Love Withstands All (Episode 17)


Hi guysssss… Today will be a more romantic episode.. I hope you all like it!
Mall Parking Lot
The episode starts with Ranveer carrying Ishani to her car.
Ishani: Okay Ranveer.. We have come to the car.. Let me down now..
Ranveer: No.. I need something for you to come down..
Ishani: Like..
Ranveer winks at Ishani and she understands.

Ishani kisses Ranveer on the cheek and he lets her down.
Ranveer: So..Where does madam want to go?
Ishani: got my hint didn’t you..
Ranveer: Of course.. I wouldn’t have need the hint because I already knew you wanted to do something with me afterwards..
Ishani: How did you know?
Ranveer: Arey.. What is the use of my love if I don’t know what is in my darling’s heart?
Ishani pinches Ranveer’s cheek..

Ishani: That’s so sweet.. But I just wanted some alone time with you.. We can go wherever..
Ranveer: Good.. Because I have something planned for the two of us..
Ishani: Wow.. A surprise?
Ranveer: Yes.. A surprise for my lady love..
Ishani: Wait! Is it the surprise from the challenge?
Ranveer: Maybe..
Ishani hugs Ranveer..
Ishani: Thank you thank you thank you sooo much Ranveer
Ranveer: Arey.. Wait till you see the surprise!
Ishani: Let’s Go!
Ishani quickly gets into the car..
Ranveer smiles at her antics..
Ishani rolls down the window.

Ishani: Come on!
Ranveer laughs and gets into the car..
They drive out of the Mall Parking Lot.
Ishveer arrives outside the Mehra Mansion.
Ishani: Why are we here? I thought you said we are going to the surprise!?
Ranveer: Arey baba.. We are..
Ishani: Th..
Ranveer: No more questions.. Close your eyes..
Ishani listens and Ranveer ties a blindfold on her eyes.
Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand. He smiles and leads her into the house.
Meanwhile, Rishi and Tanu are on their way home.

Rishi takes a turn which he didn’t need to take.
Tanu: Eh.. What are you doing?
Rishi: We are taking a small stop..
They arrive at a small chat stand.
Rishi smiles and they both get out of the car..
They order chaat and chit-chat about things..
Tanu: We must be looking so weird in these pajamas, na?
Rishi: Talk for yourself.. Rishi Singh Bedi looks good in everything.. Even in a monkey costume..
Tanu laughs and Rishi is confused.
Rishi: What are you laughing at?
Tanu: You!
Rishi: Me!? Why?
Tanu: You talked about being dressed up in a monkey costume.. Even though you already look like a monkey!!
Tanu laughs and Rishi smiles..

Rishi : You look so beautiful when you laugh.. I wish I could always see you like this..
Tanu still giggles, but notices Rishi smiling at her.
Tanu : He has such a cute smile.. I wish I knew how he felt about me..
Tanu: What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?
Rishi: I was wondering why Shikar called Ishu an elephant?
Tanu : Meaning?
Rishi: I mean that he should have called you the elephant!! I was thinking how did an elephant like you fit a real elephant suit! Look now.. How you are eating all the food up..
Tanu: How dare you!?
Tanu starts beating Rishi, until he finally says sorry..

Rishi: Dang! You have amazing muscles.. Every time you hit me.. It actually hurt..
Tanu: Arey.. My best friend is Sunny Deol.. I need strong muscles to be able to save myself..
They both laugh and finish their food..
Tanu :Thanks for this.. I had fun talking with you..
Rishi: Same here! Are you ready to go?

Tanu: Yeah.. I am tired..
Rishi: Okay. Let’s go..
They both get into the car and think about each other..
The Roof of the Mehra Mansion
Ranveer leads Ishani upto the roof. Ishani is super excited to see the surprise..
Ranveer: Okay.. One more step.. Ready?
Ishani nods her head.

He opens her blindfold and she is surprised when she sees the setup.

There are jeweled decorations hanging from the entryway ceiling and the floor is decorated with soft red rose petals. There are golden, red, and white balloons everywhere. The entryway is decorated with pictures of Ishani and photos of Ranveer & Ishani together (selfies from the movies and hanging out.. etc) in beautiful decorated golden frames. She walks onto the real roof of the house and sees diyas scattered all over the roof. Suddenly, something pops and Ishani gets immersed in white rose petals and golden glitter and laughs in happiness. There are potted trees decorated with gorgeous white christmas lights which twinkled amongst the beautiful stars in the sky. Ishani sees something glisten at the end of the floor. She walks toward it. It was a big picture of Ishani in a silver glittery heart. She spins around, admiring the magnificent view, to see Ranveer, in a cute red sweater and khakis, kneeling on his knee on beautiful gold and white sheets. He is holding roses in his hand and has a big grin on his face. She slowly starts moving toward Ranveer. She walks onto the sheet.
Ranveer: Ishani Parekh..

Ishani smiles.
Ishani: Yes..
Ranveer: Ever since I saw you walk into college that morning.. My world has changed.. Everything seems more beautiful and I have become more compassionate.. I smile more… I have started to believe in love.. And when I caught you from falling that day, your beauty had taken my breath away .. And I believe that that was the moment when I fell in love with you.. I got to know you more and more.. I saw your sweet side.. Your crazy side.. Your sad side.. Your responsible side.. Your family side.. Your romantic side.. And I kept on falling in love with you more and more.. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.. I love you.. And I promise that my love for you will be eternal.. That Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi.. Will you accept me?
Ishani is teary eyed but has a BIG smile on her face.

