Love Withstands All (Episode 32)


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Recap: Ishveer were happy.. Until Ishani got into an accident. Everyone is told that she is dead and Rishi ends up blaming himself. However, he goes back to the accident site and finds Ishani alive! He takes her for treatment in the US. Ishani has retrograde amnesia and had a new life in the US with Rishi and everyone, but luckily she gets her memory back! Meanwhile, Ranveer is married with Tanu, but they are just friends. Ishani and Rishi are now on their way back to India!
The episode starts in the flight.
Ishani and Rishi are sitting in comfortable business class seats.
Rishi has already dozed off and Ishani watching one of her favorite movies, Aashiqui 2..
Ishani is shown going into the RV mansion.
Ishani: I am finally back..
Everything is just like it was the last time she saw it..
She walks into the living room.. And then she sees him..
He is sitting on the couch on his phone.. He is in his college apparel and looks as handsome as ever. He hasn’t changed a bit in the 3 years.. He was also wearing the bracelet Ishani had gave him. Ishani goes up and clutches her “Ishveer” pendent. She has a smile on her face.
Ishani: Ranveer..

He looks up from his phone and is shocked..
He stands up and can’t believe his eyes..
Ranveer: Ishani..
They start taking steps toward each other. Har Kisi Ko plays in the background.
They start running towards each other.
They stop in front of each other.
Ranveer still can’t believe it..
He brings his hand up to Ishani’s cheek. She closes her eyes and smiles as he does this. He realizes it really is Ishani and pulls her into a bone-crushing hug. She also hugs him back and has tears of joy. Ranveer pulls out of the hug and caresses Ishani’s face.
Ranveer: It really is you!
Ishani nods and says: Yeah..
They hug again.

Ranveer: Sunny! My Sunny is back..
Ishani giggles and back out of the hug.
Ishani: Your Sunny is back.. And she has missed you a lot!
Ranveer: You don’t know how much I missed you.. But don’t worry.. I won’t have to anymore.. Because I will never let you leave again.. EVER!
Ishani: I will never try to leave.. I just want to be with you.. Until I take my last..
Ranveer puts his finger on her mouth, stopping her.
Ranveer: Don’t you dare talk about that.. I never want to hear anything about you passing away..
Ishani: Okay.. I promise I will never talk about that.. But you also can’t talk about that..
Ranveer: I promise too..
Ishani: I love you Ranveer..
Ranveer: I love you Ishani..

They hug and Ranveer comes close to kiss Ishani..
Suddenly, the plane jerks and Ishani is snapped out of the dream ?
Ishani realizes she was dreaming and smiles.
She looks out of the window and sees that the plane is flying over some clouds.
Ishani: Ranveer.. All I need to do is fly over these clouds and then I will be with you..
Yeh Dooriyan plays in the bg.
Ishani also dozes off while looking over the clouds with a smile on her face..
The plane lands at 6 in the morning.
Ishani & Rishi walk out of the airport.
They go and get a cab to take them to Rishi’s grandmother’s house, where they will be staying.
They arrive and enter the beautiful house.
They greet Biji and chat with her for a little bit.
Biji already knows and loves Ishani.
Biji: Ishani Beta, Rishi.. Why don’t you two go rest?
Rishi: Biji.. We rested the whole time in the plane.
Ishani: Yeah.. We aren’t tired.

Biji: Okay.. Why don’t you guys go freshen up while I set the table?
Ishani: Okay Biji!
Ishani and Rishi go and freshen up.
Ishani comes out in a beautiful multi-color maxi skirt that she wore with a blue blouse and white scarf around her neck. Rishi comes out in a gray 3-piece suit wearing his glasses.
Ishani: Bro.. Why are you so dressed up?! We are on vacation!
Rishi: We are on vacation.. But today.. I also have a meeting with a big company here..
Ishani frowns.
Ishani: So you aren’t coming with me to meet everyone!?
Rishi: I am! But.. I will have to just pop out for a little bit.. You will be catching up with them anyway so I will be back before you will be done..
Ishani: Promise?
Rishi: Pakka promise!
Ishani smiles and they both proceed for breakfast.

