Sanky thought something and gave a naughty smirk !!!

He was moving closer to ragini while ragini was moving backwards . Her back hitted the washroom door and with that force the door opened and she went inside and tried to close the door , but sanky at the correct time caught the door and entered inside the washroom . Her back hitted the shower knob . Sanky kept his hands on both side and neared her face . There were only few inches gap . He turned on the shower and water was showered on both . Sanky hugged her so that colour from his head along with water fell on her.  Now she was immersed in colour to some extent . After colour spread , sanky without breaking the hug ,

Sanky : happy holi ragu ( in a husky voice )

Hearing this ragu ‘s heartbeat increased , she felt some different sensation which she never wanted to end . Sanky left her but she didn’t leave him . She was immersed in his thoughts .

Sanky : Anyone there please help me !!! I ‘m here alone and this girl is trying to take advantage of this situation and trying to molest me . Please help me help me ( in a higher pitch )

By this sound ragu ‘s thoughts were broken .

Ragini : why are you shouting sanky???

Sanskar : see ragu I want to be a virgin before marriage . Please don’t do anything to take my dignity off.

Ragini hitted her forehead with her palm and murdered “IDIOT ”

Sanskar : if you had finished me praising , can you please leave me ??

Ragini sensing her hugging him broke the hug apologised : sorry !!!

Sanskar : That’s okay .

Ragini shouted sanky !!!

And hugged him once again .

Sanskar sensing her fear : what happened ragu???

Ragu : lizard is there sanky .

Sanskar thought of something and : ragu see the lizard is there at the back of you .

By hearing this dialogue she felt some flashes coming in front of her mind and shouted : please sansku !!!

Sanskar was shocked : ragu what did you say ???

Ragini : sansku !!! By the way who is this sansku ??? Anyway leave it !!! Okay we ‘ll go out now.

Sanskar : see as I told you I applied colours on you !!!

She left him and while turning her legs slipped and her leg hitted sanky and both fell down with sanky on top of her .

Both were lost in each other ‘s eyes and sanskar broke the cute eyelock which lasted for 5 minutes ( bad sanky eh !!!) . Sanky got up and gave his hand to ragu for help and she too stood up. He observed her , big brown orbs which could attract anyone in the universe , juicy pink strawberry like lips and the body which was perfectly shaped and her curves were perfect and visible due to wet clothes . He neared her and cupped her face and went close to her lips . He was about to taste her lower lip when

Huuuccccchhhhuuu !!!

he sneezed . ( Haha !!! Bad fate for sanky ) . Both composed themselves .

Ragini : okay sanskar , I ‘ll go down . You just get dressed up and come down and left without waiting for his reply .


Radhika was in her dreamland

Booooooo !!!!

Radhika : ouch !!! Why are you shouting ragu ???

Ragini : where were you lost rads ???

Radhika : ranveer !!!!( With an lovable expression )

Ragini : who is that??

Radhika : my cousin .

( Guys I ‘m really sorry actually ranveer is dp’s sister sujatha ‘s son . Last episode I wrote the other way round . I m really sorry for it )

Ragini : love is in the air !!! See some one is blushing !!!

Radhika : there is no use ragu because he is not of that type.

Radhika  : yeah ragu . He is nerdy guy who wears glasses with  cleanly combed hair with full oil dripping .

Here a guy is shown with honey coloured lens eyes and he is having messed up hair which suits him perfectly .

Radhika : he doesn’t even talk with girls .

Here :

Guy : hey beautiful !!! May I know how to go to Maheshwari mansion ???

Girl : yeah take left and go straight and the 7th building there is MM .

Guy : thank you s*xy !!!

Girl blushed after hearing his complement .

Sanskar came down

Sanskar : rads can you please adjust the flowers which are near those lights .

Radhika : sure sanky !!!

Radhika was adjusting the flowers when someone pushed her stool.

She closed her eyes tightly in fear of falling down .

Two muscular arms held her.

Radhika opened her eyes : why does heaven looks like MM???

Guy : Because you are here in MM only .

Radhika : haha very funny . By the way who are you ??

Guy : Ranveer Vaghela

Radhika became numb for a second . He waved his hands in front of her .

Ranveer : if you leave me then I think my hand won’t be fractured .

Radhika : am I looking like a fat girl ???

Ranveer : obviously you are . And by the way who are you ???

Radhika : Radhika Maheshwari . He was on cloud nine . He had mixed emotions which was clearly seen .

Ragu comes there and cough .

They both composed themselves .

Ranveer : Hey , may I know your beautiful name hottieee ??

Both Sanskar and Radhika were hell shocked as they never knew ranveer would change a lot in those years . They eyeballs were out of their sockets .

Ranveer : come on beautiful , tell me.

Before ragini could tell anything ,

Sanskar : Ragini Gadodia .

Ranveer : such a wonderful name and you Radhika , see if you had told ragini a girl I would accept but you !!! That too a girl !!! Very funny !!!

Radhika stamped her foot and went upstairs .

The episode ended with annoyed face of Sanskar , smiling face of Ragini , happy face of ranveer and irritated face of Radhika .

PRECAP : some fun !!!

So guys how was the episode ????

Please do comment and vote too.

Take care and keep smiling .


Varshni .

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