I hope you guys enjoy this episode! And today might be a longer episode because the pairs will realise their love for each other (as I said).
Mehra House
The episode starts with Ishkar, Tanu, and Krisha coming home, chatting.
Krisha: So Ishani really got lost and attacked by goons!?
Ishani nods.
Krisha: I wonder who saved them from Sunny?
They all laugh, besides Ishani.
Ishani: Haha. Very funny. But really, I am so lucky that Ranveer was there and saved me.
Krisha: Who is Ranveer? A guy… you like?
Krisha bumps into Ishani and they laugh.
Ishani: No! He is my new friend.
Tanu: She means he is OUR new friend who saved Ishani from the goons..
Ishani: Tanu! What makes you think he wants to be friends with you?
Tanu: He said so, right Shikar!
Shikar: I remember he wanted to be friends with me and Ishani.. But I don’t think he said anything about being friends with a ghost!
Ishkar and Krisha laugh, while Ishkar high fives.
Tanu: Shut up! I am not a ghost!
Ishani: Really.. Then why did you disappear when we talked about Rishi?
Ishani nudges Tanu. Tanu is shocked and blushes.
Krisha: RISHI!? Who is this Rishi?
Shikar: Rishi is..
Kanchan walks up to them.
Kanchan: You guys have now arrived!? It is 5:30 and you guys were out of college by 4, right?
Shikar: Yes maa, but remember, we had to pick up Krisha and then treat Ishani for ice cream because we troubled her in the morning..
Kanchan: Oh then it is okay.. Ishani, how was your first day at college?
Tanu: Aunty! Ishani got..
Ishani: To have a lot of fun!
Ishani hits Tanu secretly and glares at her.
Kanchan: What?
Ishani: Maa, Tanu was just going to talk about how I had so much fun and made friends.
Kanchan: Oh. Well come on.. Dinner is ready..
Kanchan walks away.
Shikar: Ishani! Why didn’t you let Tanu talk?
Tanu: Yeah!
Ishani: You were going to tell maa that I got lost and then she was going to get worried.. I’m fine so I didn’t want her to have tension over nothing.
Tanu: Who said I was going to say that!? I was going to talk about Ranveer.. Your new.. Boyfriend?
Tanu winks. Ishani is shocked and blushes. Ishani hits Tanu.
Ishani: Shut up! He is my only friend that is nice!
Tanu: Then why are you blushing?
Shikar: Look at our Sunny.. Looks like she likes someone!
Ishani: You too Shikar!
Ishani starts chasing Shikar and Tanu. They play for a little bit and then get tired.
Shikar: Come on! Let’s eat now. I am hungry.
Krisha: Ok but first tell me WHO IS RISHI!?
Shikar explains how Rishi and Tanu are new friends..
Krisha winks at Tanu and Ishani.
Krisha: Looks like both girls have new friends..
Shikar laughs.
Tanu: Krisha! Why are you so worried?
Ishani: Yeah! Do you have a new friend too?
Ishani nudges Krisha and Krisha blushes.
Krisha: NO!
Krisha runs away.
They all laugh and walk to the dining table.
Vaghela House
Ranveer was getting ready to sleep. All of a sudden, Rishi bangs on Ranveer’s window. Ranveer rushes over to the window and opens it.
Ranveer: Rishi..You?
Rishi: Can I sleep over?
Ranveer: Yeah.. but why?
Rishi : I don’t even know.. I feel weird. Ever since I saw Tanu, I just want to keep on looking at her and staying with her. Am I in love?
Ranveer: Hello. Rishi! What happened?
Rishi: I will tell you in the morning.
Ranveer: Okay… Let’s go to sleep.
Rishi: Kay.
Rishi lays on the bed. Ranveer turns off the lights and lays down.
Rishi:Night bro..
Ranveer: Night bro..
In the middle of the night (2 AM), Rishi and Ranveer get close to each other.
They both hug each other..
Ranveer : Ishani..
Rishi: Tanu..
