Love Withstands All (Episode 27)

Hi guys! I am back.. The accident will show EVERYTHING that happened.. Ranveer and the others will only know up to a certain point.. Someone will know what exactly happened. Haha.. I stayed up until 1:13 AM to write this so I hope you all like it.. And disclaimer.. IT IS SOO LONG!1

Three Years Ago
The episode starts at the Alhawat house. Naina is sitting on her bed, angry.
Naina: Ranveer and Ishani have gotten so close over the past few months.. And now they are ENGAGED!! How could this happen!? I LOVE RANVEER.. And he loves me too.. Not that stupid Ishani.. Naina throws a vase at the wall.
*Naina is somewhat crazy.. She hallucinates and imagines Ranveer saying romantic things to her.. So she is a psycho..*
Naina suddenly smiles..
Naina: It’s okay.. Ranveer might have gotten tricked into being engaged with Ishani.. I know the PERFECT way to get rid of Ishani from our life..
She smiles evilly…
A few days after…
Ishani is getting into her car.. She was on her way to college.. Ranveer usually picks her up.. But she insisted this day to drive on her own because she needed to get to college earlier.. Ishani gets a call from Ranveer.
Ishani: Good Morning baby!
Ranveer: How could it be a good morning? I am not with my angel..
Ishani blushes but acts normal.
Ishani: Don’t butter me up.. You aren’t taking me to college today! I need to go earlier and I don’t want you to wait for an hour..
Ranveer: Okay fine.. But please be careful.. I know how you like driving fast..
Ishani: But!

Ranveer: No buts.. You are driving carefully, otherwise I will come over this second and take you!
Ishani smiles.
Ishani: Okay.. I will drive carefully.. But right now I have to go! Bye baby! Love you! See you soon!
Ranveer: Bye baby.. Love you too!
Although the call had ended and he had talked to his love.. Ranveer still felt uneasy.. As if something bad was going to happen..
Ishani pulls out of her driveway.. There is a gas leak coming from Ishani’s car, but Ishani doesn’t know.. She drives for a little bit, until she hears some rustling from the backseat.
Ishani: What is that? Is someone back there?
Suddenly, Naina pops out from behind in the backseat. Ishani is surprised.
Ishani: Naina.. Tum? (You?)
Naina gives a evil grin.
Naina: Hello Ishani..
Ishani: Hi.. What are you doing in my car?
Naina: Well Ishani.. I am here.. to KILL you!
Naina pulls out a gun. Ishani is shocked.
Ishani: Wh.. What.. What are you doing!? And why.. Why!?!
Naina acts all innocent.
Naina: You want to know why? Well.. I want to kill you because.. I LOVE RANVEER!
Ishani is surprised and shocked! Ishani tries to turn around but Naina puts the gun to her head.
Naina: Keep driving.. Or I will shoot..
Ishani: What!?! You love Ranveer!?!
Naina: I LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY!! Ever since we met in high school! I kept my feelings hidden because I didn’t know how he felt.. But then.. But then he started being really nice to me.. And he complimented me.. That’s when I knew.. I KNEW that Ranveer loves me!
Ishani remembers how Ranveer was nice to Naina to make her jealous..

