Love will surely find his destination -swaragini – Epi 7


hey guys Anu here… is last part of LWSFHD…..lets start

varun starts to fall for shona……nd soon truth come in front of his eyes by seeing the pics of shova marriage nd many other….he remembered everything……shova starts to share bed nd they r coming closer day by day…..actually the problem is with varun he want modern nd very educated girl…who can work but shona can’t work she is traditional nd reserved type girl….but slowly varun starts to also fall for her nd they both confess their love….they feel that now everything will be alright but don’t know the game of destiny…..sindoora again starts to trouble them nd shova recorded all her bad doings in camera……but sindoora sees this….shova run from there nd sindoora is behind them when at last they all reach chiff…..before sometime shona hide that chip in soil under a big tree…….nd finally sindoora says to varun that his time is over nd shoots but shona comes in between….varun cries but then sindoora shoots varun too….shova dies by holding each other hand nd before dieing say that they will come back nd to complete their incomplete love story nd to give punishment their murderer,who has destroyed their homes happiness…they both at last die….

here thakhur family r shattered nd Thakur Ji die….

on the other side in London one girl is born..who is named as swara

nd in Mumbai in Thakur family one boy is born(shona’s brother in law’s wife given birth to boy)

but sindoora exchanges that boy from one middle class family if bhopal as astrologer tell her that this boy will always stand with truth nd will destroy evil….

that boy is named as sanskar

yes shova has taken rebirth as swasan… we have to see how swasan love story will begin
will love be able to find his destination?
yes love will surely find his destination……but we have to see how….

finally done with it now tell me do u want season 2….it will be the continuation of season one…or shall I end it here only…

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Nice.. Want season 2 bt don’t summarize the story

    1. Thnks dear lets see about that

  2. Dear there is one mistake….baby is not exchanged……sanskar is born in maheshwari of the rich family of Delhi….sry for confusion…..nd shona brother in law don’t have child…his role is not season 2 story will focuse on swasan

    1. Thnks dear

  3. Season 2

    1. Next part if season 2 uploaded

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