Love Withstands All (Episode 30)

Hello everyone! I hope you all will like this episode!
The episode starts with Ishani, Rishi, Olivia, and Manpreet coming out of Ishani’s hospital in New York. She had just gotten her checkup and informed her doctors of how she is getting some pieces of her memory back. Her doctors were thrilled to hear that Ishani’s case is rapidly improving.
Rishi: This is amazing! The doctors think that you will soon get your memory back!
Everyone cheers.
Olivia: Wait.. Does that mean that you will remember your past and forget me?
Manpreet: And me..
They both act as if they are sad and hug each other.
Then, everyone turns to Rishi, who hadn’t said anything.
Rishi: Don’t look at me.. I was a part of her past and she won’t forget me..
Ishani: Arey mere dramebazz.. Oh I mean my actors.. I will definitely not forget you two.. You two are my best friends.. Along with my Bhai!
Olivia & Manpreet: Promise?
Ishani: Of course promise!
They hug, and then force Rishi to join the hug.
But, the group was hugging in the middle of the road. A car was speeding towards the group. Ishani sees this and pushes the rest of them out of the way. Fortunately, Ishani also gets out of the way, but the car goes ramming into a truck and causes an explosion. Ishani sees the accident and gets a pang of pain. She experiences lightheadedness and dizziness. She is getting millions of memories flooding into her brain. She is grabbing her head to try and stop the pain. The others watch this happen and try to help.
Manpreet: ISHANI!
Olivia: ANNIE!
Rishi: ISHANI!
Ishani is not responding to the regular nicknames.. She is slowly drifting into unconsciousness until she hears the next thing Rishi says.
Rishi: SHONA!! Is something wrong? Tell me!
Ishani hears that nickname and opens her eyes. She looks at Rishi.
Ishani: Rish-Bro?
Rishi is overjoyed hearing the old nickname she had for him.
But, Ishani starts seizing and Rishi is getting worried.
He picks her up and tells Olivia and Manpreet to go in the hospital and get help.
They run in the hospital.
Ishani is in the hospital, battling her brain in the fight of remembering her memories.
Chitariya Jheeri Re Jheeri is playing in the bg.
But, in India, someone else is also suffering.
Ranveer jerks from his sleep.
He feels uncomfortable.. No.. Restless..
As if his body is telling him something is wrong..
He again walks into his office. As soon as he enters, the windchimes are going crazy, as if they were alerting him that something terrible has happened.
Ranveer: What is happening? Is something wrong? WHY am I so restless?
Ishani is again seizing and unable to breathe in the hospital, while the windchimes at home are getting louder and worse.
Ranveer: I don’t know.. What is going on? Why do I feel as if I can’t breathe?
Ranveer walks over to the drawer and pulls out Ishani’s photo.
Ranveer: Why do I feel as if something is happening to you? But how is that possible.. You are gone.. You left me alone.. You left me to suffer without you..
Ishani’s pulse is dropping. The doctors are giving her shocks to help her heart pump.
Ranveer: Please come back to me Ishani.. If you somehow find a way.. I promise to NEVER let you go.. Never..
Ranveer falls asleep on the couch of his office, holding Ishani’s photo.
While this is happening, Ishani is getting all of her memories back. She is reliving the sadness of her mother’s death, the joy she got from Tanu and Shikar, the affection she got from all the elders, the rush from doing fun activities with her friends.. And the love she got from Ranveer..
Ishani’s eyes flutter open as she wakes up. She looks arounds and sees everything differently. The sun is shining a little brighter, the colors seem bolder, and everything seems.. happy..
She looks to see Rishi, Olivia, and Manpreet sleeping on the couches. Ishani tries to sit up and ends up waking them. They rush to help her sit up.
Olivia comes to her and gives her a hug.
Manpreet: Thank God you are alright..
Olivia: I was so worried..
Rishi: How are you feeling?
Ishani (weakly): Better..
Rishi: Do you remember anything? What happened.. And how you called me “Rish-Bro”..
Rishi was hopeful that maybe Ishani has gotten a little.. Just a little bit of her memory back..
Ishani tries to remember what has happened.. And then realizes that she remembers everything! She remembers the funny fights with Shikar and Tanu, the great conversations with Raj. Harshad, and Kanchan, the stupid things she has talked people into including Rishi, and the amazing moments she spent with Ranveer.. Ranveer! She can remember RANVEER!
Rishi snaps in front of Ishani, causing her to come out of her thoughts.
Ishani hugs Rishi.
Rishi: What’s wrong?
Rishi is overjoyed and hugs Ishani back..
Rishi: That is amazing!
They break the hug after a few seconds.
Rishi: Everything meaning everything!?
Ishani nods and has tears of joy.
Rishi: Quick! Give me a quick back story of your life!
Ishani: I am Ishani Parekh.. A super smart girl born in Delhi on May 1. My mom died when I was 17 and that is when my papa and I moved to Chandigarh, in with my best friend’s family. I have two idiots as my best friends.. Shikar and Tanu.. Tanu was my main best friend and the girl that Rish-bro is in love with.
Ishani winks while everyone else is shocked.
Manpreet & Olivia: Wait.. Bhai was in LOVE!?
Rishi gets embarrassed and tries to deny, but Ishani interjects.
Ishani: Arey! Rish-Bro is MADLY in love with my best friend.. She is also madly in love with him! Anyway, I was a secret party girl and friends with a lot of people that my best friends didn’t know of. Then, once I went to college, I met an amazing guy that I fell in love with instantly.. And I also met the best brother in the world.
Rishi is overjoyed and hugs Ishani again.
Rishi: My Ishu is back!!!
Olivia and Manpreet are overjoyed that Ishani is fine, but still trying to process everything.
Olivia: Okay wait.. So my bestie is in LOVE!?
Ishani blushes and this time Rishi interjects.
Rishi: Arey! She is MADLY in love with MY best friend.. And he is also MADLY in love with her..
Manpreet and Olivia start pulling Ishani’s leg. Rishi is happy knowing that everything is fine but suddenly, Rishi realizes that everyone thinks that Ishani has passed away.. But he know that now is not the right time to worry.. They will be overjoyed knowing that Ishani is alive..
Then, Raj, Rano, Yuvi, Khushi, and Sana burst through the door. They don’t look at Ishani, but instead run straight to Rishi.
Raj: What’s wrong with Ishani?
Rano: Will she be fine?
Yuvi: What happened?
Khushi: Please tell us!
Rishi gets bombarded with questions, while Sana walks over to smiling Ishani.
Sana: BUHA!! Are you okay?!
Ishani pulls Sana up to the bed and puts Sana in her lap.
Ishani: I am fine Princess.. I just got very tired and Chachu brought me here.. I was not okay before, but now that you are here.. I feel 100% better!!
Sana: That is great!
Sana gives a kiss to Ishani, who gets happy and also gives Sana a kiss.
Raj, Rano, Yuvi, and Khushi go over to Ishani.
Raj: How are you beta?
Ishani: Dad.. I am AMAZING!! I remember EVERYTHING!
Everyone is surprised.
Rano: Everything!?
Ishani nods and they all hug her.
Khushi: Wait.. Now that you are all fine, does that mean that you will leave us and go back to India?
Ishani: How could I even think about that Bhabhi!? You are all my family.. I could never leave my family! But, I do want to return to meet my other family..
Rishi: Once you are fine and able to leave the hospital.
Ishani nods.
Sana: Do you promise to come back, Buha?
Ishani: Sana baby.. I pakka promise beta!
They all hug and ask Ishani to tell stories from before she came to the US.
The episode ends with everyone’s happy faces.
Precap: 2 Weeks Later
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