Love Withstands All (Episode 22)


Hi guys! I am back! How are all of you? Btw I am sorry if I upset any of you guys because I revealed that the couples will become split… So sorryyyyyyyyyy but I swear that the couples will be with each other.. Thanks for all your guys support! I got all A’s in my exams!!
I wanted to give some context so you guys know. You will need to know this so you guys aren’t worried that Ishveer is too young and all..
Ranveer is 22, as you all know by his birthday. He is a senior in college. Same for Shikar. Rishi is soon to turn 23… 😉
Ishani is 20, turning 21 soon. She is a junior in college. Same for Tanu and Shivanya.
The episode starts with the group walking by an open theatre which was holding a contest.
Announcer: Come on everyone! We are looking for young adults who would like to have some fun!
The group is getting interested and walks closer to the stage.
The stage has a banner which says GIRL VS BOYS CHALLENGE CONTEST.
Ishani & Shivanya: Guys! Let’s do this!
The group agrees and they both high five.
The group goes up onto the stage and join the challenge.
There is a small group of young adults standing on the stage. One pair is Manik and Nandini(YHY)! Manan sees Ishveer, but Ishveer didn’t see them yet so Manan yell out their names.
Manik: RANVEER!!
Nandini: ISHU!!
Ishani and Ranveer are confused until they see Manan.
Ishani runs over to Nandini and hugs her.
Ishani: NANDU!!!
Ranveer: MANIK!!
Ranveer ran over to Manik and hugs him.
Then, Ishani goes and hugs Manik, while Ranveer hugs Nandu..
Ishani: How are you guys?!
Nandu gets annoyed and looks to the side.
Nandu: I am not talking to you Ishu-Ranveer!
Manik: Neither am I!
Ishveer: Why???
Nandu: Arey! You guys promised that we would hang out soon and maybe go partying together.. But it has been a few weeks and you two haven’t contacted us..
Ranveer: Hello! I am NOT the one who promised to hang out soon and go partying.. That was done by our beloved Ishani..
Nandu: Fine.. I am not mad at you Ranveer.. But I AM mad at the girl who promised to hang out with us..
Ishani: Sorry baba.. College and all.. There is so much work and then there was also Ranveer’s birthday that I spent a lot of time planning.. AND ACTUALLY!!! WHERE WERE YOU TWO HUH!?
Nandu and Manik both look at each other, nervous.
Ranveer whispers to Ishani.
Ranveer: Good job.. Now you brought the topic onto them..
They both giggle. Ishani winks and Ishveer high-five.
Manik whispers to Nandu.
Manik: Now she turned the topic onto us!
The turn back to Ishveer.
Ishani: Bolo! (Say!)
Manik: Voh.. We.. we..
Ishani: Yes…
Nandu : Arey Ishu! Why you getting hyper on something that already happened!? So what if we couldn’t come… We can hang out now yaar, right?
Ishani thinks for a little bit, showing attitude, while Manan were wondering if she would forget about the topic and hang out.
Ishani laughs..
Ishani: Of course we can hang out! But first… Meet our friends!
Manik and Nandu both nod and the four of them walk over to Shivanya-Shikar and Tanu-Rishi.
Ranveer: This is Shikar, Shivanya, Tanu, and Rishi.. They are our best friends!
Ranveer turns to Rishi and the others.
Ranveer: And they are our good friends Manik and Nandu!
They all wave and greet each other. Everyone chats for a little bit, until the announcer wanted to say something.
Announcer: Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us! This is going to be an interesting challenge.. Because all of you have to….. DANCE!!
Everyone shouts in joy and delight.
Announcer: You all are split into two teams- Boys and Girls, as seen by the banner but there can be small groups/ teams of only guys and only girls.. Each team will only have 30 minutes to choreograph a dance to a song of your choosing. You guys are welcome to wear any of the costumes available.
Announcer: And your guys time starts in 2 minutes!
Everyone gets excited, when Ishani calls everyone (Shivkar, Tanshi, Manan, and Ranveer) to the side.
Ishani: Guyssss! I was thinking…
Ranveer cuts in.
Ishveer: “Why don’t we make this a little more interesting”