Ranveer wakes up..
He looks at the time.. It is 7:45 AM
He sees that Tanu is already downstairs and proceeds to the bathroom to get ready.
He gets ready and comes downstairs.
He greets Amba, Kailash, Laxmi, and Tanu, who were eating breakfast.
Tanu: Ranveer.. Are you busy at work today?
Ranveer: I have a major meeting in the morning with a company from the US.. Otherwise, I am not busy.. Why?
Tanu: Today is Krisha’s engagement and I was hoping if we could leave earlier to greet guests..
Ranveer: Okay.. I will come home earlier..
Tanu: Thank you.. And good luck with the meeting..
Ranveer: Thanks.. See you in the evening..
Tanu: Bye.
Ranveer leaves for work. Tanu goes to the NGO where she helps out at.
Ishani and Rishi finished eating and bid bye to Biji.
Rishi: Okay.. So where do you want to..
Ishani: I want to see Ranveer first!
Rishi smiles.
Rishi: Wow.. Excited to see your fiancee..
Ishani blushes.
Ishani: I am also excited to see maa!
Rishi: Okay.. Let’s go!
Ishani: WAIT! I have an idea! And I also wanted to do something before I met anyone!
Rishi: What?
Ishani whispers in Rishi’s ear..
Ishani: And you have to also!
Rishi: Nice idea!

Ishani: Ha na!
They high-five and leave for a place..
They enter a hair salon and Ishani makes Rishi get a haircut.
She gets a new ombre-hairstyle which makes her hair go from black on the top to brown on the bottom after trimming her hair. The hairstylist also curls it and Ishani loves the hairstyle.
They finish and walk out of the salon. They next go to an eye doctor and get Rishi contacts. Lastly, Ishani forces Rishi to go to a mall and get a better change of clothes. They leave again and are walking to the car.
Ishani: See! Now you look like my Bro from college!
Rishi: And you look nothing like before! I wonder if everyone will be able to recognize you..
Ishani: Bro! You know I wanted this hairstyle for a long time! Wait! Does it look bad!? Because then I will go and yell at the hairstylist.. She said it looked amazing!
Rishi: It looks nice meri maa! Now can we go?
Ishani: Yeah! Let’s go!

Rishi arrives at the door of RV mansion.
He rings the bell.
He remembers all the fun that happened at this house 3 years ago.. It was like a second home to him. Amba was just like his mother and Kailash was like his father. And Ranveer, his best friend, was a brother to him..
Amba opens the door and is shocked.
Rishi: Hi maa..
Amba: RISHI!! My child!
She hugs him and he hugs her back.. They both have tears in their
Rishi: I missed you Maa!
Amba: I missed you too beta!
They break their hug.
Amba: Where did you go!? You left your maa!
Rishi: I am sorry maa..
Amba: It’s okay beta.. You are back now so everything is fine.. Come sit!
Rishi nods and they go to the couch and sit down.
Amba: LAXMI! JI! Look who is here!
Laxmi and Kailash come and see Rishi.
They hug him and are overjoyed to see him.
Kailash: So.. How have you been over the years?
Rishi: I am great Baba.. I have a successful business in the US and am now expanding into India.
Kailash: That is very good! Congrats!
Rishi: And.. I have someone for you all to meet!
Everyone is confused, but intrigued.
Rishi: She is my close friend from the US and she came with me!
Amba: Well.. Ask her to come in! We would like to see!
Rishi: I will be right back!
Everyone nods and Rishi runs out of the mansion.
He comes back with a girl but he stands in front of her.
Rishi: Everyone.. This is Annie!
Rishi steps out of the way and Amba, Kailash, and Laxmi can finally see the girl.
They finally see Ishani.. They stand up in shock and they cannot believe their eyes.
Amba: Ish.. Ishani!!
Ishani: Hi maa! Hi baba! Hi massi!
Amba comes forward and places her hand on Ishani’s cheek.
Amba: Is it really you?
Rishi and Ishani smile.
Ishani: It really is me maa!
Amba is overjoyed again and hugs Ishani. Ishani take blessings from all the elders and they hug her.
Amba: How have you been beta?

