Love Withstands All (Episode 14)


Hi everyone! I missed you all so much.. My final exams are in a few weeks, so I am trying to comment as much as I can, but I got to write a lot of my ff over the weekend..So I hope you all like it!
Anyway I want to thank Shalini sis, Jayalaxmi dear, Prince bro, Julina sissy, Ankita sissy, Menaz sis, Fatarajo dhi, Neelam sissy, shadhika lover, and everyone else.. I love you all! And a bigggggg hug to my little sweetheart sis Tanvee!!
The Mall Parking Lot Entrance
The episode starts with Ishani and Rishi rushing inside of the mall. The mall was mostly empty from where they entered.
Ishani: This part of the mall is mostly empty because the only people at the mall during the night are teens who hang out in the food court.
Rishi: It is a good thing that we got a head start!
Ishani: Not just that! We also have help from my friend!
Rishi is confused.
Rishi: I thought you said you are new to this city..
Ishani: I am.. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t go to parties and make new friends and connections..
Rishi: Tum tho package ho yaar.. You are beautiful, a sweetheart, a party-girl, responsible, and very fun.. Ranveer is so lucky.. (Dude.. You are the full package!)
Ishani winks while saying, “Arey! You are also lucky.. You are my brother and we will hang out alot and trouble Ranveer together”.
Rishi: Of course!
Rishi and Ishani high five, when Ishani gets a call.
Ishani: Yeah we have arrived.. Okay! The Control Room? Meet you there!
Ishani : He is here! Let’s go!
Ishani and Rishi rush over to the Control Room.
Parking Lot
Ranveer and Tanu get out of Ranveer’s car.
Tanu: Look it’s Shona’s car!
Ranveer: They are already here!? But we took the fast route!
Tanu: Shona LIVES at the mall! She knows all the fastest routes to this mall. When she first moved here, this is the first place we hung out at.. She probably picked the mall because she knows the whole place by heart and wanted us to purposely lose!
Ranveer: Hurry! Let’s leave here before Shikar, Ahana, and Krisha come find us!
Tanu: Let’s go!
They run inside the mall.
Control Room
Ishani and Rishi reach the room. Ishani does a secret knock on the door.
Rishi: What are you doing?
Ishani: This is how we will know if it is friend or foe..
Rishi: Who is this friend?
Ishani: You will see in a minute..
The door opens and Rishi gets shocked seeing who it is..
It is Shravan Malhotra (EDKV)!!
Shravan: Ishu!
Ishani: Shravu!!
Ishani hugs Shravan.
Rishi is in shock.
Rishi: Your friend is THE Shravan Malhotra, the son of the owner of this mall and many more.
Ishani nods and winks.
Ishani: I told you bro.. I have connections.. I have been friends with Shravu since before I moved here.. We are good friends. We met at a party. But Tanu and Shikar don’t know him because they don’t like partying.. Please don’t tell them.. Tanu will hate me because I told you before I told her..
Shravan: Arey! Partying with you is so much fun tho.. You are the reason we had a blast at my birthday party..
Ishani: I know! I am the life of any party..
Shravan and Ishani laugh.
Shravan goes up to Rishi.
Shravan: I am Shravan.. Are you also friends with my Party-Girl Ishu?
Rishi: Yeah.. I am Rishi! I am like Ishani’s brother and her boyfriend’s best friend..
Shravan: ISHU!! You have a boyfriend!? And you didn’t tell me!? I am not talking to you..
Shravan acts angry towards Ishani.
Ishani: Sorry Shravu.. Forgive me naa..
Ishani comes up and hugs Shravan. Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Can I ever be mad at my favorite Party-girl and good friend?
Ishani: Nobody can be mad at me.. I am too lovable..
Shravan and Rishi laugh.
Girl from the back: Arey Ishu! Did you forget about me?
The girl comes and is shown to be Sumo (EDKV)!!
Ishani: SUMO!!
Ishani goes and hugs Sumo.
Ishani: Shravu! Why didn’t you tell me you were bringing your girlfriend!?
Sumo: I told him not to.. I wanted to surprise you.. Like my surprise?
Ishani: Love it!
Ishani : Bro, this is my other good friend, Sumo.
Sumo: Hi!
Ishani : This is Rishi, he is like my brother..
Rishi: Hey!
Shravan: Ishu? Why are you two dressed up like this?
Ishani and Rishi laugh and explain the whole Manhunt game.
Sumo: That sounds damn fun yaar!
Shravan: Yeah! So what do you need our help with?
Ishu: I want you to help us win this game..
Sumo: How?
Rishi: We need you to turn down the lights so it is hard for the others to find us.. You only need to dim them.. And add turn on party lights
Shravan: Okay..
Ishu: And we just need you to monitor the mall and alert us if they are coming after us..
Suddenly, they see Ranveer and Tanu enter the mall..
Rishi: That’s them!!
Sumo and Shravan dim the lights and turn on the party lights (they aren’t actually a part of the system but they can turn them on from the control room).
Sumo winks at Ishani and says, “Arey Ishu.. Your boyfriend is cute..”
Ishani blushes while Shravan gets fake angry.
Shravan: Ehh!
And Shravan nudges Ishani.
Shravan: Dekho Ishu.. My own girlfriend is flirting in front of me.. What is going to happen to me!?
Ishani and Rishi laugh.
Ishu: Arey dramebaaz.. Stop.. She is only doing it to irritate you..
