Love Withstands All (Episode 2)


Hey guys! I hope you guys liked the last episode! I am also super excited about this episode because ISHVEER meet!
The episode starts with Rishi pointing out a girl who walks into college.
Rishi: Voh kaun hai? (Who is she?)
It is shown to be NAINA..
Ranveer: Voh! Voh Naina hai… Nirbhay ki behan (Ranveer talks about Nirbhay in an annoyed tone).
Rishi: Voh Nirbhay ki behan hai!? (She is Nirbhay’s sister!?)
Ranveer nods.
Rishi: Phir toh hum uske paas jaana chahiye aur hi kehna chahiye.. (Then we should go to her and say hi!)
Rishi smiles mischievously and drags Ranveer with him to talk to Naina.
Naina: RV!! Hi!
Ranveer: Hey Naina..
Rishi: Hi!
Naina: Hi.. I am Naina.
Rishi: I’m Rishi.. And I have to say you are very pretty..
Naina giggles and says thanks..
Naina: So RV, tum kaise ho? (How are you?)
Ranveer is about to answer, when all of a sudden, the wind starts to blow. A girl in an orange dress enters the college. All the students (including Rishi, but not Ranveer) stop talking, turn, and get shocked at the beauty of the girl. It is ISHANI.. Some guys yell out, “Look at her yaar.. She is really pretty!” Rishi elbows Ranveer and tells him to look at the entrance. Ranveer looks around until he finally sees Ishani and once he looks at her, his heart starts beating faster and woh uske khayalon mein kho jata hai (He gets lost in thoughts about her).
Rishi: She is soo beautiful right RV!!
Ranveer: Yeah..
Naina gets annoyed at this and storms off.
People surround Ishani and introduce themselves. Ishani becomes shy and sneaks away from the crowd. Ishani walks toward the campus dorms, where Ranveer and Rishi were..
Ranveer: Woh kahan gayi? (Where did she go?)
Rishi: I don’t know.. But I want to go and give an introduction (Rishi has a flirty smile)
Ranveer: Let’s go and try to find her.
Rishi nods.
Ranveer starts walking in the direction of Ishani. He looks around, but can’t find Ishani. Because Ishani was trying to get away from the crowd, she was walking fast and she trips right into Ranveer. Ishani falls into Ranveer’s arms and he catches her. They share an eyelock.. (Chahu Main Yaa Naa plays in the background) Rishi walks over and sees Ranveer and Ishani.
Rishi (in his mind): Acha bachu, mujhe doosre direction mein bhej kar uske saath flirt karna chahte ho! Mein isko abhi dikhata hoon! (Now I understand, you sent me in the other direction so you could flirt with her! Now see what I will do!)
Rishi walks over there and yells, “What is going on here!?”
Ishveer come to their senses and Ranveer helps Ishani get up.. Ishani shies, while Ranveer gives Rishi a death stare.
Rishi: Hi!
Ishani: Hi..
Rishi: You are new, right!?
Ishani: Umm.. Yeah.. But who are you?
Rishi: Me! Everyone knows who I am! I am Rishi. Bedi.
Ishani: Who?
Ranveer laughs. Ishani smiles at him and he smiles back.
Rishi (annoyed): And this is my friend RV..
Ishani: RV? What kind of name is that?
Ranveer: It is a nickname for Ranveer..
Ishani: Oh thats cool! But I like your name the way it is.. She smiles at him. (Hasi ban gayi plays in the bg)
Ishani: Any way.. Yes! I just transferred from another college.
Ranveer: Where?
Shikar: Hell!
Shikar walks up while Ishani angrily glares at him!
Rishi and RV: Hell?!
Shikar: I’ll explain. See she is secretly a witch who has just came from Hell!
Rishi and RV giggle, while Shikar grins at Ishani. Ishani starts hitting Shikar.
Ishani: KAHA TEH TUM!! Mujhe akala chhod diya! Mein tumse nahin baat karungi! (Where were you?! You left me all alone! I am not talking to you!)
Shikar holds his ears.
Shikar: Sorry baba! Tumara schedule lene gaya tha! I promise mein tumko phir se akeli nahin chodunga!( Sorry! I went to get your schedule! I promise I won’t leave you alone again!)
Ishani: Tk Tk! Maaf kiya meine! (Ok! Ok! I forgive you!)
Shikar hugs Ishani.
Ishani: Shikar! Tum yeh kya kar rahe ho! (Shikar! What are you doing!)
Ranveer gets jealous seeing Shikar hug Ishani and talk to her.. He turns his hands into fists.
Ranveer: We have to go back!
Rishi: Par hum.. (But we..)
Ranveer: It was nice meeting you!
Rishi: Bye!!
Ranveer drags Rishi towards the lecture hall. Ishani laughs and waves..
Outside Lecture Hall
Rishi: RV! Why did you do that!? We don’t even know her name!
Ranveer (kind of stressed): I don’t know.. I felt weird after I saw her. And then, I started getting annoyed when that guy started hugging her.. What is happening to me, yaar!?
Rishi, smiling naughtily: Oh! Mein samja.. Tum kya jealous ho rahe ho? (Oh! I understand! Are you getting jealous at her and her friend?!)
Ranveer: NO!
Rishi: Tum paka jealous teh.. Kisi ko pyaar toh nahin ho gaya kya?! (You were definitely jealous.. Is someone in love?)
Ranveer: What? No yaar! RV ko pyaar nahi hota..
Rishi: Good! I was getting scared! Kahin toh mera best friend ladki ki tarah pyar toh nahin ho gaya.. Mera kya hota?! (Good! I was scared! What if my friend has turned into a girl and fallen in love.. What would have happened to me?)
RV punches Rishi and Rishi starts running away. They both laugh and RV chases after him..
Precap: Tanu-Rishi meet.. Ishani gets lost..

Credit to: Reena

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  1. Awsomeee dude ur blasting ???

    1. Thanks so much Ankita!!

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow loved episode.pls update next fast.

    1. Thanks Sana and I will try to get the next episode soon!

    1. Thanks Shruthi!

  3. Wow Reena yaar……no words especially Ranveer jealousy without reason……

    1. Dhruva dr waiting fr ur ff! ?

    2. Thank you soo much Dhruva! I had a lot of fun writing that part!

  4. That was so nice episode

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  6. ohh buddy really nyzz…plzz post nxt portion as soon as possible….wat happn to ishu how will she lost….hoo god ….i thnk my raavoo saved her…awaiting epi yaar

    1. I will try.. You could be right about ranveer tho…

  7. oh man it’s soooooo sweet ff…….hey sissy when they will unite i mean when ISHVEER understand their love for each other???? pls sis unite them in a romantic way

    1. I am hoping to get them together soon!! Hopefully by Thursday, they will express their love! I don’t like when we have to wait long for them to unite.. Thanks for you support bro!

  8. hey sissy pls don’t give tanu & rishi that much importance……..pls we love ISHVEER……make ISHVEER lead role…pls sissy

    1. I will try but i think i should give equal portions because there hasnt been anything for tanu-rishi.. But I promise it will be good for the ishveer lovers too!

  9. It’s superb…. I loved it…. wow…. waiting for next update…

    1. Thanks soo much Julina darling

  10. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh .. its super i love it . even rishi charecter is good in it … nice i love the way u take this story on …

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