Hello guys !!! I ‘m really sorry for posting late !!! Yayyyyyyy !!! I ‘m really happy coz this ff reached 10 th part !!! It’s all because of your blessings only !!!

Radhika was very happy as well as excited that ranveer is returning to India after 9 years . Ranveer Maheshwari is dp’s brother rp’s son . He went to US with his mom and dad as his father wanted to establish Maheshwari empire there.

She ran at a high speed to her room where while going she collided with their servant maid and water from the jug which was she holding , fell on her . She smiled like an idiot and went .

Sanskar saw all this and he was giving like ” paagal ” look to his sister .

Radhika entered her room and locked the door.

She opened the cupboard and took a photo of a 10 year old guy and started dancing with that pic and fell in the bed and was speaking to that boy in the pic :

” Rv !!! You are going to come to India after 9 years . You don’t know how much I felt alone without you in all these years !!! I don’t know from when I started loving you !!! I really love you RV !!!! I ‘m excitedly waiting for you . Okay RV good night !!! I have to sleep to look good tomorrow ”

She drifted off into her dream world .


“Tring tring , tring tring ”

Ragu : hello !!

Sanskar : hai ragu !!!

Ragu identified his voice and was happy !!!
: Hey sanky.

Sanskar : ragu we are arranging a holi party in my house , tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm . See ragu I ‘m not requesting you , I ‘m ordering you , you should come !!!

Ragu : As you wish my Lord .

Sanskar : I thought you wouldn’t agree and I have to convince you but you agreed in one go .

Ragini : if you want , you tell tell , I ‘ll not come .

Sanky : nooooo !!!! You should come .

Ragini : okay !!!

They were randomly chatting for one hour .
Ragini felt sleepy and from her voice Sanskar got it .

Sanskar : okay ragu , I ‘ll meet u tomorrow evening . Bubyee !!! Good night !!! Ghost dreams !!!

Ragini : OK byeee sanky !!! I am sure that you won’t come in my dreams ( haha !!!)

Sanskar annoyed :raguuuu!!!

Ragini : OK OK no offence !!! Bubyee good night !!! She told in a sleepy tone and cut the call.

Sanskar : she is soo sweet !!! Okay good night sanky !!! Tomorrow that idiot ‘ll come and you ‘ll be estranged from your family . ( With a sad pout ) and slept off.

Next day :

Sanky  dressed in a white shirt and pyjama pant and was looking hot and dashing .

“Maa happy holi ” shouted Sanskar and applied colour to ap ‘s cheek and hugged her .

Sshhhhh !!!! Sanskar why are you shouting ??? anyways holi party ‘ll start only when ranveer comes to our house.

Maa this is not fair !!!

Radhika : everything is fair in love and war !!!

Sanskar : I know for me war ‘ll be happening when i ‘m with him . But for you ??

Radhika : Bhai !!!!!!! But she was blushing inside .

“Ding dong ding ” the door bell rang .  When Sanky opened the door he was mesmerised to see an angel dressed in white .

Yes !!! Ragu was wearing white colour anarkali with white earrings and white chain . He was looking gorgeous , like an angel sent from heaven .

Sanky’s jaw dropped down.

Radhika : Bhai close your mouth or else dinosaur ‘ll enter into your mouth .

Sanskar : Dumbo !!! Usually people ‘ll say only mosquitoes ‘ll enter . Even that you don’t know ( with a pity look )

Radhika : sanky !!! People ‘ll open their mouth little bit so that people ‘ll say that mosquito ‘ll enter . You opened your mouth wide seeing ragini . So that only I said ‘ll that !!!

Sanky !!!sanky !!!

He jerked by her voice

Sanskar : yes ragu

Ragini : can I come in ??

Sanskar : haan sure .

Ragini : actually I came early to help you guys for the party !!!

Radhika : ragu you look so cute dear

Ragini : thank you dear !!! And you are not less than me !!!

Radhika : thank you .

A servant came and gave bhaang because Sanskar asked it. Ragu and rads also drank it . He tried to stop them but all his  attempts went in vain.

While talking with them ragu saw a plate full of red colour , she took the plate and

Ragini  shouted : happy holi sanky and rads and poured the colour from the plate on them.

Sanskar and Radhika  yelled : raguuuu !!!!

They were chasing ragu and she was running and jumping from one side to the other .

She ran upstairs and sanky was shouting and chasing her !!! She ran and went into one room . She was observing the room , there were sanky’s pic and she was seeing those pictures  when someone entered and locked the door .

Ragini : sanky

Sanky said in a husky tone :  yessssss .

Both were in the effect of bhaang.

Sanskar neared ragini while was moving backwards . She stopped once her back hit the wall .

Ragini : sanky I forgot that you don’t have colour . What ‘ll you do now ??

Sanskar thought about something and smirked naughtily.

PRECAP : what was sanky thinking ???

Guys next episode I ‘ll surely introduce ranveer . Since it was 10 th episode I thought it should be ragsan spl and I gave u an extra long chappy as the treat. Please vote and comment silent readers . It ‘ll encourage us to write more .

Keep smiling and  bubyee . Keep smiling !!!


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