Love Withstands All (Episode 18)

Living Room of Mehra Mansion
The episode starts with everyone besides Tanshi waking up. Even Ishveer is awake and comes downstairs. They go over to the elders and wish them a good morning and so do Shikar, Krisha, and Ahana. Ishveer will sit on the couch and hold each other’s hand.
Harshad: Shona, Ranveer beta.. Where were you two?
Ishani: Papa.. We just slept on the roof. It was so crowded down here and it was nice to sleep under the stars..
Harshad: Oh.. The stars..
Krisha: We thought maybe you two wanted some alone time..
Ishveer blushes while everyone laughs.
Kanchan walks in and calls the elders for tea. The elders go with her.
Meanwhile, Ahana, Shikar, and Krisha also come over to the couches and Shikar watches Ishveer.
Ishani: Shekku.. Why are you looking at us like this? Are you jealous?
Shikar: Me and jealous.. That of you.. Nice joke! But I was thinking of what you two were up to last night..
Ishveer got nervous.
Ranveer: Meaning? What were we up to?
Shikar: Arey.. You two don’t remember?
Ishveer: Umm.. Nnnoooo..
Shikar: It’s okay.. I can remind you two..
Shikar pulls out his phone and pulls up the picture of Ishveer kissing.
Ishani and Ranveer are shocked that Shikar knew that they kissed. Krisha and Ahana take the phone from Shikar and see the photo.
Krisha & Ahana: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Krisha: SHONA!!!
Ahana: BHAI!!!
Ishveer get a little embarrassed that the group has found out about the kiss, while Shikar laughs looking at Ishveer’s faces.
Krisha & Ahana: It is sooooo cute!
Krisha: It looks soooo romantic..
Ahana: The scenery is soooo beautiful..
Ishani: Hain na?! (Isn’t it?!)
Krisha & Ahana: Who did all of it?
Ishani: My Ranveer..
Krisha: Wow Jiju..
Ahana: Awesome Bhai..
Krisha: I wish I had someone who could do this for me..
Ahana: Same here!
Ishani: I know.. I am soo lucky! Btw Shekku.. Send me that pic yaar
Shikar: Of course.. I already did!
Ranveer: Thanks for your help Shikar! I wouldn’t have gotten to surprise her without your help..
Shikar: No problem.. I am happy that you wanted me to help..
Ishani: Where is Tanvi? She isn’t being a drama queen about this..
Ranveer: Yeah.. And where is Rishi? He would have been freaking out..
Everyone looks around and then sees Tanshi sleeping while hugging each other.
Ishani: OH MY GOD..
Shikar: Dudeee… I shouldn’t have made fun of you two.. You guys are still dating.. THIS is better than you two kissing..
Ranveer: Is something happening between them?
Then, Rishi and Tanu wake up and notice to be in each other’s arms.
Rishi & Tanu: What are doing!?
Tanu: Why are you hugging me?!
Rishi: I don’t know but why are YOU hugging me?! You should have stayed within your limits!
Tanu: My Limits!? You are the one that came close to me!
Rishi: No! You came to me!
Rishi and Tanu fight about who crossed the limit.
Ishani, Krisha, & Shikar: Tanvi….
Ranveer & Ahana: Rishi….
Tanu and Rishi freeze and turn around to see the group watching them.
Tanu & Rishi: Oh no…
Ishani: What is happening here?
Ranveer: Yeah.. Is there something going on??
Everyone: Tell us!!
Rishi runs over to the group.
Rishi: Noo.. This girl just hugged me in my sleep.. She took advantage of me sleeping.. I think she has a crush on me.. Believe me bro!
Tanu is outraged!
Tanu: I TOOK ADVANTAGE!! NO!! YOU are the one who took advantage.. And me have a crush on you!? What a joke..
Ishani: Bhai.. You also hugged my Tanvi.. So she didn’t take advantage..
Ranveer: And Tanvi.. You hugged Rishi.. So he didn’t take advantage..
Shikar: So that proves that you both hugged each other.. So tell the truth.. Is there something going on?
Rishi & Tanu: NEVER!
Rishi: Rishi Singh Bedi doesn’t go after girls.. Girls come after me as you can see..
Tanu: Eh! Tanushree Khurrana also doesn’t chase people.. People chase me!
Krisha: OKAY! STOP YOUR FIGHTING!! Something more interesting happened!
Tanu and Rishi are confused..
Tanu & Rishi: What?
Krisha takes Shikar’s phone from Ishani and throws it to Tanshi..
Ishveer: Krisha!!!
Tanu and Rishi see the photo of Ishveer kissing.
Tanu: ISHANI!!! BHAI!!!
Rishi: RV!!!!! ISHU!!!!
Ishveer is embarrassed..
Tanu: You guys were pulling our legs..
