Love Withstands All (Episode 24)

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The episode starts at Vaghela Mansion.
Ranveer comes out wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath. The suit was a type that you don’t button up and wear a tie with, so he still has a younger generation look. Rishi and Amba were finishing up the last planning for the surprise.
Ranveer: Is it done?
Amba & Rishi: Yes.. It is all set..
Amba: I am very happy.. Ishani is amazing and I am happy to see the both of you together! And beta, I want you to give Ishani this.
Amba goes to a cabinet and pulls out a beautiful dove-ring (like the one in the show).
Ranveer: Thanks maa!
Ranveer and Amba hug.
Rishi gets a text.
Rishi: If the mother-son talk is over, then we need to go.. My little sis is calling us.
Amba hugs Ranveer again.
Amba: Good Luck Dikhra! And Rishi.. Take photos for me!
Rishi: Of course Maa!
Rishi and Ranveer run out of the mansion.
Rishi pulls up to the place. All the lights are off. Ranveer and Rishi are both confused why Ishani had texted that as the place.
Ranveer walks forward.
Ranveer: Sunny?
Suddenly, all the lights get turned on.
Ishani is in a beautiful white gown, sparkling jewelry, and her hair is curled.
Ishani is on her knees.
Ranveer: What is going on?
Ishani: Ranveer Vaghela.. I am in love with you.. You have made my life amazing ever since I met you.. I feel safe and loved whenever I am with you.. I always have a smile on my face when I am around you.. This place.. This place was our secret hangout.. We both enjoyed our favorite snack together while cracking jokes.. It was also the place where you confessed your love.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. IN love with you.. And I have a question.. Will you always be there to have samosas and chai with me, for the rest of our lives??
Ranveer laughs, while Ishani smiles.
Ishani: Will you marry me?
Ranveer gets onto both of his knees in front of her and holds her hands.
Ranveer: Ishani Parekh.. I am MADLY in love with you.. You make everyone’s lives better with your presence.. You are the reason everyone around you is happy.. You are caring, sweet, beautiful, naughty, honest, trusting, and compassionate.. I am extremely blessed to meet you.. And I would be honored to have samosas and chai with you for the rest of our lives.. Of course I will marry you… Will you marry me?
Ranveer pulls out the beautiful dove ring..
Ishani smiles.
Ishani: I would be the happiest girl in the world to get married to the best guy in the world.
Ranveer smiles and puts the ring on Ishani’s hand. They both hug and Ranveer twirls Ishani in the air. Tum Hi Ho plays in the background.
Ishani: I love you Ranveer..
Ranveer: I love you Ishani..
Shivkar and Tanshi come running up to Ishveer.
Shivanya & Tanu: CONGRATULATIONS!!
They hug Ishani, while she replies “Thanks!!”
Rishi & Shikar: CONGRATS!!
Ranveer: Thanks guys!
They also hug.
Then Shikar-Rishi hug Ishani, while Tanu-Shivanya hug Ranveer.
They all get out of their hugs and Tanu-Shivanya push Ishveer together and make them blush.
Ranveer: Sunny.. How are you always one step ahead of me yaar? I was also going to propose tonight..
Ishani, Tanu, Shivanya, & Shikar: Wait.. REALLY??
Ranveer and Rishi nod.
Ishani: Wow.. Nice Mr. Vaghela.. But I really wanted to propose.. It promotes equality and such. By the way, did you like it?
Ranveer shakes his head no.
Ishani felt bad.
Ishani: Oh.. Sorry..
Ranveer: Arey.. I didn’t like it.. I loved it! This is much better, meaningful, and memorable proposal.
Ishani and Ranveer hug, while everyone has a big smile on their face watching the love birds.
Tanu: Hey guys! Rishi took damn good photos of the proposal! But….. Let’s take a selfie!
They all agree and pose for the selfie. Then they enjoy the rest of the evening chatting and eating samosas.
Ishani and Ranveer are shown going to Amba and Kailash. Everyone is overjoyed to know that Ishveer is engaged. Everyone gives sweets and is hugging each other.
Amba and Kailash bless Ishveer.
Then, it is shown that Ranveer and Ishani go to Mehra Mansion. They tell everyone about how they are engaged. All the elders are super happy. Everyone again is hugging one another. Raj and Kanchan bless Ishveer. Ishveer goes up to Harshad. They try to touch his feet, but he stops them.
Harshad: Not there, but here.. You both are my children.
He hugs them.
The scene starts panning on the city of Mumbai. The Vaghela Mansion is shown. Amba, Laxmi, and Kailash are sitting in the living area. The bell rings.
Laxmi: Mala! Someone is at the door!
The bell rings again.
Laxmi: Mala!!
Amba: It’s okay Laxmi.. Mala must be busy.. I will go see who it is..
