Love will find its way anyhow!!!!!!!!!!
In a central area of savitri devi college and hospital,
Sanchi was standing in the middle with her lowered gaze. It was the day,she was afraid of..
Malhotra was successful in finding out her secrete and now everybody was looking at her in surprise and disgust.
Her eyes shades some tears,she tried to explain something! But alas! Therw was no use of anything .her career was ended,as well her dream.may be they will handover her to the cops .
She veiled her jitter somehow,but it was worst feeling for her. Her biggest enemy was watching all this drama and surely he was enjoying it..
It was none other than Dr.Kair Kapoor. Her biggest rival in the hospital..
He was no less than a beast for her. He kept trouble her even from the first day of joining.
He loved to rule over other peoples and he did it successfully from last 6 years,but this girl loved to break all his rules and challenge his attitude every time. So he hated her most!!!!
But every time he tried to kick her out from hospital,she always manage to save herself. He always ruled,but she always rocked!!!
Once he himself put cheat chit in her answer paper and told the management that she cheated in exam! But her goodluck!!she was saved again.
That time ,sanchi was also angry by his behaviour.
So she too decided to take revenge..she changed his imp presentation and deleted original one..
He played the presentation and it contains anything but pics of sunny leone!!!
” yes,yes,yes!!!!!” She danced celebrating her victory!
Present time,
“So miss,duplicate sanchi agarwal, medical board will decide ur punishment tommorow ” malhotra smirked!
Everything was going in opposite manner.. even veer was not there to support her.(there is no love drama between sanveer and veer is her best frnd and he knew about sanchi’s identity)
But her badluck!!veer was out of town!
Only positive thing was her besties support. Pragya and isha stood beside her and accepted that they are sanchi’s partners in this fake identity case equally.
“So,tommorow will decide future of three doctors” malhotra again spatted out..
She looked at her ‘Dushman’ from the corner of her eyes. she thought he must be very happy ,but his face shown no emotions,
“Ufff,this man is so unpredictable” she thought ,thus avoiding his constant gaze on her..

Time skip to night,
She tip toed outside the dorm room amd goes straigh to hospital.she wanted to see everything one last time before leaving.
She came outside.
Her eyes filled with tears and she sit down on the nearby bench..
“Sorry papa,i m really sorry” she yelped..
Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder and found kabir there with winning smile.
“So,haar hi gayi tum!!” He stated.
“No,kabir not today. Not today” she wiped her tears frantically..and thus stand up to leave and turns..
But very next moment ,he pulled her back and she collapsed directly on his mascular chest.
They shared a deep eyelock .he trailed his hand down her nape and pulled her closer by her neck.
She badly shiver at his touch,she tried to get rid off his greep,but failed badly infront of his masculine body.she still tried to free,but all in vein!!
“Dont stop struggling until u get success” he said decreasing distance between them! Her heart started pumping like bullet train and she breathed heavily. They were so closed to each other that they could feel each others breath..
She closed her eyes anticipating whatever coming for her. He also leaned closer, their lips were about to test each other,when
She took advantage of situation and pushed him hard..
Unexpected to her,
That idiot smiled at her..
” why,kabir???why are u supporting me?? U r the same person who can go to any limit to kick me out of there!!then why???” She yelled .
Her cacophony touched his ears and he blend with some unknown daze.
He again grabbed her nape and moved closer toward her .
” i don’t know the answer” he said sheepishly..
“Oh really?” She scoffed!!
For the first time in life he dont have any answer.
But as people says ‘silence is a loudest scream’ ,she can listen his silence!.
“Becoz ur heart cheated on u!!!!!” She blurt out.
And their lips met like nothing..dont know for how much time their lips synced together..( kasam se maine kuch bhi nahi dekha 😉 )
That moment of passion ,changed their equations ,their affections and proved that
♡♡”Love just happens,No matter how much hatred prevails” …♡♡

Thanx for reading sweeties. I seriously dont know what crap i have pls bare with it and avoid spelling mistakes..
And yes pls dont forget to give ur priceless reviews .it means alot to me!
Byebye. Good night to u all and have sweetest dreams ..