Shravan to Ishu: Pakka?
Ishu: Arey if she is after my boyfriend then I will beat her up myself!
They all laugh.. Sumo hugs both of them..
Sumo: I was just saying.. Love you Shravu..
Shravu: Love you too Sumo..
Sumo: But seriously Ishani.. Good choice..
Ishani does a cute smile.
Ishani: I know..
Rishi: So will you guys monitor?
Shravan & Sumo: Okay we will monitor.. But.. You have to do one thing..
Ishani: Kya??
Shravan: After this game is done…
Sumo: You have to introduce is to your boyfriend!
Ishani: I don’t know..
Rishi: Done! I will make you meet RV!
Sumo and Shravan get happy, while Ishani is surprised.
Ishani: But bro! What if he doesn’t like me once he finds out how much I party from these two fools!?
Rishi: Arey sis.. Ranveer DIES over you.. He loves you so much.. I think he will be happier to know your party-girl side so he can have fun at parties with you too! And you would finally get the friend you wanted to take to parties!
Ishani: You are right bhai.. Thanks!
Rishi: BUT!!! If you ever need someone else to party with.. Your bro is right here!
Ishani: Of course.. I promise one of these weeks we will go and party with Shravu and Sumo.. Done?
Rishi, Shravan, and Sumo: Done!
Ishani: Okay fools.. See you two after the game okay.. I will bring Ranveer..
Sumo & Shravan: Good luck Party-Girl Ishu and Bindaas Rishi!!!
Ishani takes a bow and they all laugh..
Ishani and Rishi rush out of the Control Room.
Shikar, Krisha, and Ahana arrive at the mall and start looking for the teams.
Ishani and Rishi get notified and they hide in one of the shops while Tanu and Ranveer hid in the food court..
Ishani and Rishi keep on making noises and shouting, causing Shikar’s team to get confused. They also set up pranks like spilling oil on the floor causing Shikar, Krisha, and Ahana to fall. Sometimes Ishani and Rishi would run around, causing Shikar, Krisha, and Ahana to run after them, but get lost. Ishani and Rishi really enjoy confusing the other team. They finally stop at a shop.
Ishani comes and sits on a counter beside Rishi.
Ishani: Bro.. About earlier tonight..
Rishi: Yeah..
Ishani: Do you like Tanu?
Rishi gets happy hearing Tanu’s name..
Rishi: She is so pretty and cute when she fights with me..She is also very nice at times and always makes me feel happy.. I feel like she has a deep connection with me.. And that I have known her for a long time.. Like since childhood..
Ishani gets happy and Rishi goes on about how much he like Tanu..
Ishani : I should tell Ranveer about these two.. They could be such a cute couple.. I would SHIP them..
Meanwhile, time goes on and Shikar, Krisha, and Ahana keep on trying to find Rishani and Tanveer until finally Shikar, Krisha, and Ahana give up.
They call the other and tell them that they give up and lost.
Rishani high five and run down to them while Tanveer come from the food court.
Tanu: We are good at this game for our first time!
Ranveer: Yeah!
Tanu and Ranveer high-five.
Shikar mutters: Beginners Luck..
And all of them laugh.
Ishani jumps onto Rishi’s back and he gives her a piggy-back ride. They run over to the group.
Shikar: Okay fine… You guys did good in this round..
Krisha: We accept that you are an expert Shona and Rishi..
Shikar and Krisha bow down to Rishi and Ishani.
Sumo and Shravan watch this and laugh in the Control Room..
Ishani and Rishi get happy and take pics and vids of them bowing and post on snapchat.
Ranveer: I wouldn’t call you experts..
Tanu: Neither would I..
Ishani and Rishi are shocked..
Ishani: You will see..
Rishi: We will end up winning the most rounds.. We had a tie this round.. But we will win the next round, right Ishu?
Rishi: Right Rish Bro..
They high-five.
Ranveer : Ishu? Rish Bro? Lagta hai ki en dono ki bahut jamri hai.. (Looks like these two are getting along well..)
Ahana: Okay let’s start the next round.. Next the seekers will be.. TANVI AND BHAI!!
Tanu: Good.. We are ready..
Ishani: Good luck.. You will need it..
Tanu: Are you sure.. Because I feel like for this round, you will need it.
Rishi: We will see..
Ranveer: Yes.. We WILL see.. “Rish-Bro”
Ishani: Ishh..I smell something burning..
Rishi: Me too Ishu.. Looks like someone is jealous..
Ranveer: RV doesn’t get jealous..
Rishi: When did we say RV??
Ishani and Rishi laugh and run away to hide..
Tanu: We have to find them this round..
Ranveer: And make them lose..
Tanu: Don’t worry bhai.. I got a plan..
Tanu whispers the plan to Ranveer.
Ranveer: I don’t know..
Tanu: Bhai.. This will work 100%..
Ranveer: Okay.. Let’s do it!
Ranveer and Tanu wait the 15 minutes and then start to look for the others.
Precap: Ishani sees Ranveer with another girl..

Credit to: Reena

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    1. Hi Dhruva Dhi!! Thanks for your support! I have followed Sharad since he was in Banu Main Teri Dulhan and I love his character in Kasam.. He is so sweet.. BUT RANVEER IS STILL MY LOVE!! No one can beat Ranveer Vaghela.. But Rishi Singh Bedi is my next top? I will update soon I promise! I have missed you so much! Anyway how are you?

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