Love will find its way: A Story Of Abhigya and Rabul (Episode-1)

Hi guys….sorry for not updating though i said that i would update from 1st october. any how sorry for the delay and lets start with the story….here’s the link of the intro

On a Beautiful morning, a girl is shown standing in front of the mirror, getting herself ready, wearing a simple top and jeans with her specs on and her hair open, shouts
Girl: BULBUL……get up, you’ll get us both fired on the very first day
Bulbul: Coming di!
Another girl also wearing jeans top but more stylish.
Bulbul: Di don’t worry, we’ll rock today.
Pragya: Only if we reach there on time. Now lets go.

As the sisters reached the hospital they were assigned with their appointments with their patients and the other work. And the sisters part their different ways.

The screen shifts to a handsome, smart, dashing young man. He’s none other than our PURAB.
Purab is talking on phone: Abhi when are you coming. We have to finalise the structure and the design of the new hospital.
Abhi: I know purab, this hospital is ishu’s dream, I will handle it myself so don’t worry. I am coming ok.
Purab: ok bye.
As Purab entered the hospital, he clashed with a kid who without saying anything went to the kids room again.
Purab: Nurse, what is going on here, why there is so much of noise, it’s a hospital. Silence should be maintained here. What if abhi saw all this.
Nurse: Sorry sir, actually a new doctor has joined our hospital and she has handled all the kids very nicely and even the kids showing the most tantrums also took there medicines and now she is playing with the kids.
Purab: What! Playing, oh god. What is her name?

The screen shifts towards Pragya who is heading towards her cabin and gets inside the lift. Just then Abhi also enters the lift but as he is talking on phone he does not she her face.
As the lift starts, the lift gets broken down and after enquiring abhi gets to know that the lift will take 15 mins to get repaired and abhi fumes in anger whereas pragya gets tensed.
Purab enters the kids room and sees a girl standing facing her back towards him and wearing the doctor’s white coat. As she turned towards him, purab was standing numb, mesmerized by her beauty but he regained conscious and stepped towards her, bulbul was not looking at him and as she moved forward her foot got stuck on one of the toys and she falls on purab and both of them shares an eye-lock.

In the lift, pragya starts to tremble in fear as she is claustrophobic and starts feeling suffocating. She tries to call abhi but is unable to and finally she puts her hands on his shoulder. As abhi turns, the lights also starts to flicker and till then pragya fell unconscious in abhi’s arms. Abhi is astonished and is looking at the unconscious pragya.
The screen splits on abhi and pragya’s face and on rabul’s posture.

Precap: Abhi carries pragya to the doctor’s cabin. Bulbul and purab’s argument.

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