Love Withstands All (Episode 29)


Hey guys! I hope you are liking this ff so far!
The episode starts at the end of the graduation ceremony. The chancellor had just finished handing out diplomas and her speech. Then, a teacher walk onto the stage.
The students create an uproar with their excitement of graduating. The speakers if the auditorium start playing pop songs as all the students take off their caps and fling them into the air. All the family and friends in the crowd are clapping for their graduates, including the Bedi family. Yuvi and Manpreet are cheering as Rishi, Rano, and Raj clap. Ishani is hugging all the friends she made in the past years, until she sees her best friend in the crowd for family members.
Ishani: OLIVIA!
Olivia: ISHANI!
Ishani giggles hearing how her best friend is the only one who knows how to pronounce her name correctly, besides family.
Ishani goes up and hugs Olivia. Olivia hands Ishani red roses.
Olivia is the first friend Ishani made in her university. However, Olivia was senior to Ishani and graduated the year before. But they were still close!
Olivia: Congrats! You survived!!
Ishani: Thanks Liv! How are you? And what are you doing here?
Olivia (Liv): I am fine Annie! But also superrrr happy that my best friend is finally going to be a doctor.. You know.. They have a job opening at my hospital..
Ishani: That sounds great.. But Bhai already has a job for me at the hospital where he donates money to research..
Olivia: I know.. I know.. I was just seeing if you would change your mind..
Ishani: Never!
They both laugh.
Olivia: Anyway, I am here to… See my best friend graduate and surprise her!! Did I surprise you!?
Ishani: Yes! This is a great surprise!
They hug again.
Ishani: Who told you when I was graduating? I didn’t tell you..
Olivia: Of course you didn’t tell me.. You never tell me anything important.. Only my Bhai tells me important things..
Ishani: Bhai told you!?
Rishi suddenly pops out from behind Olivia.
Rishi: Of course I would tell my girlfriend when her best friend is graduating!
Ishani: BHAI! Hi!
Rishi: Hi! Congrats Dr. Ishani Bedi!
Rishi and Ishani hug, while Rishi hands her more flowers.
*Since Ishani is a part of the Bedi family, they let her change her last name to Bedi*
Ishani: Thank you Bhai! Anyway.. What is this about a girlfriend? Did you finally ask out Olivia?
Rishi and Olivia both blush.
Rishi: Shut up! You know that she is like a sister to me, like you are my sister.
Ishani: I know.. I know.. Just making sure..
The rest of the Bedi Family walks down and greet Olivia, who was like a daughter to them for being a great friend to Ishani.
Rano & Raj: Congratulations Beta!!
Ishani hugs them.
Ishani: Thank you Mom and Dad!
Manpreet: Wow.. Someone is stupid enough to give you a degree to practice medicine.. I can guarantee she will cause someone to die..
Ishani punches Manpreet in the stomach.
Manpreet: Ah! Oh god.. Sunny Deol is back!
Yuvi: And she is using her dhai kilo ka haath to beat up my wimpy brother!
Everyone laughs, while Ishani gets another flashback.
She gets a faint memory of chasing two people around in a big mansion. They were yelling Sunny Deol at her and she was getting irritated. Everyone was laughing.. But Ishani can’t make out their faces..
Then she gets another memory of chasing a guy around a mall with a cricket bat. She sees Rishi, who looked like a college student, standing beside a few people, laughing. But she again couldn’t see their faces.
Suddenly, Olivia snaps her fingers in front of Ishani and snaps Ishani out of her flashback..
Olivia: Oh no.. Is someone offended?
Ishani: I am not offended! He has just praised me by calling me Sunny Deol.. And you really should be worried because I DO have a dhai kilo ka haath! What I am is annoyed because my brother is making fun of me!
Raj hits Manpreet on the back of the head.
Raj: Don’t make fun of my daughter!
Everyone laughs.
Rishi feels a little sad, remembering all the fun Tanu, Shikar, Ranveer, and Shivanya had with Ishani and Rishi and how Ishani can’t remember..
Olivia: Okay! Well.. I am sorry guys but I want to take my bestie to catch up.. Is that okay?
Olivia winks at them and they understand that the plan is starting..
Ishani: Yes! We REALLY need to catch up! I will see you all tomorrow!
Everyone, including Olivia: Tomorrow!?
Ishani: Arey! You have JUST came back and we aren’t going to have a sleepover!?
Olivia: Of course we will!!!
Everyone: Okay.. Bye Ishani! Congrats again!
They all again hug Ishani and they leave.
Ishani puts her arm in with Olivia’s arm.
Ishani: Okay bestie! We need to catch up! Where to?
Olivia: The only place where we can relax nicely.. My apartment!
Olivia smiles and nods.
Ishani: YES!! Let’s go!
Ishani starts running and drags Olivia alongside with her.
Ishani enjoy a lot at Olivia’s apartment and catch up.
Then, Rishi texts Olivia to start the next part of the plan.
Olivia: Come on! Now we need to do something fun!
Ishani: Isn’t this fun?!
Olivia: Of course it is! But I mean one step further.. And you know what we haven’t done in a while..
Olivia winks at Ishani, who knows what she is saying.
Olivia nods again.
Ishani: YESSSSSS!!
Olivia and Ishani highfive.
Ishani: But wait.. I have nothing to wear..
Olivia: That! Isn’t true..
And Olivia goes to her closet and pulls out a beautiful black shimmery dress (the one Radz wore at the Mumbai Tigers Launch).
Ishani gets very happy and runs up to Olivia and hugs her.
Ishani: Thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much!!
Olivia: No problem.. Now quickly get ready and then we have to go!
Ishani grabs the dress and runs to the bathroom, while Olivia also picks a beautiful red dress which looked similar to Ishani’s.
