Love Withstands All (Episode 25)


Hi my lovely brothers and sisters! How are you all? I can’t believe that I am already at 25 episodes.. And I want to thank everyone for this!! I love you all sooo much! Ever since I started this ff.. I have gotten soo much love! Thanks Prince bro, Arham dhi, Sathya akka, Joyee dhi, Rookey Rookers, Sana sissy, Dhruva dhi, Neelam dhi, Tanvee sweetheart, Duva dear, Harisha, Harshita, Julina dhi, Tanishqa dhi, Ankita dhi, Naren bro, Sumaiya Sumi, and manyyyyy more!!
The episode starts with Ishveer sitting in different classrooms in college. They both are texting each other.
R: Hi baby
I: Hi love
You know I am in class right?
R: Yeah.. So am I..
I: Then why are you chatting..
We should be paying attention..
R: Very true.. But first.. Promise
me that we will meet today..
I: But Ranveer.. I have a lot of work..
And exams are in 3 weeks..
R: I just want to meet you today..
Please.. Then I won’t disturb you as
much until exams are over..
I: Okay baba.. I promise..
We will meet today.. But where..
R: Hotel Blue Orchid. 6 PM.
Meet you there.
Ishani: Okay done.. But I have to go..
I need to pay attention.. Love you..
Ranveer: Bye baby.. See you soon
Hotel Blue Orchid
Ishani enters wearing a cute sky blue frock and pretty diamond jewelry, matching her ring.
She enters the hotel and one of the waiters ask who is is with.
Ishani: Ranveer Vaghela
Waiter: Oh hello mam.. That is a special table.. Right this way..
Ishani nods and follows the Waiter.
He leads her to a beautifully decorated table. But Ranveer wasn’t there.
Waiter: Please sit mam.. What would you like to drink?
Ishani: Just water please!
The Waiter nods and walks away.
The Waiter goes up and tells the Bar Man to bring a water and one vodka (for another table).
The Bar Man gives both to the Waiter and he returns to Ishani. He mistakenly gives Ishani the vodka. The Waiter leaves.Ishani looks around at other couples enjoying their evenings. Ishani is waiting at the table and takes a few sips of the vodka. She feels like the drink is not right, but is so thirsty that she drinks it. Suddenly, someone closes her eyes with their hands.
Ishani: Ranveer..
Ranveer takes hands off her eyes and gives her his sweet smile. She gets up and hugs him.
Ranveer: Were you missing me?
Ishani: Of course I wasssss..
She was swaying from side to side.
Ranveer is confused watching Ishani like that, but laughs.
Ranveer : Oh hello! Are you okay?
Ishani: Of course I am fineeee!! Were you missing meee?
She asks with a cute pout..
Ranveer: Arey baba.. I am always missing you baby..
Ishani pinches Ranveer’s cheek.
Ishani: Sooooooo sweet! That is why I loveeee youuuuu!
Ranveer: I love you too.. Now come on.. Let’s eat.
The Waiter comes back and gives the entrees. Ishveer thanks him.
They were about to start eating.. When they both pull out gifts..
Ishani: Wowwww.. We both got giftss!!
She giggles, while Ranveer smiles.
Ranveer: Open mine..
Ishani opens hers, and she pulls out a beautiful silver chain, which has a heart charm on it. The heart has “Ishveer” engraved on it.
Ishani : It’s sooo beautiful.. Thank you Ranveer..
Ishani: Now open mine!
Ranveer opens his gift, and pulls out a golden bracelet. On the inside, it has “Ranveer-Ishani” engraved with an infinity sign.
Ranveer: I love it!
They both get up and hug each other.
Ishani: Okayyy.. So can we FINALLY eattt? I am veryyy hungryyyy!
Ranveer nods and they both start eating.
They are in the middle of eating, when Ishani just stops eating and starts making cat noises and acts like a cat.
Ishani: Meowwww…Meoooowwwww…
Ranveer giggles, watching her..
Ranveer: Wow.. Sunny Deol ab Jungli Billi ban gayi! (Wow.. Sunny Deol is now a wild cat)
Ishani: You are laughing at me!? How rude!
Ishani picks up the vodka glass and drinks it all.
Ranveer sees Ishani drink the glass and slowly starts to understand that Ishani is drunk.
Ranveer: Ishani.. What are you drinking?
Ishani: I don’t know baby.. I asked for water.. But I got this yummy juice instead.. And I want more!
Ranveer : Oh God.. That isn’t a juice.. It’s alcohol.. And Ishani is still young.. It is gonna hit her hard..
Ranveer: Ishani.. Baby.. I don’t think you need more of the juice.. We are finished eating na? So let’s go home..
Ranveer stands up and motions to go.
