Love will find its way: A Story Of Abhigya and Rabul Episode-2

Thank you Di, Lucky,Hemu Sampath,Lokha,Ritu,Rajesh,Rosy,Durga,Sugan,Ashika and all the silent readers. thank you so much.So,lets get into the story

The episode starts with abhi trying to wakeup pragya.

Abhi:hey,miss are you ok. wake up (pats her face).

he carries her in his arms and takes her to the doctor.

the screen shifts towards Rabul

Purab: can i ask you what is going on here.

Bulbul:Excuse me.

Purab: i mean what are you doing. is this the way to treat the patients with so much of noise.

Bulbul: who are you to guide me how to treat my patients.

Nurse: doctor he is Purab Khanna. He’s the 50% owner of this hospital along with Mr.Abhi.

Purab: Listen Miss Bulbul, you should be thankful to god that abhi didn’t saw you. Otherwise you’ll be never seen in this hospital.he wants discipline here.

Bulbul: I am sorry sir but i treat my patients in my way and i think that the children should feel happy. children are lively,they should not feel that they are in hospital

Purab: listen miss,you should just follow the rules that other doctors follow


Purab:no more arguements

Bulbul: Listen Mr.purab

another nurse interrupts.

Nurse: doctor, your sister Dr.Pragya fainted when she got stuck in the lift and she’s in dr.mehta’s cabin.

Bulbul(shocked): what she is claustrophobic.

Bulbul rushes to pragya and purab fumes in anger.

Purab (in mind): She didn’t even listened to me.

The screen shifts towards abhigya

Doctor: not to worry sir, she is claustrophobic thats why she painted.

Abhi (in mind): Strange after ishu again i met a claustrophobic girl and that too a doctor. she resembles to my ishu but why i feel so.

Pragya comes into conscious and comes to know about abhi bringing her to the doctor and later thanks him.

Pragya: thank you sir for bringing me here.

Abhi:thats ok. are you ok now.

Pragya:ya. i am perfectly fine.

just then bulbul comes and hugs pragya.

Bulbul: Di are you ok.

Pragya: ya iam fine.

purab comes and tells abhi about the meeting andboth of them leaves from there.

the screen freezes on abhi and pragya’s face.

Precap: Abhi is angry on his employees. Pragya asks for a chance to design ishu’s hospital. Abhi and ishu’s past.

Sorry guys for less abhigya scene but its just the base and the next update is fully on abhigya.

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