Love Withstands All (Episode 15)


Hi guys.. How are all of my friends?
Btw.. ONLY 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL IT”S OUR PRINCE’S BIRTHDAY>>> I cannot wait for Shakti’s birthday!!
The episode starts with Tanu and Ranveer looking for the other teams. Tanu and Ranveer also fell for some of Rishani’s pranks like opening a door and having water from a bucket splash onto them and walking into plastic wrap. Tanu and Ranveer almost got Ishani and Rishi when they were running to a new spot, but Rishi and Ishani were too fast.
Tanu: Bhai.. We have tried looking for them for a long time now.. We have also fell for some of their stupid pranks.. Can we PLEASE start the plan?
Ranveer: Okay..
They go over to the food court.
Meanwhile, Ishani and Rishi were watching over Tanveer. They also had Shravan and Sumo on the phone.
Rishi: Hey! Where did they go?
Ishani: Yeah! Shravu.. Where are they?
Shravan: Ishu.. I don’t know why but they are going back to the food court..
Rishi: Come Ishu.. Let’s see what they are upto.
Ishani: Okay Shravu.. Please watch them and then tell us what they are doing.. We are leaving this store and will try to find a hiding spot closer to them..
Shravan: Okay..
Suddenly, Sumo sees something.
Sumo: OH MY GOD!
Ishani: Kya hua Sumo!? Is something wrong?
Sumo: Ishu.. Ranveer with some girls.. And I think he is flirting with them.
Ishani :WHAT!?
Shravan: And Rishi.. I think Tanu is going over to some guys..
Rishi: What!?
Then Shikar calls Rishi.
Shikar: Hello.. Rishi..
Rishi: Yeah Shikar.. Whats wrong?
Shikar: Can you give the phone to Shona? I have to tell her what Ranveer is doing.. We are watching him right now and can hear what he is saying..
Rishi hands the phone to Ishani.
Ishani: Haan Shikar..
Shikar: Hello Shona.. What is Ranveer doing?
Ishani: What do you mean?
Ranveer is talking to some girls from my college.. And he is flirting with them..
Ishani: What! That means that he actually is flirting with them!? We are going over to you guys.. Where are you?
Shikar: We are in the shop right in front of the Food Court.
Ishani: Okay! Wait right there..
Shikar: Okay.. Hurry and don’t get caught!
Ishani cuts the call and gives Rishi back the phone.
Ishani is angry and a little bit worried.
Rishi: What happened Ishu?
Ishani: Ranveer is flirting with girls!
Rishi: Shravan and Sumo were right..
Rishi and Ishani start running.
They finally arrive where Shikar, Ahana, and Krisha were hiding.
Krisha: You guys FINALLY arrived!
Ishani: Okay what happened so far?
Shikar: You can watch and listen for yourself.
They all become quiet and listen to the conversation.
Ranveer: I have to say.. You are very beautiful..
The girl blushes. The girl is shown to be Sameera (MATSH).
Sameera: Thanks.. But I have to say.. You aren’t half bad yourself..
Sameera comes close to Ranveer.
Meanwhile, Ishani is boiling with jealousy.
Sameera: So.. Do you have a girlfriend?
Ranveer: It’s complicated..
Sameera: Well.. If you don’t, call me..
Ishani loses it.
Everyone tries to stop Ishani, but it is no use. Ishani runs over to Ranveer and starts beating him.
Ranveer: Sunny!? *Ranveer is acting to try and catch Ishani*
Ranveer: Ah! You are hurting me!
Now everyone runs over there to see what will happen.
Sameera: Wait.. You have a girlfriend!?
Ishani faces Sameera.
Ishani: Yes! It is ME!
Sameera: I am soo sorry! He didn’t say if he is dating someone.. He lied and said it is complicated.
Ishani: He said it’s complicated right?
Sameera innocently nods..
Ishani: It is now going to get complicated..
Ishani turns to Ranveer.
Ishani: You dared to flirt with another girl, right?
Everyone signs Ranveer to say no but Ranveer unknowingly nods..
Everyone: Ranveer toh gaya.. (Ranveer is gone now..)
Ishani: I am going to KILL you!
Ishani puts her hands around Ranveer’s neck and tries to choke him (playfully).
Ranveer freaks out, while everyone is surprised.
Krisha: Looks like Sunny Deol is back..
Ranveer: Sunny!? What are you doing?!
Ranveer escapes from Ishani and starts to run away. Ishani goes up to the group and takes the bat that was laying in a stand behind them. Ishani starts running after Ranveer with the bat.
Ranveer: Have you gone mad?!
Ishani: Maybe I have!
Ishani gets close to hitting Ranveer.
Precap: Ranveer gets on his knees and says sorry.

Credit to: Reena

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode reena also waiting for our prince shakthi’s birthday…

    1. Sana sis how r u doing these days???

    2. Thanks Sana sissy! <3 I am so excited for his birthday because I might do something in the ff involving it..

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And I am fine reena r u my sissy?

    1. I am good Sana sissy.. Just a little busy.. But I always have time for our MATSH “Royal Family”!

  3. Superb episode reena dr but first I have to read previous episode so that can I understand in better way. I am fine dear & how r sis?

    1. Hey sissy how r u??

      1. I am fine bro . & how r u ? Ur arm pain get cure na.

    2. Thanks soo much Mariya dhi! I understand that it would be confusing without the first part??

    3. Ya sis my arm is now ok

  4. Very nice sissy……how r u??

    1. Thanks bro.. I am fine.. 2 more weeks left until my break and then I can finally relax and enjoy! How is your arm bro?

      1. Oh….my arm is fully functional

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am fine prince bro.actually I went to my mom’s house.thats y I am not commented.r u ok my bro?

    1. Ya sissy I’m very much fine…..

  6. Wow. Such cute epi. Eagerly waiting for next epi & shakti’s birthday

    1. Thanks so much Shalini sis! <3 I will try to update soon..

  7. Wow so cute episode but I did not like it…….because I loved it

    1. Your comments are THE CUTEST thing I have ever heard my sweetheart! Love you<3

  8. Very nice Reena dear you are doing really a good job I loved the episode very much waiting for the next ?

    1. Thank you Sathya dhi! <3 I will try to update soon!

  9. Reena dr super epi .keep rocking.ya me too waiting for shakti’ bday

    1. Thank you Sathya sissy! <3

  10. cute and nice update. keep going dear…………..

    1. Thank you priya darling!!

  11. All your guys comments give me sooo much joy! Thank you all! Love you all!

  12. So funny episode. Ranveer is gonna die now ?
    Eagerly waiting for ma Shakthi’s Birthday

    1. Thanks Sumaiya Sumi darling.. I am too excited for shakthis bday..

  13. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow sis it’s very good episode I enjoyed it haha can’t wait for the next part m excited 🙂

    1. And happy u added shraman u also watch EDKV cool

      1. Yeah I watch EDKV, Kasam, Naagin, YHM, and many more and I think Shravan and Sumo are so cute with each other!

    2. Thanks dhi!?? I hope you all will like next episode!

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