Love will find its way: A Story Of Abhigya and Rabul Episode-4


The Episode Starts with Pragya working hard on her assignment given by abhi.

Bulbul brings coffee for her sister.

Bulbul:di, you must be tired now. i think you should sleep now tomorrow we have to reach hospital early as well.

Pragya: no bulbul, didn’t you see, abhi sir is so rude he didn’t even appreciated me for my work as if he was ignoring me.

Bulbul:di, i think we joined a wrong hospital. you know what that Purab, abhi sir’s partner is also a KHADOOS. i just hate him….idiot…..

Pragya: why are you so angry at him.

Bulbul explains her everything that happened. Later the sisters went to bed.

the next morning bulbul is attending her patients when she hears a noise. it’s a man’s scream. she rushes to see and is surprised to see purab injured badly. Bleeding from hand neck and head. she rushes towards him but he goes inside a corridor. She follows him to a forbidden room and enters the room.

Purab: What are you doing her (shouts at her)

Bulbul: sir, you are injured you need to be treated right now.

Purab: you don’t have to worry for me. Dr. mehta will take care of me you just go from here.

Bulbul: But sir, Dr.Mehta is on leave and even i am attending all his patients.

Purab: Damn it, so what i will do it myself, you just go from here.

Bulbul:no, i will not go. I am a doctor and i cannot see anyone suffering in pain like this.

saying this she started to take the bandages.

Purab: (with lot of pain) I said na just go

Bulbul: Shh..(interupts him). Just keep quiet. Understood.

After that purab just could not say anything and sat on the bed silently as bulbul started cleaning his wounds. first, his head and then she removed his shirt and saw blood near his neck and was shocked to see a knife wound at his side. she wanted to ask but thought that he would start shouting again so she just treated him. While cleaning his wounds and bandaging him she came close to him. They both were in a close proximity. Purab could not take his eyes off from her, he was staring her, her inhaling scent and flowing hair, her eyes, her lips, everything was driving him crazy. His chain of thoughts broke when she injected him.

Purab: OUCH!

Bulbul: Sorry, but it will give you relief.

As purab was lost in her eyes suddenly some men with their face covered attacked them. In the fight, bulbul got hurt. Purab’s anger was on peak and he just grabbed the gun and shoot one man, bulbul was just terrified and astonishe. just then some other men came and took the man and had a talk with purab and went. Bulbul was in shock and half-conscious. Purab came to her and took her in his arms. Both share a deep eye-lock.

Bulbul: (stammers), Who….Who are you

Saying this she fainted.

The screen shifts towards abhi who appreciates pragya’s work and compliments her. then she goes from his cabin.

Abhi(in his mind): Now i will be able to complete your wish ishu.

Just then he sees pragya playing with the children. He secretly sees her. then he sees her treating the old citizen very nicely and after a long time a smile comes on his face seeing her antics. Pragya is working when she doesn’t notices a patient being brought on a stretcher and was about to clash when Abhi pulled her towards him and they share a eye-lock.

Abhi: Where’s your mind going, don’t you see when you walk.

Pragya: Sorry sir.

Abhi: Its ok.

Pragya: i promise i will be attentive while walking, a pinky promise

By listening to her talks abhi started to laugh loudly. Pragya had never seen him like that. Purab also saw him and called him to talk.

ABhi’s cabin

Purab: what happened to you bhai.Any ways but i am happy to see you laughing like this

abhi: It’s not like that purab, actually that girl

Purab: That girl is special, She has an effect on you

Abhi: It’s nothing like that and leave that what about your injury, I told you purab, we have already lost many things, our many closed ones, plese leave it now. I am sorry abhi but this mission is important, please be with me this time, i promise after that i will never ever go back there and will leave it forever. and these people are those because of which ishu Bhabhi…….(he paused),
Abhi is astonished….

The screen shifts towards pragya who is looking for BulBul when she clashes with purab

Pragya: i am so sorry actually i was looking was my sister

Purab (a bit tensed): oh Yeah i forgot to tell you that I have sent her to a health campaign in the nearby town along with some other doctors and she will be back tomorrow.

Pragya: what but sir she didn’t even informed me.

Purab: Ya actually all this happened in a hurry thats why, don’t worry i will tell her to call you.

Saying this purab went from their and reached a Beach house which seems as if no one lives there and bulbul is sleeping in the bedroom. He waits for her to be awake and admires her.

Purab (in his mind): What are you doing purab, no you can’t do this, you have to control yourself, you’ve never let anyone come in your life and will never let anyone come close to you. Once she is safe i will never ever cross her way.

Just then Bulbul wakes up and shouts when purab shuts her mouth.

Purab: Shh….Don’t be scared you are safe.

Bulbul: who are you, why you killed that man, why they attacked us and where are we, i want to go home.

Purab covers her mouth with his hand and comes close to her, she is scared

Purab: don’t shout ok, their men have seen you, thats why i have brought you here, once your life is saved, these men are caught i will drop you home ok and yes, (leans closer towards her) no questions, do you understand.
She noded her head in agreement.

Screen shifts towards abhi who is talking to ishika’s pic
Abhi:today, i will make them pay for their sins ishu, i will revenge your and my baby’s death……

Just then he sees a worried pragya going back home

Abhi:Dr.Pragya, you’re again lost

Pragya: I was worried for bulbul actually

Abhi: Ya i know about the campaign, don’t worry, i have send purab there, Dr.Bulbul is fine, well it’s quite late, come i will drop you home

Pragya: No its ok sir

Abhi: Its ok Dr.Pragya, let me drop you

Later abhi drops Pragya home

pragya: Thank you sir

Abhi: It’s my Pleasure and don’t worry Dr. Bulbul is fine. (in his mind), sorry but we are doing this for your sisters safety, she has to toil a little.

Pragya bids goodbye to abhi and smile while leaving, he also smiles, Janam Janam plays in background………

The screen freezes on abhi’s face.

Precap: Abhi and Purab’s past. Ishika’s real death reason comes into light. Bulbul starts to have feelings for Purab after getting to know his truth. Abhi comes to know about pragya’s Transplant Truth.

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