Amba walks up to the door and opens the door.
It is…….
Harshad, Kanchan, and Raj!
Amba: Harshad Bhai, Raj Bhai, Kanchan Behan!!
Harshad, Kanchan, & Raj: Jai Shri Krishna!
Amba: Jai Shri Krishna!! Come in! Ji, Look who is here!
Kailash looks up from his newspaper and gets a huge grin on his face.
Harshad & Raj: Namaste Vaghela Sahab!
Kailash: Harshad! Raj!
Kailash gets up and hugs the both of them.
Amba: Come! Sit!
They all sit and chat. They reminisce with their old stories and memories from college.
*Amba, Kailash, Falguni, Kanchan, Harshad, and Raj all went to school together. Harshad and Falguni got married and moved away, as did Kanchan and Raj. But, Raj and Kanchan came back, and so did Harshad when Falguni passed away.
Then, Shikar, Tanu, and Krisha enter.
Amba and Kailash are surprised.
Shikar, Tanu, and Krisha: Hi Uncle! Hi Aunty! Sorry we are late!
Amba: Wait! Bhai, these are your children!
Raj, Harshad, and Kanchan nod.
Kanchan: These are our children Shikar and Krisha. And Tanu’s parents unfortunately passed away in a terrorist attack.. But she is also our daughter!
Tanu goes and hugs Kanchan.
Everyone continues chatting.
Kailash: So.. Besides catching up, did you guys have any other motive to come to visit us?
Harshad: Well actually.. Yes! My daughter..
Amba: Oh yes! How is she? She must be a beautiful young woman now!
Harshad: Yes.. She is fine and is a beautiful young woman.. And I came here to have rishta for her and Ranveer.
Amba and Kailash are shocked.
Kailash: Voh..
Amba: Actually Bhai, Ranveer is already engaged..
Harshad, Kanchan, and Raj act surprised.
Harshad: What?
Kailash: Yes.. He is in love and engaged to an amazing girl who is now a part of our family.. Sorry.. If he hadn’t have met her, then we would have surely accepted..
Harshad: Oh.. Well atleast he is engaged with an amazing girl.. And there is no need to say sorry.. But would you still like to meet her?
Amba & Kailash: Yes! We would LOVE to meet her!
Harshad to Shikar: Can you call her?
Shikar nods and calls.
Shikar : You should come in.. Papa’s friends want to meet you.
Shikar to everyone: She is coming.
The bell rings.
Shikar: I will get it! Maybe it is her!
Shikar runs over to the door and opens it.
Ishani enters the house!
Amba: Oh.. It is Ishani!
Ishani: Hello Everyone!
Amba: Hello Ishani beta! Sorry, Ranveer is not home.. But some of our friends are! Come and meet them!
Ishani nods and greets Raj, Kanchan, and Harshad. She winks at them.
Kailash: Harshad, when will your daughter get here?
Amba: Yes.. Ishani beta?
Ishani: Ji Maa..
Amba: Did you see a girl around your age outside? Maybe she got lost?
Ishani: I didn’t see anyone Maa..
Amba: Then Bhai.. Where is your daughter? You said she would come in shortly..
Harshad stands up and goes near Ishani. Everyone besides Kailash and Amba have a smile on their faces. Harshad holds Ishani’s hand.
Harshad: Kailash, Amba.. Meet my daughter.. Ishani Harshad Parekh..
Amba and Kailash are surprised!
Kailash: Ishani.. Harshad Parekh?
Ishani has a big grin on her face and nods..
Amba: Our Ishani.. Is your daughter!?
Everyone shakes their heads.
Amba and Kailash are confused.
Kanchan: She is my daughter, Raj Ji’s daughter, and Harshad Bhaiya’s daughter.
Amba and Kailash are overjoyed.
Raj: How was our surprise?
Kailash: It is an AMAZING surprise yaar!
Harshad: So.. Have you guys changed your mind about the rishta?
Everyone laughs while Amba and Harshad reply, “OF COURSE!”
Kailash: So my son is getting married with my best friend’s daughter! That makes us family!!
Everyone eats sweets and hug each other!
Then, Ranveer walks into the house.
Ranveer: Hi Uncle! Hi Aunty! Hi Papa!
He takes blessings from everyone.
Amba and Kailash are shocked.
Kailash: Ranveer! You knew that Ishani’s family is close friends with us?!
Ranveer is confused and surprised.
Ranveer: What?
Ishani: Ranveer didn’t know.. Only we did!
Ranveer: What is going on?
Amba: Well beta.. Your fiance’s parents are our old friends from childhood!
Ranveer: Really!?
Everyone nods!
Ranveer: That is awesome! That makes this wedding even more better!
Everyone agrees and the episode ends on everyone super excited and hugging each other.
Precap: Ishani is drunk.. 😉

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