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Midnight 12:45 am

“Sansku please talk with me .”

“No sweety , this Time I ‘m not gonna talk to you ”

“Sansku listen , I am really sorry . I never thought you would have gone through this much of turmoil because of me. ”

” See sweety you insulted my love for sumi maa .”

” Sansku , I thought you don’t like my maa since she scolded you the other day . That’s why I was there in a situation to scold you.

“I never thought you would behave like that “.

“Sansku only she told me that you want to take revenge by creating misunderstandings  between maa and me .”

” Who gave you this information ???”

“Ehhh !!! …….”

At that time Radhika saw a truck approaching them at a high speed .

Radhika : sweety and sansku . Moveeee

They didn’t listen to her and by the time she could come the truck hit them and they fell in the sidewalk path.

Sanskar : sweeetttyyyyyy (shouted  in a painful tone )  and woke up from his deep sleep and was sweating badly .

Sanky POV :

I was the boy in the dream , but who is this sweety ??? I couldn’t remember her face even if I can , then how could I find her now after 12 years .  Even Radhika is hiding something from me .After I was conscious , i couldn’t remember anything  as well as recognise anyone . But who is this kid with me?? Boy or girl??? Idiot sanky , ragu gave you a suitable name only , how could you call a boy sweety . Obviously it’s a girl only . But what relationship I had with her ???

End of his POV

All these questions were buzzing his mind and he couldn’t find an answer for it . In frustration he broke a vase which was near his bed.

By hearing this sound Radhika and  dp ( sanky’s dad) rushed inside his room

Dp : beta what happened ???

Sanskar thought that he shouldn’t  make his dad tensed .

Sanskar : no dad. Nothing to worry .

Dp: are you sure ??

Sanskar : yes dad . No need to worry . Radhika , take dad to his room .

Radhika : yeah Bhai .


Dp : I know Radhika , Sanskar again got those dreams . I made a big mistake by hiding such a big truth from him. I separated him and took him to US to make him  forget her , by listening to her . After 12 years also Sanskar gets those flashes which means that they are connected by heart . If I find my sweety , I ‘ll apologise and ‘ll never leave her.

Radhika : even I wish the same dad . I want my sweety .

Dp : hmmmm . Have faith in God and now sleep . It’s late .

Radhika : good night dad !!!

Dp : good night beta !!!

Meanwhile in guest room :

Ragu woke up suddenly with a jerk . She saw if there was anyone in her room .

Ragu POV :

” Why I feel that someone need me ???  I feel like someone called me ??? I don’t know why I feel this way “.

End if her POV .

Radhika opened her door as she saw light was switched on .

Radhika : Do you need something ???

Ragu : is that you who called me ???

Radhika : no . Now only I entered your room .

Ragu : okay . I think I ‘m over reacting.  Let me sleep . Good night rads !!!

Radhika : good night ragu !!!


Next day ragu woke up and took bath and came down with kurthi and a pant with wet hair .

Sanky was mesmerised seeing her , BEAUTIFUL !!!

Radhika : did you say something ???

Sanskar : no

Ragini : thank you so much aunty and uncle .

Ap ( sanky’s mom ) : it’s okay beta . Come here and sit . Have breakfast and go with Radhika and sanskar .

Ragu : it’s okay aunty . I ‘ll go .

Ap : don’t be formal beta . Once these monkeys becomes your friends know , they ‘ll come to your house and without permission they ‘ll eat everything . Even the previous day foods which you want to throw in the trash can too.

Sanskar and Radhika yelled : mom!!!!!!!!!

Ap : okay okay !!! Chillax buddies !!!

Ragu laughed wholeheartedly .

After finishing their breakfast with their chitchats all the three bid them bye left in sanky’s car .


In the parking lot :

Sanskar : you girls get down I ‘ll park the car and come .

Ragu and Radhika : okay driver !!!

Sanskar gave death glare to both . But they didn’t consider it and got down .

Sanskar : okay come we ‘ll go to our class.

Radhika  shouted : monkey please turn

Both Ragini and sanskar turned at the same time .

Radhika started laughing , : I asked sanky to turn .

Ragini : ohh okay , in my school everyone used to call me monkey so I thought you asked me to turn.

Sanskar : hmmmm !!! Why can’t we be friends ???? We both have same nicknames so why can’t we be a team ???

Ragini thinks !!!!

PRECAP : ragu ‘s decision .

How was the chappy ???

Who is this sweety ???

By whose mistake sanky’s dad separated them???

Any guess ??? If so please comment .

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      1. Fairy

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      2. Varshni

        Thank u so much sissy !!! I hope I keep up ur expectations ???

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      Thank u so much dear !!!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!!!

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  3. Sweety is ragu

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    1. Varshni

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