Love Withstands All (Episode 7)


Thanks for all of your guy’s love! I am SOOOOO SORRY I couldn’t update! I was a little busy in my studies and birthday party planning.. I am soo happy that one of the pairs are together now.. And I hope to soon get Rishi and Tanu together.. Your guys’ support makes me so happy and I love all of you guys.. You all are like my family..
The episode starts with Ishveer and Tanishi enjoying at a restaraunt.. They all crack jokes and do masti..
Ishani: Ranveer..
Ranveer : Yeah Sunny..
Ishani: You have to make a surprise for me before we can start dating..
Ranveer is confused.
Ranveer: What? I already told you I love you!
Ishani: Arey.. I am Ishani Parekh and I don’t date just anyone! The guy who wants date me will have to plan something big for me! And have you forgotten that I also said I love you?
Ishani winks at Tanu and Tanu understands that it is Ishani’s drama..
Ranveer : How could I forget?
He holds Ishani’s hand.
Ishani blushes and gets embarrassed. She takes her hand away..
Ishani: Ranveer! What are you doing!? Everyone is watching!
Ranveer : Okay, but what if I don’t give you a surprise?
Ishani: How won’t you!? If you don’t, then I won’t date you and you can just forget me..
Tanishi laugh at their conversation.
Tanu: Ranveer.. You know she is right.. You have to do something special.. I mean she took your injury! So you can’t do that much for her.. Man, I thought you were better than that..
Tanu winks at Ishani.
Ranveer is shocked that Tanu agrees with Ishani.
Rishi: Hello! He also got hurt for her!
Rishi points to Ranveer’s hand.
Tanu: That was before they were even friends.. So don’t even go there..
Tanishi start bickering on whether Ranveer should give a surprise or not..
Ishani and Ranveer laugh at them..
Ishani whispers to Ranveer.
Ishani: See Mr.Vaghela.. Even my bestie believes that you should.. And sochlo.. If you don’t do this, I won’t talk to my papa about us and he will get me married with someone else..
Ranveer: Do you think I can let that happen?
Ranveer does his cute smile, holds Ishani’s hand, and they share an eyelock (Tum hi ho plays in the bg).
Ishani comes back to her senses and takes her hand back.
Ranveer: Arey!
Ishani: I don’t know.. I mean you can’t even make this surprise for me.. How will you convince my dad about us?
Ishani secretly smiles while she says this (Like in the episode where Ishani challenges Ranveer to meet her before the wedding without breaking any rules).
Ranveer: Are you challenging me?
Ishani: Yes! Open challenge!
Actually.. Let’s make this interesting..
You and Rishi work together to…
Rishi is surprised to be involved.
Rishi: To do what?
Ishani: You two have to plan a surprise for me and convince my dad about accepting Ranveer and me!
Rishi and Ranveer think about it and chat.
Rishi: I don’t know dude.. We will have to deal with her dad, without her.. And on top of that, we have to plan a surprise.
Ranveer: True.. We don’t know how her dad is and if he is willing at all for Ishani to date..
Rishi: So? Should we deny?
Ranveer: Wait a sec! We could use shikar! He is our friend too… Right?!
Rishi: Right! We will win this challenge.. And we could give them a challenge.. They have to convince your parents to accept you guys!
Ranveer is confused.
Ranveer: But it won’t be that hard! My parents will agree for my happiness!
Rishi: Arey! They don’t know that! They don’t know how “mean” your mom is..
Rishi winks and Ranveer understands..
Ranveer: I could explain to maa first and then convince her to act, so Ishani would have a hard challenge!
Rishi and Ranveer high five..
They turn back to the girls..
Ranveer: Okay done!
Ishani and Tanu secretly high-five.
Rishi: BUT!!!! You need a challenge too!
Ishani and Tanu are shocked!
Ranveer: You will have to convince my parents to accept you!
