Love without trust is not Love (One Shot)


Shomi: Swaragini, wake up. time for college.
Swaragini: Maa, two more minutes plzzzz. (they go right back to sleep) after much convincing they both wake up and get ready and go and hug everyone and go to college.
Swara: Di, I’m sooo excited. It’s our last year of college.
Ragini: I know. Imagine partying, trips with friends and getting our degrees and also maybe falling in love.
Swara: What Diii’s. I have told you before there is no such thing as love.
Ragini: Swara, just because what he did, doesn’t mean all the guys will do the same thing.
Swara: Whatever Di. I told you nah. After, Laksh I have stopped trusting love. She gets upset and leaves from there.
Ragini gets sad hearing Laksh’s name.

————————– fb starts ——————————-
Ragini is being chased by Laksh, he catches her and says I Love You. They started dating the first year of college and were the love birds. Swara would always call them her love role models. They were very happy, but one day Laksh stopped talking to Ragini, he wouldn’t answer her calls, nor would he reply to her messages or anything. He even stopped showing up to college. But Ragini didn’t lose hope. And one day she got a letter. She was happy, but soon it turned into sadness.
I’m sorry, I don’t love you. I never did. It was just all for revenge for slapping my friend in front of the entire uni.

She was crying miserably when Swara came and read the letter, she also got quite sad, since she thought of laksh as her jij and one of her longest and closest friends (swalak were friends for like 4 years). She took the letter and she was about to tear it when ragini, took it away and said, she needs it as a reminder to not trust people easily.
However she soon started noticing swara. Swara had stopped trusting everyone. She would only talk to her family and a few of her friends. She didn’t make any more friends, and her parents noticed to and before they could find out about Raglak, Ragini decided to forget her pain, to help her sister, who was obviously more hurt then her. Ragini soon began smiling and in trying to help swara, she completely forgot about laksh and learned to trust again and learned to fall in love again. But, Swara never completely recovered, even though she learned to trust, she started hating the word love.

——————————– fb ends————————————-
there’s a new entry in college and all are surprised, since it’s last year and the guy came to college for one year. No one knows who he is, but they all are curious.
Swara was listening to music and had her eyes closed and headphones in her ears, and she accidentally dashes into the new entry.
Swara: I’m sooo sorry, I wasn’t looking.
NE: No, I’m sorry, I should have been more careful. BTW my name is Sanskaar. but you can call me san

Swara: Hi, I’m Swara Gadodia. and you can call me swara. So you are the new entry. Btw why transfer last year of college.
San: actually, I was living in UK for the past 7 years, and my family recently moved to India, and this college is one of the best colleges in Kolkata.
Swara: Oh ok, well if you need anything tell me and I will try my best to help you. Okay. See ya later.
San: See ya.

Soon Swasan start becoming friends and they both fall in love, but Swara is not ready to accept it cause she is scared, san will leave her just like laksh left ragini, so she decides to just be friends. Sanskaar gets tired to trying to tell her and decides to plan a huge surprise for her.
One day after college he blindfolds her and forcefully takes her with him to a park. the park is beautifully decorated and it looks gorgeous.
Swara: San what is this.
San gets on his knees and extends his hand and starts saying..
Swara Gadodia, I Love You very much, I didn’t realize when, but I fell in love with you and I want to spend my whole entire life with you, so please will you do me the honor of becoming the future Mrs. Sanskaar Mahes…

Swara: NO. Stop this Sanskaar. How many times have I told you I don’t believe in this love shove. It’s all fake. One day, you are going to wake up and realize, you don’t love me and then you are going to leave me, so I would rather prefer that day to be today. I’m sorry but I don’t love you and I only think of you as a good friend, and that’s all nothing else.
Sanskaar hold her hands and says please, i promise I will always be there for you, I will never leave you.

SwaraL He also promised the same thing, but he left my di nah, and my di is one of the sweetest and kindest person in the world. Still he left her And I’m toh me only. Trust me, one day u will realize love doesn’t exist and you yourself will leave. So instead of breaking everyone’s heart in the future, break it now, it will be easier.
Sanskaar: SWARA, I LOVE YOU. Nothing in this world will make me stop loving you, I will love you till my dying moment. I promise you, just trust me once.
Swara: Sanskaar, NO means NO.
Ragini who was watching this gets angry and goes to Swara and slaps her.
Ragini: Are you pagalll or what. This becharra did so much for you and you are not even understanding his feelings, Swara he LOVES you. I have seen the love he has and I know it’s pure, can you trust you di atleast.