Ranveer: I knew that’s what you were going to do!
Everyone laughs, while Ishani starts playfully beating Ranveer.
Ishani: ANYWAY!!! I was thinking that let’s make this interesting…
Everyone is listening.
Ishani: Since most of us are in a relationship and/or will be..
Ishani winks at Tanshi, who are shocked, but both secretly blush.
Ishani: This challenge will prove that who is better in the relationship.. The girls or the guys.. And the winner will get to choose something for the loser to do.. What say?
Shikar: I don’t really understand how dancing shows who is better in the relationship.. But any chance to beat the ladies and show that we are better is a chance I will take, right?
All the guys laugh and agree!
The girls get very annoyed.
Shivanya: Oh Hello!
The guys: Yesss
Ishani: What do you mean “show that we are better”!?!
Nandu: You people aren’t better than us!
Tanu: In fact, we are better than you all and can make people forget your performance, just by people watching our performance. We will win this contest and this challenge!
Rishi: Oh really?
The girls: Yes really!
Ranveer: Challenge?
Ishani: Challenge!
Announcer: Okay guys! Your time starts NOW!!
The girls rush to one of the tents, while the guys run to another one.
30 Minutes Later
The guys come out in outfits matching what Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra wore in the Vele music video (Playboy outfits.. T-Shirts, Jeans, Vests, Sunglasses, and Converse..) Manik is singing the song. All the guys give a great performance on the Vele song from Student of the Year. The crowd is very excited after seeing their performance.
The guys run off the stage.
Manik: That was a lot of fun!
Rishi: Oh my God.. It was too much fun!
Ranveer: Now let’s see the girls try to beat our performance!
Announcer: Our next performance will be from the ladies..
A few minutes go by, but the girls don’t come out yet.
Announcer: They said that they were ready..
Shikar: Looks like they saw our performance and got sc..
Suddenly, a voice is on the speakers.
Voice: “Kaite hai ki shaadi karni ke koi sahi waqt nahi hoti hai
Jab kar lo
Toh baas tabhi se tumara bura waqt shuru ho jata hai..”
Ranveer: That sounds like..
Suddenly, the spotlight is turned on someone.. Ishani is shown in a beautiful white-dark blue ghagra choli.
Ishani: “Badtameezee ek bimari hai
Ek aisi bimari
Jo dheere dheere waqt ke saath
Budhaape mein badal jaati hai
Main kehti hoon jab tak budhaapa nahi aata
Thodi badtameezee hi kar lete hai”
The stage goes dark. The anticipation of the crowd keeps on increasing and increasing..
Then the song starts. (The girls are dancing on the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Mashup)
Pa para para…
Sahibaan meherbaan kadardaan
Dilliwali girlfriend
Sharabi ho gayi
*All the girls are shown dancing in ghagra cholis.
Ishani: White-Dark Blue
Tanu: White- Neon Green
Shivanya: White- Pink
Nandu: White- Neon Orange*
The guys are shocked with how awesome the beginning of the performance was and how beautiful each girl was looking. The girls copy a lot of the steps from the movie and give a spectacular performance.
Pa para para..
Toh lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi
O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karan main chase
Ladke o re ladke kahaan se aaya hai re tu
What a naksh what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan
Kabira… Ilahi mera na na na….
Ilahi mera na na na….
Badtameez dil..maane na
Balam pichkari..
Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
Dugna nasha, kyun ho raha hai
Aankhon se meetha tune khilaya
Haan jal gayi, haan jal gayi
Meri baaton se tu jal gayi
Haan khal gayi, tujhe khal gayi
Meri beparwahi khal gayi
Haan zidd pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht
Chhodna jaane naa
Pa para para…
Dilliwali girlfriend
Sharabi ho gayi
Pa para para..
Toh lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi
Ilahi mera.. ooh.. aah..
Re Kabira.. Aah..
The stage lights dimmer and Nandu, Shivanya, and Tanu do a beautiful traditional dance.
