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hey guys its Anu here back with another ff……nd for my currently ff I will finish it fast……a
guys I need your support in this ff……

Heroine – she is from Bhopal her parents r died……nd her chacha chachi have adopted her when she was 5…..she has one step sister nd her chachi nd her sister together plot against her….she is married to a rich family of Mumbai but fate has stored something else for her…..nd in her in laws house she nd her husband is troubled very much by one person……will she able to become the best bahu nd wife…..will her husband will love her….nd on her marriage day one big truth is revealed which changes her life

hero:- he belongs to a rich family in mumbai……he has done his graduation in Australia……one day there family visit bhopal nd his family like our heroine as they want a innocent beautiful cute mature girl like her……there is one big secret about him which will shock our heroine nd it will change her life reveal in part 1 or 2…….

main villian:-she is from our hero’s family…….all family members r aware of her true intention…..she wants all the property on her name……that’s y she always trouble our hero nd heroine…….she has many time tried to kill our hero nd heroine also……

bhopal nd Mumbai r the main place of this ff…nd for some part Australia also…..

guys I want your support of u like it then comments pairs r decided…..nd guys now it is revolve around only one pair nd for second pairs I don’t have any idea right now but if all want I will include that or otherwise will try to start one more ff will both pairs because in this I can’t able to give equal importance to both parts…….so if u r ok I will try to write another ff with both pairs or u want second pairs in this ff itself plz tell nd shall I continue this story……nd guys u will not like it na then that itself I will finish this ff itself by giving summary because from pov this ff is very long will not end soon because of my plot but I need your support……

plz comment nd alia I will write swalak os for u but I need some time because dear right now I m not getting any best plot actually I have one plot in my mind but don’t know gay its gud or not that’s why I need some more time
thanks guys plz tell that today I post first part of this ff or 10 part of my ff one body two soul plz tell

Credit to: Anu


    • Anu

      Plz yr enjoy the plot……I know there r fan if each couple but u want u can imagine the favorite character is playing that role

    • Anu

      Plz yr enjoy the plot……nd pairs r already decided may be its ragsan lets yr plz leave pairs nd enjoy ff

  1. I know you have already decieded.but still i would like to say plzz make it ragsan.your plot is very this plot i wanna see ragsan plzzzzz

  2. Hely

    I agree pairs don’t matter much bt if u r gonna make pairs by reader’s comments thn I wud like swasan!!! So plz try to go for it..
    Diz plot z vry interesting so go for it… U can go for 1 pair in diz ff n strt another ff including both d pairs…
    Or 2nd option z dat u include 2nd pair here itslf making it secondary.. May b 75:25 or 80:20 ratio..
    It’s juz a suggestion… It’s all ur choice aftrall m sure u have better ideas than mine..

    • Anu

      U will come to know soon dear don’t worry nd thanks for reading my ff for plot not pairs nd I will try my level best not to disappoint u guys

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