Swara: Di, I saw you break and I know it still hurts, but still you do this natak of falling in love, because you don’t want to break me, but di, I can read you like a open book, after what that, i don’t even want to say his name, has done, it’s hard to trust.
Ragini: But swara dil mera tuta hai, he broke my trust, not yours, then why.
Swara: Because, you two were my perfect couple. I thought your love was so strong, no one could break it, and ironically he himself broke it.
Sanskaar was just listeing and he was shocked hearing all this and said but I promise I will never make the mistake that guy did. I really love you swara, if my love was fake I would never have asked you to marry me. Please swara trust on me. I promise I will never break your trust.
Swara: I’m sorry, I can’t. She runs away from there and Ragini looks at her with tears and Sanskaar is also crying, and so is Swara.
Sanksaar: Ragini, can you tell me what happened.
Ragini tells him what happened and sanskaar just goes and hugs her and says I promise, I will never ever hurt her like that, before being my love, she is my best friend and i don’t ever want to see her hurt.

Ragini: smiles a little, I know that’s why I’m gonna help you convince her and she will herself confess her love.

Next day college Swaragini enter and Swara is shocked to see a message on the main board, It says fall in love once, I promise you won’t regret it. She gets angry and goes, while Ragini gives thumbs up to Sanskaar, who is hiding behind the pillar.
Same thing happens everyday fro two weeks, After finally it stops. Swara keeps hoping and she gets sad, but shows it off as relieved that he finally moved on. Sanskaar still talks to her as a friend, but he does nothing to get her to be his. She gets sad day by day thinking he forgot her and decides to let him be happy with someone else. Ragsan realise their plan failing and they go for a plan B.

Swara gets a call it’s from sanskaar.
Swara: Ha, San What’s up.
P: Hello, hah ma’am whoever this this phone belongs to, is beign taken to City Hospital and your number was the first one on emergency.
Swara gets worried and without telling her family, she runs to the hospital with tears in her eyes and as she reaches the hospital, she asks for Sanskaar M , she doesn’t know his whole last name, but there is only one Sanskaar admitted and she is directed to his room, she runs and when she enters she sees machines attached to him.
She goes near him and starts crying and says utthu please, Sanskaar.
Swara: You know I love you alot, but this is what I was afaird of you leaving me that’s why I never confessed to you either. I love you sanskaar and you promised me that you will never leave me, so please wake up nah.
Sanskaar moves his hand and opens his eyes and says what did you say.
Swara gets happy and hugs him tightly and says I love you too. I promise I won’t leave you and I am ready to be Mrs. Sanskaar.

He gets happy hearing it and hugs her tightly, but since he’s hurt he says ouch and swara is about to leave him, but he tells her she is his medicine and a hug like this will cure him faster than any other medicine. She blushes hearing it and is about to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her to him and hugs her at that time four elders enter the room.
Swasan don’t realize it and one of them coughs to alert them and swasan are embarrassed and quickly compose themselves and swara tries to go but one of the two ladies stops her.
Sanskaar: Badi Maa, Bade Papa. Mummy, Papa. Aap sab yaha. Kaise.
Suju: Mere bete ko hospital mein admit kiya hua hain, aur tum puch rahe ho, hum yaha kyun.
Ap: Beta, are you alright, How did this happen.
san: Nothing, I was not watching and I got hit by a car, it’s not much, just a little.
DP: little is when you can come home same day, you need to be here for one week, it’s not little.
Swara is trying to escape from Suju, who is still holding her hand and sanskaar notices her and smiles and looks at the elders.
Sanskaar: Mummy, Papa, Badi Ma, bade papa, yeh hai aapki bahu Swara.
Suju: Kya, tum ne shaddi kar li.

Swasan blush and say Nahi at the same time and the four laugh at that.
San: Mummy, mein aapke bena itna bada faisla kaise le sak tha hoon. But papa, I really love her and trust me she is the best bahu for our family.
Swara blushes and suju lets her hand go and comes to her and says so you stole my son’s heart. She hugs her and says to be ready for the parent meeting tommorow and swara shyly runs away from there and goes home and informs Ragini, who then convinces the family to be ready for a surprise.
When the MM’s enter, Shekar is shocked seeing them and says Aap.

