love wins over every hatred episode 1 english version


i m so so so sorry i didnt realise that many people might not know hindi.
so hear i m, with an english version of the episode 1 n from now onwards i’ll make sure to write in english n even if i write in hindi i’ll give an english translation next to it
plzz forgive me n sorry if there r any mistakes

The episodes starts with a huge house and then we see a room in the house. In the room we see a girl sleeping then suddenly a sound comes

Sound: wake up doll, its 7:30

Girl: hmm..

Sound: wake up doll, its 7:30

It was her alarm clock suddenly the girl realized something and woke up. She was none other than our gorgeous khushi.

Khushi: Oh god, its 7:30 i have to reach office at 9:00. How will i manage??

And runs to the bathroom.

After about half an hour we see her coming out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. She then goes to her closet. As soon as she opens it we see a lots of pretty dresses organized neat and clean. She picked a beautiful semi professional dress. She was looking really pretty. Next to that closet we see another closet full of shoes and handbags. She wore matching shoes and left. She had almost every kind of designer dresses, shoes and purses. Her every single little thing was branded and she had everything one could possibly have in their whole life.

Next scene-

We see a huge hall with family pics on one side of the wall. We see shashi and garima talking

Shashi – wheres my princess?

Garima – she should be coming and moment. But u remember, don’t wish her. You know today rajbhai’s is giving a party for her. (she considers raj as her brother)

S – yes i remember, but i m worried about how she’ll react after seeing the party for her birthday

G – even i m a little scared, but i know raj bhai will handle her

S – ya lets see what happens

Suddenly akash comes in..

A- good morning dad, good morning mom, btw u know whats today??

G – yess we know that its ur gabru di’s b-day but don’t u dare wish her (guys akash, lavanya, and raman call khushi gabru)

A – i know mom, she’ll get sad, but is there any special reason that u r telling me not to wish her

G – u forgot na?

N she goes to the kicten

A – what did i forget dad?

S – akash ur gone today, don’t know about ur gabru di, but ur mother will definitely kill u he says laughingly

A – but what did i forget?

S- today raj uncle has kept a party for khsuhi…

A – oops…. Thank you so much dad u reminded me… nys i’ll leave before mom comes n eats my head.. bye dad

S – ok beta, but eat something from canteen bye

A – okk dad

He leaves and garima comes from the kitchen

G – where did akash go, i went to take his breakfast

S – he was getting late so he left n i told him to eat from canteen, don’t worry

N they start their usual day

precap – into of asr n family

Credit to: virja

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  1. Oh! U gave the full English translation of ur previous episode.. I thought u have post an another episode, but u won’t… It’s ok.. Waiting for the next episode

  2. Thank u….

  3. Interesting virja…. continue ur ff… eagrly waiting for arnav entry.

  4. superb u r writing kkb. in this ff

  5. superb u r writing kkb. in this ff

  6. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    i love it … … nice continue ….

  7. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    you are writing matsh in this ff???

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