Love will find its way: A Story Of Abhigya and Rabul (Intro)


Hi Guys…This is Rabul’s Girl………………was getting bored and also had tension of exams so a thought came in my mind and here’s my new story. I am just giving the intro and teaser of the story. because of my busy schedule, i will be writing the story from 1st October onwards. So here’s the intro.

Abhishek Mehra (Abhi): A business tycoon. A loving and caring person who loves his sister,dadi and his wife very much. But after his wife’s death, he has become a living machine. does not have feelings for someone now, has become a rude person. he hates the girl who is having his wife’s heart (pragya). he also has a best friend Purab and treats him like his brother.

Pragya Arora: A gynaecologist, a very cheerful, generous,kind and loving spiritful girl. Does not have parents but have sister whom she loves the most. Believes in love and destiny and is waiting for his Mr.Perfect.

Bulbul Arora: Younger sister of pragya. Also in the same profession like her sister, a doctor. She’s bubbly, vivacious and having her heads in the sky, is waiting for her Prince Charming.

Purab Khanna: Abhi’s best friend, A business tycoon. he’s a handsome and charming man and also very intelligent and clever. Just loves his work,money and abhi. Feels love is a wasteful thing and does not have any dreams of his dreamgirl.

Aliya Mehra: abhi’s sister and purab’s best friend. she is a caring sister and granddaughter. Wants abhi to overcome his deppression and find someone who’s perfect for him.

Dadi: abhi and aliya’s dadi. Loves them very much.

Ishika (Ishu): abhi’s wife. she is a caring and loving wife and daughter-in-law and also a doctor. Loves abhi very much. Dies in an accident. (guys imagine her as sanjeeda sheikh).


this story is about two couples- Abhi-Pragya and Purab-Bulbul.
Abhi is living an awesome life with his wife,sister,dadi and purab. Abhi and purab buy a hospital and both owns it as partners. Ishika is the main doctor of the hospital. Abhi’s life become a bed of roses when he comes to know that ishika is expecting and he’s going to be a father. Everything was goimg good when one day, ishika is going to hospital for an emergency case and while talking to abhi on phone meets with a huge accident. She is taken to hospital where everyone comes to know that she has lost her baby and just not that but because of heavy internal bleeding she also cannot be saved. when ishika comes to know that she doesn’t have much time then she decides to donate her heart to a medical intern who needs a heart transplant.

The girl is none other than pragya. Ishika thinks that after her abhi will be alone and he needs someone who loves him like anything just like her, so she donates her heart and knows that this heart beats only for abhi and this girl(pragya) will forcibly love him because of her heart and abhi will get her love from pragya. By donating her heart ishika dies and abhi breaks down. After Ishika’s death her fellow friend informs him about ishika’s heart transplant. He doesnt know why ishika did this but instead starts hating the person who has her heart as her heart and he only belonges to ishika. It’s been 2 years and abhi along with his business with purab is also planning a childrens hospital as it was ishika’s wish to build a hospital for children. On the other hand Pragya and bulbul get ready to join abhi and purab’s hospital as doctors.

The other couple is Purab and Bulbul. After seeing abhi’s condition, purab further starts to hate love and thinks that love is short-lived and gives a person lifetime wounds and pain. So, decides to stay away from love and all. Bulbul, who is a strong believer of love thinks its the most beautiful thing in life.

Destiny has started to play its games and both the couples are coming towards each other. will abhi will again fall in love with pragya, whose having ishu’s heart. How will abhi react when he comes to know about pragya carrying ishika’s heart. Will bulbul’s entry in purab’s life will change him. Immense hatred will change into immense love. This is a sroey of hatred,romance,emotions and loveeeeee.

so guys, how’s the intro and teaser. Please do comment and tell whether i should continue this story or not.

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