Love Withstands All (Episode 19)


Hi guys! Sorry for the update taking soooo long.. I am sorry if I don’t get to update that frequently… I am waiting for the summer when I can update everyday!!!!!!! Anyway! Tanvee sweetheart! I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that you are fine!!! Thank God.. It with his blessings. Love you dear! Btw, how are all my friends, bros, and sis’?
The episode starts with Ishani driving to somewhere.
Ranveer: Sunny! Where are we going???
Ishani: Wait 2 minutes Baba.. We are almost there..
Ishani pulls up to the Vaghela house. They enter the house
Ishani brings him into the middle of the living room. It is dark. She unties his blindfold and disappears.
Ranveer: What is happening?
Suddenly, all the lights turn on and everyone jumps out from different places.
Everyone: SURPRISE!!
There are awesome sky blue, neon green, black, and orange decorations and Ranveer’s photo is projected on a wall. The whole house is decorated for an awesome movie.
Ranveer is surprised while everyone comes around him.
Amba comes up and wishes Ranveer and they hug and so do Kailash and Massi.
Amba: Okay beta! See you soon!
Amba, Kailash, and Massi head to leave. Ranveer runs after them and stops them.
Ranveer: Where are you going?
Kailash: We are going to meet old friends..
Ranveer: Okay!
Ranveer hugs all of them once more and then they leave.
One by one, Rishi, Ahana, Shikar, Tanu, and Krisha come and wish Ranveer.
Ranveer: This is awesome.. So you all remembered my birthday?
Everyone: Of course!
Ranveer: Then why didn’t anybody say anything earlier?
Rishi: Then we couldn’t give you this awesome surprise!
Tanu: Did you like it?
Ranveer: I loved it!
Then unexpectedly, all of Ranveer’s friends from school run into the house, including Naina.
They all wish him a happy birthday, while he is again surprised.
Naina hugs Ranveer and wishes him a happy birthday. He thanks her and hugs her back.
Ranveer: What is happening?
Naina: We are all here for your party! We were told to come at 2PM!
Ranveer: By who?
Naina: By..
All of a sudden, all the lights turn off and glow lights turn on. Music starts playing and everyone is getting pumped. A voice gets played through a microphone.
Next, a spotlight is shown and then everyone sees that it was Ishani talking from upstairs.
The group sees her up there and laughs, while she acts like a joker up there.
*Guys, whenever I refer to “The Group”, I mean: Rishi, Tanu, Shikar, Ranveer, Ishani, Krisha, and Ahana. Sometimes some of them will not be referred to because they will be not in the scene, but in most cases it would be them.
Everyone starts dancing and partying, while Ishani enjoys being a DJ.
Ranveer: Did she plan all of this?
Then, some people comes up to the group and run up to Ranveer and wish him a happy birthday.
It is Shravan and Sumo.
Shravan: Of course she planned this!!!
Sumo: She is our Party-Girl Ishu!! And she always knows how to plan awesome parties!
Ranveer: BRO!! SUMO!!
They all hug!
Shravan and Sumo had become good friends with the group, especially Ranveer and Ishani.. They hung out multiple times and partied together!
Ranveer: Surprise after surprise!! This is awesome!
Shravan and Sumo meet the rest of the group.
The group gets alert and laugh. They all start dancing, while Ranveer, Sumo, and Shravan all go up to the DJ booth.
Ishani doesn’t notice that they come up, and then they surprise her up there..
Ishani gets happy and hugs Shravan and Sumo.
Ishani: You guys came!!!!
Shravan: Of course we had to!!
Sumo: It’s our RANVEER’S birthday!! We had to come!
Ishani: Aha! Bada OUR Ranveer nah…
Sumo grabs Ranveer’s elbow and hugs him like that..
Sumo: Why? Jealous?
Ishani: Of course not! I have my love Shravan over here!
Ishani hugs Shravan, who hugs her from the back.
Sumo: SHRAVU! You are hugging her when she called you her love!?
Shravan: Of course.. Ishu is my love!
Sumo & Ranveer: What!
Ishani: Arey.. Who is jealous now!
Ishani and Shravan laugh and high-five..
Ranveer: Okay enough jokes.. I am happy that you guys are here!
Shravan: We could never miss this party! It has our special “DJ ISHANI”
They all laugh.
Ishani: I know.. I am the best DJ, am I right!?
They all nod and giggle.
Ishani: Okay.. You guys now go and enjoy.. We will talk later!
Sumo and Shravan leave, but Ranveer stays and hugs Ishani from the back.
Ranveer: Hey..
Ishani: Hi..
Ranveer kisses Ishani’s cheek. She blushes..
Ishani: Why the kiss?
Ranveer: For this amazing birthday.. Thank you..
Ishani:: It was nothing.. I am enjoying a lot and am even more happy that you are enjoying!
They both share an eyelock. But Ishani snaps out of it and tends to the music.
She turns on the song “DJ Waley Babu” and everyone keeps on partying.
Ishani: Okay.. GO and enjoy!
She turns back to the panel, when Ranveer spins her towards him.
Ranveer: How can I enjoy without you? Can’t I be up here with you? I would love to be an assistant to DJ Ishani!
Ishani laughs and puts her hands on Ranveer’s shoulders..
Ishani: Of course..
The party goes on and everyone enjoys. Ranveer and Ishani both have a lot of fun being DJ’s.
But then, Krisha and Ahana run up to the DJ Booth and make Ishveer go down.
The song ends and everyone looks up to the panel.
Krisha : Okay now it’s time for a special dance from the birthday boy himself! And his special guest..