Ishani: But..
Ranveer: Please baby.. I am tired..
Ishani gets alert. She tries to stand, but almost falls. Ranveer helps her stand. She puts her hand to his cheek.
Ishani: What’s wrong Ranveer? Are you not feeling good???
Ranveer: Nnn..
Ranveer : This is the perfect way to get Ishani home!
Ranveer: YEAH! Actually.. I am not feeling that good.. Can we go home?
Ishani is worried and nods. Ishveer walks out of the restaurant.
Ishani: Ranveerrrrr!!
Ranveer: Yeah Ishani..
Ishani looks over to Ranveer and laughs.
Ranveer is amused.
Ranveer: What?
Ishani : Nothinggg..
Ranveer: Arey tell na!
Ishani: You called me a jungli billi inside.. But you yourself look like a monkey.. Haha!!
Ishani laughs and Ranveer smiles watching her.
Ranveer : I don’t care if I am a monkey for you.. As long as you have that amazing smile on your face..
Ishani waves her hand in front of Ranveer.
Ishani: What’s wrong.. Did that hurt you babyyy?
Ishani gets sad and grabs her ears.
Ishani: Sorryyy baby! Sorry! You aren’t feeling well and I am making stupid comments that are mean.. Sorryyyyyyy!
Ishani again stumbles and Ranveer catches her again.
Ranveer: Arey.. Nothing like that.. You didn’t hurt my feelings.. You are my love.. You can never hurt my feelings..
Ishani gets happy again..
Ishani: Awww.. Love you toooo babyyyyy!!
They continue walking until they walk past someone sitting with a radio playing music.
Ishani: I want to dance!
Ranveer: What???
Kheech Meri Photo starts playing. Ishani is running around dancing, while Ranveer goes around helping her and trying to make her stop. Ishveer is shown running all around. Ishani is not as drunk as before.. Just a little now.. Then, Ranveer disappears.
Ishani: Ranveerrrr? Ranveerrr!
Suddenly, there is a sound of a car crashing. People are screaming. Ishani gets alert and runs over to the noise.
Ishani: What is wrong, sir?
Guy: A twenty-some guy got into an accident.. He passed away and has been taken to the hospital.. Here are his belongings..
The guy hands over Ranveer’s wallet and phone. He clicks on the phone and Ishani is shown as the background..
Guy: Beta.. This is you on the background..
Ishani suddenly realizes what happened and collapses to the ground. Ishani starts bitterly sobbing and yelling “Ranveer!”
Guy: Who was he to you beta?
Ishani: He is my fiancé!
Everyone comes around and sees Ishani uncontrollably sobbing. They try to comfort her, but eventually all go away and give Ishani space.
But then, a guy comes from behind and puts a hand on Ishani.. She looks up..
It is…. RANVEER!
Ishani is shocked and stands up!
Ishani: Ranveer!!
Ishani gives a bone crushing hug to him. She starts kissing him all around his face.
Ranveer is concerned.
Ranveer: Ishani.. Baby.. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?
Ishani: Woh.. Ranveer.. I thought you died in the accident..
She starts crying again by the thought of Ranveer passing away..
Ishveer separate and Ranveer wipes Ishani’s tears.
Ranveer: Ishani.. Look! I am fine! I just went back to get my jacket from the restaurant.. And I mistakenly dropped my phone and wallet.. I am fine!
Ishani and Ranveer hug again, and then Ishani breaks the hug.
Ishani: Promise me Ranveer! Promise me that you will NEVER leave me! NEVER EVER! Even if death is calling.. You will never leave me! I will die without you Ranveerrr!
Ranveer: I promise! I promise that I will NEVER leave you.. Even if death calls, I will not leave you.. But you also promise that you will never ever leave me!
Ishani: I promise I will never leave you..
Present Time (3 year leap)
The man is wearing a slick, three-piece gray suit. He has his hair styled as a businessman..He has a well-built body, and eyes burning in anger. He is wearing the golden bracelet.
The man is….. Ranveer!!
He has transformed into the famous businessman RV.
He is looking towards a photo, but you can’t see it.
Ranveer: I HATE YOU!
You gave me promises of love, ETERNAL LOVE, but you betrayed me.
Ranveer storms out of the room, kicking the door. He goes downstairs and holds a woman’s hand.
Someone: Mr. & Mrs. RV, you make a great couple.
The scene ends panning on Ishani’s photo.. which had a death garland on it.
Precap: Flashback of what happened

Credit to: Reena

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