Then, Ishani enters with her aerial act using the roof of the stage. Everyone is mesmerized by her dance.
Aa…haan.. re..
Ik ankahi si daastaan daastan haaye
Kehne lagega aaina
Ishani’s aerial act gets finished and everyone applauds, while the girls continue with their dance.
Teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi. toh?
Tujhe le jaaunga main toh yahan jhande gaad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhod ke
Badtameez dil, Badtameez dil, Badtameez dil maane na, maane na
Badtameez dil, Badtameez dil, Badtameez dil maane na
TV pe breaking news haay re mera ghagra haaye
Baghdad se leke Delhi via Agra
What a look, what a grace
Tennu hi kara main chase
Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
What a naksh, what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan
Re Kabira….
Pa para para
Dilli wali girlfriend
Sharabi ho gayi
Pa para para
Toh lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi…
ho gayi…
ho gayi…
The girls get finished and the audience gives a standing ovation. The girls all hug and then bow to the audience. Tanu, Shivanya, and Nandu step back to give Ishani recognition for the aerial dance. The guys are in awe with the girl’s performance.
Ranveer: They were..
Rishi: Amazing..
Manik: Beautiful..
Shikar: Like angels..
The girls run off the stage, to the guys.
Tanu: So! How was our performance?
The guys were still mesmerized and didn’t answer.
Nandu: Hello.. Guys..
Ishani does a loud clap in front of the guys and snaps them out of their trace..
Shivanya: So we were that good..
Ishani: We left you guys mesmerized!!
The girls all high-five each other.
The announcer calls all the teams up to the stage (it wasn’t just them who performed because there were a lot of people who participated in the challenge).
Announcer: I have the winning team member name’s in this envelope here!
He waves the envelope and opens it.
Announcer: And the winners are… Well it’s a tie between two teams! The first team has Ishani Parekh, Tanushree Khurana, Shivanya, and Nandini Murty, The second team has Ranveer Vaghela, Rishi Bedi, Shikar Mehra, and Manik Malhotra!
Everyone goes up and hugs each other! The audience is super happy that they won.
Announcer: And because you guys won this challenge, you all win another trip to this amusement park.. BUT! You will all get the VIP service for no charge!
Everyone is overjoyed by the prize.
Ishani: Hey guys!! It looks like we all won the challenge for relationships too..
Everyone realized that and got even happier.
Tanu and Rishi are walking along the carousel around 6:30 PM.
After they won the contest, Nandu and Manik left because they had to go home for a dinner party. And then the group dispersed throughout the park. It was Ishani-Ranveer, Shivanya-Shikar, and Tanu-Rishi.
Rishi and Tanu had some small talk, but were really just wondering if it is the right time to confess their love to each other..
They walk over to the garden area. It was beautifully decorated with twinkling lights. Rishi disappears, while Tanu keeps on walking. Tanu starts looking for Rishi.
Tanu: Rishi! Rishiiii!! Where did he go?
Suddenly, tons of little kids run over to Tanu. They were all holding white lilies, Tanu’s favorite flower. Tanu plays with the children for a little bit. Then, Rishi walks up from behind them holding tons of big balloons and red roses. He hands the balloons out to the kids and then kneels in front of Tanu.
Rishi: Tanvi.. Ever since I met you on that day in college, I feel like we have a relationship.. A connection for many years.. I kept on getting to know you and liking you more and more. When I was little, I had this one girl as my best friend.. We had gotten our alliance together when we were young, but then I was going to America, so I had to leave my childhood friend, however everyone said that we would meet because our lives are intertwined. I came back from America once I was in high school, but my friend moved, so I never got to meet her again. And then I found out that the girl is… you.. I have loved you since I was a little boy..
Tanu is surprised.
Tanu: What?
