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Happy birthday jaanemaa aka sayeeda di??????
U r best
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U r the best
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Everything is over…
Everything is shattered
Maybe forever and ever
Two souls are separated…….
Hearts were broken into pieces
Eyes showed pain
But non of them came
Years passed but nothing changed
Destiny played its game
A big storm came,
Lovers met again
Hearts were joined one again..
Eyes showed love
And it became happily ever after………………forever and ever.

The story starts from where Manohar was in coma. Nothing was okay at home. Everyone was tensed.
Twinkle was blamed for everything. Kunj also didnt trust her.
As we all know kunj asked space and break from twinkle from their married life. Twinkle was completely shattered after hearing this from kunjs mouth. She decided to give kunj all his space and break. At night twinkle was sitting with leela in her room and was continuously crying. She couldn’t control her self.
Maa why always this happens with me. Meri galti kya hai blurted out twinkle crying.
Puttar plz domt cry. I know u r not at fault. All u did was to save sarna family. I trust my daughter completely said leela.
Maa kunj also doesnt trust me. He wants space and break from our marriage. Really its only been 7 months to our marriage. Maaaa cried twinkle.
Twinkle puttar tu yahan se dur chali jaa plzzz puttar. Just go aawaaay twinkle leela shouted.

That day everything changed. Leela and twinkles decision was right but was also wrong. Hearts parted their ways. Family was broken but then also was together. Kunj was at fault. He didnt trust his love at all. He cared for his father but not for the girl who did everything for is family. She fought against the world for her loved ones but her loved ones only decieved her. They didnt trust her. The main soul and heart which was broken into pieces was of twinkle. Her heart cried the most but nobody bothered about it , only leela was with her, he mother was with her. Kunj loved her but never trusted her. Pain was the only thing she got in return of her sacrifices.

2 years later
New york

A big family was sitting and having their breakfast. It was non other than sarna, tanejas and luthra but one person was missing that was twinkle. She was not sitting with them. Everything was sorted between yuvraj and mahi. They were together and had an year old daughter name kaira. Raman and pinni , bubly , Rt and leela. Manohar was also fit and fine. He woke up from coma after about 3 months. Manohar and usha were also happy together. Ishaan, anand and niki were also together. Surjeet and anita. Bebe was suffering from some lung disease. The person who was broken from inside was kunj. He was all alone. He smilled only for the sake of his family.
They came to new york for one month because bebe was going to get operated. Leela didnt used to talk to kunj. Kunj was once her son but not now. Leela didnt knew were and how is her daughter. She used to talk to her once in a month. Twinkle used to call her very rarely. They were sitting in the open area of an Indian restaurant.
They were all in new york from past one week.

Papa i talked to the doctor he will call me whenever he comes back to new york said kun and manohar just nodded his head.

A girl wearing blue colour shorts and yellow sleeves top with a white bagpack and cat eye shades walked towards the restaurant. She looked amazing in her dress. She was gorgeous but simple. She reaches near the counter and orders for one mocha cold coffee for herself. She then removes her shades and she is non other than twinkle. This restaurant was runned by an American guy but he loved India and Indian culture.
Hey stephen she said.
Hey twinks , how are u said stephen.
I am pretty good said stephen.

Stephen went to the counter and switched on some songs. Twinkle went and sat at the near by table and she was waiting for some one. She was moving her head with the flow of the song.

On the other side bubbly was also moving her head with the songs.
Ohhh myyyy goddy god these are my favourite songs blurted out bubbly.
Everyone smilled at her innocence and childeshness. She was moving her head when she something or someone else she wouldnt have seen. She was shocked, bewildered, all mixed emotions were running in her mind. Her face turned pale. She wasnt able to utter a single word.
She saw twinkle sitting on the other table and was enjoying her coffee. She wanted to go hug her tightly but wasnt able to move her legs. She was just glued to her place.

What happened bubbles, you are crying asked yuvraaj.
Bubbly looked towards everyone and pointed her hand in one direction. Everyone looked in that direction and were shocked to see the scenario. They were shocked to see twinkle over their.
Twinkle was talking to Stephen.
A guy came a kept his hands on twinkles eyes. Twinkle immediately jumped and hugged him.

Omggg karan you didnt tell me you are coming back shouted twinkle with excitement.
Yaa it was a surprise said karan.
I heard some disputes happened , now were we will practice for our show asked karan.
I dont know said twinkle.
Where is everyone asked karan.
They are coming and we need to decide said twinkle.
You can practice inside said stephen.
Where Stephen?? Asked twinkle
In the garden area of the restaurant said stephen.
Ummmmmm good idea said karan and twinkle together.
Wait ill tell everyone said twinkle.
Ok said karan.

