Love Withstands All (Episode 10)


HI Guys!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! When I woke up, it was the first thing I saw! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! This episode is going to be a big one because I liked the challenge idea, but am not going to continue it that much because it is hard for me to think of challenges for them and I want to unite Tanishi soo (and I have an idea for something else I could do..) This will be a big episode but I hope you all will love it!
Mehra House
Rishi and Ranveer had went to the library and found out the address.
They were outside of the house and the guard stops them.
Guard: Excuse me.. Why do you want to enter?
Ranveer was about to answer when Rishi blurts..
Rishi: We are Shikar’s friends and need to ask him a question..
Guard: Then why don’t you just text him?
Ranveer: Sir.. We need him to explain to us.. Please tell him that it is his friends RV and Rishi.
Guard: Okay wait a minute.
The guard walks in the house, while the guys wait outside.
The guard comes into the living room, where everyone was present.
Guard: Shikar sir, are your friends allowed to enter?
Shikar: Friends… Which fri-
Shikar stops for a second and remembers RV and Rishi.
Shikar: Yeah let them in! But stop them for 2 minutes..
The guard nods and leaves.
Shikar turns to the elders and Krisha.
Shikar: They are here ! Get ready!
The elders start getting ready for their acting, while Krisha remains clueless.
Krisha: What is going on?
Shikar: Call Ishani and ask her. I am not allowed to tell you..
Krisha calls Ishani.
Vaghela House
Everyone enters the house, while Amba leads Ishani and Tanu to their room, with Ahana.
Amba: You guys can freshen up while I set dinner.
Ishani: Thank you so much aunty!
Amba: No problem beta..
Amba leaves while Ishani’s phone rings.
It is a phone from Krisha!
Ishani: Crap! We forgot to tell Krisha!!
Tanu gets worried and quickly goes to close the door. Tanu comes back and tells Ishani to answer it. Ishani puts it on speaker.
Ishani: Hey Krish! How are you..
Krisha: Ishani! I am confused! Where are you and Tanu? Bhaiya’s two friends are coming into the house and Bhaiya told Maa, Papa, and Uncle to get ready.. And when I asked he said to call you because he said he couldn’t tell me.. What is going on!
Ishani: Wait! They have reached! That is good! Please give the phone to Shikar..
Krisha: NO! First I need to know..
Tanu talks the phone from Ishani and explains everything to Krisha.
Ishani: Shhh! Yes but DO NOT tell him that we know he’s there and act like you didn’t know him.. Please Krisha!!!!
Krisha thinks for a little bit..
Krisha: Okay… BUT I need something in return..
Ishani: I’ll give you whatever’s you want meri maa.. But please give the phone to Shikar..
Krisha: Okay bye!
Ishani and Tanu: Bye!
Krisha gives Shikar the phone.
Shikar: Haan Shona bolo..
Ishani gives a glare to Tanu.
Ishani: You too!!
Shikar: Of course.. But hurry up and tell me what exactly to do..
Ishani: Okay so first tell Papa to act arrogantly..
Shikar: So you mean like you?
Tanu: Okay and also try to confuse RV and Rishi.. Tell Uncles and Aunty to not hold back on yelling at them..
Shikar: We already know this.. Tell me something ne-
Ranveer and Rishi walk into the house, while Shikar is speaking..
Shikar: New notes!! Tell Shivanya to give me her new notes because the ones I have don’t have good information!!
Tanu: What is wrong with you?
Ishani: THEY MUST HAVE ENTERED THE HOUSE!! But Shikar.. Who is this Shivanya??
Shikar blushes.
Shikar: I’ll tell you later.. Call me after a little bit.. Okay bye!
Ishani & Tanu: Parr!
Rishi and Ranveer walk over to Shikar, who tries to act nonchalant.
Rishi: Hey Shikar! Long time no see!
Ranveer winks at Shikar, who understands their trick.
Shikar snaps his finger, which tells the elders to start the drama.
Shikar: Yeah Rishi!
Harshad: Excuse me! Has nobody taught you two manners!?
Rishi and Ranveer get frightened hearing Harshad yell.
Kanchan: Yes! Don’t you know that it is common sense to say hello to the whole family!? What type of friends do you have Shikar!
Shikar: Maa.. These are-
Ranveer: We are so sorry Aunty.. We haven’t seen Shikar in a while so that is why we went straight over to him..
Kanchan : Look how nice he is.. He is apologizing and accepting his mistake.
Kanchan: Fine.
Shikar brings Ranveer and Rishi towards the elders.
Shikar: Maa, Papa, Uncle.. These are my friends Ranveer and Rishi.
Ranveer & Rishi: Namaste..
All the elders respond back.
Raj: Shikar.. Where are our angels?
Krisha: I am already here!
Harshad: Yes you are one of our angels.. But where are Shona and Tanvi?
Ranveer and Rishi were confused about the names.
Shikar: They are both out and might come back tomorrow..
Kanchan: Do you mind calling them beta?