Ishani: Naina.. He doesn’t love you! He did that..
Naina: SHUT UP! RANVEER DOES LOVE ME! But sadly.. He got trapped..By you..
Naina gives a dirty glare to Ishani.. But then she smiles..
Naina: But it’s ok! I have the solution for me and Ranveer to be together.. YOU will have to die Ishani.. I know.. It is sad.. But it’s okay.. You will go to your mom so at least you can look forward to that.
Ishani quickly turns around and tries to get the gun out of Naina’s hand.. They fight over while Ishani tries to also safely drive the car. Naina eventually gets control of the gun.
Naina yells: ISHANI! IF YOU DON”T DIE.. Then Ranveer will.. Because if I can’t have him.. NO ONE CAN!
Ishani stops. Her heart is pounding.
Ishani thinks: No.. Ranveer can’t die.. I will NOT let that happen.. I can’t let my love die while I get to stay alive..
Ishani: Fine.. Okay.. You want to kill me.. Then kill me.. But PROMISE ME.. Promise me that NOTHING will happen to Ranveer.. NOTHING!
Naina: Good.. And nothing will happen to him.. I won’t let anything happen.. I promise..
Naina: And since you are being so cooperative.. I will be nice.. Do you have any last requests?
Ishani thinks..
Ishani: Can I have one last phone call?
Naina: Of course! Here.
Naina hands her phone, but still has the gun on Ishani.
*Naina had taken Ishani’s phone.
Ishani thinks carefully and dials the call.. She calls Rishi..
Rishi: Hey little sis..
Ishani: Hhh.. Hi bro!
Rishi: What’s up? You are up early..

Ishani :Umm.. Nothing much..
Naina: Tick-Tock.. Tick-Tock..
Rishi senses something is wrong.
Rishi: Ishu.. Are you okay?
Ishani: Yeah.. I am fine.. Listen! Take care of Ranveer.. I love you all..
Rishi: Why are you saying this?
Ishani cuts the call and that makes Rishi sure that something is wrong.
Rishi calls Ranveer.
Rishi: Hey bro! Where is Ishani?
Ranveer: Hey! Ishani is on her way to college.. Why?
Rishi: Umm.. No reason! Bye!
Rishi cuts the call..
Rishi: I feel like Ishani is in trouble.. I have to find her! Then, Rishi plugs her number into a gps system. He tracks her coordinates and rushes out of his house.
Ishani is thinking hard about what she wants to do.. She didn’t want to die.. So she had the idea of crashing into a tree and trying to get away from crazy Naina.
Meanwhile, Rishi is rushing to where Ishani is driving..
Rishi: Ishani.. Just wait a little more.. I am almost where you are..
Ishani is about to crash into a tree, when Naina understands what Ishani was about to do and grabs the steering wheel. They both fight over the wheel..
Suddenly, they crash into another truck. As soon as both vehicles smash into each other, there is a massive explosion. People were crowding around trying to see if anyone survived.. The ambulance arrives.
Rishi arrived where Ishani’s car was.. There was a huge crowd around two vehicles.
Rishi rushes over and sees the truck.. It was not as damaged as the car and the medics were getting the unconscious man out of the truck. Then, he turns to see the car. It was in ruins, but Rishi could still see the license plate. It was Ishani’s. Rishi rushes over to the crowd.
Rishi: What happened here?
Man: I was walking down this road until I heard an explosion. I ran over here and saw what happened. The man in truck is still alive by God’s grace.. But the poor girl.. She might not make it.. The ambulance had already taken her and are trying to keep her alive.
Rishi is shocked.. But he quickly snaps out of it.
Rishi: Do you know which hospital?
Woman: The new Private Hospital which is a few minutes away..
Rishi: Thank you!
Rishi rushes to his car and rashly drives to the hospital.
He sprints into the hospital.
Rishi: Excuse me.. Where is the girl from the accident? How is she?
Receptionist: I don’t know.. You should talk to the doctor.
She points over to a doctor close to the ER. Rishi thanks her and goes over to the doctor, who was discussing something with the police.
Rishi: Umm.. Excuse me Doctor..
Doctor: Yes..
Rishi: How is the girl who just got brought into the ER? She was in the explosion accident..
Police: She has just been identified as Ishani Parekh..
Rishi: Yes! How is Ishani?
Police: Are you close family or friend?
Rishi nods.
Rishi: Please tell me!! She is fine, right?
Doctor: I am sorry beta..I wish I could say that.. But her burns are very severe.. We are trying our best, but there is a big chance that she will not make it..
Rishi is shocked and falls to the ground. He starts crying..
The Police and the Doctor try to comfort him, but Rishi is in shock.
Police: What was she to you beta?

