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Ragu was fuming in anger

Ragini : youuuuu !!!!!! I’m gonna kill you .

Sanskar : just stop yelling . I know you can’t do anything .

Ragini : I can’t do anything ah ??

Sanskar : yeah of course u can’t .

Ragini got irritated and started beating him black and blue .

Sanskar is jumping here and there and at one point of time he couldn’t tolerate it so he pulled her towards him. On that force ragu came close to him and her hands were on his chest . Sanskar was completely lost in seeing ragini and ragini raised her head to see him  . Even she was lost in his grey orbs .

They had a cute and long eyelock ( with tere sang yara as bgm )

( How romantic nah???)

Manik was waiting for ragu for a long time . So he decided to go there where ragu was present . When he went there and saw the scene

Manik : aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! And turned to the other side seeing their romance .

Manik : see guys I ‘m virgin boy please don’t tempt this small boy .

By hearing him , they composed themselves and broke their eyelock . They avoided their gazes .

Manik : have you completed your dare ragu ma ?

Ragini : yeah see I completed . I won !!!! So u should keep up your promise .

Manik : yeah buddy I ‘ll.

Sanskar : if you guys finished your story then please move I need to go .

Sanskar didn’t see ragini and went from there. He was feeling something different.

Ragu felt weird seeing his behaviour but just brushed her thoughts and left from there with manik.


In the corridor :

Sanskar was walking thinking about morning incidence . He dashed with a girl and her books fell down.

Girl : can’t you see properly . See now my books fell down.

Sanskar : I ‘m really sorry . I didn’t see , I was in my own world .

Girl : that’s okay . By the way I m swara . And you ?

Sanskar : I ‘m sanskar . Sanskar Maheshwari .

Swara : hey !!! Wait wait . I think I know you . Are u the  brother of Radhika ??

Sanskar : yeah I ‘m . But I didn’t remember you .

Swara : hey monkey , I ‘m swara . Your classmate till 10th.

Sanskar : oh yeah , the one with piggy tail and nerdy glass .

Swara : you still remember it . Yes I ‘m the same swara .

Sanskar : now you are beautiful and hot !!!

Swara : sanskar see i ‘m a girl not a dish to be hot .

Sanskar : very funny . But you are cute .

Swara : stop flirting sanky . You didn’t change , even a bit .

Bell rang ……

Sanskar : I think I need to go . Bye swara . Catch you later .

Swara : Bye sanky


Nandhini was waiting for the lift near the cafeteria .

The lift opened ……. And she saw a guy standing there .

She was a bit scared but she went inside and stood on the opposite side of him . After finishing his phone call , he turned and saw that girl and he recognised that she was the same one whom he ragged on the first day .

When she saw him she was horrified .

Manik : eh please introduce yourself .

Nandhini : hello , I ‘m nandhini murthy .

Manik : from ????

Nandhini : chennai. Sir , may I know yourrrr  nameeeee pllleeeaaasseeee .

Manik : see nandhini , I ‘m not a ghost so stop stammering . And the second thing I m not sir . You can call me by my name .

Nandhini : but I don’t know your name.

Manik : oh yeah , I ‘m manik . Manik malhothra.

Nandhini : nice to meet you ….

Manik : manik .

Nandhini : yeah .

While they were conversing , the current went off , and the lift stopped abruptly.

Nandhini felt a jerk and was about to fall down while manik holded her in a nick of time .

Manik was completely lost in nandhini ‘s fragrance . He observed her , she was wearing a top with Patiala pant , with matching earings and a chain with heart pendant . Though she was a kind of traditional girl , she was cute and bubbly .

His thoughts were broken by nandhini ‘ s mobile ringtone . She was sweating badly ,so manik took her , it was ragini .

Manik : hello ragini , this is manik. We are in the lift because of the power cut .

Ragini : whattt!!!!! Manik , she is phobic to dark .

Manik : whattt !!!!!! Now what to do .

At that time , he saw her shivering

Manik on phone : ragu , I ll call u later .

Manik went near her , he cupped her face .

He completely lost himself and neared her . There was only one inch gap .

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