Ishani: I am fantastic maa! I continued my studies in the US and have become a physician! But enough of that..I am so happy to meet you all after so long!
Kailash: We are too beta..But I have to ask.. What happened 3 years ago?
Ishani: Voh.. I did get into the accident, but luckily I got thrown to the side of the road. Then, after a few days, Bro came back to the sight of the accident, found me, and rushed me to the hospital.

Rishi: And once I got to the hospital, the doctors said Ishani’s chances of surviving without complications were very low and she could only get the proper treatment she needed in the US, so I without thinking and informing got a flight to the US. We went to my family in New York and Ishani got the treatment she needed. Unluckily, she got retrograde amnesia and couldn’t remember anything before the accident except that I was her bhai. Mom and Dad always wanted a daughter and when they met Ishani, they accepted her and made her a part of the family. We had a small happy family.. But we always wished for Ishani to get alright.. Since she frequently got blackouts. And then one day at her graduation party, she started saying all these things from the past, from Ranveer’s birthday bash she organized. Then, she had a major blackout and was hospitalized for a few hours. But when she woke up.. She could remember everything. And the second she was allowed to, we came here!
Kailash: Thankfully Rishi and everyone else were there to take care of you!
Ishani: Everyone in the US is amazing.. They really are my family.. But every since I could remember.. I have missed you all so much!
Laxmi: Us too beta! We were told that you.. Died..
Amba: Yeah beta! If you are okay.. Then who died!
Ishani: Voh.. It was..
Rishi: It was Naina.
Kailash, Laxmi, Amba: NAINA!?
Ishani: Yes.. Naina.. She actually had an obsession with Ranveer and thought that he loved her.. She said that I was the only reason she wasn’t with Ranveer.. So she tried to kill me.
Everyone besides Rishani is shocked.
Rishi: And she is the one who passed away..
Amba hugs Ishani and has tears.
Amba: Oh my God! My bacchi had to go through SO MUCH!
Ishani: Maa.. Don’t worry! I am fine now! Nothing is wrong.. Your Ishani is back.. And she isn’t going anywhere!
Amba: Good.. I won’t let you go anywhere anyway..
Rishi stands up.
Rishi: Well Maa.. Baba.. Maasi.. I will see you guys soon.
Kailash: Beta! Where are you going!? Won’t you chat with us!?
Rishi: Baba! I promise I will! It’s just I have an important meeting with a company today. ButI will come back today or tomorrow and we will spend the whole day together! And Ranveer would also be with us! How is he anyway!?

Kailash: Ranveer! He is..
Amba: Arey beta! Which company are you going to have a meeting with?
Rishi: Oh Maa! Thanks for reminding me! I am really getting late for the meeting! I will tell you everything once I get back! Bye!!
Everyone: Bye Rishi!
Ishani: Bro! Call me once it is done!
Rishi: Sure Ishu! And tell me if anything important happens.. You are my number one priority!
Ishani: Bro! Don’t worry! I am with Maa-Baba so I will be fine.. Go rock that meeting.
Rishani bro-fist and Rishi walks out of the mansion.
Amba: Ji.. I need to talk to you.. Come with me please..
Kailash nods since he wanted to ask Amba why she stopped him.
Laxmi: Ishani beta.. Be comfortable.. I am going to bring you snacks.
Ishani: Okay Maasi! Thanks and Love you!
Laxmi: Love you too beta!
Laxmi walks away, while Ishani starts looking at PICTURES around the house…
Kailash: Amba! Why didn’t you let me tell Ishani and Rishi about Ranveer?
Amba: Because they don’t know anything about Tanu and Ranveer’s wedding! And it would break their hearts.. They have just came back.. And I didn’t want to learn the truth yet.. I wanted to see them happy and good.

