Love Withstands All (Episode 13)


Hey guys! In this episode.. I am incorporating some things from my party.. Comment below on what you guys think it was.. I hope you like this episode!
Mehra House
Rishi and Ranveer come downstairs to see the room decorated for a mega-sleepover. There were mats on the ground, a projector set up, snacks arranged on a big table, and all everyone was dressed in kid pajamas. Ishani is wearing a colorful unicorn onesie, Tanu is wearing a pretty blue elephant onesie, Ahana is wearing a yellow duck onesie, Krisha is wearing a bunny onesie, while Shikar is wearing a dog onesie.
Ranveer: What is going on?
Rishi: Yes please explain.
Ishani: Arey we said earlier na! You are staying with the Parekhs and Mehras.. Tonight is going to be a fun masti night!
Tanu, Ahana, Krisha, and Shikar: YEAH!
Tanu goes up to the guys and hands them onesie.
Rishi: Wait! We have to wear onesies too!?
Krisha: Of course! Go and put these on!
Ranveer & Rishi go and change into the onesies.
Ranveer comes out as a cute green dinosaur, while Rishi comes out as a vibrant orange tiger.
Ranveer: Okay so what will we be doing?
Shikar passes out a pen and chit to everyone.
Shikar: Write things you people want to do tonight. It is right now 9PM and we can do things until 5:30 AM because the elders wake up at 6.
Everyone writes down things that they want to do.
Krisha goes around with a bowl and everyone puts their chits in the bowl.
Krisha: We need someone to pick the first chit. Any takers?
Ishani: SHIKAR! Shikar is picking first.
Shikar: Why?
Ishani: Bazurko ko pehla jana chahiye.. Aur tum toh hamare beech budai ho (Old people should go first.. And you are a old man between us)
Everyone laughs while Shikar does fake angry look.
Shikar picks a chit.
Tanu: What does it say?
Shikar gets surprised by reading the chit.
Krisha: Bolo Bhai!
Shikar: It says to wear paint on our faces and go to the mall and confuse/scare people.
Everyone is surprised.
Rishi: That sounds…. AMAZING!
Everyone looks at Rishi in shock..
Ranveer: Did you pick this?
Rishi shakes his head no..
Rishi: But I wish I did.. I need to high-five who chose to do this.. Who did?
Everyone looks around until Ishani starts laughing and gets excited.
Ishani: I DID!! I heard some people do this and I wanted to do this.
Everyone is shocked..
Tanu: Of course this is Shona’s choice.. She is the only one who comes with stupid ideas like this.
Ishani: But I want to add a twist..
Shikar: Now what…
Ishani: Let’s turn it into a game of manhunt.
Rishi ran up to Ishani and hugged her.
Rishi: You must really be my sister!
Ranveer and Tanu: What is manhunt?
Rishi and Ishani are shocked!
Tanu and Ranveer shake their heads.
Shikar: It is hide n seek just in a different area and it is so much fun playing in the dark.
Ishani and Rishi nod, excited.
Krisha: So what are teams? I want to be with Ahana and Bhai!
Ahana and Shikar nod.
Ranveer: Rishi!
Tanu: Shona!
Ishani and Rishi look at each other..
Ishani: I want to be on a team with my bro!
Rishi: Same here.. I want to be on a team with my sis!
Rishi and Ishani high-five.
**Okay the pairing nicknames are:
-Rishani: Rishi and Ishani
-Tanveer: Ranveer and Tanu
Tanu and Ranveer are shocked and get annoyed.
Ranveer: You know what.. Who wants to be on a team with you guys!? Tanvi, will you be on my team?
Tanu: Of course! We will show these two how to play.
Rishani laugh.
Tanu: Why are you guys laughing!?
Ranveer: Yeah.. We can beat you two, right Tanu!?
Tanu: Yes!
Rishani: We will see..
Krisha bring Holi colors and face paint and start applying to each other. Rishi and Ishani take some of the colors and paint and go to Ishani’s room to get ready. Ranveer and Tanu wear little bit of face paint and holi colors and are ready. All the teams are waiting for Ishani and Rishi to come downstairs to set the rules and then start the game.
Shikar: Hey crazies!!! It is already 9:30 and we still need to come and set the rules.. Come downstairs.
The door opens and Rishi and Ishani come downstairs. They are wearing black bandanas with their onesies and have black and orange stripes under their eyes with silver glitter in between the paint. They also have rainbow holi colors in their hair. They looked amazing with their coordination and shocked the other teams.
Tanu : Bro.. They look very prepared to win this game..
Ishani and Rishi come towards Tanveer.
Rishi: Arey.. What’s wrong? Are you guys alright or already scared?
Rishi and Ishani laugh.
Tanu: WE AREN’T SCARED! We will win!
Ranveer pulls Ishani aside for a second.
Ishani: Ji..
Ranveer: I have to say.. Someone is looking very cute as an unicorn… I just wish I could kiss her..
Ishani blushes.
Ishani: I also have to say.. There is a very hot guy dressed up as a dinosaur.. But all I can give him is this..
Ishani kisses Ranveer on the cheek.
Ranveer: Just this!? I..
Krisha: Hey lovebirds! Let’s get this game started! I am starting to get excited with this idea!
Ishveer return to the group.
Ahana: Okay.. So what are the rules?
Ishani: It is the rule of hide n’ seek. The only difference is that we will be playing in the mall because it is open all night. We all have to remain in the mall, okay?
Everyone nods.
Ranveer: Okay.. So once the seeker sees us, should we stop or do they have to catch us?
Rishi: Good question.. They have to catch the person..
Everyone: Okay.
Shikar: Our team will look first okay.. And we will give you guys 15 minutes and then we will come after you guys..
Rishani & Tanveer: Done!
Rishani: Good luck.. You guys will need it!
They run out of the house. Tanveer is annoyed.
Tanu: Agreed!
They also run out of the house..
Precap: Ishani faints and Ranveer catches her in time.. “ISHANI!”
Comment below what you guys thought about this episode!
Love ya all!
**Also if anyone has a kik, my username is BhavreenS29.. So if you guys ever want to talk, just use that! Just please tell me who it is who I am talking to..

Credit to: Reena

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