Love Withstands All (Episode 16)

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Recap: The group is playing manhunt in the mall. During one of the rounds, Ranveer purposely flirts with a girl, Sameera.
The episode starts with Tanu running over to the group.
Tanu: Found you!
Shikar: Oh crap.. With all this drama, we forgot we were playing this game.
Everyone: What plan!?
Tanu explains how they got Ranveer’s friend Sameera’s help to get Ishani jealous and make them come in front of Ranveer and Tanu.
Rishi: Well.. This plan did work.. But Ishani might kill Ranveer in the process..
Everyone looks back at Ishveer. Ishani and Ranveer keep on running around, while everyone laughs and takes videos and pictures of what was happening.
Ranveer: Sunny! I was only acting!
Ishani: Everyone says that once they get caught!
Ishani throws a shoe at him and he dodges it.
Sumo and Shravan also run from to the control room and join the group.
Shravan: Rishi! What happened?
Rishi explains how Tanu and Ranveer had a plan and got Ishani jealous.
Shravan: He isn’t going to survive.. Did anybody actually tell Ishu yet besides Ranveer? She won’t believe him because she thinks he cheated..
Rishi: Oh! We didn’t..
Sumo: That would be a smart idea.. Don’t you think?
Rishi: Probably..
Rishi goes up to Ishani and stops her. Shravan and Sumo also run up, while everyone is confused with who Shravan and Sumo are..
Ranveer runs over to Shikar and Tanu.
Ranveer: Who are they? And how do they know Ishani and Rishi?
Shikar & Tanu: No idea.. But it looks like they are calming Shona down..
Ishani: Bro! Why did you stop me!? I was so close to hurting him.. Like the way he hurt me!
Ishani drops the bat and gets sad. Shravan hugs Ishani, who hugs him back.
Ranveer: Why is that guy hugging her?
Tanu: Bhai.. Now is not the time to get jealous.. That guy is actually helping you by keeping her away from you.
Rishi : You don’t know why he did what he did though..
Ishani : I don’t want to know.. He was probably taking advantage of a chance since he thought I wasn’t watching him!
Ishani starts to walk over again seeing Ranveer angrily, but Shravan and Rishi hold her back..
Ishani: Let me go! I will kill him!
Sumo: Ranveer was telling the truth.. He was acting..
Ishani: How do you know?
Shravan: They explained how they did this to get you to come in front of them.. So they could win..
Ishani gets quiet and thinks.
Ishani: Really?
Rishi and Sumo nod.
Sumo: Has your anger cooled down?
Shravan: Can I let go of you now and know that you won’t kill him?
Ishani nods.

They let go of her. She hugs them all.
Ishani: Thanks..
Shravan, Sumo, and Rishi: No problem Party-Girl Ishu!
They all salute, which makes her laugh.
Shravan: There’s that world famous smile..
She again hugs Shravan.
Rishi brings her back to the group.
Ishani walks up to Ranveer. She shows some attitude.
He gets on his knees and holds his ears.
Ranveer: Sorry Sunny.. Maaf Karogi? I swear I was only acting to win the round..
Ishani thinks for a little bit but then smiles.
Ishani: Wake up..
Ranveer listens.
Ishani: I told you I can’t see you with another girl.. Before.. I used to cry when I saw you with another girl.. Now.. I will kill you if I see you with another girl..
Ranveer: It will never happen.. Because I only love one girl.. And that is you Ishani..
Ishani smiles and hugs Ranveer, who hugs her back..
Ranveer: But I have to say.. I love watching you get jealous.. It shows me how much you love me..
Ishani: Arey! I told you before naa.. I love you so much..
Ranveer: Yeah.. You love me enough to hurt me if I look at another girl..
Everyone laughs while Ishani hugs Ranveer and smiles..
Ishani: Sorry.. I was just so angry that you said those things.. You are lucky that Shravu, Sumo, and Rish-Bro calmed me down.. Otherwise you would have been done for..
Ranveer, Tanu, Shikar, Ahana, and Krisha have confused looks on their faces.
Everyone: Who?
Ishani runs over to Shravan and Sumo. She grabs their hands and drags them over to the group.
Ishani: These are my two good friends: Shravu and Sumo!
Sumo & Shravan: Hey!
Everyone: Hi..
Shikar: Shona.. When did you meet them?
Ishani: Well.. I..
Shravan: We met at a party in 11th grade! It was a boring party and I was about to leave until this mad and her friends came to the party and turned it around.. We stayed up till 4 in the morning that night! And we have been friends ever since!
Ishani looks at Shravan, surprised.
Ishani: Arey! You remember our first party!?
Shravan: Of course! It was one of the funnest party ever.. Thanks to my Party-Girl Ishu!
Shravan hugs Ishani..
Sumo: Shravu.. You remember the first party with Ishu.. But, do you remember your first party with me?
Shravan: Of course.. It was one of Ishu’s secret parties.. It was also a very fun party!
Ishu: Do you remember who set you two up?
Shravan: Of course! It was… ummm…
Sumo: You! You saw how Shravu and I were cute together and then hooked us up.. And we have now been dating for two years, thanks to you!
Sumo, Shravan, and Ishani hug.
Ishani: It was my pleasure.. Once you guys started dating.. You guys also partied more, which meant I had more friends to party with..
They all laugh..