Rishi: While doing things that are worse than what we did.. All we did was hug.. And you two..
Ranveer to Ishani: Let’s run from here..
Ishani and Ranveer hold hands and run upstairs, while everyone laughs.
A few days later..
The gang had enjoyed the weekend by going to parties and movies. Ishani and Ranveer had also gone on two dates in that time, which they had a lot of fun on. When Ishani chose the dates, they weren’t what you would call “normal dates”. They would go do things that they have always wanted to do, like scuba diving and it was a lot of fun. Besides their dates, Ranveer had started hanging out at the Mehra mansion more, making him one of the elder’s favorite. And Ishani had also spent time at the Vaghela house a few times by hanging with Ahana, helping Amba and chatting with Kailash. She had become everyone’s favorite at the Vaghela house.
Vaghela House
The episode starts with Ranveer waking up. It was his birthday and no one had come to wake him up and wish him like they usually did on his birthday.. And Ishani hadn’t sent a good morning text to Ranveer like she always did. Ranveer had a feeling that something weird is happening. But he ignored it and went to get ready.
Ranveer comes downstair to see everyone (Amba, Kailash, Massi, Rishi, and Ahana) sitting in the living room chatting and enjoying tea and coffee.
Ranveer greets everyone and everyone greets him and continues with their conversation.
Ranveer sits down on the couch, annoyed that no one has wished him yet.
Then, Ishani walks into the house and greets everyone. Everyone gets happy once she enters and starts a conversation with her, while Ranveer couldn’t even say hi to her. Ranveer watches everyone and storms out of the house. Once he leaves, everyone starts laughing and high-fiving.
Amba: Bechara.. He doesn’t know what is going to happen yet..
Ranveer is walking on the road.
Ranveer: Today is my birthday.. But my girlfriend is getting all the attention.
Suddenly, a black van comes over to Ranveer and 2 people jump out of the van. They grab Ranveer and throw him into the van. Then, another person puts a black cloth over Ranveer’s head.
The van drives away.
Ranveer wakes up in a hotel room. He is tied to a chair.
Ranveer: What a great birthday.. My family and friends forget it and I get kidnapped.. Just great..
Then, a girl wearing a short, s*xy red dress and a mask walks into the room.
Girl: There is no need to scream.. No one can help you..
Girl: And what were you saying? It’s your birthday.. And everyone forgot.. Well..
She starts singing the happy birthday song.. She puts on the song “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka” and starts dancing around Ranveer, romantically.
Ranveer: What are you doing?!
Girl: What does it look like I am doing?
The girl hugs Ranveer.
Ranveer: Stop. I have a girlfriend and she is my life. Even if she forgot my birthday..
Girl: Sorry.. But now I can’t stay away from you.
Ranveer : I’m sorry Ishani..
The girl comes closer and closer. And then she suddenly pulls off her mask.
It is ISHANI!!!
Ranveer sees her and gets shocked, while Ishani laughs.
Ranveer: Ishani!?
Ishani smiles and unties Ranveer. She comes and sits on his lap in the chair.
Ishani: Hi!
Ranveer: Hi..
Ranveer is still a little shocked to see Ishani..
Ishani: Happy birthday handsome!
Ishani kisses Ranveer on his cheek.
Ranveer: Thanks..
Ishani: Are you still a little shocked?
Ranveer nods.
Ishani: How was the surprise?
Ranveer: This surprise nearly killed me!! I actually thought I got kidnapped!
Ishani giggles..
Ishani: Sorry.. I wanted a creative way to say happy birthday..
But.. I also got to hear your sweet words.. Happy Birthday dear! I love you..
Ranveer and Ishani hug.
Ranveer: Thank you baby.. I love you too..
Ranveer breaks the hug.
Ranveer: You know.. For a second.. I thought that everyone had forgotten my birthday..
Ishani: That could never happen..
Ranveer: Anyway.. Thanks.. Today you are looking amazing.. You have lived up to your name..
Ishani is confused.
Ishani: What?
Ranveer: Arey.. You are looking just like Sunny leone.. You just look better..
Ishani blushes and says: Really?
Ranveer nods. Ishani gets up from the chair.
Ishani: Well.. Sorry, but I have to change now..
Ranveer gets up.
Ranveer: Why!?
Ishani: Because there is more to the surprise!
Ishani runs into the bathroom, while Ranveer sits on the bed, wondering what else will happen.
Ishani comes out in a beautiful multi-color floral tank top and shorts.
Ishani: Let’s go.
Ranveer and Ishani are about to leave, when Ishani stops Ranveer. She goes behind him and puts a blindfold on his eyes.
Ishani: Okay! Now let’s go!
Ishani leads Ranveer down to the hotel party room.
Precap: The group goes to an amusement park..
Sorry guys.. I could only update this much but I will try to update the rest soon!

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