Rishi: She was like my little sister..
Doctor: Beta.. Do you want to inform the rest of your family, or us?
Rishi: Can I call them here and you explain what happened?
The Doctor nods.
Rishi: Please show me the phone.
The Doctor shows him the phone..
Doctor: I have to go back into the surgery.. But please.. Keep hope..
Rishi nods and wipes his tears. He dials on the phone and tries to act normal.
Rishi calls Ranveer first.
Rishi: Ranveer..
Ranveer: Yeah bro.. Hey where are you? Why aren’t you at school? And neither is Ishani.. Tanu, Shikar, Shivanya, and me are waiting for you guys.. Are you two thinking of something mischievous against us, huh?
Rishi: No. Can you come to the new Private Hospital?
Ranveer suddenly gets concerned.
Ranveer: Yeah.. Why is something wrong?
Rishi: Just bring everyone here.
Ranveer: Okay.. We will be there soon..

Rishi cuts the call.
Ranveer turns to the rest of the group.
Ranveer: Rishi is at the Private Hospital and he called us..
Everyone gets concerned.
Tanu: Is something wrong?
Ranveer: I don’t know but let’s hurry to get there..
They all go to their cars and try to come to the hospital as fast as they can.
They all rush into the hospital and run over to Rishi, who was sitting on the bench, crying.
Ranveer: Rishi.. What is wrong? Why are you crying?
Rishi looks up and wipes his tears.
Rishi: Woh.. (Well..)
Then, the doctor comes out of the emergency theatre and goes up to Rishi.
Doctor: I am sorry.. She did not make it.
Rishi falls to the ground and starts sobbing.
Ranveer goes up to the doctor while the rest try to console Rishi.
Ranveer: Excuse me.. Doctor.. Who did not make it?
Doctor: Ishani Parekh.
Those two words shook Ranveer’s life. The world around him has slowed down. He can feel the blood pumping through his veins.
Ranveer: What..
Doctor: I am sorry.. But Ishani Parekh passed away..
Ranveer loses control of his body and collapses to the floor, besides Rishi.
He starts sobbing as well.
Doctor: Umm.. Was she your sister also?
Ranveer looks up to the Doctor and shook
Ranveer: She is my to-be wife.. She is my love!!
Doctor: Oh! I am soooo sorry!
Rishi looks over to Ranveer, who was shocked, but sobbing. Rishi gives him a bone-crushing hug. Ranveer returns the hug.
Rishi: I am so sorry bro! So sorry!

The rest still had no idea what was going on. The Doctor walks over to them and pulls them aside.
Doctor: Are you also family of Ishani Parekh?
Tanu: She is my best friend! Why?
Shikar: Yes why?
Doctor: I am so sorry.. But she has just passed away..
Tanu, Shikar, and Shivanya are shocked.
Tanu: What?!
Shikar: Please tell us the truth!
Shivanya: Ishani CAN’T be dead!
Doctor: I am sorry, but this is the truth.
All of them start crying. They hug each other..
Shikar: Ishu..

Tanu: Shona..
Shivanya: Rabbit..
Shikar wipes his tears and realizes something.
Shikar: Maa.. Papa.. UNCLE..
Shivanya: They will be devastated..
Tanu: They won’t be devastated.. They will die..
Shikar heads out to call the family, while Tanu and Shivanya cry.
Ranveer pulls away from his hug with Rishi.
Ranveer: This isn’t true.. None of this is true.. You and Sunny are playing a prank on me, right? Tell me I am right!
Rishi shakes his head, while crying.
Rishi: I am so sorry..
Ranveer: No! You all are lying! My Ishani is fine! She is going to walk out of that operation theatre fine.. All healthy and ALIVE..
Ranveer gets up and tries to get to the ER.
Rishi gets him and tries to stop him.
Rishi: I am sorry bro.. But Ishu is gone..
Ranveer: NO! She promised! She promised she would NEVER leave me! NEVER! She PROMISED!
Ranveer starts getting hyper and lightheaded. He cannot stand on his own. He is starting to fall.
Rishi: Bro.. BRO.. BRO!

