Love Withstands All (Episode 11)


Hey guys! I had my birthday party this weekend so that is why I couldn’t post.. SO SORRY!!! I enjoyed with my close friends.. But I wish I could have hung out with all of you also.. I am waiting for the next time I can go to India and then try to meet you guys! You all give me so much love and I want to say thank you for the support and love..

The episode starts with Ishani, Tanu, and Ahana running out of Vahela Mansion.
Ishani: I can’t wait to see what Krisha is doing to them!! I bet she is doing good pranks.
Tanu: Shona.. Why are we running?
Ishani stops running.

Ishani: Meaning?
Tanu: Arey.. Let our friends experience our darling Krisha.
Tanu winks.
Ishani understands.
Ahana: Bhaiya and Rishi will be fine, right..
Ishani: I mean.. It’s only our darling Krisha.. Right Tanvi?
Ishani winks at Tanu, and Ahana finally understood..
Ahana: Rishi and Bhai are screwed aren’t they?
Ishani and Tanu nod.
They all start laughing..

They get into the car.
Tanu: Shona.. Drive slowly.. We are in no rush..
They all laugh again and SLOWLY leave for Mehra Mansion.
Mehra Mansion
We are shown Ranveer and Rishi, covered in whipped cream, glitter, and soaked with water. They are hiding in Shikar’s room, behind the bar, so Krisha can’t find them.
Rishi: Is she a girl or a devil!?
Ranveer: Both!
Man.. Rishi..How are we going to win this challenge?
Rishi: Yeah.. Her family dislikes you and we are getting chased by a crazy girl..
Krisha appears from behind them..
Ranveer and Rishi scream and try to escape.

Krisha is boiling with anger.
Krisha: How dare you two jokers insult me!? Now see what happens to you two!
Krisha grabs Shikar’s signed cricket bat and Ranveer & Rishi get terrified.
Ranveer: What are you doing!?
Rishi: Are you trying to kill us?!
Krisha: You guys call me crazy.. Now you will see me as a crazy person.
Ranveer and Rishi run from there and go downstairs.
But Krisha is not far behind. The adults are shocked at Krisha’s antics.
Kanchan: Krisha!
Harshad: Beta.. What are you doing!?

Krisha: I am done playing nice.. No one insults Krisha Mehra..
Krisha swings at Ranveer and Rishi, but misses.
Shikar walks into the room and is amused.
Shikar : This is turning interesting.. Krisha can hurt them.. I should go and help them.. But Tanu said not to help them.
Rishi trips on his own feet and grabs onto Ranveer, causing then to both fall down.
Krisha slowly inches towards the guys. Hitting the ground with the bat.. Thump. Thump. Thump.
Krisha: Now see what will happen to you two..
Ranveer and Rishi gets even more scared and hug each other.
Shikar takes pics and sends to Ishani.
Krisha gets close to the guys.

Suddenly all of the lights in the house go off.
Loud, frightening music starts playing while halloween lights go off. Nobody could see anything.
A loud noise causes Krisha to fall down near the guys and drop the cricket bat.
The elders and Shikar were confused with what was going on.

Suddenly a woman, whose face was covered, appears with a candle. She speaks in a demon voice.
Woman: I have had a close eye on all of you.. RV AND RISHI!! How dare you insult Krisha!? AND KRISHA!! How dare you try to hurt them!?
Krisha, Rishi, and Ranveer all look at each other.

They all say sorry to each other. And huddle together in fear.
Woman: AND YOU ELDERS! Why did you not try to stop Krisha from hurting the boys?
Harshad: We tried but..
Woman: NO BUTS! You did NOT stop Krisha from her actions with the cricket bat! And SHIKAR! Why did you just stand there and laugh?!
Everyone comes together in the farthest huddle. The woman walks close to the group.
Everyone: We are sorry!!
Woman: You will now be sorry..
The woman picks up her dupatta, the lights turn on, and the sounds turn off.
The woman is….. ISHANI!!
Everyone is shocked.
Ishani starts laughing.
Tanu and Ahana walk from the kitchen, also laughing.

Rishi and Ranveer get shocked seeing Ahana there..
Rishi & Ranveer: CHOTTI!?
Ahana waves.
Ahana: How are my lovely brothers doing? Having fun getting pied in the face?
Ishani, Tanu, and Ahana laugh, while Ranveer and Rishi get annoyed.
Ishani: How was the surprise?
Tanu: Yes please tell!
Everyone agrees.