It was the most shocking thing for everyone. Nobody ever thought that they will come across twinkle like this. Kunj was crying after seeing twinkle.

Next scene
Kunj and his full family were sitting in the hotels lounge. Hotel was just behind the restaurant and in between their was a garden. The hotel and restaurant were of the same person.
Twinkle , karan and his troop were practicing for thier dance show.
They were dancing on the song boond boond.

Boond boond karke mujh mein girna tera
Aur mujh mein mujhse zyaada hona tera (x2)

Bheega bheega sa mujhko tan tera lage
Aaja tujhko peelun mann mera kahe
Main naa bachaa mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bachaa tujhme bhi
Jalne lagaa garm saanson se main
Tu pighalne lagaa mujhme hi

Qatra qatra main jalun
Sharm se tere milun
Jism tera moum ka pighla dun…
Karwatein bhi tang ho
Raat bhar tu sang ho
Tere har ek ang ko sulga dun…

Bheega bheega sa mujhko tan tera lage
Aaja tujhko peelun mann mera kahe
Main naa bachaa mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bachaa tujhme bhi
Jalne lagaa garm saanson se main
Tu pighalne lagaa mujhme hi

Hone de kuch ghaltiyan
Rengti yeh ungliyaan
Jism ke tu darmiyaan thehra de
Lamha koi garm tu yaa ubalti barf tu
Mujhpe hoja kharch tu yun aake

Bhiga bhiga sa mujhko tan tera lage
Aaja tujhko peelun mann mera kahe
Main naa bachaa mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bachaa tujhme bhi
Jalne lagaa garm saanson se main
Tu pighalne lagaa mujhme hi

Karan and twinkle were dancing sensuously as they were the lead. This made kunj angry. He cannot see twinkle with someone else and that two very close. He was boiling in anger but some how stopped himself because he didnt wanted to create any scene. It was night as they were practicing full day.

Bieee karan will catch up tomorrow said twinkle.
Biee twinks take care said karan and they both smiled towards each other and went in opposite direction.

Twinkle reached to her house and unlocked the lock and went inside. Twinkle was living in a rented apartment and she used to work in a dance troop who used to perform various dance shows round the year. Twinkle went to her room and switched on the lights when somebody came and hugged her from back.
Twinkle closes her eyes and tears were flowing from her eyes.
Kunj she said as she opened her eyes.
She turned around and saw kunj standing in front of her with tears in his eyes.
Kunj immediately hugged her tightly and was crying hard. Twinkle was standing straight and wasnt showing any moment.

Kunj looked at her face and he started crying more.
Twinkle i am sorry for not trusting for once. I am sorry said kunj.
Its over kunj said twinkle with an emotion less face.
This made kunj shocked
Twinkle what are u saying. Are you out of your mind. I am sorry please forgive me twinkle.
I forgave you kunj but its not easy to forget what you did kunj. Now you may leave Mr kunj sarna said twinkle.
Tw…inkle said kunj stammering.
Leavee shouted twinkle.
Kunj immediately left from their and was crying sitting on the road.

Flashback *
Twinkle was practicing when her home key fell and kunj saw it and took its print on a soap.
Then he went and made a key and headed towards twinkle home.
Flashback ends*

Next day twinkle and karan recieved a call that they cannot dance on a senseous romantic number. This made them shocked because they had finished their practice.
Karan remained calmed about it but this made twinkle furious. She hurriedly went to kunj and took him to one corner.
You did this kunj shouted twinkle.
What are u saying sweetheart ?? Asked kunj.
Kunjjjj shouted twinkle.
Kunj pulled her towards him and her hands landed on his chest and he was holding her from her waist tightly.
Sweetheart nobody had right to be this close to you. You are only mine said kunj.
Kunj was trying to woo twinkle but twinkle kept on ignoring him. Karan got married to his girlfriend jennie. So they went for their honeymoon

Kunj was crying and begging twinkle to come back in his life. Bebe got operated and she was also fit and fine.
Twinkle tomorrow we are going back to Amritsar tomorrow. Please come back in my life please. I cant live without you.
I love you twinkle till my last breath. Please. Come back.
Twinkle ran and hugged kunj tightly.
I love you saddu sarna. I love you. I will come back to you forever and ever.
They both shared a passionate and a long kiss.

Full family was very elated to get back twinkle. They went back to Amritsar.
After one year twinj were blessed with a baby girl. They named her anam and the trio lived happily ever after…………………

Hope u like it di. Its for u specially ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u jaaneman ??
If u r reading it do comment.

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