Kailash: What you are saying is true.. So how long do we hide the truth?
Amba: Just for a little more time..
Suddenly, there is a sound of something dropping and breaking on the ground and someone running.
Amba and Kailash rush over to the living room.
They see a photo of Tanu and Ranveer kissing Ishan’s cheeks on the floor.. The frame is broken.. And Ishani is nowhere to be seen.
Amba: Oh no..
What happened:
Ishani looks around at the photos and sees some of Ranveer holding a drink, looking like a proper gentleman. She smiles and kisses the frame.
Ishani: I can’t wait to see you Ranveer!
She keeps on looking.. Until she sees a few frames.. They are pictures of Tanveer’s wedding.. Ranveer and Tanu SEEM happy (according to Ishani). She also sees the photo of Tanu & Ranveer kissing Ishan.
Her world comes crumbling down.. Her smile vanishes.. She has tears in her eyes.
Ishani: Ranveer.. is… married.. He.. isn’t.. mine.. He has a son.. With Tanu! And they are so happy! I can’t come back.. I can’t ruin this happy family.. I have to leave!
She runs out of the mansion.
RV Headquarters
Rishi arrives outside the company headquarters in his formal attire.
Rishi: RV Business Groups.. One of the top in the country.. Come on Rishi! We can get this deal!
Rishi goes inside and meets with the assistants. He is taken to the conference room and is waiting for the owner to arrive.
Rishi: Why do I feel as if something big is going to happen!?
Suddenly, the door is slammed open and the owner walks into the room.
The owner is none other than our Ranveer.
Ranveer had a frown on his face.. But once he sees Rishi, he is overjoyed.
Ranveer: Rishi!!!!
Rishi: Bro!!

They go up and hug each other.
Ranveer pulls out and starts beating Rishi 😉
Ranveer: Kamine!! How dare you leave!? How dare you not tell us!? How could you! Stupid! Idiot!
Rishi: Sorry! I am really sorry.. I just couldn’t think straight and I just did what I thought was best for everyone.
Ranveer stops beating Rishi.
Ranveer: It was a horrible idea!
Rishi: I am really sorry yaar! I AM an idiot.. Please forgive your idiot friend..
Ranveer: I can’t be mad at ONE OF THE TOP BUSINESSMEN IN THE WORLD! What the hell man!
Rishi: Oh.. That.. Well once I left.. I continued my studies and created my own business! And look who is talking! THE RV VAGHELA! Also one of the top businessmen!
Ranveer: Well I did the same thing as you..
Rishi: I am really sorry bro!! I really shouldn’t have left.. Please forgive me..
Ranveer: I was never really mad.. So why would I have to forgive!? Give me a hug you idiot!
Rishi and Ranveer hug and then finally take a seat.
Ranveer: So what has happened in these three years for you?
Rishi: Well.. I went back to Mom and Dad in New York! And I have a big surprise for you!
Ranveer: For me!? Where is it?
Rishi: I will show you the next time we meet.. Which will be soon! Anyway! How have you been?
Ranveer: Okay.. Well I have..
Suddenly, Rishi’s phone rings and he sees it is Ishani..