Ishani: Ranveer Vaghela..
Ranveer nods, smiling.
Ishani: You are also the best thing that has ever happened to me.. I never thought that I would fall in love.. But I did.. With you.. You make me happy.. You make me complete.. I will always love you.. Meri Aashiqui Sirf Tumse Hi.. And of course I will accept you.. The real question is will YOU accept me, a sleepy, crazy girl wearing a rainbow unicorn onesie.. Which is totally not appropriate for this situation..
Ranveer: You have never looked more beautiful to me..
Ishani makes Ranveer stand up and they passionately hug each other..
Ranveer: I love you Ishani..

Ishani: I love you Ranveer..
They both lose themselves in each other’s eyes and come closer and closer.
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤❤️️They kiss…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

On the side, you see Shikar, who took a photo of Ishveer kissing.
Shikar: I bet Shona will love this photo.. And it will also give another reason to make fun of the lovebirds..
He goes downstairs.
Ishveer come out of the kiss and both look at each other lovingly.They hug.
Ranveer: I have proved I am not a coward.. That I am romantic..
Ishani smiles and pinches Ranveer’s cheek.
Ishani: You are MY romantic.. Anyway.. How did you pull this off?
Ranveer: I had some help from friends..
Ishani: This was the best surprise I have ever seen.. Thank you..
Ishani kisses Ranveer on the cheek.

Ranveer: I am happy that you loved it.. It was a lot of fun to set up..
Ishani: That’s great! That means that you can plan more surprises for me in the future.. I love surprises..
Ranveer smiles..
Ranveer: I can do anything for you.. Because you are my love..
Ishani: Same here.. I can also do anything for you Ranveer..
They hug again.
Ranveer : Well.. You did prove that.. By giving me the best thing in the world..
Ishani is confused.
Ishani: What did I give?
Ranveer: You don’t remember..
Ishani is still confused.

Ranveer comes close to Ishani’s ear.
Ranveer whispers: The kiss..
Ishani blushes.
Ishani : That was all the proof you needed?
Ishani comes closer to Ranveer.
Ranveer: I could use a little more proof..
Ishani, romantically: You could?
Ranveer nods.
They come close to each other and Ranveer is about to hug Ishani, when she bends down and he falls.
Ishani laughs, while Ranveer is shocked.
Ishani: Looks like someone was expecting another gift..
Ranveer: Ishani!
Ranveer gets up and starts chasing her around. He finally catches her and they both fall on the ground. They stay that way for a little bit, Ishani in Ranveer’s lap. They share an eyelock and ishq wala love plays in the bg. Ranveer comes out of the eyelock first.

Ranveer: Okay.. Go freshen up and change into your nightclothes then meet me up here..
Ishani: Why? Don’t I look good as an unicorn?
Ranveer: You look superb.. But are you comfortable? I mean we did a lot of weird things in our pajamas.. You probably got covered in some of the things from the pranks..
Ishani: Very true.. Okay! I will meet you up here in a little bit.
Ranveer: Okay.
Ishani runs down, while Ranveer also goes to change.
Tanishi arrive home to see everyone besides the lovebirds asleep.
Rishi yawns.
Rishi: I am sooo tired.. But I had so much fun!
Tanu: Same here.. But we will still have this much fun for the next few days because we have off from college!

Rishi: Oh yeah! I am excited now!
Tanu and Rishi both change and then arrive to the living room.. They both go to sleeping bags that are next to each other so that the lovebirds could also be together..
Tanu: Hey! I don’t want you to somehow come close to me okay! I like my space..
Rishi: Same here! You stay over there and I will stay over here..
Tanu: Good! Night Rishi..
Rishi: Night Tanu..
They both drift off to sleep..
After a while, they both crept up to each other and end up hugging while sleeping.
The Roof
Ishani comes back upstairs to see pillows and food set up on sheets. Ranveer walks up and hugs Ishani from the back.
Ishani turns and sees Ranveer’s tired face.
Ishani: Is my baby sleepy?

Ranveer nods.
Ishani: Then we can go to sleep.. I am also very tired.. Come on! Let’s go downstairs..
Ishani starts to walk, but Ranveer holds her back.
Ishani: Kya hua? (What happened?)
Ranveer: I made sooo many arrangements.. Aren’t we going to stay up here and enjoy the view?
Ishani: Now I understand why we are still up here and all the pillows and food.
Ranveer nods.
Ishani hugs Ranveer.
Ishani: You keep on making this night better and better..
Ranveer: Arey.. You keep on making my life better and better..
Ishani: So filmy yaar.. I love it!

They both laugh and walk over to the set up. Ranveer sets up the projector and puts on the movie “Dilwale”, while Ishani gets the food. They both sit on the sheets and pillows against the wall. Ishani feeds Ranveer and he feeds her. They both cuddle and watch the movie. When Janam Janam plays, they both dance romantically as the stars twinkle in the sky. By the end of the movie, Ishani was asleep while cuddling Ranveer. He lays her down and makes sure that she is comfortable. When he starts to go to his sleeping bag, he gets stopped because of Ishani tightly holding his hand. He bring his sleeping bag closer and the scene ends with Ishveer asleep holding hands.

Precap: A few days later..

Credit to: Reena

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