Ranveer and Rishi suddenly wake up. Ranveer turns on the lights..
Ranveer: Tanu!? Ishani’s friend and mine!?
Rishi: Ishani!? That beautiful new girl?!
Ranveer & Rishi : Why did you say her name?
Ranveer: I don’t know..
Rishi: Neither do I.. All I know is that I feel..
Ranveer’s eyes get big.
Ranveer: Weird when you see her?!
Rishi: Yes! Exactly. Everytime I see her.
Wait.. How do you know?
Ranveer : Because I feel the same way when I see Ishani! I just want to only be with her and I get jealous when I see her with Shikar..
Ranveer & Rishi: Is this what love is?
Ranveer: I just want to only be with Ishani and I get jealous when I see her with Shikar..
Rishi: And when I see Tanu, I wish I could just keep on looking at her..
Ranveer & Rishi: WE ARE BOTH IN LOVE!!
They hug.
Ranveer: Wait Rishi.. What if they don’t like us back…
Rishi and Ranveer look at each other.
Mehra House 2AM
Ishani was laying in her bed, trying to sleep. All of a sudden, she starts thinking of Ranveer and smiles. Ishani jerks awake and gets confused.
Ishani: Why am I thinking about Ranveer..
She sits up and goes on her phone. She was scrolling through her Instagram, when she gets a call from Tanu.
Tanu: Hello Ishani.. Are you awake?
Ishani: Hi Tanu. Yes I am awake.
Is something wrong, you never call me Ishani unless you are in a serious mood..
Tanu: I don’t know.. I can’t sleep..
Ishani: Weird.. Neither can I.. I just keep on waking up and thinking of Ran..
Ishani immediately stops talking.
Ishani: Oh No! Today, I am dead..
Tanu: RANVEER!!! Wow Ishani..
Ishani: Shut up! I was thinking of… Ranveer Singh!
Tanu: Shut up liar! You were thinking of Ranveer, your new friend.
Ishani: FINE.. Maybe I was thinking of Ranveer… But then you were definitely thinking about Rishi!
Tanu: No.. I wasn’t..
Ishani: Just stop trying.. You can’t lie to me..
Tanu: Fine. I COULD have been thinking about Rishi.. But what does this mean?
Ishani and Tanu think..
Ishani suddenly gets excited, but also confused.
Ishani: Tanu….
Tanu: Yeah Ishani.
Ishani: Can you come to my house by my window? I need to ask you something..
Tanu: What!? We are already talking tho..
Ishani: I need to ask you in person. It is serious.
Tanu: Fine give me 10 minutes.. I will get some clothes too and just get ready at your house.
Ishani: Okay see you soon.
Vaghela House
Rishi: You are right. What if the already have boyfriends!?
Ranveer: Oh God!
Rishi: Bro.. Don’t Ishani and Shikar act like they are dating?
Ranveer: What?
Rishi: You saw how they acted today. Shikar got her things, he playfully made fun of her, she playfully hit him, and sometimes he even hugged her. Don’t people in relationships do that?
Ranveer gets worried and puts his hand on his head..
Ranveer: I even saw Ishani crying in his arms.
Rishi: WHAT!? When?
Ranveer: At the end of 1st period.
Rishi: Dude.. If your girl has a boyfriend, then my girl DEFINITELY has a boyfriend.
They both get stressed out and fall on the bed.
Mehra House
Ishani paces her room, waiting for Tanu.
Tanu reaches Ishani’s window and knocks on it.
Ishani rushes to the window and opens it.
Ishani: Quietly come in! What took you so long!?
Tanu: Sorry yaar! I couldn’t find my house keys and I had to write a letter to Ahana, maa, and papa telling them I slept over here.
Ishani :Nobody saw you right!?
Tanu: Of course not! I don’t want to get it in trouble!
Ishani: Good!
Tanu: What did you have to tell me?
Ishani: Oh.. Umm..
Tanu: Tell me Ishani!
Ishani: What if we are in love?
Tanu: LOVE!?