Ranveer goes to the center of the floor and waits. Ishani stands with Rishi and Tanu, confused about what is happening. Then, Ranveer walks towards Ishani. NAINA is also close to Ranveer and she thinks that he is coming to her, but Ranveer goes to Ishani and asks, “May I have a dance?” Ishani is surprised, when Tanu pushes her onto the dance floor. Naina is shocked and very angry that Ranveer picked Ishani to be his partner.
Ishani and Ranveer stand in the center of the floor. Then, “Tum Hi Ho” starts playing and Ishveer dance romantically to it. Everyone cheers them on while they dance.
Girl #1: They look so cute together don’t they?
Girl #2: Yeah.. They are perfect for each other.. A match made in heaven!
Naina hears this and storms out of Ranveer’s party.
The dance ends and everyone claps and praises Ishveer, while Ishveer blush.
Then, everyone starts partying and dancing together, but this time on Romantic songs.
Ishani-Ranveer, Shravan-Sumo, and Shikar-Shivanya(his friend from college that he likes, and she likes him too) dance. Then, Rishi turns to Tanu and gives his hand out.
Rishi: May I also have a dance, with a beautiful lady..
Tanu blushes and puts her hand into Rishi’s hand. They also start dancing.
All the lovebirds were enjoying dancing with each other.
The party ends and everyone besides the group goes home.
Amba, Kailash, and Massi return home and go to their bedrooms, granted that it is 11:15PM.
Ahana-Krisha, Shikar-Rishi-Tanu, and Ranveer-Ishani all sit on the couches. Ranveer and Ishani are cuddling and Krisha-Ahana are secretly taking photos of the couple and posting them on snapchat, showing the world what a cute couple Ishveer is.
Rishi: So Bro.. Overall.. How was your birthday?
Ranveer: It was good..
Ishani separates from Ranveer and pushes him away.
Ishani: Just good!?
Ranveer : Oh hello! You got me KIDNAPPED today with those magic sidekicks of yours.. By the way, who were they..
Rishi, Tanu, and Shikar get nervous and try to change the topics..
Tanu: What does it matter to know who kidnapped you.. I mean it was just a gag..
Shikar & Rishi: Yeah!
Ranveer: I just want to know.. Tell me guys..
Shikar: Umm..
Krisha: Arey Bhai.. You are talking to them right now!!!
Ranveer is shocked while Ishani, Ahana, and Krisha laugh.
Ranveer: WHAT!?
Ishani: Yeah! The people who helped kidnap you and beat you up a little are sitting right in front of you!
Ranveer: How could you guys!?
Tanu: Well…
Rishi: I mean.. It was a great option and it was the only chance we could beat you up so…
Shikar: Yeah.. And it was funny when you were freaking out..
Tanu: I have videos!!
Ishani: Show! Show!
Tanu runs up to Ishani and shows videos were Ranveer is freaking out while being tied up to the chair. There are also videos of Rishi and Shikar punching Ranveer.
Ishani: GUYS! What are you doing!?
Ishani turns to Ranveer and puts her hand on his cheek.
Ishani : Did they actually hurt you!? I swear I meant that part as a joke! Are you okay!?
Ranveer gets into a romantic mood and pulls Ishani close to him.
Ranveer: Now that you remind me.. I am hurting..
Ishani: Where!?
Ranveer: Right here.
Ranveer points to his cheek.
Ishani gets what he means and then kisses him on his cheek.
Ishani: Better?
Ranveer: I am a thousand times better!!
Tanu: OMG!!! SHONA!!!
Rishi: ISHU!!
Shikar: SHONA!!
Ishani: What?!
Shikar: You are blaming us.. But you forgot about what you did to RV!
Ranveer: What did she do?
Ishani gets nervous..
Tanu throws her phone to Ranveer, which shows how Ishani also punched Ranveer a little bit..
While Ranveer is watching, Ishani starts to inch away.
Ranveer is shocked.
He turns to face her, but she is gone..
Ranveer: Where is she?
The group gets up and starts looking for Ishani, who was hiding behind one of the pillars.
Ishani turns to see where everyone is, but she doesn’t see anyone.
Ishani: Now is my chance!
Ishani walks out and then everyone pops out. Ishani is surprised.
Rishi: You were trying to escape,huh?
Ishani: Nnnoooo..
Ranveer: How could you?! I am your boyfriend! And it was my birthday!
Tanu: Well.. At least we know that Sunny Deol can never miss a chance to beat people up.. Especially her loved ones!
Ranveer: No wonder the punches hurt so much.. It really was Sunny Deol..
Everyone starts making Sunny Deol jokes, and Ishani gets an idea to get away.
Ishani goes up to Ranveer and holds her ears.
Ishani: Sorry…
Ranveer: Arey..
Ranveer makes her stop pulling her ears.
Ranveer: It is fine.. But I need something to ease the pain you gave me!
Ishani: But I already did..
Ranveer: Well.. I need it again!
Ishani : Yes! My plan is working..
Shikar: Ugh.. Them and their romance..
Everyone besides Ishveer turn around to give them a little space.
Ishani comes close to Ranveer.. He closes his eyes.. She is about to kiss him until she pulls away and runs out of the house..
Everyone turns around to see Ranveer standing there waiting for a kiss.
Everyone: Where is Ishani?
Ranveer is shocked!
Ranveer: Ishani!
Ranveer then gets a text.
Sorry love.. But you already got a kiss and
I don’t think you needed another one XD..
Happy birthday baby!! I hope you enjoyed..
I love you.. See you tomorrow!!!
Ranveer smiles seeing the text.
Everyone sits on the couches, processing what happened.
Rishi breaks the silence..
Rishi: I have to say.. She is a package.. She is just too good.
The episode ends with everyone laughing.
Precap: The group goes to an amusement park.
Sorry for the same precap.. Pls comment below guys!!!

Credit to: Reena

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