Love Withstands All (Episode 31)


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2 weeks later
Ishani has returned home from the hospital and is finally cleared to drive and travel.
She is in her bedroom with Olivia, Manpreet, Khushi, Yuvi, and Sana.
They are all chatting and helping Ishani adjust back to normal life, since the time in the hospital was very hectic.
Olivia was on Ishani’s laptop, when she suddenly got an idea.
Olivia: Annie.. What is your full name?
Ishani: Ishani Parekh.. Why?
Olivia goes on the laptop and searches Ishani on facebook.
Olivia: Becauseeee.. I wanted to see what is on your old social media!
Olivia finally finds Ishani and is surprised to see her page.
It shows all of the fun things that Ishani did.. It also has photos with Tanu, Shikar, Shivanya, Rishi, and everyone.
Olivia: Oh my god.. You look so different!
Ishani runs over.
Ishani: Different!? How?
Olivia: You used to wear longer clothes and didn’t wear as much makeup.. You looked like a child back then! And you look so pretty in Indian wear!
Khushi & Yuvi: I want to see!
Manpreet & Sana: Me too!!
Olivia shows the laptop all around.
They see photos of Ishani wearing pretty Chudidars and Patiala Suits (In this ff, she did mostly wear those, but I liked giving her some western outfits when she was with friends).
Khushi: Who are they? The guy seems pretty cute..
Khushi points to a photo with Shikar and Shivanya. Yuvi annoys while everyone laughs.
Ishani: Those are some of my best friends.. Shikar and Shivanya.. They were dating the last time I saw them.. I wonder how they are now..
Ishani clicks on the photo which takes them to Shikar’s page. There, Ishani sees a wedding photo of Shivkar.
Ishani: OMG!!!! RISH-BRO!!!
Ishani is overjoyed. Rishi comes running in the room.
Rishi: What happened? Is something wrong?
Ishani goes up to Rishi and drags him to the laptop.
Rishi is very happy.
Rishi: What!? Really!!
Ishani nods and shows him the photo..
Rishi: Oh my god.. Those two crazies ACTUALLY got married!
Manpreet scrolls the page and finds a photo of Ishani chasing Shikar and Tanu with a bat.
Manpreet: Look! It is Sunny Deol in action!
Everyone, including Ishani laughs.
Manpreet: Why are you laughing? You are supposed to be beating me?!
Rishi: She is laughing because that was a nickname that we gave her back then.. Until Ranveer found a better use for it..
Yuvi: Who is this Ranveer?
Rishi gives a mischievous smile, while Ishani blushes.
Rishi: Bhai.. He is..
Meanwhile, Sana changed the photo and saw one of Rishi and Ishani. She interjects.
Sana: Rish-Chacha! Is this you!?
They all look to the screen and see the photo of Rishi giving Ishani a piggyback ride..
Manpreet: Wow.. Bhai looks very young and hot.. Good job bhai! You learned something from me!
Rishi hits Manpreet.
Rishi: Idiot.. This was BEFORE you turned all macho.. So you learned from ME!
Everyone laughs..
Ishani: Yeah.. At college, girls were DYING over Rish-bro.. But there was only one girl that Rish-bro died over.. Tanu..
Ishani scrolls to a photo of Ishani and Tanu hugging.
Ishani: This is my best friend Tanu!
Khushi: Oh my god.. She is so beautiful.. Nice choice Devarji!
Sana: Who is she to me?
Ishani: Baby.. She will be your chachi!
Rishi blushes, while everyone pulls his leg.
Sana: Wow!! She is very pretty!
Olivia: Annie.. They are right.. Your best friend is gorgeous…
Ishani: So is my other best friend!
And Ishani hugs Olivia..
Olivia: Aww thanks love!
Then, Yuvi clicks on the next picture, which was the one of Ishveer doing the heart symbol (like in the cover pic)..
Ishani admires the photo.
Yuvi: Ishu.. Who is he?
Ishani doesn’t respond.
Rishi looks and sees her admiring the photo.
Rishi: Shona.. You can stop admiring the photo of you and your boyfriend.. We are all right here asking you questions.
Ishani is embarrassed, while the rest are surprised.
Manpreet and Olivia are happy to finally see a photo.
Yuvi & Khushi & Sana: BOYFRIEND!?
Olivia & Manpreet: HE IS THE GUY YOU LOVE!?!
Yuvi and Khushi are shocked.
Yuvi & Khushi: You guys already knew!?
Manpreet and Olivia nod.
Olivia: He is soooo cute!!
Rishi suddenly remembers one important thing.
Rishi: One minute guys.. Sorry.. They aren’t boyfriend-girlfriend..
Ishani is confused.
ALL: Then what are they?
Rishi: They are fiancees!! And they both love each other A LOT!
Everyone is surprised, while Ishani is blushing.
Ishani and Rishi nod.
Khushi: Olivia is right.. He is very handsome, Ishu! And you both look soooo cute together..
Ishani hides her face..
Manpreet: Stop blushing my dear sister..
Ishani punches Manpreet in the stomach..
Manpreet: Oww.. He must be crazy..
All: Why?
Manpreet: Then what other reason would there be to fall in love with a mean Sunny Deol like Ishani?!
Everyone laughs while Ishani starts beating Manpreet.
Manpreet: Okay.. Okay.. Sorry baba.. But really.. You two look amazing together.
Ishani hugs Manpreet.
Ishani: Thanks bro..
Rishi: Hey.. Shona! Do you have the ring?
Ishani looks down to her hand and realizes that she doesn’t have it. She starts freaking out and running to her jewelry box.
Khushi and Olivia go to help her look for it..
Khushi: What does it look like?
Ishani: It is a beautiful ring that has a diamond in between two doves.
Rishi is laughing while they try looking for the ring.
Rishi gets an idea.
Rishi: ISHU! How could you!? Ranveer got that ring from Maa to give it to you.. And you just lost it!?
Rishi winks at Sana, Yuvi, and Manpreet, who realize that he is just playing,.
Ishani: I didn’t mean to! Oh no.. It could be ANYWHERE!! Especially since I didn’t know the value of it..
Rishi: How could you lose the ring?
Ishani starts crying.
Rishi is shocked and realizes his plan is not going as he wanted.. He wanted to make her feel bad, but not cry.
Rishi runs to his room and grabs the box which held the ring and runs back to the room, where Khushi and Olivia were trying to handle Ishani, who was on the floor.
Ishani: I am the worst fiancee in the world!
Rishi runs up to her and calms her down.
Rishi gives her the box which has the ring.
Ishani: Rish-Bro! You had it!?
Rishi:Yeah! I just wanted to see your reaction when you didn’t have it but I didn’t want you to cry!
Ishani laughs.
Ishani: You think this was me really crying!?
Rishi is confused.
Ishani wipes her tears and stands up.
Ishani: Rish-Bro.. I was just ACTING! I knew you had the ring!
Rishi is shocked, while the rest of them laugh.
Rishi: How?
Ishani: When you winked at Bhai, Bro, and Sana.. I realized that you were trying to make me feel bad.. And then, I wanted to give you some trouble for trying to make ME feel bad..