Shikar: Okay..
Shikar first texts Ishani, warning her about the call. Shikar calls Ishani.
*This scene will rotate between the houses*
Ishani: Hey Shikar!
Shikar: Hey Shona..
Ishani: Wow.. After mentioning Shivanya.. You are trying to distract me by calling me Shona nah..
Shikar: You shouldn’t be called Shona.. You should be an elephant because they are fat and never forget!
While this happened, Ranveer and Rishi got happy finding out they were talking to Tanu and Ishani.
Tanu and Ahana laugh, along with the elders.
Ishani: How dare you!?
Shikar: Anyway.. Maa wants to talk to you.
Shikar hands the phone to Kanchan.
Kanchan: Hello.. Shona beta.. Where are you and Tanvi?
Ishani: Hi Maa! We are at our friend Ahana’s house and are going to spend the night here.
Ishani looks over to Ahana, who gives a thumbs up. Tanu takes the phone from Ishani.
Tanu: Hi Aunty! What is happening over there? Are you guys missing us?
Kanchan: Hello Tanvi beta..
Raj answers: Of course we miss you two!
Harshad: Our angels are not home, while we are stuck with our two devils and their friends.
Shikar & Krisha:What!?
Krisha: We are the devils!?
Shikar: You are talking to the kids who listen to your word, not running off and staying at friend’s houses.
Tanu: Ehh Shekku! What happened! Did some get jealous?
Ishani: Are the little babies upset that everyone loves us more?
Krisha and Shikar get angry.
Krisha: Wait until you get home.. Then I will fight Sunny Deol!
Shikar: And I will fight the ghost!
Tanu: We will see..
Ishani: Anyway.. Maa mentioned that you guys have friends over..
Who would want to be friends with you two?
Ishani, Tanu, and the elders laugh..
Shikar: We have a lot of friends okay.. Anyway.. Ranveer and Rishi have come over..
Ishani and Tanu blush.. But act nonchalant.
Ishani: Well then hang out with them.. Why are you talking to us?
Tanu: Arey Shona.. They probably missed us..
Krisha: Miss you two?
Krisha & Shikar: Never!
Ishani: We got to go.. Bye everyone.. See you tomorrow!
Tanu: Have fun!
The elders all say bye on the phone.. Ishani and Tanu wish them luck.
Ranveer and Rishi whisper to each other..
Ranveer: Let’s get this challenge over with quickly..
Rishi: Agreed.. I want to meet those two..
Ranveer: Umm.. Uncle..
Raj and Harshad : Yes.
Ranveer: We came here to talk about Ishani.. Which one of you is her father?
Raj: How dare you!
Ranveer and Rishi get shocked and scared.
Shikar is trying not to laugh in the background.
Harshad: Ishani is both my daughter and Raj’s daughter!!
Rishi: He didn’t mean it like that Sir! He wanted to ask something involving Ishani..
Harshad: What?
Ranveer: Sir, I love Ishani.. And she loves me.. And we wanted to ask for your permission..
Harshad: What! How dare you! She is HARSHAD PAREKH’S DAUGHTER.. And I will not give my permission to just anyone who walks into here claiming that they love my daughter..
Ranveer and Rishi are shocked..
Rishi whispers to Ranveer: RV.. At least we know where Ishani gets her attitude from..
Ranveer glares at Rishi.
Raj: One minute.. I need to talk to Harshad.. Shikar, take these two idiots upstairs..
Rishi and Ranveer get shocked at their insults, but go upstairs.
Shikar pushes them into his room.
Shikar: What did you guys do?!
Ranveer: I wanted to come straight to the point and explain to them how much I love Ishani… But your family is very mean.. I am scared of them!
Rishi: Same here!
Shikar: You didn’t even have a proper conversation with them! Who knows what they will do now..
Ranveer: I don’t know.. But I have to be with Ishani.. I will die if we can’t be together..
Shikar smiles and hugs Ranveer.
Shikar: Your love is true.. If you work for it, you will get it!
Ranveer smiles.
Raj: We are doing a fantastic job, right Krisha..
Krisha: Superb!
Everyone high fives.
Krisha: But let’s take it up a notch..
Krisha whispers a plan to the elders, who laugh at the plan.
Harshad: That is a very good plan.. It will test if they can handle Ishani and Tanu..
All of them laugh.
Rishi: Arey RV! We forgot to send Maa a photo of Ishani and Tanu! How will she know when to act!
Ranveer: You are right!
Shikar is surprised, but stays quiet..
Rishi: Shikar, can you take RV to Ishani’s room so he can take a pic of her in photos?
Shikar: Sure!
Shikar takes Ranveer into Ishani’s room.
Ranveer takes photos of Ishani and of her with Tanu.
Ranveer: Arey Sunny looks amazing in these photos!
Ranveer sends the photos to Amba
Vaghela House
Ishani, Tanu, and Ahana come down to dinner.
Ahana takes Tanu on a tour, while Ishani notices Amba doing all of the work alone.
