Love Will Find It’s Way ( Chapter 2 )

Swaragini were on their way to college . Swara was driving the scooter while Ragini was busy praying for her dear life.

“Swara drive slow please….we want to go college not to any hospital”

“Ragu, you know na we are already late. I am afraid how would our principal react if we don’t reach on time. You know na how much of b*t*h is she!!!”

Ragini Sighed. Their principal was really strict when it comes to discipline.She is very punctual and exact in her duties. You shouldn’t come in her bad books and when I say you shouldn’t it means YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN HER BAD BOOKS EVER OR YOU ARE IN REAL DANGER!!!

She was in deep thoughts when something hit their scooter making them fall with the scooter.She looked at Swara to see she was looking in some direction.She followed her gaze and her jaw almost hit the ground. There was a Mercedes in front of them. She stand up to see Swara was already going towards the car. Unlike her Swara was all red with anger. But Ragini held her hand stopping her from doing something stupid.

“Are you fine Swara? ” she asked with concern.

“Yes Ragu I am totally fine but whoever was driving this car isn’t going to be fine.” Swara said in anger.

“What the hell was that ? If you don’t know how to drive a scooter then why the hell were you driving? Wait , do you even have license? ” A boy of around 23 said getting out of the car.

“Oh really, so it is ours fault now? Wow just amazing. But don’t you think the same thing applies to you too. ” Swara said rolling her eyes.

“Oh so you are asking me, The Laksh Maheshwari about my driving license?? Do you even know what are you saying stupid girl?” He asked irritated.

“Bhai, what’s the matter?” asked his brother, Sanskar.

“Hey don’t you dare call her stupid, gra*sh*le” shouted Ragini.

“Whaaaat? ” all the three asked in unison .

“Ragini, seriously gra*sh*le?” Swara said laughing her ass off.

“Well….you know na I don’t like swearing” Ragini said sheepishly .

“God you are such an innocent kid” said Sanskar winking at her.

She blushed at the remark unaware of a smile forming on Laksh’s face .

“Btw beautiful ladies sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you’ll forgive such an handsome man.” He said running his fingers through his hair giving a charming smile.

“It’s okay. Even we are sorry for creating a scene.”Ragini said.

“Huh? Why did you forgive him so easily Ragu? ” Swara asked pouting.

Ragini just shook her head.

“Oyeee Saduu are you going to apologize or not?”

“Swara will you shut up now?” Swara looked at Ragini angrily but shut up nevertheless.

“Hey Mr. Laksh Maheshwari we are truly sorry for coming in front of your car. Vo actually we didn’t know you own this road or else we wouldn’t have driven on this road. Never mind . But I have an idea. Why don’t you announce before handed that The Laksh Maheshwari is going through this route so no one should even walk on the road the whole day? Don’t you think it’s a great idea?”

Sanskar looked at her shocked.The same girl whom he has said innocent is a total pataka.He glanced at Laksh through the corner of his eyes and he was looking as ready to kill someone.Off course he would be. No girl has ever said something like this to him. Well how is she even alive? wondered Sanskar.But what shocked him more was his brother, Laksh leaving the place without giving the girl a piece of mind.

“Sanskar, are you coming?” He asked in a dangerous tone. Sanskar knew someone is going to have bad day. He sighed. Glancing at his brother he quickly bid goodbye to both the girls and drove off.

“Wow Ragu I didn’t know you could behave like this. It’s so opposite of your personality. You are perfect sweetheart, I think I should take classes of how to handle situations from you.” Swara said teasingly.

“Well sugar, you can join whenever you want.” Ragini said and both burst out laughing.


So that’s it for today. I had decided to go with majority to decide pairs and majority of you want me to give importance to both the pairs. So I’ll be giving equal importance to both the pairs and swaragini and sanlak bond too. Swasan fans sorry for disappointing you but I’ll try to give a new swasan ff as a compensation?.

How do you find this chapter? Did you like Ragini’s sarcastic comment. Well, I am in love with her this avatar. What do you guys feel? Laksh deserves this, right?

Let me know your views through comments?

I have posted this story on wattpad too.You can read it and my other stories there.
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