Olivia and Ishani pull up to an awesome club in New York City.
Olivia: Okay! Close your eyes!
Ishani: Why?
Olivia: Please do it.. Please!! It is a surprise!!
Ishani suddenly gets a memory of this happening to her before.. Except it involved a guy before..
Ishani snaps out of the memory and goes with Olivia.
Olivia leads Ishani into a darkened room.
Ishani: Are we in yet?
Olivia: Yes! You can open your eyes!
Olivia walks away and Ishani opens her eyes, but the room was still dark..
Ishani: What is going on?
Suddenly, all the lights turn on and Ishani sees awesome party arrangements. She also sees Rishi, Yuvi, Manpreet, Olivia, and the rest of her friends who graduated with her. At the back, she finally spots the “Congratulations Class of 2016” banner in the back.
Everyone yells out, “Surprise!”
The music starts playing and all of the classmates start dancing and enjoying.
Ishani is very happy to see everyone and runs up to them.
Ishani: You all planned this for me!?
Everyone nods and Ishani gives them a big hug.
Ishani: Thank you guys!
Yuvi: This isn’t all..
Ishani is confused, until everyone moves to the side and show the two people standing behind them. It is Khushi and Sana (They are played by Renee Dhyani and Ruhanika Dhawan)!
Ishani: BHABHI!! SANA!!
Ishani goes and hugs them.
Sana & Khushi: CONGRATS!!
Ishani: Thank you!!
Sana: Buha! Did you like our surprise?
Ishani: I loved it baby!
Ishani turns back to the rest of them.
Ishani: This was an awesome surprise.. Thank you all!!
She pulls them in for a group hug.
After a few minutes, Manpreet pulls out.
Manpreet: Come on! Let’s enjoy this party!
They all run to the dance floor, which gets cleared once everyone hears the song.
Lucky Tu Lucky Me starts playing.
Ishani has a spotlight until the chorus starts playing, where her friend Cabir (KYY) pops out and starts dancing with her.
Everyone also joins in and is having a lot of fun.
After the song, Ishani and Olivia run up to the deejay booth and take control.
Olivia: Hi guys! I am Liv, one of your lovely deejays for today!
Ishani: And I am Annie, your other awesome deejay for tonight!
Everyone cheers.
Liv: Thanks guys! And I hope you will all enjoy.
Ishani: Once once again.. Welcome to..
Suddenly, Ishani gets a sharp pain and memory. And her brain takes control of what she says.
Ishani: Welcome all to Ranveer’s 22nd Birthday Party! Party! Eat! Dance! It is time to enjoy and celebrate!
Rishi is shocked, while everyone in the crowd ignores what Ishani said in the beginning.
Ishani is getting more pain in her head and is about to fall. Olivia tries to help her stand.
Seeing this, Manpreet, Yuvi, and Rishi run up to the Deejay booth and Rishi holds Ishani.
Rishi: Ishani! What is wrong?
Ishani: Voh.. My head is paining and I am getting a memory..
Rishi tells Yuvi to continue deejaying.
Rishi to Manpreet & Olivia: Please help me take ishani to a room upstairs.
Rishi to Ishani: Who is Ranveer?
Rishi is wondering if Ishani is getting her memory back.
Ishani: I don’t know.. But I remember saying that before..
Rishi: Have you been remembering things like this often?
Ishani: Once in awhile..
Rishi gets happy and hugs Ishani.
Ishani: Why did I say that?
Rishi: I will tell you later.. But tell me is anything hurting?
Ishani: My head is paining a lot..
Rishi: Okay..
Rishi tells Manpreet to get Ishani medicine.. Manpreet brings and Rishi gives Ishani meds and makes her sleep.
Rishi will take Olivia and Manpreet out of the room and hug them in joy..
Manpreet: Bhai.. What’s wrong? Ishani will be okay, right?
Rishi: Ishani is getting some of her memory back!!
Olivia and Manpreet are surprised and happy.
Olivia & Manpreet: Really!?
Rishi nods.
Rishi: She said that exact phrase at her boyfriend Ranveer’s birthday party.. This is showing a lot of improvement.
Olivia: So my bestie will soon be alright!?
Rishi nods.
Olivia and Manpreet hug Rishi once again.
The episode ends showing Olivia, Manpreet, and Rishi’s happy faces with Ishani’s sleeping face.
Precap: Accident..
Hehehe.. Don’t be worried about the precap guysss! 😉
Comment below what you guys think.. Soon, Ishani COULD be getting better..
Love you all

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  1. Qiara....

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      Thanks Qiara dear!! I will try to!!?

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    plz make some scence of ishveer and i really like ur ff

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      I will try to Nandana but first I still need to get her memory and unite them☺️

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    hey bhavu wow love ur ff i hope everything becomes okay soon

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      Awww.. Thank you Joyee dhi!! I will try to make everything alright!! Love you dhi❤️❤️

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      Thank you Sana sissy!! And I want to add some ranveer parts but I dont want them to be sad.. But if you want , I will☺️☺️ Love you dhi❤️❤️❤️

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    Hey bhavu… I’m tired of using all the words… I don’t have any words to appreciate u… just amazing… suuperb…. post next soon dr….loved it…

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  13. First of all I am sorry for my late comment dear I was so busy whole day and I am still very busy but hardy hot time to read the ff sweety the episode was very I am happy to read that soon ishani will recover her health ? eagerly waiting for the next

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