Doctor: Oh my God! He is passing out.. Help! I need help!
Staff rushes over to Ranveer and helps him to a room. Shikar runs over to help.
Doctor: The patient is experiencing loss of breathe.. He cannot walk and is passing out! We need to give him bed rest immediately along with medication. Diagnosis: He is experiencing emotional shock and trauma.
Tanu has finally gotten the shock that her best friend.. Her SISTER has left her.. She is sobbing and can barely breathe. Shivanya is trying to help console, but the grief is hitting Tanu hard..
Harshad, Raj, and Kanchan rush into the hospital.. They see Tanu and Shivanya sobbing in the lobby. They next see Shikar and Rishi sobbing alongside someone’s bed. They get closer and realize that it is Ranveer laying on the bed. They run into the room. Shikar and Rishi straighten themselves seeing the elders enter. They wipe their tears. However.. The elders know something bad has happened. They walk closer to Ranveer.
Ranveer is murmuring something.
Harshad comes close to hear what Ranveer is saying.
Ranveer is quietly murmuring: Ishani.. Ishani.. Ishani..
Kanchan and Raj go over to Shikar and Rishi.
Kanchan: What happened to Ishani?
Shikar breaks the news.

Kanchan cries in Raj’s arms, as Raj also cries.
Harshad also hears..
He starts crying.. But he still stands beside Ranveer.
Ranveer gains consciousness.
He tries to sit up and Harshad helps him.
Ranveer: Papa.. Woh Ishani..
Ranveer gets tears in his eyes and Harshad gives him a big hug.
The scene ends with Ranveer and Harshad crying in their hug.
A Week After The Accident
The scene starts at the temple burning ground.
Everyone was gathered to burn Ishani’s body.
The day was cloudy and gloomy.
All of the women were crying, as well as the men.
Amba and Kanchan were both crying in each other’s arms. Raj and Kailash were sitting with Harshad. All the elders were trying to comfort each other.
Shikar, Rishi, and Ranveer go up to Harshad to help burn the body.
In the end, Shikar is the one who does most of the rituals.
After the burning, Tanshi, Shivkar, and Ranveer walk over to the elders.
Rishi: Uncle, you need rest. So does everyone else.
Shikar: You all should go home.
Raj: But. The ashes?

Tanu: Can we immerse Ishani’s ashes?
Shivanya: Please.
The elders nod and touch Ishani’s ashes.. For one last time..
Kanchan: Let’s go home Bhaia..
The elders all take Harshad home.
The group goes and immerses Ishani’s ashes. They all silently cry as they say their final goodbyes.
Rishi walks over to Ranveer.
Rishi: How are you doing?
Ranveer looks down.
Ranveer is as a zombie. Emotionless.. And not saying a word.
All he does.. is hug Rishi.
Rishi understands.
Rishi: You know.. She talked to me before..
Ranveer was surprised.
Ranveer: She did? What did she say?
Rishi: She.. She said that she loves us all.. And to take care of you..
Ranveer was shocked.
Ranveer: Why would she say something like that? Unless.. No! Ishani wouldn’t kill herself! She wouldn’t leave me alone!
Ranveer breaks down again.. He realizes that he can’t keep his fake facade of being okay.. Because he was not okay.. His love.. His LIFE had been taken away from him. That was already hard on him.. But now.. There is a possibility that ishani knew that she was going to die.. No! That wasn’t possible.

