Love Withstands All (Episode 20)


Hi guys! I am sooo sorry but I will not be updating for the next two weeks because I NEED TO STUDY FOR MY EXAMS!!!!!!!!! And I really shouldn’t be distracting myself by writing about Ishveer otherwise my parents won’t let me update…
Mehra Mansion
The episode starts with Ishani, Ranveer, Rishi, Tanu, and Shikar sitting in the living room. Ishveer was cuddling and chatting, Shikar was texting his girlfriend Shivanya, and Rishi and Tanu were also flirting around. They had gotten closer since Ranveer’s party and they were wondering about confessing their love to each other. After a while, they all got bored and didn’t know what to do.
Suddenly, Ishani gets an idea!
Ishani: Hey guys! Let’s go to the amusement park! We haven’t gone in so long!
Ranveer & Rishi:Yeah!
Tanu: I totally forgot about it!
Shikar: That’s great idea! Can I also call Shivanya??
Ishani: Arey! Of course Shekku! You don’t need our permission to call your girlfriend along on the trip!
Shikar blushes.
Tanu: Anyway! She is also now a friend of ours so of course she can come!
Everyone else agrees.
Ishani: Okay.. So Shikar! Call Shivanya! We all have half an hour to get ready and get down here..
Everyone agrees and goes to get ready..
Amusement Park
The scene shows everyone walking in the amusement park parking lot.
Ishani was wearing a cute navy blue tank top with a cute pink-orange floral design with high waisted shorts and a flower crown. Tanu was wearing a orange crop top with white shorts and a pretty hat. Shivanya was wearing a beautiful white-black checkered skirt and white crop top with sunglasses. The guys were wearing cute shirts that coordinates with their love’s outfits and shorts.
They all buy the tickets and enter the amusement park.
Shikar: I haven’t been here in soooo long!
Tanu: Same here!
Shivanya: So what should we do first?
Ishani & Rishi: ROLLERCOASTER!!
Ishani and Rishi both high-five.
Shikar, Shivanya, and Tanu: YES!
Everyone besides Ishveer rush to the Rollercoaster line.
Ishani: Kya hua Ranveer? (What’s wrong Ranveer?)
Ranveer: Well.. I…
Ishani: I..
Ranveer: I haven’t ever rode a rollercoaster..
Ishani laughs.
Ishani: That’s it?!
Ranveer nods..
Ranveer: They are so high and I didn’t have anyone to ride one with me because Rishi was away that summer.. They just look terrifying..
Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand.
Ishani: Arey.. I am with you na? You will be fine!
Ranveer: You swear?
Ishani: I swear you will be fine! I am going to be there with you and show you how much fun they are!!
Shikar: Ehh Lovebirds!! Stop your romance and come get in line!
Ishani and Ranveer look at each other and then run over to the line.
The group enters the rollercoaster line. They go through the wait and get to the front of the lines. When it is their turn, the first 3 rows are open (there are 2 seats in each row).
Rishi: Hey guys! The front is open!
Shivanya: Let’s go up there!
Tanu: Yes!
Ishani: So it is Shikar-Shivanya, Rishi-Tanvi, and Ranveer-Me, okay?
Everyone agrees. Tanu and Rishi are secretly happy that they are paired together..
Shikar: We aren’t in the front!
Tanu: We aren’t either.. Sorry Rishi, but I can’t handle the front..
Rishi:It’s okay.. But Ishu and Bro are lucky!
Ranveer gets a little worried, and only Ishani understands.
Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand again and gives it a squeeze. She smiles at him and he smiles back.
They all get onto the rollercoaster.
It starts and Ishani keeps her hand with Ranveer at all the times. Ranveer also starts enjoying the rush of adrenaline pumping in his veins. Ishani notices this and gets happy that he is enjoying. Tanu gets scared in one of the loops and grabs Rishi’s hand. She loses her eyes. He looks over at her lovingly, seeing how the little things can scare her. In Rishi’s mind: I want to always be there to comfort you when you are scared. Tanu opens her eyes and then sees how she was holding onto Rishi’s hand.
Rishi: You look very pretty when you get scared.
Tanu gets shy and blushes.
Shivanya also gets scared and grabs onto Shikar’s hand. They both look at each other and smile, while Shikar holds Shivanya’s hand to comfort her.
Ranveer looks to see Ishani’s hair blowing in the rain, the childish expressions and grin on her face, and her screams of joy everytime they go in a loop. Ishani looks over and smiles at Ranveer, who also smiles at her. They share an eyelock.
The ride ends and the group rushes out of their seats onto the platform. They walk down and go to the photo booth which shows the photo taken during the ride. It was a cute photo of all the couples sharing eyelocks.
Ishani: The photo is awesome!!! I am buying it!!
Tanu: Me too!
Shivanya: Same here!
They all buy the photos and then show it to the guys.
Ishani: It’s so cute na?
Ranveer was looking at Ishani, not paying attention to the picture.
Ranveer: It really is..
Ishani notices Ranveer was talking about her.
Everyone hears Ranveer say that and starts teasing them. Ishani blush hugs him.
Then, the group kept on going on different rides and enjoying.
The episode ends on the whole group enjoying.
Precap: “I love you Tanvi!”
Sorry again guys!! Pls don’t forget me!!!!!!

Credit to: Reena

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  1. it was superb reena dear and thanks for commenting on my ff I will post my first episode soon

    1. Thank you Sriya dear! I am super excited for your ff!!

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    1. Thank you Sana sissy! I promise I will study hard!! I didn’t know if you guys might forget me because two weeks is a long time here since we have so many awesome ff published every day… I will take care and pls you also take care of yourself!! Love you sis!❤️?

      1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

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  3. Hi Reena don’t feel sorry about that just update your ff whenever you get time bye the way the episode was so exciting I really enjoyed it very much ?

    1. Thank you Neelam dhi!! I kind of wanted to leave the episode on a “cliff hanger” and I hope you guys will like what happens next! Love you Neelam dhi!??

      1. Its ok my dear very very all the best for your exams ? ? ? ??

  4. Just suuuuperb reena darling…. I read all ur episodes… fantastic ff…. full of joys…. u r an amazing writer…. and all the best for ur exams…. eagerly waiting for next update….

    1. Thank you Julina sissy!! Thank you for he wishes with the exams!! I will try to update as soon as the exams are over! Love you sissy!!??

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    Hey sissy….. a lovely update yaar……but really ishu is the reason for everyone to smile I like her this character very much….!!!!

    1. Hi Dhruva dhi!!!! Thanks for your support sis! I also like how I made Ishu the reason for everyones smile!! And I am happy you caught that! And it will be a BIG IMPACT ON THE STORY when I start updating so I am excited about that!! Love you dhi!!! <3<3<3

  7. Awesome episode reena dr☺waiting for next episode… all the best for ur exams..Julina dr y r u not updating ur ff dr.waiting for ur ff

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      1. Hi happy that u r back but I am not fine as I am just operated so my head is aching about ff I will see

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    3. Hey my dear Tanvee how are you ? if you head is aching then just take rest get free from your ff for sometime but pls pls pls don’t stop writing I am requesting you your ff is very entertaining I love your ff pls take rest and update your ff after some time even after months ? pls take care of yourself and be happy ?? God bless you my dear

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