Rishi: Hmm.. Seems like mischievous Ishu is back with a bang..
Ishani: Yup!
Rishi: Sorry for trying to prank you..
Ishani: Well.. I don’t know if I want to forgive you yet bro.. You did make me.. cry..
She acts as if she is crying again.
Rishi: Okay! Don’t forgive me.. But then I guess I will have to give the other ticket for India to someone else.. Chotta (Manpreet), do you want to go?
Ishani: Wait, what…
Rishi: Yeah.. I have this ticket to India, but I mean.. Since you don’t want to forgive me.. I can go with someone else..
Ishani: Nooooo… I forgive you!!! I was just acting.. I was never mad!!!
Rishi: Really….
Ishani: I swear!
And she again pinches her neck.
Rishi: Okay.. I believe you.. So.. Do you want to go back to India?
Ishani gives Rishi a big hug.
Ishani: Thank you thank you thank you Rish-Bro!
Rishi: No problem.. I knew that the second you are allowed to travel, you would want to go.. So.. Are you ready to go back to India?!
Ishani: OF COURSE!
Rishi: BUT! You have to take all your medications on time and not do anything that will compromise your health.. Otherwise.. I won’t let you go.. Do you promise?
Ishani: Pakka promise!
Rishi: Okay.. Well get ready.. The flight is in 2 days and we need to start getting ready for travel.
Ishani: Oh my God!! I need my passport, my meds, my phone, my ticket, and so much more.. I have to get my bag packed! How am I going to get this all done!?
Olivia: Why are you worrying?! Your bestie is here, right!? I will help..
Khushi: And so will your partner in crime!
Sana: Don’t forget about me!
Ishani: Thanks soo much! Let’s get started!
The girls start packing, while the guys laugh and go to help Rishi pack.
The scene starts with everyone coming to the airport to see off Rishi and Ishani.
Rano: Beta.. Take care of your health okay.. And please try to call whenever you can.. And..
Raj: Rano.. They are only going to India for a little bit.. They will be fine..
Rano: Yeah.. But it is the first time Ishani is leaving us for more than a few days.. I am going to miss her a lot.. There will be no one to make me remind me to do my little activities through the day..
Raj: Yeah.. I am going to miss our daughter.. What will we do without her?
Ishani: You both will be fine without me.. Because I have explained everything to my angel Sana, right?
Sana: Right! I will be doing Buha’s jobs while she will be gone.. Reminding Dadi to do certain things, Chatting with Dadu, Pranking Papa with Manu-Chachu, Beating up Manu-Chachu, Gossiping with Mumma, Partying with Liv aunty, Eating junk food, and a lot more stuff!
Everyone laughs hearing their sweet five-year old’s words.
Ishani: See! You guys are all set.. And I will miss my Mom and Dad too!!
They all hug. Then, Rishi goes up and hugs them as well.
Next, Ishani goes over to Yuvi and Khushi.
Yuvi: Going to miss my favorite..
Khushi: Same here.. It won’t be as much fun without you..
Ishani: I will miss you both too.. And I know.. Nobody has a lot of fun without Ishani!
They laugh and hug. Rishi comes over and says his goodbyes as well.
Ishani pulls out and walks over to Manpreet and Olivia.
Ishani: I am really going to miss you guys.. Now our group is split up..
Olivia: I am going to really miss you too!!!
Olivia and Ishani hug.
Manpreet: I am not going to miss you..
Everyone is surprised.
Ishani: What!?
Manpreet: I mean.. I won’t have to because I know that you will call me everyday to complain and get me in trouble, right?
Ishani nods and hugs him.
Ishani: But seriously, I will miss you bro..
Manpreet: Same here Ishu..
Rishi comes and hugs Manpreet and Olivia. They also say their goodbyes.
Ishani: Okay.. Best for last.. Where is my angel Sana?
But nobody could see where Sana is.. Everyone gets a little panicked and tries to look for Sana. Ishani looks around and finally found Sana sitting in front of a fountain.. She was quietly crying.
Ishani: Sana! What’s wrong, baby!? Why are you crying?
Sana: Because you are leaving me, Buha..
Ishani: Aww baby.. I am not leaving you guys.. I am just going to meet my other family..
Sana: But it sounds like you won’t come back..
Ishani: Baby.. Remember what I promised in the hospital..
Sana: What?
Ishani: I promised to come back..
Sana: Are you sure? Do you PROMISE you will come back??
Ishani: Pakka promise baby!
Sana then gets happy and Ishani convinces her to come back over to where everyone was.
Rano: Sana beta.. Why did you go away?
Ishani: She thought that I will never come back.. But I explained and promised that I will come back..
Rishi: Okay.. Well.. Now is the time they want us to go into the terminal..
Ishani nods and goes over to Sana and hugs her.
Ishani: Bye my angel.. I will miss you..
Sana: Bye buha.. I will miss you more.. Please come back soon..
Ishani: I will try to!
Rishi also comes and hugs Sana..
Rishi and Ishani hug everyone once again and go into the terminal.
They go through security and board the plane.
Rishi and Ishani are sitting in the lounge, waiting for the call to board the plane.
Ishani: I wonder how everyone will react when they see me!?
Rishi: Well.. Ishani.. I haven’t told you something..
Ishani: What?
Rishi: Well..
Rishi explains everything that happened after Ishani left the house that day.. He explained how everyone was told that Ishani passed away in the accident.. And now everyone thinks she did pass away..
Ishani: What!? They think I passed away!?
Rishi nods.
Ishani then remembers something..
Rishi: What?
Ishani: Someone DID die in the accident, but it wasn’t me!
Rishi: Then who?!
Ishani: Naina!!
Rishi: WHAT!? Naina died?!
Ishani nods and explains everything that happened in the car.
Rishi: Naina tried to KILL you!?
Ishani nods.
Rishi: Oh god..
Ishani: What is going to happen when they see me? What if they don’t want to see me?
Rishi: No… Of course they want to see you!
Ishani: Are you sure?
Rishi: Of course.. Everyone loves you! They were lost without you!
Ishani: Really?
Rishi nods.
Rishi: Now don’t worry.. Smile! You are going back to India! And everyone will be OVERJOYED to see you!
Ishani smiles and hugs Rishi.
Rishi: Why this hug?
Ishani: Thank you..
Rishi: Why?
Ishani: For helping me calm down.. And for being an amazing brother over these years.. I love you bhai..
Rishi: Love you too sis..
Speaker: Flight 162 to Delhi is now ready to board.
Ishani: Let’s Go!!
Ishani stands up, grabs her carry on, and runs over to Ticket-Check.
She sees Rishi laughing at her childness and she motions for him to come.
He walks over and they both give their tickets and proceed towards the plane.
The episode ends with Ishani’s happy face while boarding the plane.
Precap: Rishani arrival in India

