Love Withstands All (Episode 4)


Hey guys! Today will be a big episode and I hope you guys will love it! Again please don’t worry about the precap!
The episode starts with Tanu and Ishani entering the college (Shikar had to go to his college quickly). They see Rishi and Ranveer hanging out and wave. The guys wave back at them.
They walk up to each other.
Ranveer: Hi Sunny!
Ishani: Hi Ranveer!
Ranveer continues to talk with one of his other friends.
Ishani : I love you.. I know that. But, how do I find out if you like me?
Suddenly, Ishani gets a plan.
She walks over to Tanishi and drags Tanu from Rishi, who were having a conversation.
Tanu: Ishani! What’s wrong?
Ishani: I found out how I can find out if Ranveer likes me!
Tanu: How?!
Ishani: Well, don’t guys get jealous if they like a girl, but that girl is talking to someone else?
Tanu: Yeah..
Ishani whispers the plan to Tanu.
Tanu: That is an amazing plan!
Ishani: Okay, I will go and get people to make Ranveer jealous.
Ishani walks past Ranveer and somewhat ignores him. Ranveer follows her, hiding behind a tree. Ishani sees him and gets happy that he is watching her.
Ishani : Sorry Ranveer! But I need to do this so I can find out if you like me..
Ishani goes in front of a few upper classmen and purposely drops her books. She goes down to pick up the books, but the guys already have picked up her books.
Ishani: Thank you so much!
Guy 1: It’s no big deal..
Guy 2: Yeah! We don’t mind helping beautiful girls.
Guy 3: Yes.. You are so pretty!
Ishani fake blushes, says thanks, and watches Ranveer. He is starting to get annoyed hearing them praise her.
Ishani thinks to turn it up a notch. She starts walking and fake trips into a guy’s arm.
He catches Ishani. Ranveer gets furious that he is holding Ishani. Ishani watches Ranveer and is happy to know that he cares about her that much.
Ishani to guys: I am so sorry.. Thanks for catching me.
Guy 1: The pleasure was all mine.
He takes Ishani’s hand and kisses it.
Ranveer can’t handle it anymore and storms off. Ishani laughs, says bye to the guys, and runs to Tanu, who was with Rishi.

Ishani: TANU!!!
Tanu: Yeah Ishani! Did it work?
Ishani: Yes! He got super jealous and walked away!
Tanu and Ishani high five.
Rishi: Who?
Tanu: Ranveer!
Rishi: Why are you two trying to make him jealous?
Ishani blurts out: Because I love..
Ishani stops in her words and realizes what she has done.
Rishi gets happy!
Rishi: WAIT! You love RV!
Ishani shies and nods. Rishi gets happy.
Rishi: That is amazing! Because..
Rishi stops.
Rishi : Why should I ruin the surprise that he already loves her? And also she is purposely troubling RV.. So RV should be able to give payback..
Tanu: Hello.. Rishi? What happened?
Rishi: Oh nothing! Did RV get jealous?
Ishani nods happily.
Rishi: Oh God! I should go cool him down otherwise he won’t talk to Ishani.
Tanu and Ishani get worried.
Ishani: I didn’t think of that..
Tanu: Yeah.. You should go to him.
Rishi laughs in his head.
Rishi : Now see what happens when you prank RV!
Rishi runs off after Ranveer.
Ishani: He won’t be mad, right Tanu?
Tanu: I don’t know Ishani.. I hope Rishi can calm him down..

Ranveer was pacing.
Ranveer : What was Ishani doing there!? And why was she ignoring me?! And how dare that guy catch Ishani and kiss her hand!!
Rishi walks up to Ranveer and see him mad.
Rishi laughs and Ranveer sees him and gets annoyed.
Ranveer: Why are you laughing?!
Rishi: I am laughing because of you RV!
Ranveer: Me!? Why?
Rishi: You fell for Ishani’s plan.
Ranveer is confused.
Ranveer: What plan?
Rishi explains how Ishani did the plan to see if Ranveer likes her.
Ranveer: Ishani did all of this to see if I love her..
Rishi nods.
Wait. So Ishani love me too!!
Rishi and Ranveer hug.
Rishi: I have to say..Your girl is a smart one bro. She made this whole plan to find out..
Ranveer blushes and smiles.
Rishi: So what are you going to do now?
Ranveer: I am going to go and talk..
Ranveer: What? Then what am I supposed to do?
Rishi: She made you jealous, so now you should get payback and find out how she feels..
Ranveer: But now I know she loves me..
Rishi: You don’t want her to feel jealous?!
Ranveer: Jealous! How will I make her jealous?
Rishi: You are RV.. You can also have girls after you..
Rishi whispers a plan into Ranveer’s ear. Ranveer smiles.
Ranveer: Let’s do it!
Rishi and Ranveer high five.