Ishani: Bhai!!! I need you!! (she sobs)
Rishi: Where are you!? What is wrong!? Why are you crying!?
Ishani: I am at the park close to RV Mansion.. I will tell you when you come here.. Please come soon Bro! I need you!!
Ishani cuts the call and Rishi is freaking out.
Ranveer: What happened!?
Rishi: Sorry bro.. It is important! I will have to talk some other time.. I have your number since your assistant gave it so I will give you a call on where to meet!
Ranveer: Okay! Once everything is settled, tell me! We will meet soon.
Rishi: Definitely! But bye for now!!
Rishi runs out of the office.
Ishani had ran out of RV Mansion and ended up at a playpark. There were many kids, but she still kept crying and running until she fell onto a bench. She is remembering all her moments with Ranveer while Bhare Naina plays in the background. She also remembers seeing all those happy photos of Tanu and Ranveer.
Ishani (in her head): Why! Why did this happen!? I thought Ishveer was forever.. I thought Ranveer loved me!! But wait.. Something could have happened.. Which made Ranveer and Tanu get married.. But that doesn’t matter!! They are happy and have a child.. And don’t I want them to be happy.. YES! I just want Ranveer to be happy.. And he is happy with Tanu.. So I won’t be the reason Tanu and Ranveer separate.. And also the child! I don’t want to be the reason his mumma and papa separate! Yes! l make sure that I won’t get in the way.. I will get through this.. Because this has Ranveer’s happiness!
Then.. A little boy waddles up to Ishani.. It is our little Ishan!
Ishan: Aunty!! Why ale you clying!? (Why are you crying?)

Ishani realizes it is the same boy from the photos.. She has tears of happiness (since she thinks she is meeting Tanu and Ranveer’s son). But she doesn’t see Tanu around, which confuses her, but then Ishan snaps her out of her thoughts..
Ishan: Aunty! Please tell me why you ale clying! I will make it awl betta! I plomish! I will beat up whoeva made a pwetty lady like you cly! Dishoom! Dishoom!(Please tell me why you are crying! I will make all it better! I promise! I will beat up whoever made a pretty lady like you cry!)
Ishan acts as if he is punching someone.
Ishani giggles, puts Ishan into her lap, and kisses his cheek.
Ishani: Aww Baby! You are so cute! I wasn’t crying. I just got something in my eyes.
Ishan: NO! You ale lying.. You were clying becaush you ale sad.. Pleash tell me aunty! I won’t tell anyon! Plomish! Pleash shmile! (You are lying.. You were crying because you are sad.. Please tell me aunty.. I won’t tell anyone! Promise! Please smile!)
Ishan wipes Ishani’s tears.
Ishani is in awe and gives Ishan another kiss on his cheek.
Ishani: You are right. I was crying because I was sad.. But NOW, thanks to you, I am happy! Because you wiped my tears and made me smile.. Thank you baby!
Ishan: No ploblem aunty! You look sho beutifuwl when you shmile! Will you be my fwiend? I wuv have fwiends! (No problem aunty! You look so beautiful when you smile! Will you be my friend? I love having friends)
Ishani: Of course I will be your friend baby! Highfive!
They both highfive and giggle.
Ishan: My name ish Ishan! (My name is Ishan!)
Ishani: Nice name! My name is Ishani!
Ishan: Hey! That ish closhe to my name! And that is the shame name of the pewshon who I am named afta! My Ishani Maushi! (That is close to my name! And that is the same name of the person I was named after! My Ishani Maasi!)
—-Shivkar had decided that Ishani would be considered from Shivanya’s family since Shivanya had no siblings and was very good friends with Ishani. This helps Ishani think that this is Tanu’s child because Ishani knew Tanu considered her as her sister—-
Ishani is speechless and very happy after hearing that Ishan is named after her. She kisses his forehead.
Next, Shivanya yells Ishan’s name (but doesn’t see where he is).
Ishan: Coming!
Ishani: Well bye Ishan! You are so cute! I hope to see you again!
She starts walking to another bench to avoid meeting Tanu.
Ishan: Wait!!!
She stops and turns. Ishan runs over.
Ishan: Bend down pleash!
She bends down and Ishan kisses Ishani’s cheek. She smiles and kisses him back.
Ishan: Now bye Fliend! (Bye friend!)
Ishani: Bye!
Ishan runs over to Shivanya, who was looking for Ishan.
She sees the kiss mark on Ishan’s cheek.
Shiv: Baby, who gave you this kiss?
Ishan: My new fliend!!
Shiv: Wow! One more new friend! Of course! Because everyone loves my Ishan and becomes friends with him!