Shikar goes up to them and glares at them.
Ishani and Tanu show attitude.
Tanu & Ishani: There are no teams in war!
They both high five.
Shikar: But I am your BESTIE!?
Shikar walks off.. Annoyed at the girls.
The elders walk up to Ishani and Tanu.
Harshad pulls both of their ears.
Harshad: Badmash! You girls didn’t inform us about this part of the plan either!
Ranveer and Rishi gets confused and suspicious hearing about a plan from the elders.
Ishani & Tanu: SORRY!
They hold their ears while the elders laugh.

Raj: But we have to admit.. You girls did an amazing job with the prank..
Kanchan and Harshad agree.
They all hug and Tanu introduces Ahana to the elders.
Ranveer and Rishi walk up to them..
Rishi & Ranveer: What is going on? What is this about plans and why is Chotti here with you two?
Ishani: Well.. We won the challenge!
The elders congratulates Ishani and Tanu, while Ranveer and Rishi are shocked!
Ranveer: How did you guys already finish the challenge!?
Rishi: Yes! Please explain!
Ishani and Tanu explain everything about convincing Ishani‘s family, saving Amba, staying at Ranveer’s house, and doing the devil drama to save the guys from Krisha.
Rishi: Wait! So your parents are already have accepted your relationship with RV?
Ishani smiles and nods, while the elders laugh and act innocent.
Harshad: Sorry Ranveer beta and Rishi beta.. We don’t hate you two.. Shona just explained to us how there was a challenge and she wanted to win.
Raj: So we had to make a drama..
Kanchan: We swear it wasn’t our idea to prank you two!

Ranveer gets happy with being accepted and takes blessings from all the elders. Raj and Harshad hug Ranveer.
Rishi: Wait.. Then who wanted to make us act like jokers?
Tanu: It was probably our darling Krisha!
Krisha makes an innocent face and says “Sorry!”

Ranveer and Ishani both smile and look at each other.
Harshad : Go ahead and hug her.. You won’t get a better chance than this.
Ranveer starts walking over to Ishani.. Ishani starts slowly walking backwards.
Ishani: Ranveer… Yeh tum kya kar rahe ho? (What are you doing?)
Ranveer suddenly runs up and hugs Ishani, getting her covered in whipped cream and water also!
Ishani also hugs Ranveer back.
Everyone smiles watching them.
Ranveer: Did you have a lot of fun hearing how we were treated?
Ishani: Of course.. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pics where you and Rishi look like jokers.
Rishi and Tanu walk up to Ishveer.
Rishi: Man.. We lost badly bro..

These two are too smart for us..
Ranveer: Agreed.
Ishani and Tanu high-five.
Tanu: We wouldn’t have won without the help from our loving family and Ahana..
Ishani: Yes.. Thank you all so much!

Ishani and Tanu hug everyone.
Harshad: Okay Ranveer beta.. I am warning you.. Our Ishani is a bit of a drama queen and gets jealous easily.. You are very sure about who you are in a relationship with, right?
Ishani shows a cute angry face..
Ranveer: Uncle.. I am 110% sure..
Ishani and Ranveer look at each other, while Ishani comes up and hugs Ranveer.
Harshad: Then why are you calling me Uncle?
Ranveer is confused..
Ranveer: Then what?
Harshad: Arey! Am I not a father figure to you?
Ranveer: Of course you are..

Harshad: Then call me Papa as well!
Ranveer looks at Ishani, who smiles.
Ranveer tries to take blessing from Harshad, but Harshad hugs him.
Raj: Okay children! We had a lot of fun tonight and are going upstairs..
Kanchan: Yes.. So you guys enjoy!
The children bid goodnight to the elders.
Rishi: Well. Today was interesting..
Shikar: Arey! You guys are staying with the Mehras and Parekhs.. The night is still going to be interesting..
Ranveer: Okay.. But can we first get cleaned up? Your sister turned us into Jokers!
Krisha takes a bow and everyone laughs.

Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand and takes him to her room, while Tanu takes Rishi to Shikar’s room.

Precap: Ranveer comes out of the bathroom..shirtless..

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s episode! Love you all!
And PRINCE BRO!! You are back! I am so happy you are back!

Credit to: Reena

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