Rishi bends down and snaps Ranveer out of his thoughts. He helps Ranveer up.
Rishi: Let’s go to the mandir.
Ranveer nods and they walk back to the group. They all walk over to the mandir, which happened to be a Kali Maa Mandir. They all walk in and pray. All of them are very upset and had tears. One lady walks over to Rishi. She is the one from Tanshi’s childhood who said that they were going to be a couple.
Lady: Is something wrong?
Rishi: Someone who was very close to us.
The woman gets the flashback and remembers that Rishi was the boy who was supposed to marry someone by he was 23, or his loved one would die.
Lady: Was it a loved one?
Rishi nods and the lady starts freaking out.
Everyone is very confused and kind of scared.
Rishi: What curse are you talking about?
Lady: You don’t remember!?!
Rishi shakes his head no.
Lady: When you were little.. I was the one who put your rishta with that little girl, who saved you! And I declared that if you wouldn’t get married by 23, either you will die.. Or a loved one will.. Your loved one died BECAUSE OF YOU!!!
Everyone is shocked, while Rishi falls to the ground.
Tanu: What are you saying!?
Shivanya: How could you say something like this!?

Shikar: What kind of horrible joke is this?! Can’t you see that we all are mourning and are NOT in the mood for these false accusations!?
Lady: I am not joking or lying! YOUR LOVED ONE DIED BECAUSE OF HIM!!!
Ranveer is shocked, but he comes down to Rishi, who was repeating the same thing over and over and over again.
Rishi: I killed Ishani.. I am the reason for her death.. I killed Ishani.. I am the reason for her death..
Ranveer: Rishi! Don’t say that! You are NOT the reason Ishani passed away.. She got into an accident.. AN ACCIDENT!!
Rishi: BECAUSE OF ME! Don’t you get it.. She usually went to college with you.. But it was MY curse which made her drive on her own.. It was MY FAULT! My fault..
Tanu and Shivkar come running to him..
Shivanya: What are you saying!?
Shikar: You know that Ishani didn’t die because of you!
Tanu: Please Rishi.. Don’t say this..
Rishi: I am so sorry..
Rishi gets up and runs out of the mandir, leaving the rest of the group.

The group all splits up and looks around the city for Rishi.
Finally, they reach Rishi’s apartment. There is a letter on the door.
Ranveer opens it and starts reading.
I am sorry.. The lady was right.. I am the cause of Ishani’s death..
Please stop denying it.. If I would have found out 5 minutes earlier,
maybe I could have saved Ishani.. I am so sorry.. And now.. I am
leaving.. I can’t face any of you.. I hope that one day you all will
forgive me.. I am sorry Ranveer.. I am sorry Tanu.. I am sorry
everyone.. I love you all.. Please don’t try to come after me..
Ranveer hits the wall and slides to the ground.
Tanu: Ranveer.. What’s wrong?
Shivanya: Where is Rishi?
Shikar: What happened?
Ranveer hands them the letter.
Tanu reads it and collapses. She starts crying..
Ranveer: I am sorry.. I know how much you love each other..

Tanu: I am sorry too.. I know you two are like brothers..
Shikar: Sorry guys.. But don’t be mad.. Maybe he will come on his own..
Shivanya: Yeah.. Sorry.. But you know.. We will get through this.. TOGETHER!
Tanu comes up to Shivanya and hugs her.
Tanu: Thank you for saying this..
Ranveer also wakes up and joins the hug.
Ranveer: Thanks Shiv..
Shikar at last joins the hug..
Shikar: We will get through this..
The group comes home and sees all the elders crying..
Tanu: What’s wrong?
Kanchan just keeps on crying, as Raj walks up to them and breaks the news..
Harshad had passed away..
That makes everyone feel even worse.. Ishani had already passed away.. Rishi had now left.. And now Harshad has also passed away..
The times just seemed to get worse for the families…