Rishi brings Ranveer to Tanu and Ishani.
Tanu whispers to Ishani.
Tanu: Start your acting drama queen!
Ishani: Ha. Ha. Tanu.
Rishi and Ranveer whisper to each other.
Rishi: Start your acting Rv!
Ranveer winks and goes up to Ishani..
Ranveer: Hey Ishani.
Ishani: Ranveer! Where did you go? I saw you one second and then you were gone.. Is everything okay..
Ranveer: Yeah everything is..
Suddenly, Naina walks in front of Ishveer and Ranveer stares at her.
Ishani waves her hand in front of Ranveer’s face.
Ishani: Hello.. Ranveer?
Ranveer: Yeah..
Ishani: You were saying..
Ranveer: What was I saying?
Ishani: I was asking if you were okay.. You seemed really mad when you left..
Ranveer: Ishani, isn’t that girl very pretty?
Ishani looks over and sees Naina.
Ishani gets a little irritated.. Ranveer notices this.
Ishani : Yeah.. I guess..
Ranveer: Do you think I should go and talk to her?
Ishani: Be my guest..
Ranveer: Okay!
Ranveer walks over to Naina. Ishani is shocked that he actually went. Tanu and Rishi rush over to Ishani.
Tanu and Rishi: What happened?
*Rishi is acting
Ishani: Ranveer seemed okay and was talking to me until he saw.. Her. Then, he asked me if she is pretty.. I responded with yeah, and then he asked me if he should go and talk to her. I said be my guest and he ACTUALLY left..
Tanu: Oh..
Ishani: Yeah and now he is talking to that witch!

Ranveer walks up to Naina.
Naina: Hi Ranveer!
Ranveer: Hey Naina..
Naina: How have you been?
Ranveer: Good. I wanted to tell you something. You look pretty today.
Naina blushes.
Naina: Really?
Ranveer grabs Naina’s hand.
Ishani watches that and gets mad. Ranveer sees her getting mad and smiles.
Ranveer : Look! Now Miss.Ishani is the one getting jealous.
Ranveer: Would I lie to you? Look into my eyes and then you will see I am telling the truth..
Ishani gets furious seeing the chemistry between Ranveer and Naina. Then she realizes something and gets sad.
Ishani: Maybe rv doesn’t love me, but instead he loves her!
Ishani gets teary eyed. Rishi, who was smiling that Ishani was being jealous, gets shocked that Ishani is thinking this.
Rishi: No! He doesn’t love Naina..
Tanu: Did Ranveer tell you?
Rishi: No but..
Rishi : Rv! You better stop your drama, otherwise this plan is ruined.
Then, Ishani sees Ranveer hug Naina.
Ishani starts crying and then runs away.
Ranveer sees this and leaves Naina. He starts walking towards Tanishi.
Rishi: This wasn’t supposed to happen!
Tanu gets suspicious.
Ranveer walks up to Tanishi.
Ranveer: What happened to Ishani?
Rishi: Ishani thinks that you don’t love her, but you actually love Naina!
Ranveer gets shocked and worried.
Tanu : You earlier said “This wasn’t supposed to happen!” What did you mean!?
Rishi gets nervous and Ranveer lowers head.
Rishi: Well.. actually.. RV does love Ishani.. I just said that maybe we could give her payback for making RV jealous. We were only trying to make Ishani jealous, not make Ishani think that RV doesn’t like her..
Tanu gets shocked!
Rishi and Ranveer nod.
Tanu: How dare you two!? Now you made my best friend cry and think that her love loves someone else!!
Ranveer gets concerned.
Ranveer: Ishani is crying?!
Tanu: Yes! Because she madly loves you!
Who knows where she is and what she will do!?
You guys didn’t do good to her.. She only made you jealous to find out if you loved her, but she didn’t purposely make you think that she loves someone else!
Tanu storms off, looking for Ishani.
Ranveer: The plan worked too well! It got her jealous but also worried that I don’t love her..
Rishi: Who knew you were a good actor?
Ranveer: Shut up! Let’s go try and find Ishani!

