Ragini is in deep thoughts

Sanskar : excuse me !!! I hope u didn’t sleep !!!

Ragini : no I didn’t .

Sanskar : answer .

Ragini smirks : what answer??

Sanskar : I asked you whether can we be Friends ??

Ragini : no .

Sanskar : why ??? Am I not good enough to become your friend ??

Ragini : no you aren’t.

Sanskar face fell .

Ragini : you are the better fellow . And yeah friends .

Sanky’s face had glow of 1000 walts bulb.

Sanskar showed his index finger , little finger and thumb and ragu kept her thumb , index finger and her little finger to his fingers .

At that time they hardly knew that this moment is going to change their life.

After that Sanky shared a side hug with ragu.

Radhika  ( played by Radhika madan of MAATSH ): I think in a newly found friendship , they forgot me !!!!( With a sad pout ).

Sanskar and ragini at the same time : drama queen come here.

Radhika went to them and trio had group hug and after that they left to their class.


Today is their first dissection class .  All assembled near the department.

HOD  : welcome you all to anatomy department , on behalf of all faculty members . In medicine you can learn , relearn  if you want to and unlearn  if you didn’t read your lessons . Here you need to respect your cadaver . He is like your teacher . All of you should study well and score good marks and according to your register number , 20 people should be in a table . Now you can disperse and stand in your respective tables .

Radhika , Ragini and sanskar are in table 5 and swara is in table 6 and laksh in table 2 which is just parallel to table 5 .

All were introducing themselves , rakesh  and Radhika became best friends .

Ragini : sanky , which school you studied in??

Sanskar : SMM school.

Ragini : hey , even I know a guy in that school , he is of your batch only .

Sanskar : is it?? I don’t know anyone other than swara .

Ragini : ohho something something eh!!

Sanskar : you stupid there is nothing like that .

Ragini : okay chill dude.

              At that time bell rang and all went to their classes. 


In the recess time , seniors called Sanskar and asked him few questions and even ragged him . Since he was a attractive , funny, innocent and flirt by nature he became the apple of eye to them. And while returning back , he saw some guys ragging a girl , so he thought he could help her and went to them . He became shock to see that girl because that female was swara. 

Sanskar : bhaiya , what you asked her to do ??

Senior : I asked her to dance with any random guy .

Sanskar : do u don’t mind if I dance with her??

Senior : not !!! You can.

Sanskar pulled swara and kept her hands on his shoulder and he held her waist .

Swara felt electric shock passing through her body .

They both danced for TUM HI HO from ashiqui 2 . They perfectly shaped their body to that tune . Swara was lost in his orbs . She came back from her imaginative world by the applauds of the seniors .

Swara : thank you sanskar.

Sanskar : it’s my pleasure sweet lady .

Swara blushed like a red rose hearing his comment .

Sanskar : swara , it’s time for me to go . Bye . Catch you later.


Lunch break :

Ragini : Radhika , afternoon classes will be boring . Why can’t we go out to enjoy our newly found friendship .

Sanskar : Hey ragu from when you started thinking like intelligent people ??

Ragini gave a death glare to which Sanskar gulped in fear .

Sanskar : okay okay be cool . We ‘ll go out.

The trio bunked their classes and went out to a discotheque.

There Ragini and sanskar bonded well and started dancing on breakup song .

Radhika ‘s POV :

” After a long time , Sanskar is happy . I think he likes ragini.  If he is , them I ‘m the happiest person on the earth ” .

Her POV ends.

In the meantime ,They finished their dancing and all bid bye to each other and returned to their respective houses.

Sanky and Radhika entered in and found the whole house decorated .

Sanskar : ma , what happened ??? Why are you decorating like this??

Ap: arrey buddhu , u forgot ah ??? Tomorrow is holi .

Sankar : O fish !! I forgot to invite ragu  . Okay anyways I ‘ll call her and invite her to our holi party .

Ap : yeah sure . Anyways she ‘ll enjoy with ranveer . Both are of same nature , so they ‘ll mingle well.

Sanskar : ranveer ??? Why ??

Ap :  hey idiot , he is coming to India , his flight ‘ll land by tomorrow morning .

Sanskar : whatttttt !!!!! Whereas Radhika : Yayyyyyyy !!!!

The chappy ends with annoyed look of Sanskar and happy look of Radhika .

PRECAP : Ranveer.

Who is this ranveer???

Why sanky is annoyed listening to his name ????

Stay tuned to know answers !!!

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