Ishan smiles hearing his praises.
Ishan: My new fliend ish vewy nice! (My new friend is very nice!)
And Ishan says everything.
Shiv: What is her name?
Ishan: Ishani!
Shivanya is taken aback, but then Shikar comes up and gives Ishan his chocolate.
Ishan: Yay! Chocwate! Tank you Dada! (Chocolate! Thank you Dada!)
Ishan runs off to the car, while Shivkar are walking behind him.
Shivanya narrates everything Ishan told. Shikar gives a weak smile.
Shikar: If only that really was Ishani..

Shivanya side-hugs him and they get into the car after putting Ishan in his seat.
The episode ends with Ishani lost in thought and Rishi arriving at the park.

Precap: Kanchan & Shivkar meet Ishani and Rishi!!!


So what do you guys think!? I hope you guys like this update.. A LOT happened and I know it wasn’t an ISHVEER REUNION yet.. And I know some people are disliking my ff because I have separated Ishveer.. But something I have learned from the show and what the show was about is that the separation made Ishveer’s love stronger. And it’s not like I am never going to reunite them.. I just have to add some masala and tadka 😉 I am sorry if you guys don’t like separation but don’t worry.. Ishveer will meet VERY SOON.. And reunion will happen.. But how is this an update of a hindi serial if it has no drama ;p XD So it WILL happen.. Don’t worry.. Btw.. I know have a schedule since my school is starting WEDNESDAY (AHHHHH!! PLEASE WISH ME LUCK!!) I will be updating every WEEKEND (and if I have extra time, then more frequently)! Love you all and PLEASE COMMENT!! I LOVE READING COMMENTS AND RESPONDING!! AND I WOULD LOVE IT EVEN MORE IF SILENT READERS COMMENT!! How about this.. If more silent readers respond and comment.. Then Ishveer’s reunion will be coming even sooner! Love you all! Bye!!

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    Hey Reena dear welcome back i was really missing u and ur ff since many days I thought to comment in any ff to ask about the name of this ff writter as I’ve forgotten ur name and to ask him to upload this ff but as I was suffering frm eye infection that’s why I didn’t commented but now when I saw ur ff I was very happy and jumping and I don’t hv words to explain my cmng to the epi it was amazing excellent and fab hope ishani’s misunderstanding will be solved soon and again they will be united.stay happy dear keep smiling and don’t forget 2 upload ur ff soon

    1. Reena

      Hey lovely ishveer!! I am touched that you missed me and my ff a lot!! And my name is Reena on telly updates so now you know? I hope you are feeling better and okay!!! It makes me very happy that I made you day?? Glad you liked the episode and I will try to solve everything within the next 10-15 episodes.. I will try to update soon. You also stay happy and god bless. Btw your comment touched me sooooo much!!! Love you!!!❤️❤️❤️ And what is your name btw? I was just wondering if you dont mind telling me.. I like knowing all my friend’s names.

      1. lovely ishveer

        No I won’t mind telling u my name as ur my sis and my name if mifrah and yeah I am much better now and really ur ff made my day luv this ff a lot and eagerly waiting for next epi.stay blessed and luv u my dear sissy

  16. Siddhi

    Hey awesome episode loved it very much and I have started two ffs on kasam it is Kasam: ff and Kasam Tere Pyaar ki (tanshi forever)

    1. Reena

      Thanks Siddhi❤️ Glad you liked the episode! And I will try to read your ffs!!! Love ya

  17. Mind blowing dear i sooooooooo loved it and angry on u also its too late dear i’m eagerly waiting ur next epi

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