Hello guys !!!!

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I ‘m really sorry for late update !!!

Thank u a ton for loving my story ( hope so. No eggs , tomato and chappal beatings for me )

Okay enough of my bak bak and let’s get into the story


Tick Tick Tick ………. ” the alarm ringed and the time was 5: 30 AM .  Ragu woke up immediately and switched off her mobile and as usual wished her love .

She got ready and came down   . Her father who was drinking coffee spited out in horror .

Shekar: Sumi come fast please.  Ragu beta u have fever ah? Or u aren’t feeling well ?? What happened beta ?? U woke up early today ???? Or am I dreaming ??

Ragini : papa please stop your drama !!! I’m excited about our new college . That’s why I woke up early .

After eating ragu said bye to them and started off to her college.


She entered her college . ” Delhi medical  college ” a top medical college . Yeah ragu scored top marks in her entrance exams and got admission there . 

A group of seniors were  ragging a girl  too much that she started to cry . Ragu saw the direction where she heard that sound and went there .

THUD !!!!!!!!!!

Ragu slapped the senior . Others were in utter shock . The senior saw here , she was wearing a blue short top with floral design skirt . He got mesmerised to see her . She asked that girl to come with her .

Ragu sensed her nervousness and initiated her conversation

Ragu : hey I’m ragini . Ragini Gadodia

Girl : hello I’m Nandhini . Nandhini murthy

Ragu : nice to meet you . 1st year ??

Nandhini : yeah.  Okay come let’s go to our class .


In class :

Ragu went and sat in the middle column 4th row with nandhini . She easily made friends with most of them .  1st hour teacher entered the class .

Hello all I’m DR . Shanaya , I came her for your introduction class . So please introduce about yourselves.

Ragu : hello I’m Ragini Gadodia.  I’m from Delhi .

Like this all were introducing themselves .

Mam : hey you the one playing with the mobile , can you please introduce yourself ??

Ragu turned to see him . She was shocked . She saw him and identified him as the guy who helped her that day in the mall .

Boy : hello I’m laksh . Laksh kapoor
from Kolkata , staying here in hostel .

Nandhini : wow ragu !!!! Laksh looks hot and dashing !!!!

Ragu : yessssss !!!! Then she realised what she told and she somewhat convinced Nandhu that she got attracted and nothing else .

Intro session was going on and ragu was  feeling sleepy when she heard a voice

” Mam may I come in ????? ”

PRECAP : ragging and stuffs .

I’m very happy and thank you soo much for everyone who read , voted and commented .

Any guess about who is the person ????
If so please comment

Keep smiling and enjoy your day .

Bubyee tata take care


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    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much yaar !!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much sissy!!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear sissy !!!

  2. Shrilatha

    Awesome it’s sanky na

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear and u ‘ll get to know in the next episode .

  3. superb! !

  4. Rakhi

    NYC dear.. Update soon

    1. Varshni

      Thank u a ton dear !!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u dear !!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u a ton dear !!!

    2. Varshni

      Thank u a dear !!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u a ton dear !!!

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    awesome dear…loved it

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      Thank u a ton dear sissy !!!

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    Nice it’s maybe sanskar ? Keep going

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      Thank u so much dear and u ‘ll get to know in the next episode .

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    amazing and i think it’s swara xx

    1. A.xx

      or sanky xx

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