A few days later
Vaghela Mansion
The Mehra family was staying with them for a few days because it was hard to live in the house filled with so many memories of Ishani and Harshad. Then, the doorbell rings.
Mala answers it and Shravan, Sumo, Manik, and Nandini walk in.
The greet the elders, who were sitting lifelessly in the living room.
Then, they walk upstairs to the rooms were the youngsters were sitting. All the youngsters get a little happier seeing Shraman and Manan. They all hug and greet.
Tanu: Where were you guys?
Shravan: We were all on vacation to South America!
Sumo: It was sooo amazing!
Nandini: And soooo much fun!!
Manik: Where is Ranveer? And Chotti? We need to show them all the pictures and how we are all engaged!
Everyone is super happy that Shraman and Manan were engaged!
Shravan: Now where is my party-girl!? She is the reason for all of this! She helped plan the vacation, set up the surprise and proposal, and she originally set us up!
Tanu: Voh..
Shivanya starts crying and leave the room. Tanu runs after her..

Nandini: What is wrong?
Sumo: Yeah.. Why are you all sad?
Manik: Did something happen? Where are Ranveer and Chotti?
Shikar: Well.. Umm.. Ishani had an accident..
Everyone is shocked!
Shikar: And.. She.. passed away..
Everyone gets even more shocked!
They all start crying..
Manik: Chotti..
Shravan: Party-Girl..
Nandini & Sumo: Ishu..
All of them to Shikar: We are so sorry..
Shikar: I am sorry too..
Then, it hits Shraman and Manan.. RANVEER..

They all rush to Ranveer’s room, where he is looking out a window like a zombie.
Shravan walks up to Ranveer. He puts a hand on Ranveer’s shoulder, while Ranveer looks up to him. Then, Ranveer and Shravan give each other a big hug. Manik next walks up and gives a big hug to Ranveer. Lastly, Sumo and Nandu are still crying and give Ranveer a hug at the same time..
Flash forward to Raj, Kanchan, Amba, and Kailash sitting in the Vaghela home. Things are finally getting back to normal, but it never be the same..
Raj: I just believe that t would be better for all of us if Tanu and Ranveer get married..
Kailash: I agree.. And they both are already friends.. So it isn’t like they are strangers..
Kanchan: True bhaia..
Amba: I am okay with it.. As long as they are..
Ranveer and Tanu walk up since they had heard everything.
Ranveer: I am ready as long as Tanu is..
Tanu: I am also ready..
The elders get a little happy and hug each other.
Ranveer snaps out of the flashback by hearing wind chimes play. Har Kisi Ko starts playing in the background.. That is when Ranveer saw Ishani. She was skipping in the hall.. Ranveer couldn’t believe his eyes.. Then, suddenly she turned and saw him.. She got her big grin seeing him and ran up to him. She goes and puts a hand on her cheek.. Then, Ranveer puts his hand to her hand.
Ranveer: YOU ARE REAL!!
Ishani: What did you think!?
Ranveer gives her a bone-crushing hug.
Ranveer: I knew it! I knew that you didn’t herself.. That was NOT possible.. You wouldn’t leave me.. You knew that I couldn’t live without you.. I was alive.. But I wasn’t living.. But now! You are here! I will never let you go! And I won’t let you go!
Ishani: And I don’t want to go anywhere.. I just want to be here.. In your arms..
Ranveer: I love you sooo much Ishani!
Ishani: I love you a lot too Ranveer!

Ranveer hugs Ishani harder, but she doesn’t mind.
Ranveer: Where did you go Ishani? Why did you leave?
Ishani: I didn’t go anywhere.. And I did not leave by will.. But I promise.. I will never leave you again.. I will always be here..
Ishani goes to kiss Ranveer’s forehead..
All of a sudden, the door opens and Tanu comes into the room. Ishani vanishes and Ranveer realizes that it was an allusion.. Ranveer breaks down once again and falls to the ground. Tanu runs to him.
Tanu: RV!
Ranveer is crying..
Tanu: What is wrong!?
Ranveer: I saw Ishani.. I felt her..
Tanu is speechless.
Tanu: I am sorry.. But she is gone.. You saw her reports.. But we will get through this.. I promise..
They both hug (as friends).
Ranveer: Where did Ishani go.. Leaving us?
Suddenly, a whole new place is shown. Scenes of a big city are played. It is.. New York!
Then, it is panned on this big house in the Hamptons.. Jiya Re starts playing in the background.
A fit girl in a room is shown tying her sneakers. She is also putting her luscious black hair into a ponytail. Her face is not shown. She gets her phone and puts her earbuds in and listens to music. She runs out the door and is shown sprinting. She waves at all the people on her path as they wave back!
Neighbor: Hi Annie!
Girl: Hi Aunty! Beautiful morning, right!?
Neighbor: Every morning I see you is always beautiful!
Girl: Aww.. Every morning I talk you, it always goes amazing!