Rishi: Yes Tanu.. It is me, Rishi, your childhood friend and the guy you are made for.. And I madly love you.. Can you accept my love?
Rishi opens up his arms and gets on both of his knees.
Tanu has tears of happiness.
She runs into Rishi’s arms. Tanu breaks the hug.
Tanu: I had a feeling it was you.. I love you too Rishi.. Ever since childhood and since I met you in college..
Rishi yells: I LOVE YOU TANU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manzil Pyaar Ki plays in the background..
Rishi and Tanu both smile at each other and hug each other again.
All the children cheer Tanshi, while the rest of the gang also comes and cheer.
Tanu and Rishi break their hug, and Tanu blushes.
All the children run away, while Shivkar and Ishveer come up to Tanshi.
Tanu: I thought you guys left us!?
Ranveer: If we would have left.. Then we could see this awesome confession..
Tanu: Wait.. So you guys already knew that Rishi was going to confess??
Everyone nods their heads.
Ishani: Yeah.. I had an inkling that Rishi also liked you.. I told Ranveer about how you loved Rishi and then he told me that Rishi loved you.. Then, we cornered Rishi and made him confess.. I told him about your feelings and he got very happy.. He was just going to come and tell you, until I beat him and told him to be a little romantic and plan a big confession..
Tanu is shocked to know that Rishi already knew, but says nothing.
Tanu: Arey idiot! You could have told me too na! That Rishi loves me..
Ishani: But where was the fun in that? You got this awesome confession by Rishi instead!
Tanu: That is very true..
Tanu turns to Rishi.
Tanu: Thank you..
Rishi: Anything for my love..
Tanu blushes and Rishi hugs her.
Ranveer: I am happy that you guys finally are together.. It was weird watching you both flirt around, but not act on it..
Tanu and Rishi are embarrassed, while the other four laugh.
Ishani: I just realized something!
Everyone: What?
Ishani: You two should actually thank us! If Ranveer and I hadn’t had intervened, then who knows how long it would have taken you two to confess!
Everyone laughs, while Rishi goes up to Ishveer.
Rishi: Thank you VERY much bro!
Ranveer hugs Rishi.
Ranveer: No problem..
They break the hug and then Rishi goes over to Ishani.
Rishi: Hmm.. I forgot why I came here.. I should go back to my love..
Ishani laughs and playfully beats Rishi.
Rishi: Thank you very much little sis.. This couldn’t have happened without your help with planning..
Ishani hugs Rishi.
Ishani: I am veryyyy happyyy!! My best friend loves my bro..
They break their hug and then Ishani goes over to Tanu and hugs her.
Tanu: Thanks idiot..
Ishani: No problem stupid..
Tanu: Remind me to never tell you secrets..
Everyone laughs.
Ishani comes out of the hug and hits Tanu.
Ishani: Shut up.. If I hadn’t had told, then you wouldn’t be with your love so I wouldn’t complain..
They all laugh.
Tanu and Rishi hold hands, Shikar and Shivanya hug, while Ishveer is cuddling.
They all just chat for a little bit and remember some fun times.
Shikar: Okay.. Guys come on.. Now it is time for the next part!
Ranveer is confused.
Ishani: Oh crap.. I almost forgot! Thanks Shekku!
Shikar: No problem Shona!
Ishani, Tanu, Shivanya, and Shikar all run away.
Rishi and Ranveer stay behind.
Ranveer: What is happening?
Rishi: We have to wait here.. They will call us when they are ready..
Ranveer: For what?
Rishi: You will see later..
Ranveer: Fine.. But I have to tell you something..
Rishi: What?
Their conversation is muted, but Rishi gets super happy and hugs Ranveer.
Rishi: That is awesome bro!! So you will do it today?
Ranveer nods.
Ranveer: Right after this surprise..
The episode ends with Rishi and Ranveer both super excited.
Precap: hehehe..
Thanks for all your support guys.. I don’t think I am that good of a writer.. And I am sooooo sorry if I hurt anybody by revealing that the pairs will split.. But PLEASE don’t worry because our pairs will get together “soon” after their split. (I said soon because it will be a time leap.. But their separation will only be for a few episodes)