Ishani gets worried, but Tanu is excited.
Tanu: Done!
Ishani is shocked that Tanu agreed.
Rishi and Ranveer smile.
Rishi: Okay.. We have 2 weeks time and we cannot meet each other until we complete the challenge… Or forfeit.
He looks at Tanu and Ishani.
Tanu: Why did you look at us when you said forfeit!? We will complete this challenge, right Sunny!
Ishani musters her courage.
Ishani: Of course! You will see that you challenged the wrong people!
Ranveer: Oh hello Miss. Sunny! Don’t forget that YOU challenged us!
Tanu: No bro! She asked you to give a surprise, but you acted like you would refuse, so we thought that if you can’t do this, how will she convince her family! You should remember because you were showing your attitude!
Ishani laughs at Ranveer, while Ranveer is shocked with how Tanu remembered everything.
He smiles watching Ishani laugh.
Ishani: Yes Mr. RV! You better watch out.. My ghost remembers everything!
Ishani hugs Tanu, while they laugh.. But Rishi is confused..
Rishi: Who is this ghost?
Rishi still remains confused.
They all laugh, while Tanu starts chasing Ishani around the restaurant.
Tanu: Ishani! Today YOU will die!!
Tanu catches Ishani and then Ishani holds her ears.
Ishani: Okay.. Okay.. Sorry Baba!
Tanu: OMG! SUNNY DEOL SAID SORRY!! Ranveer bro! You have changed my best friend into a softy!
They all laugh.
Ishani: Shut up…
Ishani and Ranveer smile at each other.. Tanishi watch them.
Rishi: Today is the last day you will see each other and hang out before the challenge should be finished, so you guys can do whatever you want!
Rishi winks at Ishveer.
They blush and Tanishi walks away to give them space. Ishani gets teary eyed.
Ranveer: What’s wrong Ishani?
Ishani: I won’t get to see you for 2 weeks.. I will miss you..
Ranveer: Me too.. But we will be busy at each other’s houses, so we will feel each other’s presences.
Ishani smiles and hugs Ranveer. Ranveer kisses Ishani’s forehead.
Rishi: Okay Lovebirds! RV, we should leave soon and start the challenge .
Rishi winks at Tanu.
Rishi: Good Luck.. Hope you win!
Tanu: Thanks! I hope we win too!
Tanishi laughs.
Tanu: Good luck to you too!
Ranveer to Rishi: Okay.. Let’s go.
They are about to leave when..
Ishani: One minute!
Ishani pulls Ranveer to the side.
Ishani looks at Ranveer lovingly.
Ranveer: What happened?
Ishani kisses Ranveer on the cheek. He is surprised.
Ishani: Nothing. I can’t talk to my secret bf!?
Ranveer gets super happy.
Ranveer: So we are bf-gf!
Ishani: Of course!
Ranveer also kisses Ishani on the cheek. Ishani gets happy.
Ishani: I love you
Ranveer: I love you more
Ishani : No. I will always love you more.
Ranveer: Okay baba! You love me more.. But I still love you a LOT!
They hug.
Tanishi walk over to them.
Ishveer say bye to each other.
Rishi: And the challenge starts… NOW!
They all run out of the restaurant, eager to win their challenges, and rush home.
Precap: “Rishi, Ranveer’s best friend.. And the guy Tanu loves”
Guys I will try to update daily again and I am so blessed that you all like my ff! Sorry about not updating! My birthday is Friday and my birthday party is Saturday so hopefully I can update before that! Comment below what you thought of this episode and what you think of my ff..

Credit to: Bhavreen Sidhu

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  1. fantastic ff sissy……& happy birthday to my sweetest sissy in the world…….GOD bless u

    1. Thanks soo much bro! You are one of the reasons that I write this ff!

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    Hey! Wish u a many more happy returns of the day God bless u! Hope this day will be the wonderful day you’ve ever seen! Have a blast day! Btw the episode was awsome Loads of love – Ankita

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