Love Withstands All (Episode 12)


Hey guys! How are you all? Today will be a shorter update for me, but I hope you all love it! Please comment below on what you guys think..
Ishani’s Room
Ishani brings Ranveer into her room and closes the door.
Ranveer: What are you doing?
Ishani doesn’t reply and goes into the bathroom.
She brings a towel and comes to Ranveer.
Ishani: Sit.
Ranveer listens and sits on the bed.
Ishani starts cleaning Ranveer’s face using the towel. Ranveer looks at her with affection.
Ranveer: Ishani..
Ishani: Ha.. (not really paying attention)
Ranveer: Sunny!
Ishani stops.
Ishani: Haan baba! Talk!
Ranveer pulls Ishani close to his face. They get really close to each other.
Ranveer: I love you.
Ishveer have an eyelock (Sun Saathiya plays in the bg). Ishveer stays like that for a little bit.
They both break the eyelock, and Ishani gets a little shy. Ranveer smiles at Ishani.
Ishani: Why did you say?
Ranveer: Why? Am I not allowed?
Ishani: Of course you are.. But today I helped make you look like a joker, while you didn’t let anything happen to me..
Ranveer: But when I looked like a joker, it brought a smile to your face. That’s all I want.
Ishani gets teary eyed and hugs Ranveer.
Ishani: I love you too pudhu!
Ishani breaks the hug.
Ishani: I will go get some of Shikar’s clothes for you.. The bathroom is right there.. Go freshen up.
Ishani leaves the room, while Ranveer enters the bathroom.
Shikar’s Room
Tanu brings Rishi into Shikar’s room.
Tanu gets Rishi some clothes and a towel.
Tanu: The bathroom is right there.
Tanu points to the bathroom.
Rishi: Thanks.
Tanu nods and starts to leave, but trips over a rug. Rishi catches her and they slip into an eyelock (Hasi Ban Gayi plays in the bg). They stay like that for a little bit.
Suddenly Ishani walks into the room. Ishani gets shocked seeing the couple.
Ishani : Look at the love between them.. I need to do something..
She bangs the door closed and causes Tanishi to break their eyelock. Rishi drops Tanu once he sees Ishani.
Ishani: Sorry!
Tanu: AH!
Ishani and Rishi rush to help Tanu up.
Rishi: I am SO sorry!
Tanu: Stupid! You did this on purpose! You were mad that we won the challenge and wanted to hurt me!
Rishi: No I..
Tanu: SHUT UP!
Tanu storms out of the room. Rishi stands there confused, while Ishani laughs.
Rishi: Why are you laughing?
Ishani suddenly stops laughing.
Ishani: No reason! But what were you two doing here?
Ishani winks at Rishi..
Rishi: Err.. Nothing.. Should I ask what you and RV do together?
Rishi hits Ishani’s shoulder, while Ishani is surprised and gets embarrassed.
Ishani: Okay.. Okay.. No questions.. Friends?
Ishani extends her hand.
Rishi thinks for a second. Ishani stands there shocked that he isn’t responding.
Rishi laughs and shakes her hand.
Rishi: Not just friends..You are my best friend’s love.. I will be your brother!
Ishani gets happy!
Ishani: Done! I am your sister!
They high-five.
Ishani: Oh I forgot! I had to get Ranveer some clothes! And you also should freshen up! Meet you downstairs bro!
Rishi: Okay sis!
They both laugh. Rishi goes into the bathroom, while Ishani gets the clothes and leaves the room.
Ishani enters her room and starts tidying things up. She busies herself, while Ranveer comes out of the bathroom shirtless and wearing a towel. Ranveer sees Ishani.
Ranveer : Now is my chance!
Ranveer slowly walks behind Ishani and then hugs her.
Ishani gets shocked and turns around to see Ranveer shirtless.
Ishani (stammers): Ra..nnvee..rrr..
Ishani closes her eyes and turns around..
Ranveer comes up to Ishani and hugs her from the back.
Ishani: Yeh.. Tumm.. tumm.. kyaa.. kar rahe ho?
(What are you doing?)
Ranveer turns Ishani around and starts walking towards her. Ishani starts walking back until she hits the wall. She tries to leave, but Ranveer blocks her using his hands.
Ishani gets nervous while Ranveer comes close to her.
Ranveer: What’s wrong Sunny? Why are you so quiet? Is something wrong?
Ishani is in her conscience and isn’t able to say anything.
Ranveer: Arey bolo Shonu..
Ishani comes out of her conscience.. And she comes close to Ranveer.
Ishani: What can I say? There is a s*xy, shirtless guy standing in front of me.. What should I do?
Ranveer: I think I have an idea..
Ishani: Kya?
Ranveer comes too close to Ishani.. Ishani understands what he is hinting at..
Ishani also comes closer and closer to Ranveer. He closes his eyes and is about to kiss Ishani. Ishani has a naughty smile and knows what to do.
Ishveer is about to kiss, when Ishani pulls back, surprising Ranveer.
Ranveer has a surprised look on his face.
Ishani: Arey Mr. Vaghela! Have patience.. You won’t get that until after our date..
Ranveer: But you just lured me.. You have to give a kiss now Ishani!
Ishani smiles.
Ishani: No…
Ranveer starts coming after Ishani. They run around the room until Ishani eventually runs out of the room.
Ishani (yells from outside): Get ready Mr. Vaghela! Tonight is going to be exciting!
Ranveer : Yes.. Tonight will be exciting.. I will get you to kiss me!
Ranveer gets ready.
Precap: Masti.. Romance..
I have been missing MATSH for so long.. And I am still saddened that it ended. I still watch old episodes and sometimes cry about how they could end such an amazing show. But if it wouldn’t have ended, I wouldn’t have found all these lovely people to talk to and become friends with. I am serious when I tell you guys how much I love you all! Your comments make my day and your support helps me so much..
Love you!

Credit to: Reena

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    1. Thank you Mukti??

  1. Suuuuuuuuuperb epi darling…. I loved it from my heart…. I can imagine each and every scene…. ur ff is suuperb…. I can’t express it my words….I can see real ishveer there….. just keep rocking…. ????

    1. Thanks so much Julina sis! I love you so much❤️❤️❤️

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am fine reena r u? As usual ur episode was awesome.I am going to miss u and ur ff because today I am going to my mom’s home and staying there.I can’t read and comment in ffs.miss u and love u too….

    1. I am great Sana sissy! I will miss you too? I hope you enjoy and then inform us on how it was at your mom’s house! Love you di!??

  3. Reena sis.. The epi was Fantastic!! Ur mind blowing ❤❤ we’re also happy to have u dude..

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    Lovely sissy as always my mind is blowing in ishveer romance…….superb yaar…..

    1. Thank you so much Dhruva dhi! Love you??

  5. Nice episode reena……

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  6. Superb episode it was sooo nice I can imagine your scenes it was really really good pls update the next soon

    1. Thanks so much Neelam darling! I will ty to update soon.. Love you❣❣

  7. Marvelous episode reena. & me to love ishveer so much & miss them. & I am also watch their old episodes & get cry.

    1. Thank you Menaz! I understand what you go through and you can always talk to me when you miss ishveer! Love ya??

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  8. Hai reena dear, once again nice epi. Sorry for late comment dear. Actually I am very much depressed about prince bro, after reading his comments now iam ok.

    1. Its okay Shalini.. Thank you for your support! I was also worried about Prince bro but I am happy that he is back! If you ever need to talk to someone.. You can talk to me??? Love you!

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