Credit to: Reena

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    No probes sissy…..cause if you don’t separate them their will be some spice……and anyways you’re really and mind blowing writer…..I loved it dear……its really amazing…….the whole episode was full of fun….but pls…can you tell precap……I can’t wait…!!!!

    1. Thank you soooooo much Dhruva dhi! Love you dhi.. And I am happy you enjoyed this episode! And why should I ruin the surprise 🙂 you will get to see ehat happens VERY soon…

  2. Oh c’mon sissy u r wonderful writer and u should know in love seperation is there if no separation means no love because love is another name off separation and sacrifice hehehe thinking this small kid giving u a dialogue na hehe actually this is my sister dialogue not mine but it’s true only and next time if you said that I am bad writer then I will not talk to u

    1. HI SWEETHEART!!! Thank you for your very wise words.. Love you bby! Your sister has amazing dialogues.. And you are using the “not talking” blackmail on me XD.. I used that on Joyee dhi! *Highfive* lol.. I PROMISE I will never say I am a bad writer.. Love you my sweetheart.. By the way, how are you dear?

  3. Reena don’t think like that dear u r seriously a mans writer( I know this tanvee calls u hehehe she copied my dialogue I copied hers) so never discourage yourself be confident now see not everyone will like the story there will both positive and negative comments u need to think negative comments also as positive and never become sad that he/she did not like it it’s not good ok now tanvee got so many bashers for her first ff but she bared it and u just got one comment actually that was request and u feut bad no writers need to bare a lot so be positive( my blood group) I know I wrote a lot actually I am chatter box now I will stop or else mahabharatI will write bye

    1. HI TANISHQA DHI!!! I am very happy that you are writing an ff!! I am superrr excited for it dhi! It is so interesting and I cannot wait! Thank you for the amazing compliment and support dhi (it is cute how you both use each others dialogus.. I wish I had a sister just like you both).. I promise I will never again discourage mysel.. Why should I? I have amazing sisters and brothers like you to give my courage.. And I am proud of how strong Tanvee was with her first ff! I promise I will always “be positive”It is fine that you wrote a lot dhi.. I write a lot too.. Once I get comfortable with ppl, I am a full chatterbox! bye dhi!

      1. Awww thank u for ff I will post din and become free with Me then 2chatter box will write Ramayana and mahabharat hehehe and tanvee is really very strong some time I make her as Mr role model she have amazing speaking skills and she don’t have stage fear but me I had but now I am ok

      2. And u know she irritates me a lot I mean when she needs something from me and I say no she goes to my mom and tells a fake story and mom comes to me and starts scolding as she thinks tanvee is always correct and I am elder so I am responsible for everything and that girl enjoy seeing me in that condition I feel that y I got a sister I hate her this would be in my mind and the day it was declared she was suffering from brain tumour I was hell shocked more than mum I cried because I was connected to her more I love her a lot and I always want my cute bubbly sweet tanvee to be happy And when I came to know that she burnt her hand my heart was paining like hell seeing her in pain what to do I am sister and now again I wrote a lot tanvee calls me talking didi Now let me stop

      3. Now u must be thinking name is written tanvee but I am talking about tanvee don’t worry it’s me tanishqa only she is using my phone so I commented from computer and forgot to change the name and id I was so involved in talking huh

      4. Same here dhi! I also have stage fright and can’t talk in front of some people.. But I was never scared to talk to anyone here.. Because I was immediately welcome by everyone! That is sooo funny that Tanvee blames you dhi.. My brohter does the same thing to me and I get yelled at by my mumma while he stands and laughs.. I was devastated as well when I found out Tanvee had a brain tumor.. She is one of the only sisters that is younger than me and she was the sweetest person I had ever met.. I was crying and upset the whole week and my American friends found out and they were upset too.. We all prayed for her and Thank God that she fought through it.. She is one of the strongest people I know.. And I am proud to know Tanvee.. I really wish I had a sister like her.. And dhi I could tell it was you because how you were talking 😉 You are also very strong dhi for supporting Tanvee!

  4. Nice epi dhi!! I’m really very excited for their split up… Eagerly waiting for next epi dhii… Pls update soon..

    1. Thank you Radhika dear.. I am delighted that you are excited to see what happens!!! I promise I will update soon! Love you dear!! <3

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    1. Thank you Neelam sissy! I can’t reveal the precap but you all will see what happens VERY SOON!!! And I am happy you liked the mash-up.. I am a little obsessed with it because of how amazing it is! Love you sissy!!<3

  6. Reena Dr how r u sweety..u r such a wonderful writer no doubt at all.really superb episode dr

    1. HI SATHYA SISSY!!! I MISSED YOU!!! I am good.. Finished with school and now ready to relax and enjoy summer!! Thank you for the amazing words dhi.. I am happy you enjoyed the episode! I have a question for you.. I am Punjabi btw and I have seen other people call you akka.. I know that means elder sister.. Can I also call you akka?

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    U r a wonderful writer reena sissy…and about pair split it will make our pair’s love more it is not a problem..the episode was awesome as always…and congrats for ur exam results!!