Ishani nods.
Tanu: Actually.. Now that I think of it.. You could be right.
Ishani: I know! But, we only met them today and I am confused.. I thought there is no such thing as love at first sight.
Tanu: Neither did I..
Ishani: Explain your feelings to me!
Tanu: I feel like I have known Rishi for a long time.. Like from my childhood..
Ishani: Hey.. What if this is your Rishi from childhood? The one you were best friends with, before Shikar and me.
Tanu: But he went to US..
Ishani: But, what if her returned..
Tanu starts thinking.
Tanu: You could be right..
Ishani: It isn’t could be, I am right. Remember your childhood and ask your heart if this is Rishi..
Tanu remembers her childhood and then thinks about her time with Rishi. She starts crying in happiness.
Ishani: Tanu? What’s wrong?
Tanu: Ishani! This is my Rishi!
Ishani gets happy!
Ishani: Really!?
Tanu nods.
Tanu and Ishani hug..
After a little bit, Tanu breaks the hug.. Ishani wipes her tears and they smile at each other.
Tanu: Ishani, we found out about my love, but what about yours?
Vaghela House
Ranveer: Bro.. What am I going to do? I love Ishani.. But she loves Shikar.
Rishi: Bro. I just said that earlier. They probably are just friends!
Ranveer: What if they are?
Rishi: We need to find out if they like each other.
Ranveer: How?
Rishi: Ask her tomorrow!
Ranveer: Would she tell me?
Rishi: You guys are friends, right. Just casually ask her when Shikar isn’t there!
Ranveer thinks.
Ranveer: You are right! She can’t get mad if I was just wondering.. Thanks bro!
Ranveer turns a little happier once he realizes that Ishani might not be dating Shikar.
Rishi: Anytime.
Ranveer: But what about your love? Tanu?
Rishi: You are friends with her now, right?
Ranveer: All three of them are now my friends.. Why?
Rishi: Does she seems like the type of girl who has boyfriends?
Ranveer: No. She seems like a girl who believes in true love and would wait for her love, not date.
Rishi: Bro, then I am okay!
Ranveer and Rishi hug and thank God that their love lives are still in tact..
Ranveer: So now, all we have to find out is if Ishani has a bf and if the girls love us too..
Rishi: Yup! It doesn’t seem as challenging now!
Ranveer looks at the time. It was 3 AM.
Ranveer: Dude! It is 3 AM. Let’s go to sleep now! We have to find out some important information tomorrow, and we need sleep.
Rishi: You are right! Good night RV..
Ranveer: Good night Rishi..
They both smile and fall asleep, dreaming about their lady loves.
Ishani:The truth about my love is that every time I close my eyes, I see Ranveer.. And now! Even when my eyes are open, I see Ranveer smiling at me. I get happy just hearing his name.. And today, Ranveer got hurt saving me, but I felt like I was the one who got hurt. Also, we were playing in the rain and suddenly, Ranveer starts catching a cold and I got scared. I didn’t like that he almost got sick because of me dragging him out into the rain.
Tanu smiles and hugs Ishani.
Tanu: You are definitely in love my friend..
Ishani smiles and breaks the hug.
Ishani: It is amazing, right!?
Tanu: What?
Ishani: That we both fall in love at the same time!
Tanu nods and they both laugh.
Tanu: All I hope now is that they also like us.
Ishani: Don’t worry. They probably also love us.. We are amazing right?
Tanu: Right!?
They both laugh and high five.
Tanu: Let’s go to sleep now.. I think we will be able to sleep, finding out that we are in love..
Ishani nods.
They turn off the lights and climb into bed.
Ishani: Good night bhooth!
Tanu: Good night Sunny!
They both laugh and happily drift into sleep.
Prcap: Ranveer asks Ishani, “Do you like Shikar?’.. Ishani gets shocked!
Guys, please comment below on what you thought of the episode! Your guys’ comments make my day! I hope you guys are happy that the pair found out their loves! Love you all!

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