Ishani was at the Samosa cart, sobbing.
Ishani: Ranveer doesn’t love me!
She thinks of how Ranveer saved her, how Ranveer caught her when she tripped, and how they played in the rain. She smiled, thinking about the memories, but then continues crying.
All of a sudden, the goons see Ishani..
Guy 3: Dude! Look its that girl who made us get beat up because of Ranveer!
Guy 1: Yeah it is.. We should go and say.. hi.
He has an evil smile. They start walking towards Ishani.
Meanwhile, Ranveer is frantically looking for Ishani.
Ranveer: Ishani!
Suddenly the wind blows and Ranveer remembers the Samosa stand.
He remembers saying that it is their secret hangout place.
Ranveer: Ishani is definitely there.
He starts running over there.
Guy 1: Hey new girl..
Ishani looks up and sees the guys. She wipes her tears.
Ishani: What are you doing here! Go away! Otherwise..
Guy 3: Otherwise what? You will get your boyfriend to beat us up again?
Ishani gets upset again.
Ishani: No. But I will beat you guys..
Guy 2: Really.. You, a small doll, is going to beat us tough guys?
They start to surround her. Ranveer arrives at the samosa stand and sees the guys around Ishani. Ranveer runs up to Ishani and the goons.
Ranveer: Guys, go away from here.
Guy 3 says to Ishani: So you did call your boyfriend? It’s okay.. Then we can get payback.
Ranveer: Bring it..
Ranveer starts beating the guys, causing two of them to run away..
Then Guy 1 and Ranveer start fighting one on one.
Ranveer ends up winning and letting the guy go. Ranveer starts walking towards Ishani.
But, Ishani sees the guy gets up and grab a sharp stick. Ishani starts running towards Ranveer.
Ranveer remains clueless and keeps on walking to Ishani. Suddenly, the guy starts swing the stick towards Ranveer. Ishani runs up to Ranveer and pushes him away. ISHANI gets hit in the arm with the stick.
Ishani: AHH!
Ranveer is shocked.
Ranveer: ISHANI!! (MATSH title song plays in the bg)
The guy starts to run away after seeing what has happened, but people call the police and get the guy caught.
Ranveer runs over to Ishani and looks at her wound. She was crying and he was feeling horrible, as if he had gotten injured. He rushes Ishani to a bathroom in a hotel nearby, and asks for a first aid kit. Ranveer cleans the wound. Ishani looks at him and quietly cries.
Ranveer is stressed out and a little angry that Ishani did this.
Ranveer: Ishani! Why would you do this?!
Ishani: Because I didn’t want to you getting hurt because of me.
Ranveer: That doesn’t mean to hurt yourself!
Ishani: This all happened because of me.. If I hadn’t have ran off, I wouldn’t have gotten seen by those goons and you wouldn’t have fought with them.
Ranveer: This isn’t your fault.. It is mine.. If I hadn’t have acted and gotten you jealous on purpose, you wouldn’t have ran off.

Ishani is confused.
Ishani: What?
Ranveer: I purposely got you jealous.. I was acting with Naina.. I don’t love Naina.. I love you Ishani!!
Ishani is surprised.
Ishani: You love me?!
Ranveer: Yes.. Ever since I saw you..
Ishani cries tears of joy.
Ranveer wraps her arm. Once he is finished, he wipes Ishani’s tears.
Ishani: Ranveer..
Ranveer: Yes Sunny..
Ishani smirks.
Ishani: Whenever I was with you, I was truly happy… And every time I wasn’t with you, I just kept on seeing you everywhere and missing you.. I love you too..
Ranveer gets happy hearing her saying that she loves him too. Ishveer hug.
Tanishi also walk up and smile watching the two.
Ishani breaks the hug.
Ishani: I am sorry Ranveer..
Ranveer: What for?
Ishani: For making you get jealous and angry..
Ranveer: I am also sorry for making you jealous and think that I love Naina..
Ishani: It’s fine.. You are with me, right? That is all that matters.
Ranveer: But I have to tell you Ishani.. I love you a lot.. I know today we were purposely doing this, but if I see you with anyone else.. I will die..
Ishani makes him stop talking.
Ishani: Don’t say that.. Meri Aashiqui sirf Tumse Hi. And it will stay like that forever.
Ishani and Ranveer hug again. Ranveer kisses Ishani’s forehead. Tanishi go up to Ishveer.
Tanu and Ishani hug.
Tanu: I am happy that my best friend has her love!
Rishi: Same here.

Ranveer and Rishi smile at each other.
Tanu: Is your arm hurting a lot Ishani?
Ishani: Not really..
Ishani looks at Ranveer and smiles.
Rishi: Ok! We should go out to celebrate your guy’s crazy love! My treat.
Everyone smiles and agrees.
Precap: I don’t know yet.. Sorry!
Thanks for all your guy’s love and I hoped you all were happy with this episode!

Credit to: Reena

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