Love Withstands All (Episode 1)


Hi guys!!! Thank you guys soooooo much for all of your support and love! I feel like I have sooo many more friends now and I am so happy! I am sorry about forgetting the english subtitles and precap… I hope you guys enjoy this episode!!

Mehra House
The episode starts with Ishani coming downstairs with Kanchan. She greets Harshad and Raj as she sits down at the sofas. Shikar and Krisha are at the dining table eating breakfast.
Shikar: Krisha? Hamari princess utt gayi!? Yeh kaise ho sakta hai…(Krisha! Our princess woke up!? How did this happen..)
Everyone giggles while Ishani gets annoyed..
Ishani says to Harshad: Papa! Dekho kaise Shikar mera mizak ooradara hai!! (Papa! Look how Shikar is making fun of me!!)
Shikar: Lagta hai princess ko gussa aa raha hai… Vaise Ishani! Tum ek orange troll ki tarah kyun dress up hui hai? Mujhe darane ke liye…kyunki tumhara idea ne kaam kar diya… Mein dar gaya!! (Looks like our princess is getting mad.. Anyway Ishani! Why are you dressed up like an orange troll? To scare me? Because your plan worked.. I’m scared)
Everyone laughs while Ishani fumes..
Ishani: SHIKAR!! Mein tumko nahi chodungi!! (Shikar! I am not going to leave you!)
Ishani starts to chase Shikar around the house. Krisha purposely bumps into Ishani, causing Ishani to trip and fall. Shikar and Krisha laugh and high five. Ishani gets up and starts to cause both Shikar and Krisha. Ishani finally catches Shikar and starts to playfully hold Shikar’s neck..

Tanu enters the house and greets all the elders.
Tanu: Oh No! Lagta hai Sunny wapis agayi!! Aur uske dhai kilo ka haath ki saath!! Shikar, ab tumhe koi nahi bacha sakta hai.. (Oh no! Looks like Sunny is back! That too with her 1 ½ kilo hands.. Shikar, no one can save you now!)
Everyone keeps on laughing..
Ishani: Tanu!! Tum bhi mera mazak kar rahi ho!? (Tanu! You are making fun of me too!?)
Ishani goes and sits with Raj.
Ishani: Uncle! Sirf tum, papa, aur maa mujh pe mazak nahi karte. Tum log actually mere khayal rakthe ho!! And Ishani fake cries while the elders laugh.. (Uncle! Only you, papa, and kanchan don’t make fun of me.. You guys actually care about me!!)
Krisha to Shikar and Tanu: You guys are soo mean to Ishani!
Ishani: Tum bhi kuch kam nahi ko Krisha madam! (You aren’t any less Krisha madam)
Krisha makes a face.
Tanu whisper to Shikar and Krisha: Arre dekho drama queen ko! Kitna acting kar rahi hai! (Guys look at the drama queen! She is acting so much!)
They laugh.

Tanu: Par je hum us se maafi nahin mangte, toh phir maza nahin aaunga college pe.. (But, if we don’t ask for forgiveness, then we won’t have fun at college)
Shikar: Haan yaar! (Yeah guys)
Shikar, Krisha, and Tanu: Hey Sunny!!
Ishani (annoyed): Kya? (What!)
They all hold their ears and say: Sorry!! Maaf karogi? (Sorry! Will you forgive us?)
Ishani thinks for a sec..
Ishani: Acha.. Maaf kar dungi… par college ke baad ice cream kalhani padegi..(Okay.. I will forgive you guys,, But after college you guys will have to treat me to ice cream)
Shikar: Done! Par seriously Ishani.. Tumhe toh films mein kaam karna chahiye.. (Done! But seriously Ishani… You should work in films)

Everyone giggles while Ishani hits Shikar playfully,
Tanu: Guys, college ke liye humein nikalna chahiye nahi toh hum late ho jaayen gai! (Guys, we should leave for college otherwise we will get late)
The four all take turns hugging the elders. The elders wish Ishani good luck for her first day at a new college, while the four run out of the house.
Kanchan (while laughing): Yeh chaar bache hi rahenge..(These four are going to stay as kids)
Harshad: Bache hai tabhi toh woh humko itna hasad thay hai. (Because they are kids, they make us laugh so much)
Raj: Sach mein Harshad!
Harshad: Raj, mein tumko thanks kai na chahta huin. Jab Falguni guzar gayi, mujhko nahi pata tha mein kya karoonga aur mein akhala Ishani ko kaise sambhalun ga… Aur maine decide kar liya ke hum move kar lete hain aur naya ghar dhoondhte hai.. Par aap aur bhabhi ne mujhe aur meri beti ko itna pyara ghar aur dedh sara pyar bhi diya.. Mein tumhara essan kabhi nahin repay kar sakta. (Raj, I wanted to thank you.. When Falguni passed away, I didn’t know what I was going to do and how I was going to handle Ishani alone.. So I decided that we could move and look for a new home.. But you and sister-in-law gave my daughter and I a wonderful home filled with so much love.. I can never repay you for your favor)
Raj: Kaise essan Harshad!? Tum mere sabse khaas dost ho! Aur Ishani kya meri beti nahin hai, jaisa Shikar aur Krisha tumhare bache hai? (What favor Harshad? You are my best friend! And isn’t Ishani my daughter,like Krisha and Shikar are your kids?)
Harshad: Haan par.. (Yeah but..)
Raj: Par bhar khush nahin.. Yeh koi ehsaan nahi hai.. Tum mere best friend ho aur parivaar ka hisa bhi! (No buts… This is no favor.. You are my best friend and a part of our family!)
Raj and Harshad hug..
Kanchan: Bus ab tum dono aa jo, maine khana laga diya hai!
They all go to the dining table..

Ranveer and Rishi have already arrived at college and were sitting with their other friends, Abhi (KKB) and Abeer (BD). Rishi was flirting with some girls, while Ranveer was chatting with someone.
All of a sudden, Rishi saw a girl walk in.. And he ran to Ranveer and pointed her out.
Rishi: Voh kaun hai?? (Who is she?)
The four of them turn and look at her..
Precap: Ishveer meeting…

Credit to: Reena

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  1. hey sissy i can’t tolerate ishani & shikhar fun scene………pls sissy when ISHVEER will be together???? pls unite ISHVEER s soon s u can……….pls sissy ……….by the way the story is spicy…..marvelous

    1. I promise that ishani-shikar are not a thing… They are best friends and Ishani is only for Ranveer.. Although, you will see some fun in next episode when ishveer meet.. Thanks for your support bro!

  2. yaar…don’t want here abhi and tat actor…this is k yaar..i mean meri aashiqui’s and kasam’s jodi…i told my opinion only…cause if u join many charecters then it will be more confusing us and boring us..many of us start the ff with msny charecters but all’s efforts r only i asked u…today epi owsm…really luv ishu and shikar portion…luv u dr for giving us such acwndrful stry lin

    1. I understand and I also dont want to add too many people.. These people are only small characters that will probably only be mentioned in this episode and the next one!! Thanks soo much for your support and I hope you will like the next episode!!

  3. Really good . I like it. But what is BD

    1. Thanks so much!! I just ment that as the show Badtameez Dil.

  4. Its nice episode so much spicy conversation between the four friends that was good

    1. Thanks soo much darling!

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode.waiting for ishveer meet.I like ishani and shikar fun scene.hope they r just friends.

    1. Yes I promise ishkar are just friends! And I sent the next episode into Telly Updates and I hope you guys will like the next episode and ishveer meeting!!!

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