Love Withstands All (Episode 28)

Hey guys! All your guys comments made me so happy!! And A lot of you guys guessed correctly! Thank you guys and love you all!
The episode starts with Rishi, Manpreet, and the Girl hugging.
Then, the girl pulls out of the hug and turns to the table, where Rano, Raj, and Yuvraaj were sitting and smiling. The girl runs over to Yuvraaj.
Girl: How could I forget my sweet Yuvi Bhaia!?
She gives Yuvi a big hug also, while he gives one to her also.
Yuvi: Arey my Chotti never forgets her bro.. She knows that I am her favorite so that is why I am hugged last! Saving the best for last, right?
Girl: Right!
Yuvi and The Girl high-five.
Rishi and Manpreet walk over and sit at the table. They all chat for a little bit until Yuvi gets a call.
Yuvi: Sana is calling!
Everyone gets happy and yells at him to pick up the phone.
Yuvi puts the phone on speaker.
Yuvi: Hello..
Sana: Papa.. Give Buha the phone!
Everyone laughs while Yuvi gets annoyed.
Yuvi: Sana baby.. You are away from papa for 2 weeks.. And Papa is missing you.. You could have at least said hi! But no.. You love your Buha more, na?
Sana: Sorry Papa! Hi Papa! I am missing you too! But don’t talk about who I love more.. Because.. Yes! I love Buha more!
Everyone laughs, while Yuvi is shocked!
Yuvi: What!?
Sana: Yeah Papa.. She is my sweet Buha who always secretly gives me chocolates and always watches cartoons with me!
Yuvi glares at the girl, who looks around, acting is she heard nothing..
Yuvi: Acha.. So you love your Buha more, na?
Sana: Yes Papa.. but, I promise that you are high on my list as well!
Yuvi: Wait.. Who else do you love more than me?
Sana: Rish Chacha because he treats me like a princess, Manu Chacha because he helps me and Buha play pranks on you and he is very fun, Dadi because she is always so sweet and always teaching me cool things, Dadu because he is always playing games with me, Mumma because she is the world’s best mumma, and Rocky (their cute dog) because he is my buddy!
Yuvi: Baap re! So many people ahead of me!? Even Rocky is ahead? Your papa is last.. You know baby.. That makes Papa sad..
Yuvi winks at everyone, knowing that know Sana will change her mind.
Sana: No Papa! Sorry Papa! Don’t be sad! You know! I think I love everyone equally! Because everyone is so sweet!! I love you all a lot! You are the world’s best Papa! And I also have the World’s best Buha, Chachus, Dadi, Dadu, Mumma, Papa, and Rocky!
Yuvi: Aww.. Beta.. Thank you! And you know what!
Sana: What?
Yuvi: I have the world’s best Daughter!! I am very lucky!
Sana: Thank you papa! Now PLEASE can I talk to Buha.. I haven’t talked to her in TWENTY-FOUR hours.. And mumma taught me that twenty-four is a big number!
Everyone laughs.
Yuvi: Okay baby! Love you! Call me later okay! Here talk to your buha!
Sana: Okay papa! I will if Mumma will give her phone! Love you Papa! Bye Papa!
Yuvi: Bye Baby!
Yuvi hands the phone to the Girl.
Yuvi: Your ladli wants to talk to you..
The Girl gets happy and takes the phone from Yuvi!
Girl: Hello!
Girl: Hi Sana baby!! I missed you so much too!! You know.. It is not as much fun at home without you..
Sana: Yeah Buha.. It isn’t as much fun without you here either.. You usually go on these trips with Mumma and me.. Why didn’t you come this time?
Girl: Sorry baby.. I need to be at university this week so I can graduate.. But I promise.. I will go on the next trip because then I will be able to take vacations..
Sana: Promise?
Girl: Pakka Promise!
Girl: So what is my baby doing?
The girl keeps chatting with Sana while everyone is smiling hearing the conversation between the Girl and Sana.. Although their bubbly cute 5 year old is on a trip with her mom to her mother’s family, they were happy that they still have an equally bubbly child at home.. Their daughter.. Their sister.. The reason that they are always happy and smiling..
Sana: Okay buha.. Mumma is saying that I have to go to sleep soon.. I will give her the phone! Bye Buha.. I miss you..
Girl: I miss you too baby! Please take care of yourself and come back fast so we can pull more pranks and watch cartoons!
Sana: I will! Now here! Talk to mumma!
The girl: Okay!
Khushi, Yuvi’s wife, gets on the phone.
Khushi: Hello! Hi Ishu!
Yes, we are finally shown the girl’s face! It is our Ishani! It was our bubbly Ishani who is a big part of this family.. She always keeps them happy!
Ishani: Hi Bhabhi! How are you!?
Khushi: I am good dear.. I am just missing my partner in crime.. You better become a doctor.. Otherwise I will not leave you because that was the only reason you didn’t come with us!