Neighbor: Well continue your sprints! Bye dear!
Girl: Bye Aunty!
The girl continues with her run, greeting everyone as she passes.
Then we are shown a beautiful lawn, where a family is shown enjoying their breakfast. The family consists of Raj Singh Bedi, Rano Bedi, Manpreet Bedi, and Yuvraaj (Kasam characters). They are all chatting.
The girl comes running behind them and starts sneaking up to them.
She gets up and covers the eyes of Raj.
Raj: Wow beta! Today you got here much earlier! You are getting much faster at your run!
Girl: Thank you Dad!
Then, the girl comes around and hugs Rano.
Girl: Good morning Mom!
Rano: Good morning beta! What do you want for breakfast?
The girl is about to answer, when Manpreet cuts in.
Manpreet: Arey Maa! You know that she just ran and can only drink her smoothie! Our “health freak”.. She is only good at acting healthy in the mornings..
Girl: What is that supposed to mean bro!?
Manpreet: Arey.. Don’t think I don’t notice you steal pieces of chocolate cake at night.. I see everything..
Everyone is shocked, as well as the girl!
Girl: BRO!!! That was a secret!!
Manpreet: Well.. Sorry.. I am done seeing your healthy act!
Girl: But I AM healthy!
Manpreet: Sure.. And I am Salman Khan..
Everyone laughs.

The girl gets annoyed and gets an idea.
She runs up and grabs a little bit of butter from the table.. Rano and Raj understand what will happen and are eagerly watching..
The girl runs up to Manpreet and smears all the butter over Manpreet’s face.
Girl: Bro! Who is the unhealthy one now? The girl who just sprinted around the neighborhood in 15 minutes or the guy who is covered in fatty butter?
Rano and Raj both laugh as the girl goes back and gives Raj a high-five.
Manpreet: I will not leave you now!
Manpreet starts chasing the girl all around lawn, while Rano and Raj keep laughing.
Then, a man enters and Ishani sprints toward him.
Girl: Bhai! Save me!
The girl hides behind the man.
The man is shown to be… RISHI!!
He is a big businessman and is wearing glasses with a classy suit.
Rishi: Manpreet! Why are you teasing my sister!?
Manpreet: Bhai! She started!
Girl: No! He started by calling me unhealthy!
Rishi: Manpreet.. She is very healthy.. Million times more than you!
Everyone laughs and Manpreet shuts up, knowing it is the truth.
The girl turns to Rishi.
Girl: My Bhai is sooo nice and sweet.. He always understands me! Unlike my bro!
Manpreet: Hey! But I will always be the cool brother you can go to and pull pranks on!
Girl: Very true!
The girl goes up to Manpreet and pulls her ears.
Girl: Sorry Bro..
Manpreet also holds his ears.
Manpreet: Same here.. Sorry!
They both smile and hug each other. Then, they look over to Rishi and motion for him to join.
He smiles and hugs them.
Girl: I love my bro AND my bhai sooooo much!

Rishi & Manpreet: Love you guys too!
Raj to Rano: I hope they will always stay this happy..
Rano: I do too!
The scene ends with Manpreet and Rishi hugging the girl.
Precap: Who is that girl?
Ahh! Finally finished this mahaepisode! I hope you all liked it! Pls comment below! Love you all!

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