Love will surely find his destination -swaragini – Epi 3


hey guys Anu here with ff love will.surely find his destination……

recap:- varun nd that girl get married

girl opens her viel nd it reveal to be shona


after reading letter bindoo refused to get married…..but Chachi try to convince her
chachi:- bindoo leave it na whatever it is but he is rich u will leave like a princess get married to varun
bindoo:- no maa never I m will ever marry him
Chachi :- I don’t care u have to marry him nd its final(leave from there)
bindoo to herself:- whatever u say maa I will never ever marry him…..
nd at the time of marriage bindoo instead of herself made shona ready …..

flashback over

Chachi get 360 degree shock by seeing shona instead of bindoo…….bindoo comes from behind nd congrats shona nd smirk …….

now its time for shona nd Chacha to get shock…..

shova stands nd at that time rain start nd seeing it varun starts to jump nd clap…..shona gets shock seeing varun behaving like child……varun ran from their nd starts to dance in rain like kid……shona is shock Chachi nd bindoo smile looking at shona


Chachi open the letter nd

manmohar Ji (shona Chacha) we r greatful to u that u r giving your daughter hand for my son varun but before taking any decision I want u to know.the truth…..that my child varun is 24 but his mentality is like 5 yrs old child actually after doing graduation in Australia he is returning home nd is driving when he met with accident nd in that he list his mental balance…..I want my baby to be innocent nd responsible who doesn’t love money nd take care of my son…..I have searched alot but all girls only want to marry varun because if money but after seeing shona I find her perfect for varun I want to make her bahu……but as a father I know u have many desire for her that’s why I m confeesing all truth in this letter if u agree to give shona hand for my varun them come to mandir in evening nd if u will not come then I will understand that u doesn’t agree

fb over

precap:- depends on u guys if I feel u r interested then I will write or otherwise not

sry for late nd short update

Credit to: Anu

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  5. wow its shocking i didn’t expect that but i liked it plz continue n write a little longer

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  6. U nailed it anu……the plot is very….fresh……and new………pls…..pls….continue…..pls…update the nxt part soooon na….pls….????

    1. Omg nats dear plz have patience haha nd dear thanks a lot by seeing your comment my mood is changing nd I m feeling to continue it haha but will try to next part ASAP but should I first upload next part of this ff or one body two soul plz reply

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    2. Guys first tell me should I first upload next part of this ff or one body two soul nd btw I m shock seeing 8 comments……I get promoted from 4 to 8 comments haha just joking I know its bad

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