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    1. Reena

      Thank you Neelam dhi! I am happy you liked it and I will try to unite them in a few episodes.. But today.. There will be some drama in the episode but I promise after a few episodes.. Everything will be alright! And sorry but I am a little busy so that is why I couldnt respond! Love you dhi!!

      1. Its ok my dear sweety love u to?

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      Thank you Harisha dear! Love you too❤️

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      Thanks Duva dear! Love you too❤️


    waiting for ISHVEER reunion…..make it soon sissy

    1. Reena

      The Ishveer reunion will be in a couple of episodes.. There has to be a little drama before.. But it will be soon Bro because I dont like writing too much about theor separation because it makes me sad

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      Thank you dear! I am happy you liked this episode!! ☺️☺️

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    1. Reena

      Thank you Julina dhi for your sweet comment! And I will try to unite them soon but there will be a little drama because of the Tanveer marriage.. But dont worry.. It will all get cleared up.. In the meanwhile, there will be a lot of masti!

      1. Reena

        And I will try to update soon! Love you dhi❤️

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      Its okay.. I understand that my ff can be boring to some people.. I cant really stop including people because they are also big parts of the story.. But most of these people will only be mentioned once or twice again.. And Ranveer will be in the picture soon because now Ishani is going back to India and they will soon meet.. I dont mind that you dont like my ff. It just your opinion.?

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