Everyone laughs.
Ishani: Yeah Bhabhi.. I am missing you too! Okay well you should sleep! So take care and please come back soon! I need my partner in crime and my little angel back!
Khushi: Okay I will! Take care Ishu.. And take your meds!
Ishani groans: Fine… Okay sleep well Bhabhi! Good night!
Khushi: Have a good day dear! Have fun at University! The last days are always the most fun!
Ishani: I will Bhabhi!
Khushi ends the call and Ishani gives the phone back to Yuvi.
Yuvi: So.. How does it feel being more loved by my daughter?
Ishani: Hahaha.. It feels AMAZING seeing my bhaia jealous..
Yuvi: Jealous and me!? Never.. I am always happy when everyone loves you more..
Ishani comes and gives Yuvi a hug from the back..
Rano: Hello! Anyone who doesn’t love my daughter more is crazy!
Raj: Yeah!
Yuvi, Manpreet, and Rishi are confused..
Yuvi, Manpreet, and Rishi: Wait! You love her more than us!?
Rano and Raj: Of course we love her more! She is our sweet daughter!
Rishi, Yuvi, and Manpreet are shocked, while Ishani is laughing and goes and hugs Raj and Rano!
Ishani: Sorry bros.. But I will always be loved the most by everyone!
Rishi goes up to Ishani and smiles.
Rishi: You will.. And especially by me!
Rishi and Ishani hug.
Yuvi: And me!
Yuvi joins the hug.
Manpreet: Don’t forget me!
Everyone laughs and Manpreet also gets into the hug.
Suddenly, Ishani pulls out of the hug.
Ishani: Oh no! I need to get ready for university!
Rishi: Yeah! Get ready fast!
Manpreet: Bhai.. Maybe if she runs she will get to the house in 30 minutes.. Otherwise her heavy legs will cause her to take one hour just to reach the door!
Ishani beats Manpreet and quickly runs into the mansion. She stops for a second because her head was paining. She is about to fall..
Rishi: ISHANIi!
Rishi runs over to her and catches her.. Yuvi and Manpreet also run over..
Rishi: Ishani! What is wrong!?
Ishani opens her eyes and gains control of her body. Rishi helps her stand.
Ishani: Sorry Bhai.. I probably was running too fast and the sun is really bright.. I am fine now..
Rishi: Did you take your medicine?
Ishani: I.. I was just going to..
Rishi looks at her.
Ishani: I swear.. Now I should hurry.. But I will be careful going inside..
Rishi (hesitant): Okay.. But take your medication..
Ishani nods and speed-walks inside.
Rishi, Yuvi, and Manpreet all walk back to the table.
Rano suddenly gets sad. Everyone can tell and ask her, “What is wrong?”
Rano: She is so sweet and innocent.. How could fate give her such a cruel punishment?
Rishi goes up to Rano and gives her a hug.
Rishi: Maa.. She will be fine.. Our Ishani is strong..
Rano: But..
Rishi pulls back.
Rishi: Maa.. She will be fine..
Rano nods and gives Rishi a hug again.
Rishi goes into a flashback of what happened.
Rishi came back to the place of the accident. This was after he told the group that he is leaving forever.
He is reminiscing all his fun times with Ishani.. Her last words are ringing in his ears.
All of a sudden, he hears a lot of coughing.
He looks around and sees that the coughing is coming from a bushy area covered with trees.
He runs over and is shocked! It is Ishani!
She has bruises and a big injury on her head.
He get tears of happiness and rushes to her side. She is going in and out of consciousness. He picks her up and is running towards his car.
Rishi: Sis!! Sis!! Stay awake! Everything will be fine! I am taking you to a hospital and then I will take you home.
Rishi puts her in the car and drives her to the hospital.
They arrive in the hospital and Rishi carries Ishani into the hospital. He runs to the desk.
Rishi: I have an emergency!
Receptionist: Yes! I will get you help!
The Receptionist calls over a doctor and nurses, who take Ishani from him. They take her into the ward and cover her wounds and bruises.
Doctor: You are her family, right?
Rishi nods.
Doctor: Do you know what has happened to her?
Rishi: She was in a car accident, which involved an explosion causing her to be thrown in a secluded area. Do you know what is wrong? Will she be okay?
Doctor: She has had severe head trauma and needs a proper facility to rehabilitate.. Do you know anyone in the US?
Rishi: Yes! Why?
Doctor: There is a hospital in New York City which is number one in rehabilitating trauma patients. Is there anyway you could take her?
Rishi: I will do anything! My family lives in the US, so we will be able to stay.
Doctor: Okay.. We will get you both a special jet to take you to New York City.. Please gather all the things you need for this trip because you could have to stay there for up to a year.
