Love Will Find It’s Way ( Chapter 1 )

“Shonaaaaaa…wake up now or else I am gonna kill you” Ragini yelled from downstairs waking swara up from her precious sleep.

“Urghhhhh…..I hate you Ragu” she said with a cute pout.

“Same to you sweetheart…can we continue our little discussion later and you just go and freshen up first….it’s our graduation result today” she said with both hands on her waist with fake anger on her face.

Swara looked at Ragini’s angry face and burst out laughing.

“Awwww my Ladoo you don’t even know how to be fake angry on someone my innocence ki devi” and with both started laughing.

“Stop this drama now and go get ready or else aunty will take our classes for going late to collect our results and then we both will be in a real trouble.” Ragini stated the fact.

“Oh yeah and then she will be like ‘Ragini Swara when will you both grow up? It’s your age of marriage and you both girls are still behave like teenagers. I had swara by the time I was your age” Swara mimicked her mother’s voice.

“So you both are making fun of me behind me” a voice startled them and both stood still holding their ground. Sharmishtha looked at both of their scared faces enjoying their situation.

“Vo…vo…Momm..we…we ” swara started to think some excuse but nothing came in her witty mind.

“Vo…vo…what? care to explain ? ” Sharmishtha asked looking at her daughter.

“Aunty vo…it is nothing. We were just talking about…”

“No Ragini. You don’t have to say anything. I want answers from you Swara” sharmishtha said .

“Vo mom I am sorry?” Swara said with puppy eyes.

Sharmishtha started laughing at her daughter’s cute antics making both Swaragini shock.

“What? ” she asked controlling her laugh looking at their faces which were like they have just witnessed some ghost or something.

“Aunty you forgive us? ” Ragini asked in a confused state.

“Off course my two little princesses. Look at your faces girls. ”

“Mom” “Aunty” Swaragini said at the same time hugging sharmishtha.

“Chalo… now go Swara get ready and Ragini you come with me and have breakfast beta.”


“Mom, Ragu I am done. Can we leave now My dear Ragini devi” Swara asked dramatically.

“Why are you troubling her Shona”

“Because she is not taking my side and you too. Sometimes I wonder if she is your real daughter and I am an adopted one.” Swara said acting hurt.

“Oyee drama company, enough now. Aren’t we getting late now?” Ragini asked raising her eyebrow

“Aree I was ready long time back. It’s you who is making us late.”

“Accha baba. Should we leave now?” Ragini asked irritated.

“Ek minute beta. ” saying this sharmishtha went in kitchen to get something and came back with a bowl of curd in her hand. She fed it to both of them and the bid her goodbye after taking her blessings.

“May god always keep both my daughters happy and together” Sharmishtha thought in her mind.


Hey peeps, I am here again to trouble you with my kidding. It’s a kind of introduction part showing Swaragini and sharmishtha’s bond.

So how do you find Sharmishtha and swaragini’s bond? I found it pretty cool. Wbu?

How do you find Swara’s character? She is so drama ki dukaan lol.

What about Ragini’s character ? I know it doesn’t seem that interesting in this part but you’ll surely fall in love with her as the story proceeds.

Lastly, do you want me to give equal importance to both the pairs or you want me to focus on swasan only and raglak should be supporting characters?

Do let me know about your views on this part.
Don’t forget to comment❀


    • Ridziee



      Thanks phoniex… actually I started watching swaragini for the sisters bond but then the CVS just messed up everything😞

    • Ridziee



      Me too…I used to adore swaragini’s bond…the show was about sisters…but the rest all we know…. I just tried to create that sisterly bond between them

  1. Mars


    |Registered Member

    Nice dear and I would say only swasan bcoz I will read swasan part only sorry for that but choice is all yours and what others say. Its just my pov.
    Take care.

  2. Mannu

    I mean swasan !😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • Ridziee



      I was also thinking of that…let’s wait… I am gonna go by majority…so will count the votes and then decide of what to do πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Pnap


    |Registered Member

    it’s awesome
    loved it
    abt pairs it’s ur wish but acc to my pov most of them will read only their fav couple ffs
    so i think u can concentrate on any 1 pair
    but it is totally ur wish

    • Ridziee



      Thanks Pnap… I know yaar…that’s the problem…there are very few who loves both the pairs…anyways will be going with majority…let’s see what people want..

  4. Kumu

    Nice..I would say give importance to swasan as I read only their stories but if u wanna give equal importance to both d pairs then also it’s ok with me..

  5. Swastika

    Nice dear….but give importance to swasan….I read only swasan parts and swasan stories….already swasan stories r becoming very less…hope I understand….well ur’s ur story

  6. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    awesome part.. shona is a cutie loved her… and their bonding was awesome.. well i would me more than happy if its only swasan, as swasan ffs are really less nowadays. otherwise its your wish…

    • Ridziee



      Thanks Gayatri.visu…. I will think about the pairs after considering all of yours votes as I have given freedom to choose which couple you wantπŸ˜ƒ….next part will be uploaded by tonight or tomorrow morning✌

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.