He goes and hugs DP adn Ram. They talk about Swasan’s propsal and Shekar calls swaragini downstairs and says this is by im being buttered up since yesterday. Swara nodes shyly and Shekar says I accept this, since I know DP and his family. Swara takes care of sanskaar for a whole week, Suju and AP start loving her more and more each day and are happy to have her as a bahu, and sanskaar is able ot leave two days early because of swara’s take care. BUt swara forbids him from coming to college and she warns Ap and suju if san doesn’t rest for two more days, she will get mad at that. In one week, it seems swara has completely changed, she had become the center of attention in the MM house and everyone loves her there and she loves the whole MM family, but she still hasn’t meet DP and AP’s son yet. Soon Sanskaar gets better and they get engaged and after three months they get married. One the wedding night only swasan consumate their marriage. All seems to be going very well for Swasan, when suddenly a storm enters their life.

Swasan are about to leave for their honeymoon, but they are busy in their masti, Swara is running around with Sanskaar chasing her and all the elders are crazily smiling at them and Ragini joins them and Swaragini are running around when Ragini crashes onto someone and she falls down on the person. Ragini closes her eyes i hurry and when she opens them, she’s looking straight into the eyes of her first love. Yes guys it’s laksh. She has tears in her eyes and she is about to get up but she just falls more on laksh and she realizes her dupatta is stuck under laksh, she tries to get her dupatta out, but she can’t, so laksh finally rolls her so she’s on the bottom and he gets up and extends his hand to her, but she doesn’t take it and stands up herself. Sanskaar and everyone get happy seeing him and they all rush to hug him. Swara, who ran into the kitchen, comes and sees everyone around the person and goes towards him and is about to go to him, when she sees his and realizes it’s laksh. She immediately starts looking for Ragini and goes to her and wipes her tears.
AP: Swara beta, yeh hai mera laksh, Aur laksh yeh hai sanskaar ki bebi Swara. Laksh is shocked and he is about to ask something, when Swara goes up to him and is about to slap him, but she notices Ragini and simply just says hi. Laksh looks at her with anger and says Hi. He leaves. and so does Ragini.

For a few days Laksh stays angry at Swaragini and they are also angry and this is noticed by Sanskaar and he decides to find out the truth and asks swara, but she ignores it and makes excuses. After a few days, the family is having lunch, when a girl runs to laksh and hugs him, ragini is shocked and laksh looks at ragu and kisses the girls cheeks.
AP: Shika tum yaha.
Shika: haha, aunty actually I was in the area and i decided to say hi to my fiancee.
Swaragini are more shocked to hear this and this just adds to their anger, but they don’t show it. Shika sees ragini and gets shocked.
Shika: Swara Ragini, tum dono yaha kaise. I mean, after what happened with
Swara: I’m laksh’s bhabi, this is my house.
Shika: Oh ok and how about ragini.
Swara: She is my sister, so she can be with me nah.
Shika: No, Okay bye everyone, I have work I need to leave, She leaves angrily looking at laksh.
Everytime ragini is in MM, laksh keeps making her more and more jealous, and on shika and laksh’s engagement night he is the one who gets jealous.

The lights are turned off as soon as everyone is ready and a light is shown on Ragini, who is looking gorgeous in a teal and grey lehenga. She is looking simple, yet elegant and suddenly a guy is seen walking towards her singing Sapna Jahan. When it’s her turn she sings
Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu
Taa-umr main tera saaya banu
Keh de toh ban jaaun bairaag main
Kehde toh main teri maaya banu
Tu saaz hai, main ragini
Tu raat hai, main chandni

Swara gets happy seeing her sister singing and dancing with the guy and after its over, Ragini looks at him and hugs him and swara to joins the hug. Everyone is happy, but Laksh, he was getting so jealous seeing all this, he clears his throat alerting Swaragini and the guy.
San: Jaan, atleast introduce him toh.
Swara: Oops sorry, everyone this is Ragini di’s bestest friends in the whole world, SAAZ.

