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CHAPTER 3 – is it a small talk or what ????

“May I come in mam ???” a bold and clear voice came from the other side . All turned to that side including me .

An handsome lad with blue shirt and black pant with his hair glistening in the sun and having grey eyes is standing there .

Mam : yes doctor , do you know what time is it now ?

Boy : sorry mam.

Ragu ‘s POV :

While all these were going on one side there was a battle between my mind which yelled that he is an idiot because he fought with me that day for dashing his car( yeah that guy who fought with her was sanskar ) and my heart thought him hot , I was listening to him .

POV ends

Boy : I’m sanskar Maheshwari from Delhi , a day scholar . I have a twin sister Radhika Maheshwari.

Mam : oh ! Radhika Maheshwari is your twin !! You both are two opposites !!!! Okay come and sit in the first row.

Sanskar : Excuse me miss , may I sit here ?

( Poor ragu !!! She was there in her own world )

Sanskar shouted : miss I know I’m handsome , that doesn’t mean you can stare at me as though you are gonna eat me .

Ragu ‘s POV :

At last after hearing that my mind won . To defend myself , I told that I’m not gonna eat him and kept his nickname as idiot.

POV ends .
In the corridor :

After lunch break , while returning to class , I clashed with girl and her books fell down . I helped her to get her books .

Ragini : I am really sorry !!! I didn’t do it intensionally .

Girl : Hey that’s okay !!! Chill buddy !!!and yeah I am Radhika Maheshwari . You???

Ragini : and yeah I ‘m ragini . Ragini Gadodia. Anyways we ‘ll be together till the fourth year . So let’s be bestie .

Radhika : yeah sure ragu !!!!


Evening , while going to the parking lot , a group of seniors along with the guy who ragini bet came to her .

That guy : ragini !!! Can you please Come here . She went there without uttering a word.

Guy : Introduce yourself .

Ragini answered all their questions without hesitation .

That guy saw sanskar seeing ragini .

He got pissed off because by the time he saw ragini for the first time he had a crush on her .

There was a skeleton near the anatomy department .

Sanskar was sitting in the chair next to the anatomy department .

Guy : ragini , can you see the guy near the anatomy department ?

Ragini : yes

Guy : Just go and ask him whether you look beautiful or the skeleton .

Ragini : what ???? Not to him . I ‘ll ask any other guy other than him .

That guy asks her the reason to which ragini replied what all happened during their first meeting .

Guy in mind : this is the correct time to create misunderstandings between them .

Guy : ragini you should obey your senior’s orders .

Ragini : okay I ‘ll do it , but what ‘ll I get in return .

Guy : whatever you want.

Ragini : sure?

Guy : yeah sure .

Ragini : may I know your name ?

Guy : oops I’m sorry . I forgot to introduce myself . I ‘m manik . Manik malhothra from Delhi .

Ragini : good to meet u Mr. Manik . Can we become friends ??

Manik : yeah sure ragu .

He became very happy .

Manik : Okay ragu I know we became friends , that doesn’t mean that u shouldn’t do your dare . Just finish your dare soon .

Ragini : okay as you wish buddy . But promise me that you ‘ll do whatever I ask .

Manik : promise .

Ragini in her mind : I ‘ll ask you when the right time comes .


Near anatomy department :

Ragini : excuse me , Mr . Sanskar I need to take to you

( No response )

Ragini : Sanskar see I ‘m talking to you . Can’t you see me Mr . Idiot ??

Sanskar : tell me miss . stupid . I am not interested in seeing you .

Ragini gets irritated and turns to say to manik that she can’t do it , but unfortunately he didn’t see her . So ragu has no other choice .

After composing herself ,.

Ragini : sanskar , who looks beautiful ??? Me or the skeleton there ??

Sanskar without thinking even for a second or seeing her : obviously the skeleton looks beautiful than you !!!

Ragini shocked sanskar rocked !!!

PRECAP : What happened ????

Guys , I am really happy that many of them are reading . Thank u so much for encouraging me and thank u to silent readers !!!



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