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  1. Riyarocks

    haha……..lip lock….na tumne dekha….na humne dekha……bas padha….;P…….ye os toh ekdum jaise 5th gear par nikal padi thi…….& last mein ye apni manzil par jaa ruki…i.e, hamare kanchi ko ek saath lakar……hehe……..luv u dherrrrr saara……….

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear priyanka.. 5th gear !!!! Yes it was fast !!! Love u too khoob saara…..

      1. Dhruti

        sacchi yashi mene bhi nahi dekha sirf padha…………..he……………………….he……..superb os……………….continue this os at least 2-3 part…………. please what happen next ? what malhotra do with sanchi ? how kabir support her expose malhotra?………………….

  2. It was amazing…loved ur chotusa OS…plz update next OS asap yrr…i m waiting

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx dhruvi.. glad u liked it and ofcourse i will come with new os soon .

  3. Priyanshipp

    It was zhakaas but very chotu. Ek request h kya tum is os ka part 2 likhogi. I mean usme ye batana ki kabir ko saanchi se akhir pyaar kaise hua ladte ladte. Apni pagli behen ka idea acha lage to pls jldi 2nd part ke saath aa jaana. Take care.

    1. Yaashi23

      Ohh thanx behena!! I will think about next part and yes nice dp by the way

      1. Priyanshipp

        Thank u dear. Actually kal hi raat ko akansha ke insta story se liya h or akansha ko crop krke hata diya?? kitne ache lag rhe h na dono. Kabir in sleepy mode and saanchi signing 12 baj gaye. Btw I think is shoot me dono ka sayad date scene h with riya

  4. Riyarocks

    Yaashi dear, I’m commenting this on behalf of Anuradha…Wonderful .. Awesome.. I m speechless yaar… Very good story well executed… Great yaar…

    1. Yaashi23

      Oh thanx anu dear.. missing u sweetie. Get well soon and come back .. love u .take care

  5. awesome

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx dear .

  6. So so beautiful and amazing episode.please write next part

  7. RuCh23

    True it was short ??? but short is what turns out to be sweet ??? loved it Yaashi ???

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx dear ruwani

  8. Khamoshi

    Yaashi dear.. it was amazing.. chhotu sa tha par badi story thi..superb dear.
    And humne bhi kuch nahi dekha so chill ?.hehe

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx mitali. Glad u liked it

  9. Yaashi it’s amazing awesome fabulous mind blowing

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u divya

  10. Superb..!. Fo write it second part also

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. I will think about it

  11. U are right u don’t saw nor we but I have no problem to see that but just can hope
    And yes it was a chotusa but was so adorable dear loved that
    Post some new ideas soon

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear.. will. Surely come with something new soon

  12. chotusa ,but amazing tha.. i luv ur all writings..

  13. Abhilasha

    Don’t dare to call it crap …..this was darwazatpd ……love it!! Mind blowing!! Woww….mene bi kuch ni dekha!! Heeh!! Love uh!

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx dear abhi!!! It means a lot to me

  14. Niyaaa

    Hey yashi os bhale hi chotu h per kahte h chota packet bada dhamaka nd chill na tumne dekha na humne dekha but sabko kabar ho gayi..hehehe.. Lovv u sisy tc nd post ur ff too bye nd if u can plzz try to post nxt part of it

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u sweetheart for such a nice comment . I witt think about ur suggestion.

  15. How cute OS Yaashi…ur chotu sa OS done great work…hehe….keep it up…& luv u soo much dear

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear niyati. Luv u too

  16. Jessicca

    Awwwwww this was so cute… Fantastic… Mene b kuch nai dekha shirf parha …. Hahaha loved it

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