Ishani looks over at Rishi.
Ishani: And now I have a bro to go partying with too!
Shravan: Yeah Rishi! Now you HAVE to go partying with us..
Sumo: You won’t regret it.. It will be one of the most fun nights of your life!
Rishi: I bet! I will definitely come!
Shikar: Wait! So our Shona is actually a secret party girl..
Shravan and Sumo nod, while Ishani realizes what is going to happen..
Tanu: Shona! How could you not tell me! I thought I was your only bestie..
Tanu acts angry..
Ishani whispers to Rishi, Shravan, and Sumo: I told you she would get mad..
Ishani: Tanvi.. You know you are my bestie.. These are just my really good friends.. You never really liked partying, so I had to go with other friends.. But I don’t get to see them enough to call them my bestie.. YOU are my bestie..
Tanu gets happy all of a sudden.
Tanu: Really?!
Ishani: Of course! I need my drama queen with me at all times in order to have fun!
Tanu acts shocked while everyone laughs. Then Tanu also starts laughing and hugs Ishani..
Ishani introduces everyone to Sumo and Shravan, besides Ranveer.
Then, Ishani brings Sumo and Shravan to Ranveer.
Ishani: And this is..
Shravan: Ranveer, right?
Ranveer nods.
Ranveer: Shravu?
Shravan laughs and nods and they hug.
Ranveer: And I believe you are Sumo?
Sumo nods and she hugs him.
Sumo: So you are my Ishu’s boyfriend..
Ranveer looks at Ishani, who blushes.
Ranveer: Yeah.. I am..
Shravan: You don’t know how lucky you are man! I would kill to be Party-Girl Ishu’s boyfriend.. But I am in a committed relationship.
Shravan hugs Sumo.
Sumo: Well.. If you did leave me, which you better not.. I would hope that it’s for Ishu..
Ranveer: Sorry.. But now she is taken..
Ranveer hugs Ishani from the back and rests his head on her shoulder.
Everyone laughs.
Ishani: So are you two happy now? You got to meet Ranveer..
Sumo & Shravan:Very happy! But now we have to leave..
Ishani: Kya! It’s only 3:30AM.. I was planning to stay up all night!
Shravan: Yeah but I have an important flight at 10..
Sumo: And I have work..
Ishani: Fine.. But we have to meet soon..
Shravan: If you are saying this.. That means you already found a party to go to..
Ishani grins and gets excited..
Ishani: Yeah! Remember Sania (not important character), the girl we met at the last party?
Sumo: Umm..

Ishani: We went behind the house which held the party, jumped into the pool, and then turned the house party into a pool party with her and afterwards started to play with Holi colors!
Ranveer lets go of Ishani and stares at her, surprised..
Ranveer: Dang! I am learning new things about you by the minute.. Is there anything you haven’t done!?
Everyone laughs..
Ishani: I haven’t fallen in love before..
Ranveer smiles and hugs Ishani..
Sumo: So filmy Ishu!
Ishu: Anyway.. She is having a party in 2 weeks and has invited us.. So you guys are coming..
Shravan: Okay baba! But you have to bring Ranveer..
Sumo: And Rishi and everyone else!
Ishani: Done!
Shravan: Okay.. But we really have to go now Ishu..
Ishani hugs Shravan..
Ishani: I’ll miss you Shravu..
Shravan: Same here Ishu..
Ishani then hugs Sumo..
Ishani: I will also miss my bubbly Sumo!
Sumo: I will miss you too Ishu.. But I know you won’t miss me that much.. Now that you have Ranveer..
They all laugh while Ishani blushes and bid bye to Shravan and Sumo..
Tanu: So Bhai and I win!
Ranveer and Tanu high-five..
Ishani: No.. You guys do not win!
Ranveer and Tanu are shocked.
Ranveer: What do you mean!? We totally saw you guys..
Ishani: But you didn’t catch us..
Rishi: True!
Rishi and Ishani run away..
Ranveer : I hugged Ishani though.. Didn’t you touch Rishi?
Tanu: No…

