Love Withstands All (Episode 4)


Hi Guys! I’m sorry but I think I might have to change the precap I told you guys. Ranveer will be asking Ishani, not Shikar. And also I think I will move that precap to the next episode maybe.. ( I promise it will be in the ff) I want the group to become friends before Ranveer asks Ishani if Ishkar like each other so it makes more sense..
Precap: Tanishi meets; Ranveer saves Ishani; Ishveer became friends
Tea Stall
The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishani chatting and eating samosas.
Ishani: You are right! These samosas are AMAZING!
Ranveer: Yeah.. You are the only person I have ever been here with..
Ishani: Really!?
Ranveer nods.
Ishani: You know what! Then this can be our secret hangout place! I won’t tell my friends about it and neither will you, okay?
Ranveer: Done!
Ishveer smile.

Then, it starts raining. Ranveer quickly grabs Ishani and they run over to a shack with a roof, but Ishani puts her hand out and walks into the rain.
Ishani starts dancing in the rain, while Ranveer smiles watching her play (Sun Saathiya plays in the bg).
Ishani sees Ranveer watching her and smiles.
Ranveer to himself: Maybe I do love her..
Ishani runs to Ranveer and drags him out into the rain.
Ranveer: Ishani! Tum kya..
Ishani: Ranveer! Did I tell you that I love the rain!
Ranveer: I think I can tell..
Ishani starts throwing rain water at Ranveer and then he starts throwing on Ishani. Ishveer keep on playing and laugh.
Ranveer sneezes and Ishani gets worried.
Ishani: Ranveer! Are you okay?!
Ranveer: Yeah, I’ll be fine once I..
Ranveer sneezes again.
Ishani: No you aren’t! I think you are catching a cold. Let’s go dry off, so you don’t get worse.
Ranveer: Okay but..
Ranveer sneezes one more time. Ishani holds on to him and takes Ranveer to a shop. Ishani gets 2 towels and starts to help dry Ranveer off. Ranveer looks at her.
Ranveer (in his head): She cares so much..
Once Ranveer is dry, Ishani starts drying herself..
Ishani: I am sorry Ranveer. You almost got a cold because of me..
Ranveer: Don’t be sorry Ishani! I had so much fun because of you..
Ishveer smile at each other (Tum hi ho plays in the bg).
Ishani: Let’s go back to college, otherwise our friends will wonder and get worried..
Ranveer: Okay.
It is the end of the day. Tanu and Shikar are waiting for Ishani.
Tanu: Where did our drama queen go? I hope she didn’t get lost!
Shikar: Knowing her, she definitely got lost.
Tanu gets worried.
Ishveer enter the college and go to Tanu and Shikar. Tanu hugs Ishani tightly..
Tanu: Where were you!? We were worried that you got lost!
Ishani: Well actually, I did. I went to the back of the college and some goons started following me.
Tanu gets shocked.
Tanu: Are you okay!? Why didn’t you call me?
Ishani: You were in class! I am fine because of Ranveer. He saved me from those goons.
Shikar to Ranveer: Thank you so much for saving our friend!
Ranveer: Oh it was no big deal! She is also my friend now!
Tanu: Whoever is friends with Sunny is also friends with us! I’m Tanu and he is Shikar!
Will you be our friend too?
Ranveer looks at Ishani, who smiles.
Ranveer: Of course!
Then, Rishi walks up behind Ranveer, drags him away, and punches him in the arm.
Ranveer: Oww!
Rishi : Where were you!? I was looking..
Rishi looks around and sees Tanu, and he gets lost in the thought of her. Tanu smiles at Rishi.
Ranveer: You were looking.. Continue Rishi!
Rishi: I’ll be back in one sec.
He goes up to her. He is just about to say something, when he trips.
Tanu laughs at Rishi. He wakes up and smiles, embarrassed.
Rishi: Hi.
Tanu: Hello..
Rishi: Do you remember me? I am the guy who..
Tanu: Bumped into me by accident. Yes, I remember you. But I can’t believe that you remembered me..
Rishi: Who wouldn’t remember a beautiful girl?
Tanu blushes.
Meanwhile, Ishkar and Ranveer were watching all of this. Ranveer walks over to Ishkar.
Ranveer: What happened to Rishi? One second he was annoyed at me and then he just went after Tanu.
Ishani : Yeah! And what happened to Tanu? She started ignoring us and looking at him!
Shikar: Do they know each other?
Ranveer: I don’t think so.. Rishi didn’t mention anything.
Ishani: Neither did Tanu.
Shikar: We should find out what is between them..
Ishani and Ranveer: You are right.