Rishi: I have all the stuff I need.. How fast can we get there?
Doctor: We are arranging for an immediate flight.
Rishi: Will Ishani be okay in the flight?
Doctor: Yes.. We have administered everything she needs to go there.. And there will also be a doctor accompanying you both..
Rishi: Thank you doctor!
Rishi and Ishani took the jet to the US.. At the time, Rishi was too worried about Ishani to contact anyone about her.. And once they reached the US, Rishi believed that he didn’t want to give anyone false hopes in case Ishani doesn’t get okay.
Ishani got the best treatment in the US.. But sadly, she suffered from Partial Memory loss.. Her case was special.. Instead of only knowing up to a certain point of her life.. She only remembers incidents that involve the people around her. So luckily, she remembers everything involving Rishi, but nothing with Tanveer, Shivkar, or her family..
Once she got permission out of the hospital, Rishi and Ishani went to live with Rishi’s family in the Hamptons. They instantly fell in love with her and made her a part of the family. Ishani continued her life by pursuing the medical field, while Rishi finished his studies and became a big businessman. Life was good for the Bedi family.. But Rishi was still sadden by how Ishani had to take medication, how she faints easily, and how she hasn’t gotten her memory in the three years.
Rano: Rishi.. What are you thinking?
Rishi snaps out of the flashback and pulls out of the hug.
Rishi: Nothing Maa..
Raj: You two don’t have to worry.. Rishi was right.. She is our strong child and will fight through this..
Then, Ishani comes running out of the house in a multicolor, flowy top and maroon shorts with cute heels She has her hair in a pretty french braid and has sunglasses on.
Ishani: Okay everyone.. I am off to my last day of university!
Rishi: Did you take your medication?
Ishani nods.
Rishi smiles at her.
Rishi: Good. And if anything happens..
Ishani interjects him.
Ishani: Call you and immediately come home.. I know Bhai!
Rishi: Just making sure..
Ishani hugs Rishi.
Ishani: I will be fine.. Don’t worry!
Rishi returns the hug.
Rishi: Have fun!
Ishani: Don’t worry about me having fun.. I always find ways to have fun!
Rishi laughs.
Rishi: How could I forget? My sister is a party-girl!
Manpreet & Yuvi: Party-Girl Ishu!!
Ishani suddenly gets a pain in her head and recalls someone else calling her a party-girl.. Ishani has been getting these memories for a while.. But she ignores the pain, so no one would get worried.
Ishani: Okay bye Dad, Mom, Bro, Bhaia, and Bhai! See you tomorrow!
Ishani starts walking away, but everyone yells at her, causing her to stop.
Ishan turns around and acts innocent.
Ishani: What’s wrong?
Rano: What do you mean by tomorrow?
Raj: Won’t we see you at your graduation today?!
Ishani: Voh..I.. I forgot!
Yuvi: How do you forget?
Ishani: I was just so excited to hang out with my friends before graduation so I forgot that you all will be here..
Everyone glares, while Ishani pinches her neck.
Ishani: I swear..
Everyone smiles and laughs, including Ishani.
Rishi: What time is the ceremony? I need to know what time to leave the office..
Ishani: 1 PM.. Okay now see you guys later!
And Ishani runs off to her car and drives away.
Rishi: Okay.. It is also time for me to go to work.. We will all meet at the ceremony, right?
Everyone nods.
Rishi turns to Manpreet and Yuvi.
Rishi: Do you have the surprise organized?
Manpreet: Yeah.. She will go over to Olivia’s house and spend a few hours there.. Then, Olivia will convince her to go partying and blindfold her..
Yuvi: They will come here, with a graduation party waiting for them.. Along with Khushi and Sana!
Rishi: Good! Everything is set! See you all later..
All of them say bye and Rishi leaves.
Precap: Graduation Party
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  1. duvaraksha

    Loved it reena u r just rocking and I have things going inside my mind and just waiting to read the next epi

  2. Neelam

    It was just awesome my sweety I am just speechless seriously i don’t know what to say you rocked it but i can’t wait for reunion of ishveer and tanishi and the secret of that naina to be reveal very eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  3. Julina

    |Registered Member

    Owwww… bhavu it’s just suuuuuperb….. I loved it… no words… u nailed it…. awsm epi…. but why rishi havnt get her home after her treatment… anyway I loved it…. love u tooo

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