Shika n Laksh get engaged and he looks up to see ragu, but she is not even looking at him, she is busy with Saaz and he gets jealous and goes to the bar and starts drinking more and more, until almost all the guest leave and he sees Saaz huging Ragini, who is crying a little and he is comforting her. He goes to them and pulls them apart and says you reallt are something nah. I mean you can’t stay alone who always need someone in your life at all times. Even if it’s for 1 month or 1 year.
Swara goes to him and slaps him and says how dare you. Are you not happy hurting my sister once, that you are hurting her again.
Sanskaar looks at her and says what are you doing?
Swara: You wanted to know, nah why I didn’t believe in Love, because of him. He hurt my sister and left her.
Laksh laughs and says I hurt her, She is the one who hurt me and left me. You two sisters are very smart, you know, both wanted to trap rich guys and one even succeded.
Sanskar gets angry hearing that and punches laksh who look at sanskaar shocked.
San: How dare you say anything against my wife and my best friend. You are not hurt, she is more hurt then you. You easily moved on after hurting her, but she is still stuck where you left here.
Laksh: I left her, no she is the one who left me. She is the one who made fun of my love, she broke my heart and you all think she is the victim. Wow ragini, how did you do this, making me look bad infront of my family.

San: Shut up laksh, I saw the letter you sent her, you are the one who pranked with her feelings and that too for a means of revenge for your friend.
Laks: that letter told her to wait for me and that I will be back, but she sent me a break up letter, he takes a letter out from his wallet and says see I even kept this letter to remeber your betrayal my ragu.
Sanskaar reads the letter and says I don’t understand. so swara takes the letter and reads it shocked, ragini takes the letter and cries seeing it.

you are an idiot to think that i love you. I never loved you. It was all just a prank and it was a means of joke. Sorry, actually no, not sorry.

swara: di, that’s not your handwriting. Laksh that’s not my di’s handwriting.
Di give you letter, I know you carry it every where you go.
Ragini gives the letter and says, san these letter’s handwriting are matching. They look like they have been written by the same person.
Raglak and swasan are shocked. Raglak look at each other both have tears in their eyes and are apologizing through their eyes. They are about to say something, when Shika comes in between.

Shika: Whatever happened happens, let the past be past laksh. We both can still move on and Ragini can also move on happily in her life now. Right.
Laksh: Why did you do this to me Shika.
Shika: What are you saying laksh?
Laksh: Shika, Im stopping myself right now, tell the truth or I will be forced to take a step I don’t want.
Shika: I don’t understand wht you are saying?

Laksh: SHIKA, he is about to raise his hand, but Ragini holds it in time.
Shika: Ha ha ha, it was me, I was the one who wrote the letters to seperate you two. I love you laksh since we were 11 years old, I have loved you and I thought you loved me too, but this Ragini came in between, I tried so many times to seprate you two, I sent goons and made it look like it was you, I even tried to get her into an accident, but you stupid brother came in between. I couldn’t see you going away from me after being so close to me. I had to do something. So when you gave me the letter to give to Ragini, I read it and I exchanged it with my letter and I wrote another letter for you and gave it to you. Laksh I love you I had to do. Please understand.
Swara goes to her and slaps her, this is for messing with my sister, next slap is for trying to hurt my sister, next is for hurting my husband, next is for hurting my sister, next is for hurting laksh and playing with everyone’s feelings.
Ragini is just quiet and swara is about to slap shika once more, but sanskaar stops her and says control jaan. the police come and arrest her for attempt of murder.

When the are about to take her away, laksh says stops, everyone is shocked and shika is happy, he goes to her and holds her hand and takes the ring out and says take her now, and shika’s chapter ends in their life.

Laksh takes the ring and keeps it back in the box, and he hurridely runs to his room and comes back with another ring box and goes towards Ragini.
He kneels down and says..
I love you. Kasam Se aaj ke baad mein tum pe hamesa trust karo gaya.
Ragini also kneels down and says Kasam.
Laksh: Kasam se. and they both hug laksh takes out the ring from the box and says I made this for you, the day I was going to propose, I got that letter, I never got the courage to give it back and I am so glad I never gave it back.
Ragini: I promise, I will also trust always I will never doubt on you or your love. they hug and swara says what about me jij.

Laksh goes to her and pulls her ears and says this is badla for the slap.
Swara: Sorry, jij leave nah, it’s hurting me more.
Sans: Laksh, leave her nah.
Laskh goes to Sankaar and punches him and says this is for behaving rude to me.
Ragini: Laksh leave them nah please, and ma papa, aap logo ko koi aitraaz to nahi hana laksh aur mujhese.
AP: NO ways, I always wanted you to be my bahu, more than Shika, but i never siad anything since she was laksh’s choice. but im happy my son made the right choice.
Raglak get happy and hug and so do Swasan

——– end———–

Hey guy this is my first one shot, I hope you like it.

Credit to: Kasam

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