Ranveer: That means that everything that happened was for nothing..
Tanu: God Dang It..
Ranveer : Why aren’t you guys running away?
Ahana: Bhaiya.. We all are tired..
Krisha: Yeah.. They can win..
Shikar: It’s better if they win.. They really wanted to anyway..
Shikar, Ahana, and Krisha all sit on a bench and doze off. Tanu and Ranveer go around and touch them, confirming that they are caught..
Tanu : Eh! Overachievers! Come down! We caught Shikar’s team.. So that means that you two win..
Ishani and Rishi pop their heads from the 2nd Floor..
Ishani: WE WON!
Ishani hugs Rishi and then Rishi picks Ishani up and he runs downstairs.. They run over to Ranveer and Tanu..
Rishi: Agreed!
Ranveer: Okay.. Okay.. You ARE experts at manhunt..
Tanu: Yes.. You guys are experts..
Tanu and Ranveer bow to Ishani and Rishi.. Ishani jumps out of Rishi’s arms. Rishi and Ishani take photos of them bowing and laugh..
Ishani: Thanks for being my partner bro!! I had fun!
Rishi: I also loved being your partner Ishu.. I had soo much fun! We have to do this soon!
Ishani: Of course!

Ishani : There is a party this Monday.. Will you come?
Rishi: Of course!
Ishani and Rishi high-five.
Ranveer and Tanu come up to them.
Tanu: Those three already fell asleep.. So what should we do?
Ishani: Let’s wake them up and tell them that we are going home.. We had a lot of fun and now I am getting tired too..
Ishani nudges Ranveer and holds his hand, causing him to become confused..
Tanu: Okay!
Tanu goes up to Shikar and wakes him up. She explains that it is time to go home.
Shikar : I will take these two home in my car.. Good night.. See you all tomorrow..
Rishi & Ranveer: Bye Bro..
Ishani & Tanu: Bye Shekku!
Ishani: Oh! Shekku! Tomorrow you have to tell us who Shivanya is..
Tanu: Yeah!
Shikar: Okay devis.. I will.. Now bye!
Everyone: Bye!

He wakes up Krisha and Ahana and takes them to the car.
Rishi: So are we going home?
Ishani: Why? Is there something else you would like to do bhai??
Ishani shoves Rishi. He pinches her cheek.
Rishi: No my sweet sister.. I wanted to know because at home.. You two will definitely romance and I would just like a notice..
Ishani: I don’t know bhai.. Your friend doesn’t seem like a big romantic.. He seems more like a big coward..
Ranveer is surprised, while Tanu and Rishi laugh.
Tanu: Bhai! Ab isat ki baat hai! What are you going to do? (Bro.. Now this has gone to your honor..)
Ranveer: Now your bestie will see what I can do..
Ranveer goes over to Ishani and picks her up into his arms and puts her over his shoulder..
Ishani: RANVEER!? What are you doing!?
Ranveer: You just said I am a coward naa.. Now you will see real Ranveer Vaghela..
Ishani: BHACHOOO! My coward boyfriend has turned crazy!
Ranveer : Bro.. Use my car to go home with Tanvi.. We will come in Sunny’s car..
Rishi gives a thumbs up while Tanu laughs at what is happening..
Ranveer runs off carrying Ishani..
Tanu and Rishi stand there for a little bit..
Rishi: Ab hum chale madam.. (Can we go now Madam?)
Tanu: Chalo Janab.. (Let’s go Sir)
They both smile at each other and leave the mall.
Precap: Ranveer.. “Ishani Parekh”..

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