    1. Thank you Sana sissy!! Thank you for your amazing support! I am Very HAppy you liked the episode and thank you for the support! I did well on my exams with all of your guys support and with the motivation that I will get to come back and chat with all of you guys!

  8. Awesome sis…..but don’t keep the separation for too long……anyway how r u??????

    1. Hi Prince bro! I missed you! Thanks for your comment and I promise the separation will not be too long! I am fine and happy reading all of my sibling’s comments! How are you bro?

  9. Sumaiya Sumi

    Wow super episode
    U r such a good writer
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    1. Hi Sumi dear!! Thank you for the compliments and The congrats! Love you dearie!! <3<3

  10. Thank you all for your support guys… I was only upset because Ishveer’s separation was something I hated in the show as well… I hated to see both of them suffer.. And I realized that I was being a little hypocritical by separating Ishveer. But thank you guys. You guys reminded me that their separation shows their love’s strength and will bring them together more. I am happy that you guys are okay with the separation.. It will be something you don’t expect (hopefully) and if I keep going with my plan, it won’t last too long.. I am so blessed to meet amazing brothers, sisters, and friends like you all.. Where I live in the US, there aren’t many people who watch Hindi and Pakistani shows besides my aunt and my mom And my American friends all don’t understand hindi and watch tv shows like ours. I love all my friends but they don’t understand how amazing romance is in our shows and how their love is awesome and eternal.. They call our shows somewhat cheesy (which they SOMETIMES are, but I don’t let my friends know that XD).. US Romance in tv shows is people kissing and having intimate relations.. Our romance is holding hands, hugging, and kissing on foreheads. Our romance shows the love between two amazing souls and how each one will protect each other, unlike the US shows. I had one friend who watched MATSH and she is a foreign exchange student. She only watched till when Ishkar’s wedding got arranged so we watched episodes after that together and hung out. But now she is going back to Turkmenistan in a week and I won’t have anyone to actually talk to.. But luckily I am blessed to meet amazing friends and siblings on this website.. Thank you all.. I love you guys so much.. And everyone is right! Our MATSH family is AMAZING!

    1. Yes Reena i so agree with every single word in singapore also i dont have any friends who watch hindi serials in my pre uni but in my secondary school i had friends who watched serials and they like hindi serials too. But unfortunately no indians in my class in pre uni. And alll of my secondary school friends who watched hindi drama we all r big fan of qubool hai. my best friend is south indian she didnt have ideas about serials hindi until one day she came to my house and she became a big fan of beintehaa and meri aashiqui tunse hi and qubool hai if she missed episodes on internet she will ask me what happened and she also likes preetika, harshad, shakti n radhika a lot. And among all shows i watch she likes to watch rajni and thapki with me 😛 but she says beintehaa n qubool hain n matsh us her all time fav and she reads only my one more chance ff and she reads ur ff sometimes whenever she is free

      1. Thanks sooo sweet Joyee dhi! You should tell your friend to comment and chat with us!! I hope that once I get into college.. I will meet friends like all of you guys who watch hindi serials.. Btw dhi.. Did you get my request on insta?? And here is a funny thing: My best friend begged me to try and teach her some hindi so I would have someone.. So I taught her one word but it sounds like an american word so now that is her nickname for me XD :p

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    1. Thank you Akka! You are also one of my sweetest elder sisters!

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    1. Thank you Ankita dhi.. I deserve the slap.. I am sorry.. I PROMISE I will never call myself a bad writer.. I am so happy that I am one of your favorite writers.. you are one of my favorite sisters ;).. No I love all my sisters equally! Love you dhi! <3

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    1. Thank youuuuuu Joyee dhi! I love your support dhi! Love you dhi!!!!! <3<3<32

      1. no problem reena 🙂 u r like my sis and will always continue to support ur ff and yes haha lol ur friend wants to learn hindi my friends some know better hindi then me they always correct me lol actually i read subtitles when i see hindi shows but i know some hindi words so in our class teacher was showing some hydrebadi video and my friend ask me what that means some i understood i told her some i make up by my own 😛

      2. Lol dhi!??? I have done that too? Highfive ??

  14. Sorry guys! I am not feeling good that is why I havent gotten to update yet.. I promise once I feel good.. I will post

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