Love Withstands All (Episode 23)

Hi guys!! Thanks for all your guys’ support! I love my MATSH family sooo much! Btw.. Some of you guys have already heard of Palak’s great idea of creating a Whats app Group chat for our awesome family! I have already contacted some of you guys and I will put my usernames below so you can contact me and then we can give each other our whats app numbers! Btw sorry for the short update.. but the suspense will soon get out! And now.. The episode!
The episode starts with Rishi and Ranveer hugging and excited!
Ranveer nods.
Ranveer: I know she is the one.. She makes everyone’s lives better and is the reason for my happiness.. I hate it when I am not with her and am always smiling when I am with her.. She knows me very well and doesn’t care if she is bored when I do something I love, she will still stay and do it with me. When I see her smi…
Rishi: Arey bro.. Are you going to say your whole proposal to me? Save some dialogues for later..
Ranveer playfully punches Rishi.
Ranveer: Arey sala! You got your love so now mine is boring?!
Rishi: No yaar.. I was just kidding.. I am veryy happy that you are going to propose to her! But promise me.. You will never make her sad.. She is my little sister.. I will kill you if she gets a single tear because of you!
Ranveer: But I thought you were my bro!?
Rishi: Although I have been your bro for longer… I will still be on my little sis’ side!
Ranveer: Okay okay.. Will you atleast tell me what your little sis is planning?
Rishi: No idea bro.. My job was just to bring you to the place when they are done..
Ranveer: But dude.. I also need to plan for my proposal and get ready.. Since they aren’t here.. Can’t you help me with mine?
Rishi is overjoyed.
Rishi: I would LOVE to help you!
Ranveer and Rishi hug, and run out of the amusement parks.
Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is at the samosai stand (Ishveer’s special hangout).
The whole place was beautifully decorated in white flowers, lights, and decorations.
Ishani: Flowers?
Shikar: All set up!
Ishani: Lights?
Tanu: That is also done!
Ishani: Decorations?
Shivanya: Done!
Ishani: Amazing friends?
All: Present!
Ishani: Thank you guys sooo much! I am happy you guys are helping with the proposal!
Shikar: I am honored.. I get to help the lovebirds who helped everyone else realise their love!
Tanu: I am happy to help my bestie and her love!
Shivanya: I just think you guys are too cute and should be a permanent couple fast and get married so we get more excitement! I want to enjoy at my rabbit’s wedding! (Rabbit is Mouni’s nickname for Radz!!)
All of them laugh and hug! Ishani breaks the hug.
Ishani: Seriously guys.. This couldn’t have happened without all of you..
Everyone smiles at her and they hug again.
Tanu: So do you think Ranveer has any idea that you are going to propose?
Ishani: I hope it stays a surprise.. I have always wanted to propose.. The guys doesn’t have to be the one who proposes, right?
Everyone agrees and is overjoyed.
Ishani goes over to the uncle at the samosa stall.
Ishani: Thank you so much uncle for your help! I wanted to propose at the place where I knew I was fully in love and where he confessed..
Uncle: Arey beta! It is my pleasure to see such a beautiful love story happen! I am very happy that it started here! God bless you too beta!
Ishani: Thank you uncle!
The episode ends on Ishani’s and Ranveer’s smiling faces (side by side).
Precap: Proposals
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  1. Fantastic story sis… r u???

    1. I am good bro! I wasnt feeling that good earlier and still am not, that is why I didnt update yesterday.. Thanks for you support though bro and I am happy you are enjoying the ff!


    Hey sissy….but I’m sorry because I’ve just permission to use whatsapp….not all other like fb and insta….I’m really sorry…..if you want my whatsapp no. I can give you ???? And about the episode its really interesting dear……aand now I’m damm sure that during the hatred story of ishveer….Ranveer will have to be alone… Rishi is supporting ishu….. and I’m really loving the bond of Rishi and Ishu….. and you know now only I had read all the episode of your ff…..I’m loving it sissy !!!!!!!! And how are you ?????

    1. Yeah dhruva dhi you can give me your whats app number through this! I was just asking for convenience! AND DHI YOU ARE SOOOO CLOSE WITH YOUR GUESS!!! SO CLOSE! I am sooo happy you are loving my ff! That makes me very happy!! Love you dhi❤️ And i am good.. Just wasnt feeling that good so I didnt get to update..

      1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

        Here it is sissy 9979889135…..and love you too !!!!! And yap I’m really close to you…..I just feel you as my real sis !!!!

      2. Woohoo! I am gonna send you a message

  3. It was short and sweet waiting for next episode seriously u r my favourite writer and BTW where u live do you live dear and u r Punjabi na Today my hand r paining so I wrote less or else see in fatarjo ff my comment is like simply big

    1. Thank you Tanishqa dhi! It makes me soooo happy and honored that I, ME am your favorite writer.. This comment makes me super very happy dhi! I live in PA, USA and yes I am Punjabi! Dhi please take care of your hand.. If it is paining, do not type as much and come back when it feels better!! And I always comment a lot on Joyee Dhi’s ff.. Lol.. Love you dhi!?

  4. Hmm hi didi it was very cute episode and please post next one soon actually I am waiting for the promo part seriously I can’t control myself

    1. Hi sweetheart!!! How are you? Are you feeling better!? Because I hope you do!!! And I will try to post the next episode VERY SOON dear! And the promo part will come soon.. You will just have to wait? Because I still have to add a little masti am I right?? Love you sweetheart and please take care of yourself!!?

  5. Hi Reena the episode was short but amazing as always and i will contact you in facebook ok ?

    1. Okay dhi! I am glad you enjoyed the ff episode!! And I accepted your friend request and sent you a message just now! Love you dhi!?

  6. Nice epi Reena dhi!! I really loved it… Even I’ll give my wa no. later if v r planning to make a grp..

    1. Thank you Radhika dear!!! I am super glad that you LOVED it!!! And it is fine.. Whenever you want to give your number is good! Love you darling?

  7. Hey jenny …!! That was awesome. ..keep going like this but make it long from next time …??

    1. Hi Qiara dear! But I am not Jenny lol.. Thank you for your support and I promise I will make the next episode longer!

  8. I sent my request

  9. Hey just suuuperb and cute epi…. but too short update…. it’s ok dear…. but update next epi soon… I can’t wait for that…. ishveer proposal plan is too good…. I like ur ideas very much….. just suuuperb job…. how r u….

    1. Thank you Julina dhi!! I am sorry for the short update.. I wasnt feeing that good and I only wanted to write the best I can for you guys.. I am still not 100% but I will try to update soon! I am happy you like the idea of proposals dhi! Thank you dhi! Love you!! I am fine and dandy.. Enjoying vacation and just working on my ff!! How about you?

  10. I like ur cover pic too….

    1. I know right!! I thought it was the PERFECT pic for a proposal so I chose it!! I am loving it soo much!

  11. Wow Bhavu awesome epsiode loved it sis 🙂 and the title pic is so nice 🙂

    1. Thank you dhi!!! Love ya❣❣❣

  12. Loved it keep rocking di

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