Back to Tanishi
Rishi: I am Rishi.
Tanu : RISHI?!
Rishi: And you are..
Tanu: I am Tanu..
Rishi gets a familiar feeling listening to that name.
Rishi: Tanu?
Tanu: Yeah.. Why?
Rishi: I just feel like I used to know someone named Tanu..
Tanu: Really?
Tanu : Could this be Rishi? My Rishi?
No.. He is in the US, while this one is in India.
Rishi: Anyway.. I wanted to again say sorry about earlier. I should have looked where I was going.
Tanu: Don’t blame yourself.. It was also my fault..
Rishi: So you aren’t mad?
Tanu: Why would I be mad? As I said before, you didn’t do it purposely.
Rishi: Then would you be my friend?
Tanu: Sure.. I would like that.
Tanishi smile at each other. Suddenly, a few people push Tanu into Rishi’s arms.
They share an eyelock (Janam Janam plays in the bg).
Ishveer and Shikar walk up to Tanishi.
Shikar fake coughs.
Tanishi get into their senses and both stand up, embarrassed.
Ishani: What was happening here?
Tanu: Nothing Ishani.. Some people pushed me into Rishi’s arms.
Shikar: Oh really? It didn’t look like that, right Ishani?
Ishani: Yeah Shikar.. I think you are right..
Ranveer: Rishi! What were you doing?
Rishi gets shocked that Ranveer brought the conversation to him and glares at Ranveer.
Rishi: Tanu already said. She just fell into my arms. Nothing else!
Ranveer : Are you sure?
Rishi gets annoyed and storms off..
Tanu: Bye..
Rishi : BYE.
Ishveer, Shikar, and Tanu laugh.
Ishani: Tanu madam, why are you laughing so much?
Tanu suddenly stops laughing.
Tanu: Nothing.
Shikar: Are you sure? I think you had a reason to laugh.. Maybe it has to do with.. Rishi?
Tanu: Shut up Shikar!
Tanu also storms off. Shikar runs after her.
Ishani: Do you think there is something going on between them?
Ranveer: Definitely.. But Ishani.. I have a question.
Ishani: What?
Ranveer: Who is Sunny?
Ishani stops laughing hearing the nickname.
Ishani: It is.. my nickname.
Ranveer: Sunny is your nickname! Why?
Ishani: One time, I beat up Shikar and Tanu and ever since I am called “Sunny Deol”, because I have Sunny Deol’s 1 ½ kilo hands..
Ranveer laughs.
Ishani annoys.
Ranveer: I think it is a cute nickname! But I don’t think that is why they call you Sunny..
Ishani : Then why?
Ranveer comes close to Ishani and whispers.
Ranveer: Because you look like Sunny leone..
Ishani is shocked, while Ranveer laughs. Shikar and Tanu also laugh as they heard the whole conversation..
Shikar: Ranveer! I think you need to get your eyes checked.. Ishani does NOT look like Sunny Leone..
Ranveer: Actually Shikar.. You are probably right!
Ishani: Shut up both of you! I DO look like Sunny Leone!
Tanu: Really!? Who says.. Your imaginary friend?
Ishani chases Tanu around the field while Ranveer and Shikar laugh watching them play.
The clock rings.. It is 4:00PM.
Ishani and Tanu come back to Ranveer and Shikar.
Ishani : The day has already ended..
Shikar: Yeah.. Did you enjoy your first day?
Ishani: Yeah! I had so much fun and made new friends.
Ishveer look at each other and smile.
Tanu: That’s great.
Shikar: Well we should leave now otherwise we will get late picking up Krisha and Maa will yell at us!
Ishani and Tanu nod their heads.
Shikar and Tanu: Bye Ranveer!
Ranveer: Bye! But you guys can call me RV because you guys are now my friends..
Tanu and Shikar: Okay bye!
Ishani : Bye Ranveer! See you tomorrow!
Ranveer: Bye Ishani!
Ishani runs over to Tanu and Shikar, but then turns around and waves.
Ranveer waves back.
Ishkar and Tanu leave.
Ranveer: Now I have to find Rishi.. I hope he isn’t mad..
Ranveer leaves to find Rishi.
Precap: Group masti!!
I am sorry guys if today’s episode wasn’t that good. Pls tell me in the comments what you thought. I will try to add some more Ishveer romance and A LOT MORE Tanishi romance.. Thanks to all your support.. You guys don’t know how happy I am after seeing your comments!

Credit to: Reena

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  1. hey sis pls add a lot more ISHVEER romance & add some more TANUSHI romance…….sissy u r giving more importance to TANUSHI in ur precap……..pls sis give equal romance to both ISHVEER & TANUSHI……i hope u understand sis……..don’t get hurt sis…..u r a marvelous ff writer

    1. I promise I wont get hurt!! Thats dor th comment and I will try to unite the lovers soon and there will be a lot of romance then..

      1. I dont even know what I said in that second sentence?? But thanks for the comment! It really helps me! I will try to unite the lovers soon!

  2. So nice episode realy I enjoyed it while reading

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