Love Withstands All (Episode 26)

Hi everyone.. I already finished the next episode.. Hehehe.. But I won’t get to update for a few days.. I hurt my arm and it hurts to type and update.. Sooooo sorry!! I hope you guys get some questions answered..
The episode starts with Ranveer getting interviewed.
Man: Mr. RV.. you have become a great businessman in such little time.. What was your inspiration?
Ranveer: My inspiration was my love..
Ranveer squeezes the woman’s hand and gives a small smile.
The woman is… TANU!!!
They both give small smiles to each other.
Man: Mrs. RV.. It is about to be your 3rd Wedding Anniversary.. How does it feel to be married for this long?
Tanu: It.. It is good.. RV is an amazing man and I feel blessed to be married to such a great guy.
Man: That was all I needed.. Thank you!
Tanveer both nod and walk out of the room.
Ranveer: Sorry.. I know that you are uncomfortable talking about our relationship..
Tanu gives a small smile.
Tanu: It’s fine.. As long as it helps you, I don’t mind.
Suddenly, the doorbell rings.
Tanu goes and opens the door. There is a little 2 ½ year old boy standing there!
Boy: MAAA!!!
Tanu: ISHAN!!! My baby!!
Tanu hugs Ishan and picks him up!
Tanu: RV! Ishan is here!
Ranveer comes running out and runs over to Tanu and Ishan.
Ranveer: My baccha!
Ishan gets into Ranveer’s arms.
Then a voice comes from behind..
Voice: Ishan ko dekhliya toh hum ko bhool gaye!? (You guys saw Ishan, so you guys forgot us)
The voice is Shikar! And beside him is Shivanya.
Shivanya: Hi everyone!
Tanu: Shivanya!!! Shekkhu!!
Tanu runs over and hugs them both.. Ranveer also comes over and hugs them.
Amba and Kailash come down and greet Shivkar and Ishan.
Tanu: Arey Ishan.. You have gotten soooo big, baby!!
Shivanya: Tanu! He hasn’t only got big.. But also very naughty just like our Ish..
Shivanya stops. Everything turns dead silent.
Ishan: Mumma.. What’s wrong.. Why did you stop talking?
Shivanya: Nothing baby.. How about you go look for Ahana chachi with bade-uncle and bade-aunty ?
Ishan nods and runs over to Amba and Kailash.
Ishan: Can we go look for Ahana chachi!?
Amba and Kailash both nod.
Amba: Come on beta!
Ishan holds both of their hands and runs off with them.
Kailash: Wowww.. Ishan is such a fast runner! He is going to tire me in just a few minutes.
Everyone laughs while they walk away.
Ranveer: Shikar.. Let’s go inside and chat.. We can let the ladies do their own gossip..
Shikar nods and they go into Ranveer’s office at home.
They both sit and make small talk on business and work. (Shikar is a lawyer)
Shikar: Ranveer.. It is going to be 3 years since..
Ranveer: Ranveer died the day.. no the SECOND that Ishani di… passed away.. I am RV.. Please call me that..
Shikar nods.
Shikar: I understand.. How is it between you and Tanu?
Ranveer: Everything is good.. We both are friends and agreed that that is all we want.
Shikar: That is good.. You guys have a honest and trusting relationship..
Ranveer nods..
Ranveer: How is married life for you?
Shikar: Arey.. I swear it is a mistake.. Shivanya makes me do sooo much work even though there are servants.. And on top of that, Ishan always wants to play.. I have no time to relax.
Ranveer laughs..
Ranveer: Still complaining your problems to me huh..
Shikar smiles..
Shikar: I always complain.. But truthfully, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me.. No matter how much I complain.. And also you are always there for me so I can complain.. Thanks bro..
Ranveer: No problem.
Ranveer and Shikar hug..
Shikar: So how are you? Really.. It is about to be 3 years.. Since they both left..
Ranveer looks down and sits on the couch.
Ranveer: It is hard.. I miss him.. He was my best friend like you are now.. And I try to forget about her.. But that makes me remember her more.. And I try to hate her.. But I can’t.. Because deep down.. I know it isn’t her fault..
Shikar sits next to him and puts his hand on Ranveer’s shoulder.
Shikar: It is okay.. Just please take care of yourself.. We all can get through this.. Together..
Ranveer and Shikar hug.
Shikar, Shivanya, and Ishan leave. Everyone is going to bed..
Tanu and Ranveer enter the room. They both set up their separate beds. Ranveer sleeps on the couch, while Tanu sleeps on the bed.
Tanu: Good Night RV..
Ranveer: Good Night Tanu..
They both try to sleep.. And eventually the silence put them to sleep…
Ranveer wakes up.. He can’t fall asleep..
He quietly walks out of the room and goes to his office.
He closes the door and walks over to a closed drawer.
He opens the drawer.
The drawer is filled with pictures and memories of Ishani.
Ranveer takes the drawer out and sits on the floor with it. He has tears on his face.
Ranveer: Ishani… Why did you leave me? It has been three years today..
He takes everything out and reminisces the memories. O Re Khuda plays in the background.
Ranveer is weeping and sobbing remembering moments with Ishani. The confession.. The parties.. The manhunt.. The jealousy.. The rollercoaster.. The proposal.. The drunk moments.. And.. the accident..
Precap: What happened.. And also.. A guy and girl are shown in the US
Hahaha.. I am too evil.. Sorry for the same precap…

Credit to: Reena



    Lovely episode… I’m addicted with it !!!!! Now you know I’m singing that barbie song : What’s gonna happen next !!!!??????

  2. Julina

    What… omg… omg… u left me shocked… sumaiya dr u r right… bhavu is testing our patience… as ur dhi it’s my request… pls pls pls post the next soon… but unexpected twist…. otherwise gud job…


    I’m more emotional than girls…. I can’t take it sis… always pains me alot to see their separations…..

    • Reena


      |Registered Member

      Haha Prince bro!! I am so sorry.. I understand.. It also pains me but I promise they will unite and that too with a lot of drama!

  4. Qiara

    Nice …!! From precap got a little bit idea what will happen and who is that guy and girl ..?? ????

  5. tanishqa

    Hey di what a episode and perfect cover pic and I. An a big fan no no ac of ur ff and u please take careOff ur arm

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