Ishani walks over to Amba and starts helping her.
Amba: Shona Beta! What are you doing!? You are a guest! You shouldn’t being doing this..
Ishani: Aunty! You call me beta but don’t let me help. Please let me help! I really don’t mind..
Amba smiles at Ishani and they get dinner ready.
Kailash arrives and the girls meet him.
Kailash finds out about the mall incident and blesses Ishani for saving Amba and Laxmi.
They all eat dinner and finish. Ishani again helps Amba, when Amba gets a message on her phone.
Amba: Finally Ranveer has sent me a photo!
She unlocks the phone and is surprised to see Ishani’s pic.
Amba gets super happy and shows Laxmi and Kailash, who also get happy.
Amba: My bahu is so beautiful and sweet. She saved us from goons and is helping me with the house.. I love her..
Kailash: We are blessed for Ranveer to fall in love with an amazing girl like Shona.. Wait! I mean Ishani.
Amba walks back to the kitchen, which was empty since Ishani finished all the work.
Amba looks around for Ishani. She meets Tanu and Ahana, who realised that Amba found out and explain everything to her.
Ranveer, Rishi, and Shikar walk back downstairs.
Harshad: Okay. If you want my permission to date my daughter, you will have to do something.
Ranveer and Rishi are confused.
Rishi and Ranveer: What?
Krisha walks up to them.
Krisha: If you want to be my Jiju.. Yow will have to prove it!
Ranveer and Rishi: How?
Krisha hits their faces with a pie made of whipped cream.
Shikar laughs and takes a photo of this, sending the pic to Ishani..
Ranveer and Rishi are shocked.
Ranveer: What was that for?!
Rishi: Yeah! Why did you do this?!
Krisha: You will have to go through challenges to show how much you love Ishani. Do you accept?
Ranveer looks at Rishi and Shikar, and then back at Krisha.
Ranveer: I accept.
Rishi: And I will help.
Krisha: Good! Your first challenge is to save yourself from me..
Krisha grabs a whipped cream can and starts spraying Ranveer and Rishi. They run away from Krisha, who starts to chase them. The elders secretly laugh at everything that was happening.
Vaghela House
Amba looks around until she arrives to Ranveer’s room, where Ishani was.
Ishani was looking at his medals and photos, while taking pics of the cute photos.
Ishani: Ranveer! You look sooo cute in these photos! I wish you were here with me.
Ishani gets upset and sits on the bed. Ishani didn’t realise that Amba was listening to her. Amba walks into the room and sits by Ishani..
Amba: Ishani beta..
Ishani is surprised to know that Amba knows who she is.
Amba: You really love my son, don’t you?
Ishani blushes and nods.
Ishani: How do you know Aunty?
Amba explains how Ranveer told her everything and sent her a photo. Ishani is shocked and happy that Ranveer had already convinced his parents.
Amba: I am so happy that the girl my son loves is an amazing, beautiful girl who helped me.
Ishani hugs Amba.
Amba: Oh no! I didn’t get the chance to listen to Ranveer..
Ishani is confused, so Amba explains how Rishi and Ranveer wanted Amba to act mean.
Ishani was shocked and a little mad.
Ishani: He dared to try and do that!? Now he will see what it is like to challenge Ishani!
Amba laughs and again hugs Ishani.
Ishani gets a message from Shikar, showing Ranveer and Rishi getting pied in the face. Then, she gets a video of Krisha spraying them with whipped cream..
Ishani gets surprised and starts laughing. Ahana and Tanu come into the room and shows the video to the rest of them. They all laugh.
Amba: What is happening there?
Ishani explains how she had already convinced her family, but to make Ranveer lose the challenge her family was acting.
Amba : So this is all to make them lose and get humiliated!?!
Ishani and Tanu looks down, ashamed.
Ishani & Tanu: Sorry Aunty..
Amba starts laughing.
Amba: You did good!
Then they all start laughing, thinking about what the boys are suffering through..
Ishani and Tanu (to each other): We have to go and stop them!
They both giggle.
Tanu: We won the challenge.. So they lost and we can go and stop Krisha from doing something horribly wrong..
Ishani and Tanu high five.
Ishani: Aunty.. We will have to go and save them.. Otherwise Krisha won’t leave them..
Amba: Okay beta.. But first you have to stop calling me Aunty..
Ishani, Tanu, and Ahana were confused.
Ishani: Then what should I call you?
Amba: Maa..
Ishani gets happy (and teary eyed) and hugs Amba.
Ishani: Thank you.. My mother passed away and I consider Shikar’s mother my mom.. But you have given me a new rishtha.. And a feeling of me having one more mother.. Thank you
Amba kisses Ishani’s forehead.
Amba: Ok you should hurry over to your house. But please visit with Ranveer!
Ishani and Tanu: Of Course!
Amba: And Ahana.. You should go with them and enjoy..
Ahana: Thank you Massi!
The girls leave the house.
Precap: You guys will see.. :):):)

Credit to: Reena

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